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par30 has tapped into the global market for years as Guangzhou Tory Light Co., Ltd. expands its business scope. The product brings the customers the most functional, promising, and novel advantages with its durability and stability. Its quality becomes more satisfactory as we conduct technological revolution and trials. Besides, its design proves to be never out-of-date.For many years, TORY stage light products have been facing in the competitive market. But we sell 'against' a competitor rather than simply selling what we've got. We are honest with customers and fight against competitors with outstanding products. We have analyzed the current market situation and found that customers are more enthusiastic about our branded products, thanks to our long-term attention to all products. At TORY LIGHT, we know well the importance of customer service. Comments and complaints are an important resource for us improving the performance of par30. So we continuously ask for customer feedback using some tools and software.
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PAR20 PAR30 PAR38 Indicate the Measurement of Diameters About LED Light |LED-Lights.com
PAR20 PAR30 PAR38 indicate the measurement of diameters about LED light |LED-Lights.comBefore our purchasing online or in front-store for LED lights, we need to know the measurement of light like Lumens, PAR, CRI, etc, then make a decision of which LED lights working best for your need, we are always not well prepared to accept some slangs like PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, what do they really mean for LED lights and how to figure out the indicative numbers and letters. PAR is officially a short-going format of Parabolic Aluminized Reflector, and we take it as the indication of what type LED lamps are belonging to, It is widely used for the same effect like the stage, aircraft landing lights, home-living lights, etc, PAR LED lights are running for good effect under the lower budget. You must realize what these affixed numbers mean? PAR20: 20 denotes, the exact measurement from brim to brim of LED lights, that is to say, 20/8 inch in diameter, approximately 64mm; PAR30 is standing for 30 denotes, 30/8 inch in length near to 95mm, PAR38. 38 denotes, 38/8 inch in length, is equal to 120mm. All the above we are talking about is relative to the diameter, you will notice the difference, it will have PAR lights beaming in compact angles in spite of the shapes of lens in flat, round and so on, this feature will be more useful than the traditional halogen lamp, also can be placed at plenty of sites for special lighting, such as flush lighting from the ceiling, or the particular lighting direction like stage show, wardrobe recessed lights as well as overhead lights in the bathroom.— — — — — —Functioning of PAL air purification system combining high quality LED lamps with photocatalytic processThe system is composed of LED lighting systems (that creating directional light allows to obtain the increased emission of luxs on the threated surface) with the application of photocatalytic nanomaterials that remain always active (with light turned on) and can eliminate more than 90% of viruses, bacteria and other organic substances present in the environment. The simple lighting of specific LED lamps, suitably designed to work at precise wavelengths in the visible spectrum, activates the PHOTOCATALYSIS process that involves the generation of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), elements able to transform harmful organic substances into harmless inorganic molecules (H2O and CO2). The mixture of different photocatalytic materials, combined with an innovative compound based on organic carbon made to improve adhesion on the surface of the lamp, allows PAL purification lighting system to be unique, innovative and highly performing. The basic nanomaterial is patented while the solution that is applied to the lamp surface is composed specifically for each type of lamp since they must comply with precise requirements in consideration of the material and the width of the surface. Furthermore, it considers the specific emission spectrum of LED light. The use of LED lamps coupled to the photocatalyst PAL patented blend allows to activate photocatalysis with the best efficacy, relying on the emission of light in the visible spectrum and thus overcoming the limit of illumination with UV rays required with a photocatalyst such as titanium dioxide. The lamps then assume biocides characteristics and, following regulations and laws regulating the areas of application, they can be considered as a warranty for an ultimate purification. Difference between the PAL system and a conventional photocatalyst: Difference between the PAL system and a common deodorant:— — — — — —Foreverlamp introduces plug-and-play LED lamp to replace 1000W MH lampsForeverlamp , an innovator in retrofit lamp design, will introduce the industry's first 1000W plug-n-play replacement lamp for Metal Halide lamps during LightFair International. The powerful LED lamp delivers up to 45,000 lumens at 400 watts providing the most powerful replacement lamp lumen package available in the industry today. The new 1000W lamp will save 600 watts per socket over MH providing an eco-friendly alternative to MH with the simple screw in replacement of a light bulb. The Foreverlamp Series of plug-n-play bulbs features a patented cooling system and innovative design that allows for a quick and easy plug-n-play installation. Each LED lamp is designed to work with the existing magnetic ballast and sockets and does not require any re-wiring, reconfiguration and/ or contractors to install. Installation simply involves, unscrewing the existing Metal Halide lamp and replacing it with a Foreverlamp. Known for "Big Lumen Lighting", the Los Angeles-based manufacturer has an advanced 1000W retrofit LED solution to replace 750W and 1000W Metal Halide lamps providing up to 45,000 lumens. The new 1000W LED lamp offers the highest lumen package and delivers 42,000 lumens with a CRI of 83 in 5000K. Foreverlamp is the only manufacturer that offers both 1000W and 400W MH plug-n-play replacement lamp solutions. Compatible with 400W through 175W pulse and probe start ballasts, the Foreverlamp Retrofit Series consists of two different lamp sizes and versatile lumen outputs from 18,000 to 27,000. The GS Series comes standard as a bi-directional uplight / downlight for high output applications with a versatile range of 9,900 lumens to 24,000 lumens. The PS Series delivers a smaller, yet powerful form factor with up to 21,000 lumen outputs and available in both standard and high output. The entire Foreverlamp Retrofit Series including the new 1000W lamp is designed for use with any open fixture. Lamp life is expected to exceed 50,000 hours and comes with a standard 5 year warranty. Foreverlamp products are key to creating efficiencies in sustainable warehouse, retail, recreational and commercial operations. These advanced LED lighting solutions enable customers to re-use their existing lighting fixtures in an eco-friendly manner by simply replacing a light bulb. Utilizing Foreverlamp products as a retrofit lamp solution can help companies significantly reduce operating costs, positively impacting employee productivity, and aide in reaching sustainability goals. Foreverlamp 1000W Product Features include: • Industry's First 1000W Direct Replacement LED lamp • 45,000 lumens • 400 watts • 5000K, 83 CRI • Instant On / Off • Dimmable with LED driver • Saves 600 Watts Per Socket • Works with existing magnetic probe and pulse start ballasts • Replaces traditional Metal Halide Lamps for 1000W and 750W • Patented cooling and innovative design • Features Direct-Fit EZ Install technology • UL Recognized. LM 79 & LM 80 Reports available • 50,000 hours • 5-year unconditional warranty Foreverlamp will be exhibiting at LightFair International in Booth # 7311. About Foreverlamp Foreverlamp is an LED Lighting manufacturer that specializes in Big Lumen plug-n-play technology. Foreverlamp designs, engineers and manufactures LED lamps and fixtures specifically for replacing HID high bay lighting. Our products are designed for life, delivering the highest quality when it comes to luminance, light temperature, energy saving, longevity, dimming possibilities and aesthetics. Foreverlamp LED products save up to 50% of the energy used by other types of HID lamps, while providing many more features such as instant on/off and better quality of light. Our products are the ideal retrofit solution for companies of all sizes and operations that are concerned with energy savings and facility maintenance. Our products can be found in big box national retail stores, sound studios, warehouses, auto dealerships, gymnasiums and many more facilities across the country helping to lower facility operating costs, positively impact employee productivity and achieve sustainability goals. Founded in 2010 by Peter S. Shen, former president of Philips Lighting and Electronics Group, Foreverlamp is headquartered in Torrance, CA. with regional offices in Beijing, Taipei and Tokyo. Foreverlamp has quickly become a leader in the LED retrofit and high-bay luminaire market and is the first lighting company to offer a plug and play 24,000 lumen LED lamp as a replacement for a 400w metal halide bulb and the first company to offer a 42,000 lumen LED lamp as a replacement for 1000W metal halide. No re-wiring or ballast by-pass is required. Saving energy is as easy as changing a light bulb when using Foreverlamp products.
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