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In the production of stage lighting lamps, Guangzhou Tory Light Co., Ltd. always pursuits the principle that product quality begins with the raw materials. All the raw materials are subjected to dual systematic inspection in our laboratories with the help of advanced testing equipment and our professional technicians. By adopting a series of material testings, we hope to provide customers with premium products of high quality.TORY stage light products are viewed as examples in the industry. They have been systematically evaluated by both the domestic and foreign customers from performance, design, and lifespan. It results in customer trust, which can be seen from positive comments on social media. They go like this, 'We find it greatly change our life and the product stands out with cost-effectiveness'...stage lighting lamps that comes with a reasonable price and the cordial and knowledgeable customer service will be accessible to customers at all times at TORY LIGHT.
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Can You Measure the Voltage Produced in the Heart Using an Oscilloscope Or Multimeter
I've used oscilloscopes on numerous occasions, to view the heart voltages. Helps to have a differential plugin (Tek 7A22, e.g.) and certainly use a 3rd wire to the torso or leg to achieve a Ground.Most important is R*C filtering to exclude cellphone and fluorescent light trash. 10Hertz LPF is about right.1. What is faulty with my laptop charger if it is able to reach 19,59v when testing it with a multimeter? On its specs sheet it is rated to have 19,5v. I hope I'm clear..please excuse my questioning skills.Nothing is wrong with voltmeter.It is measuring voltge.But, you hve not mesured "current" from the output side or "power" from the input side either.The test is downlod one of the bttery monitor progrms, fter removing bttery from lptop.Power on deviceIt should turn on, if you power on lptop, then while processor is on remove bttery. If the psu does not hve enough power to run the lptop with the bttery out of circuit, then it wont hve enough, nd the feedbck circuit is blown up, or one of the diodes of the four in the fron end of the psu is shot (open).But, if Lptop, does not sty on fter remove bttery, then need to use different psu untill bttery is chrged up (2 hrs), then try re-booting pc. (with bttery in plce)2. How should I use a multimeter to determine which AA batteries to keep and which to toss?Some meters have a battery test mode - a voltmeter with a load in parallel. One of mine (a wavetek meterman) does. Mine is ancient but a similar model is designed to draw 150mA in 1.5V mode, and 5mA in 9V mode. Using this mode you can push down to around 1. 2, even 1. 1V for remote controls, lower still for a few things (I had a logitech cordless keyboard that stopped working when the 2 AAs got down to 0.65V each, and an LED torch which also must have had a boost converter on the input as it ran off a single 1.5V cell and could extract the last charge from that). To be honest the the easier approach is: take battery out of demanding device, put in box to be used in undemanding device. It's not just about current but about input voltage - a cheap weather station I have gets fussy below about 2x1.25V - so lasts next to no time on NiMH3. how to find transformer output current using dc multimeter?Put an AC ammeter (multimeter set to the amps range) in series with the load4. other than a multimeter what other hardware can be used for diagnostic?You wo not really even need a multimeter. I've constructed my last 4 to 5 computers and built/repaired machines for friends & family. The reason that more specific tools are not needed is because the systems are not component driven. If the video is not working, the video card is probably the culprit. If you do not have power, you will be looking at your power supply. It may very well be software related or improper settings or outdated drivers. In my opinion, its best just to have extra parts on hand. Pluck the old one out (removing drivers first) and plugging the new one in.5. having a hard time deciding which multimeter to go with?The one that is on sale6. Can I use a multimeter to measure voltage even if amps of circuit is too highDMMs in voltage mode typically have an input impedance of 10Mohm. When put across a 12V source this means that only 1.2A will flow. This is well within what the DMM can handle.7. Bridge pickup with no sound. Testing with multimeter and trying to find where the failure isThis ended up being a bad switch. Somehow, the post that connected the bridge pickup failed during the last time I desoldered the wire. When testing it with a multimeter, I would get the correct readout on every post except the bridge post. I bought a new switch, wired it up and it worked as expected.8. Where to leave the test leads on a Fluke multimeterI put the probes into the slots at the back of the meter, leave the bananas plugged into the jacks, and wrap the leads around the meter and put it in the zippered case. Using this method, I think the leads will have a longer life: wrapping the full length of the leads (by either end being not secured) means you will wrap the leads more times (twice as many times) around the body of the meter than if you attach both ends (bananas plugged in; probes secured in back). More wrapping = shorter life.This way it unwraps very quickly (twice as fast) than if you do not secure the probes, and I never had an issue with stabbing myself.
Best Chauvet DJ Wedge Tri Stage Light
Buy Link: CLICK HEREChauvet DJ Wedge Tri Stage Light Product Description:Chauvet DJ Wedge Tri Stage Light. Create exciting colors while maintaining a clean look on stage with the Wedge Tri. The triangle shaped Chauvet Wedge Tri is a DMX-controllable LED wash light designed to fit inside triangular truss systems from most manufacturers. DJ Chauvet DJ. DJ, DJ Lighting, Wash Lights and Color Changers. Price: 139.99 USD. Sale Price: 99.99 USD.The Chauvet DJ Wedge Tri Stage Light is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the Chauvet DJ Wedge Tri Stage Light is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people.Buy it NowBuy Chauvet DJ Wedge Tri Stage Light is a post from: Musical Instruments·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is proffesional led stage lighting?When you're putting on an occasion, whether it is an unassuming school play or a party, stage lighting rental is an unquestionable requirement. Lighting is a main thrust of your production, giving brightening, center, detail and modifying the view of the group of audience. There is nothing that so vitally passes on an inclination superior to a decent lighting system, and with boundless inventive potential, will serve as an immense advantage for your creation.Focus, position and hanging:Conventional stage lighting must be set up because of these three contemplations. Focus refers to where the light will point; position alludes to where the light will start from; hanging refers to the real demonstration of hanging the light. Shading, force and example (assuming any) should be considered next.Types of stage lighting :Ellipsoidal - these lights are the conventional stage lights and thought to be the most critical. They are centering lights, the appearance in front of an audience of which can be adjusted by screens and channels.Fresnel - these lights are utilized for shading washes on the stage.Standard Jars - these lights are the sort you will see in even the dingiest of bars. Continuously a strong choice, standard jars can get hammered, are sturdy and simple to transport.Follow spots - these are spotlights used to pursue somebody around a phase.Obviously, there are increasingly choices accessible for stage lighting with the consistent progress of innovation. Presently you have the fundamentals; here are a couple of more alternatives:LEDs - these Professional LED Stage Lightingare useful for centered pillars and have been gradually supplanting conventional globules in stage lighting.Dizzies - these lights are round circles with a few Drove lights (more often than not of varying hues) covering the surface. The circle pivots in an assortment of bearings and examples, making a whirling, confounding example, consequently the name.Gels - this term alludes to the hues given to lights. They function as shading channels, and should work in congruity with the shade of the light itself to accomplish the craved impact.Once you have got your types of lighting down, you'll have to consider where to place them. Here's an essential summary of lighting positions:Front - This is utilized for the most part for perceivability and shading impacts. Side - can be utilized to awesome impact to complement activity.Back - Additionally utilized for impact. This kind of lighting can make the dream of profundity on a phase, or notwithstanding to silhouette a man totally.
All About the Square Diamond Stud Earrings
Various kinds of real diamonds are really easily obtainable in current market. You may buy all of them depending on your choice and desires. Currently there should not be almost any query with regards to the gemstones. Diamond jewelry is typically one of the most desired presents for all the women. Square diamond stud earrings are probably a lot of alternatives of precious stone jewelry pieces. You can check out our store if you wish to get diamond stud earrings for girls.Square cut diamond earrings are generally priceless gifts for all the ladies which will really bring a tremendous smile from the girl an individual dearly absolutely adore. Besides from its actual shade, resolution and carat weight, typically the cut of a diamond confirms its originality and expense one of the various obtainable precious gems.There are so many cuts of precious gems that are available but the royal cut diamond earrings or typically referred to as the actual square cut diamond stud earrings and are probably the most well liked simply because of its appearance compared to the alternative common cuts.Only just superior experienced dealers can easily build this sort of cut, and which also gives it the next rate in comparison with some other diamond earrings. Aside from that it comes with a lot more splendor as well as shimmer when compared with other kinds of diamond earrings, making certain additional brightness together with lights in your face while you put it on.This kind of earring can be utilized in any celebration you wish. It's really eye-catching and will surely make a person be noticed. Due to its trendy physical appearance and design, square cut diamond stud earrings can also be suitable for young girls. Any time you are going searching for your current square cut diamond earrings it might be best in order to look at a lot of variables to assist you confirm and get your best option for your own money's value.When you are buying the diamonds for your household then you need to often observe a number of essential points as well as factor. There are several factors that you just could consider looking before buying diamond stud earrings for women. One of the vital critical elements when selecting a diamond earring is the clarity. There are tons of diamond earrings that have very low clarity. Those will be considered gemstones of budget.As much as it can be, prevent these types of diamonds because they are dull and not come up with glare the same as that surrounding excellent diamonds. The color is yet another thing. In finding the proper expensive jewelry you want to think that with just one single shade as this shows precisely how absolutely pure it can be. However, this is not forever the situation because there are diamond earrings which are tinted in color.Some of the tinted colored precious gems are generally uncommon and are pricier. They may also available in blue color and are regarded as rare with the expensive diamonds: the hope precious stone.
As Wimbledon Approaches, We Take a Look at the Sportswear Labels with a Renewed Affection for Courts
Of allthe words that spring to mind when you hear the word “tennis” -Wimbledon, short shorts, Ivan Lendl -“cool” is rarely one of them. And I say that with the upmost of respect for my fellow countryman and underrated mega-babe that is Andy Murray.While tennis has always been a highly appreciated activity whichis up there with Premier League football -OK, maybe the Championship -for the Pimm’s-sipping classes the sport has never enjoyed any sort of style edge.A fact that must perhaps be attributed to high ticket prices and the belief that in this country you just shove on some white stuff to play it.Aside from a few moments of genius -see Björn Borg in Fila in the mid-Seventies and Boris Becker for a nanosecond -tennis style this sideof the channel has always been harboured by Wimbledon’s strictall-white code.It is this that means young enthusiasts have never adopted their favourite player’slook for off-court activities such as hanging around with mates or enjoying a pint down the local boozer.Tennis might be fun to watch but it’s not a mass-market sport that’s easily relatable -or accessible, for that matter. More to the point, head-to-toe white is a bold look to carryoff on a quiet Thursday evening down the pub.However, tennis has strong links to streetwear -witness its signature polo shirts and zip-up tracksuit tops -so it makes sense that a once out-of-step sport should be slowly working its way onto the style radar -and not just among those who partake in the sport.During the menswear presentations in Florence last week it fell to Russian Gosha Rubchinskiy to put tennis on the map. A designer who is set on making a name for himself by welcoming classic streetwear codes into the luxury fashion world, Gosha (as he is affectionately known) presented a love letter to Fila, a brand steeped in tennis history, with a collection that that saw T-shirts and sweaters printed with the brand’s logo.The effect, which has already seen T-shirts from Nineties outdoors label The North Face return to favour, is certain to have considerable effect on the way fashion purists view the sportswear brand -and perhaps even the game of tennis itself. So powerful is the allure of this young designer.And it’s not just Gosha who is making this happen. A host of sportswear brands, acutely awareof the appeal of their early or original collections, are re-releasing their original products for21st-century consumers.Among them is Ellesse, the Italian brand whose starched tennis skirts, striped shirts and court-ready crop tops are now available in Topshop. And Nike, a brand that’s pin-sharp when it comes to capitalising on the value of sport to its leisure or non-active lines, has gone a step further, creating a limited-edition collection of tennis-inspired trainer styles with the help of quintessential British print expert Liberty.Lacoste, a label which has worked hard to expand its sportswear remit to include more than just tennis, also seems comfortable to shout about its match points this season. For our wardrobes, this welcoming of tennis to the high-fashion world means court-side kit can be worn daily. For guys, this may look a little retro. Just as in Gosha’s vision, the reemergence of these labels is synonymous with nostalgia for youth culture, and with it the “lad” fashion of the Nineties. A heavily printed sweatshirt, admittedly not one you’re likely to spot on Andy Murray, is key to this. Nylon shorts are also crucial to this look. For women, the tennis theme can be taken more literally. Notably because tennis skirts are everywhere this season. Team a flappy cotton skirt -Topshop has loads -with a neat polo shirt in a pastel shade for a summer-ready look of which Martina Navratilova would be proud. Stretch tennis dresses -Urban Outiffters has a lovely option from Fila -are also a wise plan.Where footwear is concerned the Stan Smith (perhaps the ultimate retro tennis throwback) continues to gain match points, while Nike’s Court range will appeal to those in need of a hit of colour.Essentially, if winter belonged to Margot Tenenbaum -thanks, Gucci -this summer it’s all about her brother Richie. And truly, what could be cooler than that?
How Do You Clean Grease Off a Stainless Steel Teapot?
try baking soda, make a paste with just a touch of water and use a washcloth to wipe it clean1. Do people still want stainless steel kitchens these days?I redid my kitchen last year and I went with Stainless. It offers the biggest selection of appliances right now, and from a usability standard, it's durable and easy to clean. However, I think the trend is over wrought and tons of houses just throw stainless in for spice. I think a trend that will make a big comeback in the future will be retro colors (like those fancy SMEG fridges, except ones that are more affordable.).Do people still want stainless steel kitchens these days?2. What is the melting point of stainless steel ?Stainless Steel Melting Point3. "How do I keep food from sticking in a stainless steel pan (heat setting, food/pan temp, etc...)?1) cold food hot pan= much sticking leave your steak or chicken on the counter for 15-30 minutes to come to room temp before cooking 2) high heat also causes sticking. Use the "butter test". Use your stick of butter to draw a figure 8 on the bottom of the heated pan. If it turns brown, it's too hot. If it sizzles and bubbles without turning brown, it's at optimum temperature 3) drizzle oil in the pan and let oil heat through before adding the meat. 4) do NOT turn or move the meat constantly in the pan. It will not sear and you will get no fond. 5) once you have removed the food from the pan, deglaze, and then wipe with a kitchen towel while hot to clean. Putting a hot pan into the sink can warp the shape. Wait till cool to wash.4. Rust on stainless steel ice maker/GE fridge?GE had a recall on the doors because they did not have enough insulation in them. This caused sweating on the door and thus you have rust. If you did not send in your warranty card then you missed the big law suit settlement with GE. The door program is over now. You can buy replacement parts and repair it. I do not believe that you can paint over rust. Good luck5. Why are my stainless steel pots not dishwasher safe?the pots might be to cheap or to ruff so the dishwasher will not wash much does the washer cost6. When first getting your ears pierced, why do you have to wear stainless steel?less chance of infection, and a bad reaction7. Hi, I bought a set of stainless steel cook wear since I was told they are healthier but now I notice that it iThe aluminium is probably only on the external base of the pans as it is a good heat conductor so it will do you no harm. Quite a lot of satainless steel cookware have aluminium bases. Dont worry8. Where to buy stainless steel strainers ?Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Walmart9. where can i but some high carbon stainless steel?You can use mild steel to forge the blade, then cool it in dirty, used motor oil. The oil cools it and the its full of carbon to heat treat steel10. Does anybody know how to purchase stainless steel chains?try a boat dealer,11. How do you remove residue from overheating cafelon stainless steel pans?Try 220 grit sand paper. Also give your husband a choice of something really bad, like would you rather have terminal cancer or a burned frying pan. Life is short let's not worry about a frying pan. Regards, Dale12. what can i use to clean my stainless steel barbecue grill?you can try oven cleaner but rinse it off thoroughly before using the grill13. What's the difference between 313 and 304 or 347 stainless steel?The compositions differ. Wikipedia might tell you, or the AISI or ASM websites. As would a good referene book like Perry's Handbook of Chemical ENgineering, or the CRC handbook.14. What are the pros/cons of stainless steel countertops?Can be sanitized easily, last a long time and are very sturdy. They can get dull and scratched over time and you may risk your kitchen resembling an industrial restaurant.
HP Pavilion Laptop's Lights Flashing on and Off
Is it a DV2000, 6000 or 9000 series? If so they can be repaired for a reasonable may include:Laptop will power and turn on, but no display on screenWhen Powered on you can hear fan and blue lights light up but nothing on screenCycles on and off by it self however never shows anything on screenScreen is full of "squiggles" or vertical/horizontal linesReboots on its own after a few minutes and repeats thisNo power at all however power jack and supply are goodCannot connect to the Internet, WiFi not functioningBlue screen and keep rebooting Keyboard, USB connectors not working(I hope this is the correct place to post this question. It is getting increasing hard to know which website to post questions.)My daughter's HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop, about 3 years old, started acting funny today. She had been using it to do some work, and then closed it. Later when she tried to open it to get back to what she was doing, it wouldn't come up. She shut it down, and when she tried to bring it back up it started acting very strangely. The lights along the keyboard would flash on and off, and that is all it does.So, what's causing it to do this and why? And what do I do about it?·OTHER ANSWER:(I hope this is the correct place to post this question. It is getting increasing hard to know which website to post questions.)My daughter's HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop, about 3 years old, started acting funny today. She had been using it to do some work, and then closed it. Later when she tried to open it to get back to what she was doing, it wouldn't come up. She shut it down, and when she tried to bring it back up it started acting very strangely. The lights along the keyboard would flash on and off, and that is all it does.So, what's causing it to do this and why? And what do I do about it?
Best DJ Light Link Table
Best Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light (with Stand)Buy Link: CLICK HEREChauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light (with Stand) Product Description:Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light (with Stand). The portable, LED-powered Chauvet LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light is equipped with a 75-watt white LED for a hardedge, focused beam. Easy to set up and tear down, LED Followspot 75ST comes with an included tripod. DJ Chauvet DJ. DJ, DJ Lighting, Spotlights. Price: 699.99 USD. Sale Price: 499.99 USD.The Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light (with Stand) is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light (with Stand) is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people.Buy it NowBuy Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light (with Stand) is a post from: Musical Instruments.·RELATED QUESTIONWhere can I get the best DJ lighting & sound services in Los Angeles?DJ lighting and sound plays an important role in an event or occasion. There are many options where you can get the best music and lighting services in Los Angeles at affordable prices i.e., HeyMisterDJ, Belvedere Entertainment, DJ Keelez, DJ Kara, and many more. But, you should choose the best because a single mistake in selection can spoil your party. So, you need the best live band and DJ services, who offer you awesome music and light show at your party. Go with Belvedere Entertainment for best DJ services and have more fun through their live band services.
Finding the Right Companies for Stage Lighting Hire
When you are putting up any event you need to make sure that you have all the equipment and lighting that can add more life to the event. Hence, many companies look out for companies that can offer lighting and stage equipments on hire. Buying all the equipments and lighting can be too expensive especially if you don't need regularly for the events. Although, there are many firms that offer stage lighting hire options but you need to ensure that you are going for the right deal. While you are looking for such companies you also need to make sure that you are not overspending and staying well under the budget you have for the decoration.Here are some factors that you need to keep in mind while you are looking for stage lighting hire companies.Requirements Even before you start looking for companies that can offer you staging on rent you need to know how you are going to place the lights and what kind of lights you will need for the event. This is very important because that will help you to make a list of lighting equipment that you will need so that you can place the right order. You can make use of CAD software that can help you to get the right results and then you can approach the company that can offer you those lights on rent. You will also need to look out for options on how you can put the right kind of lights in a way that can cut down the use of extra lights. If you are using a stage you need to light it in the right way.Quality Stage and its decoration are really important for all kinds of events and therefore you need to make sure that the company you are looking out for provides high quality equipments. You don't want to end up having stage lighting problems in the middle of the event and therefore look out for companies that have better quality services that they can provide on hire. You can use those staging options for conferences, seminars and even workshops so that you can impress your customers and clients in the right way.Variety When we talk about lighting we also need to consider that there are various types of lights and light effects that are used in conferences and shows and therefore you need to be very specific about what kind of stage lights you will need. Look out for companies that can offer you a wide range of lighting options that can allow you to light up the stage for advertisements, promotion or if you need just simple light effects that can focus on the products and services that you are selling.Price Getting a reasonable price for lighting hire is something that takes lot of search process. You will have to look out for companies that can offer you stage lights at a price that won't pinch your budget. It is always recommended that you look out for someone that can offer you the price that you are looking for so that you don't end up spending too much on it. You can look out for multiple companies and then compare the quotes that they provide. This will make the job easier for you as you can compare the rates and then make a deal with the company that offers you the lowest price. You can also search for such stage lighting hire companies on the internet that offer you better discounts especially when you are buying more equipments and decoration equipments from them.
Store Bought Light Fixture How to Make Glass Clear From Paint?
Do not use razor blades because they will scratch the glass. at the same time that they remove the paint. Use paint remover from a hardware storre.1. Can I put a tanning bulb in a standard florescent light fixture?most standard light fixtures take either a 4ft or an 8ft bulb. i have seen and worked with 6ft tanning bulbs. if 6ft is the standard size for tanning bulbs, they would not fit. no you would not get a tan. too far away. dont know about fire or damage. all in all, its a lousy idea.2. Would an improperly grounded light fixture cause premature light bulb failure?99% of the people in this world screw the light bulb down too hard. I think your problem is in the light socket and it is caused by screwing the light in too hard. Repair: First cut off, or unplug, the lamp fixture. Second, unscrew the bulb and remove it. You need to force it up, but only a little bit. I would use a plastic knife, careful not to touch the sides of the bulb with your hands, and bend that flap up just a touch. That may mean that you are getting an arc between the flap and the buld and not a direct connection. You also have to remember, though it says no where on the packaging, that lamp life is rated on turn on/turn off and the number of times that your light is turned on, the faster it will burn out.3. what tools do I need to replace my light fixture?Yes, you can remove the fluorescent and install a regular fixture, but I would suggest you obtain the help of a friend who knows how to do it and has the necessary tools4. Change light fixture to a ceiling fan?Yes, but it will be quite tricky to conform to the building codes in your region. I recommend re-wiring the entire circuit from the circuit-breaker to the new (intended) fan box so as to prevent any fire hazards.5. Replaced light fixture, now 3 way switch doesn't workSometimes a NM cable is not fastened down along its length, either because it was fished through an existing wall (old work) or because the builder just laid it between the attic joists (poor work).If the NM cable that you moved is not thoroughly fastened down, and if the strain relief at the other end is inadequate, then you probably moved the wires or wire nuts around inside the box at the other end and knocked one of the travelers off its terminal6. is it wise to cover a wasp entrance that is by a light fixture will they die if they can't get out?Covering the hole will very likely not kill them or even keep them in, but if they are in or near the box, make sure the light is shut off, preferably at the breaker, before you start spraying anything in there7. Help finding this light fixture!?I love that one, but I am pretty sure it costs several hundred dollars. You would do better making one yourself. Get a light fixture on a cord with only the globe at the end. Find something - furniture shops, thrift shops, hardware stores - that you can slip over the cord to decorate the light. Once, I used a large half-round basket over my kitchen table. This one looks kind of like the translucent plastic used for covering the long ceiling fluorescent fixtures. Cut or break it into pieces and paint some gold flake around the edges. Glue the pieces onto a piece of chicken wire shaped into a globe. Have fun!8. How do I remove a light fixture that seems to be stuck?if its the type that hangs on a center screw take the palm of your hand and apply pressure to the glob take a pair of pliers and turn the retaining nut, if its the type with screws in a slot just take the pliers and loosen screws. you may want to put an old piece of cloth over the nut them put the pliers on the cloth that will keep damage to a minimum if the nut is decorative.whatever you do do not push so hard you break the glass just enough to help get it loose.
I Have an Old Light Fixture with Two White Wires. No Black, No Ground. How Do I Install It?
You should run white to white and the other white to black. if that trips the breaker then there must be something wrong with the fixture or the bulb. It should not really mater which white goes to white since its only a light bulb.1. How can I change the bulb in this light fixture?It looks like it just pulls down, there are usually little springs that keep it in place. Like the one pictured belowSource2. Albeit not the smart way to go, but how does one wire a light fixture without turning off the curcuit?You answered your own question in the first seven words3. How to install a light fixture?Read the install guide on the fixture to see what they use the green/yellow for. If you do not want that feature, cap the yellow wire in the junction box with a wire nut as well as the striped green/yellow from the fixture. Tuck them away inside the box in case you want them for a future use. then attach the rest according to color and test4. Can you install a ordinary light fixture onto a recessed lighting fixture can?I've never heard of anything like you are wantingbut it might be out there somewhere:) I wired my recessed lights, and you are right, it would probably be tough to get up in there, put a box in, and rewire for a new fixture. How about a colored flood bulb;) ?? I AM going to watch this though and see if anybody has heard of anything that works Good Luck!5. light fixture spins wheh fan turns on?Sounds like some part (s)of the unit are not fixed correctly. It also sounds VERY DANGEROUS. Were all the fixing screws used when it was mounted ? If not,this MUST be done before you try to use it again-if it takes off and flies about the room,you will be sorry.6. When replacing a light fixture, I found there is no bare copper ground wire. Do I need to add one?Yes!!! just connect it to another metal source7. My light fixture sounds like a lawnmower?Check the mounting of your lamp ballast. If it is not screwed down tight enough it can make a lot of noise. Also if your hood is old it can do this and you might have to replace the ballast instead to fix this8. Can a ceiling fan be installed simply in place of a light fixture?Older ceiling light fixtures were not installed to handle the weight of a ceiling fan. Today's building codes require that any ceiling light outlet box be of a special type. This is so the box does not support the weight of the ceiling fan. It really depends when your ceiling light was originally installed and if there is a joist next to the electrical outlet box. I am a handyman and do not think that $100.00 is out of line if he has to reinforce the ceiling outlet. If you install a fan just to the outlet box and do not secure it to something more substantial, you run the risk of the fan falling down on your head. Not to mention the electrical short it could also cause. I have seen fans that have been installed to just the electrical box that have been up for years. But have refused to replace them with a new fan without reinforcing the box. It is a matter of liability and conforming to current building codes.9. IS IT OK to put 2 different wattage bulbs in a two socket outdoor light fixture?that is fine, ive done the same thing,has been that way for a few years and its not an issue10. how do you replace a ceiling fan with a light fixture?sure you can are electric .......lights are electric !11. Is there a way to paint a brass light fixture and make it look like oil rubbed bronze?an considerable tip to undergo in concepts is that cool colorings like blues, vegetables and purples push the partitions out. heat colorings deliver the partitions in. If the cabinets are in stable shape, i could leave them on my own. If not, best and paint them a colour of the wall shade you opt for. case in point, in case you establish to paint the partitions a green, paint the cabinets a darker tender green. this could sound unusual, yet you may photograph the room as an entire. you could finally end up picking a shade for the cabinets which you do unlike in any respect by potential of itself, yet as an entire room it is going to seem fantasatic! this is critical enable the attention to flow continuously throuhout a small room. in case you have a lot of colorings in starking assessment, the attention gets perplexed and give up at one and all which will in turn make the room experience smaller. replace cupboard hardware to characteristic activity. you will locate greater suggestions and help with shade right here
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