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Stage Lighting Basics for Bands
Any performance is greatly affected by how the performers are viewed. Stage lighting for bands is a tool for leaving a good, lasting impression in the hearts of the audience.Having a good stage lighting during your performance, even if it is just a gig, is very essential. It enhances the show and keeps the attention of the audience where you want it. It is also useful in distracting the audience from things you want to conceal. To do this, you could hire your own lighting designer (which is really not feasible for a small gig) or manage the stage lighting on your own. If you are planning on arranging your own stage lighting, there are some stage lighting basics you might want to know first.See how much power supply is available at the venue. You will need a chunk of it to power your sound system (PA). Make provision for additional power supply or avoid using heavy equipment for stage lighting, in case you think it might cause an overload.Check out the size of the stage on which you will be performing.Start with minimum or basic lights you will require for your performance.Riggers are used to increase stage lighting possibilities, especially if there are not enough places to hang the lighting fixtures.There are varieties of equipment used for effects, but you will get plain white lighting by using only PARs or Fresnels. Choose effects and colors according to the mood you want to create. Some options of equipment for stage lighting effects are given below.Other things that you can use for extra effects are and , depending on your taste and budget. If you want to use a for disco lights, be sure to focus a wash light on it from a proper angle.Once you have decided on the lighting design, you will need to think about the control of stage lighting. You have three options:Before deciding on your personalized lightning design, sit down with the other band members and think over the mood and atmosphere you want to create. Stage lighting for bands also depends on the kind of music and songs that will be played. Choose the lighting fixtures, stage riggers and light effects, especially colors, to create the desired effect. In case you decide to buy any stage lighting or rigging equipment for the first time, it is advisable to first hire them, to see their actual performance.
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