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Guangzhou Tory Light Co., Ltd. strives to be the recognized manufacturer in providing the high quality light fixture. We keep trying every new way of improving the capacity of manufacturing. We are continuously reviewing our production process to enhance the quality of the product as much as possible; we are achieving continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the quality management system.TORY stage light is reliable and popular - the more and better reviews and ratings are the best evidence. Every product we have posted on our website and social media has received many positive comments about its usability, appearance, etc. Our products are attracting greater attention worldwide. There is an increasing number of customers choosing our products. Our brand is gaining larger market clout.With our strong distribution network, the products can arrive at your destination on time and in perfect condition. Supported by the strong design team and production team, light fixture can be customised according to your specific application needs. Samples for reference are also available at TORY LIGHT.
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Store Bought Light Fixture How to Make Glass Clear From Paint?
Do not use razor blades because they will scratch the glass. at the same time that they remove the paint. Use paint remover from a hardware storre.1. Can I put a tanning bulb in a standard florescent light fixture?most standard light fixtures take either a 4ft or an 8ft bulb. i have seen and worked with 6ft tanning bulbs. if 6ft is the standard size for tanning bulbs, they would not fit. no you would not get a tan. too far away. dont know about fire or damage. all in all, its a lousy idea.2. Would an improperly grounded light fixture cause premature light bulb failure?99% of the people in this world screw the light bulb down too hard. I think your problem is in the light socket and it is caused by screwing the light in too hard. Repair: First cut off, or unplug, the lamp fixture. Second, unscrew the bulb and remove it. You need to force it up, but only a little bit. I would use a plastic knife, careful not to touch the sides of the bulb with your hands, and bend that flap up just a touch. That may mean that you are getting an arc between the flap and the buld and not a direct connection. You also have to remember, though it says no where on the packaging, that lamp life is rated on turn on/turn off and the number of times that your light is turned on, the faster it will burn out.3. what tools do I need to replace my light fixture?Yes, you can remove the fluorescent and install a regular fixture, but I would suggest you obtain the help of a friend who knows how to do it and has the necessary tools4. Change light fixture to a ceiling fan?Yes, but it will be quite tricky to conform to the building codes in your region. I recommend re-wiring the entire circuit from the circuit-breaker to the new (intended) fan box so as to prevent any fire hazards.5. Replaced light fixture, now 3 way switch doesn't workSometimes a NM cable is not fastened down along its length, either because it was fished through an existing wall (old work) or because the builder just laid it between the attic joists (poor work).If the NM cable that you moved is not thoroughly fastened down, and if the strain relief at the other end is inadequate, then you probably moved the wires or wire nuts around inside the box at the other end and knocked one of the travelers off its terminal6. is it wise to cover a wasp entrance that is by a light fixture will they die if they can't get out?Covering the hole will very likely not kill them or even keep them in, but if they are in or near the box, make sure the light is shut off, preferably at the breaker, before you start spraying anything in there7. Help finding this light fixture!?I love that one, but I am pretty sure it costs several hundred dollars. You would do better making one yourself. Get a light fixture on a cord with only the globe at the end. Find something - furniture shops, thrift shops, hardware stores - that you can slip over the cord to decorate the light. Once, I used a large half-round basket over my kitchen table. This one looks kind of like the translucent plastic used for covering the long ceiling fluorescent fixtures. Cut or break it into pieces and paint some gold flake around the edges. Glue the pieces onto a piece of chicken wire shaped into a globe. Have fun!8. How do I remove a light fixture that seems to be stuck?if its the type that hangs on a center screw take the palm of your hand and apply pressure to the glob take a pair of pliers and turn the retaining nut, if its the type with screws in a slot just take the pliers and loosen screws. you may want to put an old piece of cloth over the nut them put the pliers on the cloth that will keep damage to a minimum if the nut is decorative.whatever you do do not push so hard you break the glass just enough to help get it loose.
I Have an Old Light Fixture with Two White Wires. No Black, No Ground. How Do I Install It?
You should run white to white and the other white to black. if that trips the breaker then there must be something wrong with the fixture or the bulb. It should not really mater which white goes to white since its only a light bulb.1. How can I change the bulb in this light fixture?It looks like it just pulls down, there are usually little springs that keep it in place. Like the one pictured belowSource2. Albeit not the smart way to go, but how does one wire a light fixture without turning off the curcuit?You answered your own question in the first seven words3. How to install a light fixture?Read the install guide on the fixture to see what they use the green/yellow for. If you do not want that feature, cap the yellow wire in the junction box with a wire nut as well as the striped green/yellow from the fixture. Tuck them away inside the box in case you want them for a future use. then attach the rest according to color and test4. Can you install a ordinary light fixture onto a recessed lighting fixture can?I've never heard of anything like you are wantingbut it might be out there somewhere:) I wired my recessed lights, and you are right, it would probably be tough to get up in there, put a box in, and rewire for a new fixture. How about a colored flood bulb;) ?? I AM going to watch this though and see if anybody has heard of anything that works Good Luck!5. light fixture spins wheh fan turns on?Sounds like some part (s)of the unit are not fixed correctly. It also sounds VERY DANGEROUS. Were all the fixing screws used when it was mounted ? If not,this MUST be done before you try to use it again-if it takes off and flies about the room,you will be sorry.6. When replacing a light fixture, I found there is no bare copper ground wire. Do I need to add one?Yes!!! just connect it to another metal source7. My light fixture sounds like a lawnmower?Check the mounting of your lamp ballast. If it is not screwed down tight enough it can make a lot of noise. Also if your hood is old it can do this and you might have to replace the ballast instead to fix this8. Can a ceiling fan be installed simply in place of a light fixture?Older ceiling light fixtures were not installed to handle the weight of a ceiling fan. Today's building codes require that any ceiling light outlet box be of a special type. This is so the box does not support the weight of the ceiling fan. It really depends when your ceiling light was originally installed and if there is a joist next to the electrical outlet box. I am a handyman and do not think that $100.00 is out of line if he has to reinforce the ceiling outlet. If you install a fan just to the outlet box and do not secure it to something more substantial, you run the risk of the fan falling down on your head. Not to mention the electrical short it could also cause. I have seen fans that have been installed to just the electrical box that have been up for years. But have refused to replace them with a new fan without reinforcing the box. It is a matter of liability and conforming to current building codes.9. IS IT OK to put 2 different wattage bulbs in a two socket outdoor light fixture?that is fine, ive done the same thing,has been that way for a few years and its not an issue10. how do you replace a ceiling fan with a light fixture?sure you can are electric .......lights are electric !11. Is there a way to paint a brass light fixture and make it look like oil rubbed bronze?an considerable tip to undergo in concepts is that cool colorings like blues, vegetables and purples push the partitions out. heat colorings deliver the partitions in. If the cabinets are in stable shape, i could leave them on my own. If not, best and paint them a colour of the wall shade you opt for. case in point, in case you establish to paint the partitions a green, paint the cabinets a darker tender green. this could sound unusual, yet you may photograph the room as an entire. you could finally end up picking a shade for the cabinets which you do unlike in any respect by potential of itself, yet as an entire room it is going to seem fantasatic! this is critical enable the attention to flow continuously throuhout a small room. in case you have a lot of colorings in starking assessment, the attention gets perplexed and give up at one and all which will in turn make the room experience smaller. replace cupboard hardware to characteristic activity. you will locate greater suggestions and help with shade right here
Guide to Tubular Skylights: Skylight Installation & How Tube Skylights Work
Skylights have come a long way in the last decades. A traditional skylight is basically a window in the roof. Unfortunately, they have limitations; they require structural reframing and can only be placed where there is no attic or crawl space between the roof and the ceiling. They are vulnerable to leaks and are difficult to clean if they become dirty... and they do! There is another way to get natural light into those dark places in your home without any of these disadvantages: the solar tube, also known as a tubular skylight or sun tunnel! Working like a traditional skylight but not your traditional skylight, it is a high-performance natural lighting system that uses advanced optics to harness sunlight in a way that significantly improves how daylight is controlled and used. Tubular skylights work by capturing sunlight on the roof and reflecting it down a tube into a fixture in the ceiling. You can brighten living rooms, kitchens, closets and more! A sun tunnel skylight provide as much light as you would expect from a skylight many times its size. Plus, it costs much less than other daylighting options. Let more light into the room Less prone to getting dirty What does a tubular skylight look like? Solatube has the best roof piece that will not degrade or cause damage to your roof over time. Inside there are several styles of light fixture to choose from. You do not have to settle for an unappealing look. The inside fixture can be flush with the ceiling, or you can select one of the stylish options that look more like traditional light fixtures. Additional accessories include a ventilation kit, and a daylight dimmer to soften of shut out the light completely. One benefit of tubular skylights over traditional skylights is the light management. Solatube skylights capture low-angle sunlight while rejecting any that will be overpowering. The technology utilized by the Solatube skylight's dome automatically adjusts daylight harvesting to create more consistent light than traditional skylights. There is a minimal loss of light through reflection as well, so almost all of the light captured by the solar tubes can be used to light your home. Once the light harvested by your tubular skylights reaches the end of the tube, there are a number of fixtures that it could filter through. There's the classic Vusion diffuser that will blend into your ceiling while showering the room with natural light. There are also other fixtures that do not protrude into the room that they light, including: We also offer more prominent fixtures, such as: Visit our Solatube Fixtures & Add-ons page, choose the fixture that best fits your room, and enjoy natural light in a way that shows your style. Tubular Skylights Are Also a Light Source After Dark There are a couple options to allow the skylights to continue to serve as a light source after sunset. The first is a light add-on kit which uses a regular fluorescent bulb which can be switched on at night. The second option is the Solatube Electric Nightlight, more specifically the Solatube ISn. This is one of the most versatile products and one that's perfect for any room. Easily adaptable for spaces of any size, it offers a built-in solar-powered NightLight that emits a soft glow. The 160 ISn can be outfitted with ventilation, dimming, and other options for a customized lighting solution that meets your needs. Best of all, it qualifies for 26% federal tax credit on purchase and installation. Which Brand is Best for Tubular Skylights? A skylight is the best way to get natural daylight into an interior room, and a solar tube is the best way to get natural sunlight in from the roof. At The Solar Guys we use exclusively Solatube brand solar tubes. Why? We use them because they are the best on the market. With its advanced optics the Solatube system provides as much light as much larger conventional skylights. There are so many benefits to Solatube skylights! They are consistent and energy-efficient, letting in more light than traditional skylights without the shifting pattern. They also are energy efficient, letting in maximum light with minimum heat gain - they are even Energy Star rated! With the versatility of both the fixtures and the areas in your home that these lights can reach, they are clearly the superior choice. Tubular skylights can be quickly and easily installed by our trained professional technicians, usually in about 45 minutes, but even a do-it-yourselfer can usually get one installed in less than a day. The Solar Guys want you to know that our technicians are factory trained and certified, and have passed a background test. We are a family owned company that was founded in 2001, we are licensed general contractors and also hold a Florida Roofing License. We put a special emphasis on customer service with over 25,000 satisfied customers. A skylight has always been a great idea, and now tubular skylights have just made daylight available and practical for almost any dark room in the house. We pride ourselves on affordable eco-friendly solutions, exceptional customer service and the ability to meet your needs and exceed your expectations as well as knowledgeable experts that are able to answer your questions. We look forward to working with you to provide you the savings you seek on your monthly utility bills.1. Is my light fixture enough for my reef?sounds ok 1. if the corals are high enough in the tank 2. if the bulbs are rotated so that they are not more than 6-8 months old 3. you have the proper mix of light spectrum but yea, it should be ok for most low light corals, but possibly not anemones you should consider not getting anemones, and try another coral instead; their light requirements, waste production, water quality and space requirements are high2. Trying to install ceiling light fixture but it doesn't want to stay put.?replace the box.It's what a dollar or 2? Pain to do but...I find that it seems to be a simple thing then suddenly it's not. buy a plastic one. If you see that you can get it to grab on to a joist then buy one that's made to hold a ceiling fan. You never know if that's what you may want some day?3. Do you still use energy if a light fixture of any kind is "on" but doesn't have a light bulb in it?nope, just as mentioned before.......the circuit isnt complete......kinda imagine it like this you can turn a faucet on all day, but if water lines arent hooked up, you wont wast any or use any make sense?
Lighting to Simulate Skylights
Skylights are pleasing because they fill the room with light which is reflected and diffused off all the surfaces in the room, whereas a typical ceiling lamp is somewhat unidirectional and lights the ceiling almost as much (or possibly more) than the room itself.Uplighting from multiple sources is definitely a good solution for recreating the skylight effect. These could be floor mounted, or sconces hung on or cut into the ball. Uplighting on top of cabinets will cast light on the ceiling. You could also couple the uplighting with track-mounted wall wash bulbs.Halogen lighting was often used for this sort of lighting but LEDs are becoming a better alternative as the prices drop. Good quality LED lighting strips and bulbs are much more low-heat and energy efficient than any halogen. In addition, most LEDs will last at least 10 years without replacement so they can be installed in areas that are hard to access. Traditionally, people consider the traditional yellow tungsten-bulb colors to be most comfortable, which is around 3000K (warm white), but this is not what you want to simulate sunlight. Actual sunlight is around 5000K and above and more of a bluish color (cool white). You will need LEDs around that color temp, or can be programmed to that. Approx 4000K can be a nice compromise. Ultimately everything depends on the existing color of the walls in the room, and the aesthetic you're going for.As a note, the new lighting temp will probably be jarring at first as it's much colder than "normal" warm tungsten screw-in light bulbs. I would consider the LED uplighting as an accent to your existing lighting, so you can turn it off or dim the LED system so it won't be overpowering in the evening. Also, there are some LED systems now that are color-programmable and even controlled by a mobile app, so you can pick the white color temperature that appeals the most to you, or have it cycle though different color temps throughout the day, light real sunlight.Experiment with some simple uplighting cans on the floor and in some uplighting and work from there... if you are thinking of spending "real" money, ask an interior designer or decorator for advice. Good luck!I was in a friend's home, and admired their skylight. They have one of those tubes that goes through the roof to bring natural light inside. The ceiling had a diffused circular lens to help disperse and diffuse the light.I can't add skylights right now, but what type of fixture and bulb would give a similar effect? Prefer something that can be left on for long periods of time that doesn't use much energy or generate much heat.·OTHER ANSWER:I was in a friend's home, and admired their skylight. They have one of those tubes that goes through the roof to bring natural light inside. The ceiling had a diffused circular lens to help disperse and diffuse the light.I can't add skylights right now, but what type of fixture and bulb would give a similar effect? Prefer something that can be left on for long periods of time that doesn't use much energy or generate much heat.
How Do You Change the Whole Light Fixture for a Pool?
You are going to get into the water with the light on right? Call an electrician to do it safely and correctly. This is not a DIY type project1. How to install a ceiling light fixture | Ironmongery Experts BlogWhether your dining area is lit using only candlelight or your office uses large LED ceiling lights, lighting has a significant impact on the ambience of a space. So, although it's important to consider whether your ceiling lights of choice are going to match the interiors of your home, it's also important to think about what atmosphere you want them to provide. In our From the Anvil collection we have a wide selection of pendant ceiling light fixtures, suitable for any style of home, including our black Harborne pendant ceiling light, hammered copper Hockley pendant ceiling light and blue Brindley pendant ceiling light. Four-terminal junction box (for those with junction wiring). Green/yellow wire and brown wire sleeving (for those with junction wiring). Spur cable (for those with loop-in wiring). At Ironmongery Experts, we recommend that you seek assistance from a professional to complete any electrical work. Please read our disclaimer at the end of this article. Before you do anything else, you need to locate your consumer unit (or fuse box if you've yet to upgrade) and switch off the mains power. We recommend, for extra precaution, that you stick a piece of electrical tape over the switch you are working on, just in case someone was to try and turn it back on. As well as this, you need to test whether it's safe to work on your circuits by using a voltage tester to ensure they are definitely dead. It's also ideal to use the voltage tester on a circuit you know is live to make sure that the tester is definitely working - e.g. you might be working on a light downstairs and have your upstairs bathroom light on. Note that pendants are unable to support heavy lightbulbs and shades, so if you've chosen a ceiling light fitting that exceeds 2kg it's ideal that it's supported by a chain. Also, keep in mind that any fixtures that contain metal parts need to be earthed via a three-core flex unless they are marked as double insulated. You can have either of two circuit types: junction box or loop-in. So, it's important to establish which one you have before beginning any electrical work. Again, with your power switched off, take the ceiling rose cover off of your ceiling. Count the number of cables that enter the ceiling rose and if there's one cable then you have a junction-box circuit. Whereas if there are two or three, you will find that you have a loop-in system. Installing your light fixture when you have junction-box wiring Ensure that your circuit is definitely dead, before cutting the main circuit cable and installing a four-terminal junction box - this will allow you to enclose and protect the connection of the wires of your pendant light. Get the live cores of the split circuit cable and attach them to one terminal before connecting the neutral cores to another and the earth cores to the third. Make sure to add green/yellow sleeves. Run a 1mm2 two-core-and-earth cable to the new light, with another to the switch. Attach the brown switch core to the circuit lives, then the earth cable to the circuit earths and the blue core to the fourth and final terminal. Now add a length of brown electrical sleeving to the blue core to indicate it can be live. Join the brown core from the light cable to the blue core of the switch drop before attaching the blue core to the circuit neutrals. Then connect the earth with the earth terminal. Installing your light fixture when you have loop-in wiring Just to be safe, check that the power is off and that your circuit is dead before running a spur cable from the rose you already have on your circuit. This should join the brown core to the main circuit lives, the blue core to the main circuit neutrals and its earth with the earth terminal. Now attach the brown core to the central terminal bank (which may be marked as 'loop') and the blue core to the neutral terminal, before attaching the earth with the earth terminal - make sure to encase it in green/yellow sleeving. At your new rose, run the switch drop cable so its brown core is connected to the spur's brown. You will also need to connect the blue core (marked as brown) to the live terminal and the earth to the earth terminal. Use your voltage tester once more Remember to check all of your completed electrical work with a voltage tester before you begin to use them. If all is in order, your new ceiling light fixture is ready to illuminate your space. At Ironmongery Experts we strongly advise that you always use safety precautions when undertaking a DIY project and ensure that you read and follow the manufacturer's instructions when using any building materials, products or tools for your projects. We try our best to provide clear and correct instructions within our articles, however, please note that this information should only be used as a general guide and some information within the text may not be entirely accurate. When using our articles for information and advice, please note that it is your SOLE RESPONSIBILITY to determine whether you have the competence and knowledge to undertake the task that you want to complete. Before starting a DIY task, it is essential that you are aware of any existing building, gas, water and electrical works regulations. We also strongly recommend that a qualified tradesperson completes relevant safety checks on any DIY work you have completed.2. I installed a new light fixture in a room and now....?If its a florescent bulb that's normal3. I tried to change a light fixture in my house. I didn't turn off the circuit breaker just the switch.?make sure your breaker has not tripped and you just can not tell. Flip it over and then back again and see if that helps
I Bought a 30'' 130 Watt Odyssea Light Fixture with Cooling Fans and Moonlights. How Good Are These
Not sure about that brand but that is a lot of light if you are using it in freshwater. T5 bulbs??? You can use that for corals.LOL1. How can I replace a light fixture?A screwdriver will be handy and may be a set of pliers. Turn the electric circuit off at the breaker or fuse. Take the old one off, and install the new one. Make a picture when you undo the connections, so you know how to reconnect the new fixture. Not a big thing. Be safe because electricity can kill you or a loved one. In doubt call a professional.How can I replace a light fixture?2. How do you get a light fixture off the ceiling?blow it to peices :)3. Help me find a cover for an 8 ft fluorescent light fixture?8 Ft Fluorescent Light Fixture4. is a coralife aqualight high output lunar light a good light fixture 132 watt?Yes this is a very good fixture. I had one myself for almost 2 years before upgrading to a 4-bulb T5 (it still works fine I just decided to upgrade). The fixture should last a long time, however the bulbs must be replaced every 6-12 months. If you use cheap bulbs (i.e. the ones that come with the fixture) then they only last about 6 months, but if you use higher quality bulbs (i.e. ATI or Wave Pointe bulbs) then they could last up to 12. Even then the bulbs do not burn out, they just lose their color and potency. Also, the 6500K is good for planted tanks, but not good for saltwater/reef setups (you did not specify). If you have a saltwater then you will need 10,000K-20,000K (14,000 is ideal and most common). Finally, the 2 bulb fixture is fine for FOWLR setups, or reef setups with SOME hardy, soft coral (i.e. xenia, mushrooms, zoas). If you want to keep LPS or SPS coral you will need AT LEAST a 4-bulb (maybe an LED, Metal Halide, 6- or 8-bulb setup depending on the size of your tank, again, you did not specify). Hope this helps!5. 10 wires in ceiling junction box & 2-bulb light fixture?in the ceiling container; is there a cable getting into the container? if so, what are the colour of the conductors in the cable(s)? How previous is the domicile; some older properties did no longer have floor wires. seem on the wall change and notice the way it relatively is under pressure out; if there are in straightforward terms 2 wires then it under pressure out in a loop configuration. The greater information you provide will make it greater convenient for persons to help. whether it relatively is under pressure out in a loop configuration and there's a black and pink cord related to the change; cord the ceiling fixture as follows: connect the two black wires in the ceiling container which comprise a cord nut; connect the two white wires which comprise a cord nut; connect the pink cord from the ceiling container to the black cord on the recent fixture. the floor cord from the recent fixture would nicely be related to the ceiling container whether it relatively is steel. As till now suggested, have an electrician do it in case you are uncertain of doing it your self.6. How can I make a glass light fixture cover clear?Yeah, these are usually frosted by acid and the texture is very expensive to have polished out. You would be better off buying the clear version at a home store or lighting specialty store. Make sure that you measure the mounting dimension before you go as there are many sizes that look similar but wo not quite fit your fixture.7. How do I replace a Ceiling Fan with a Light Fixture?Two basic scenarios. A) power is coming in to the light fixture first, down to receptacle(s) and the switch and on to yet other receptacles. B) power starts at the switch, goes to receptacles and up to the light and then on to other receptacles. IF it is A here's what you need to do. Determine which set (black/white) is the incoming (home run) power from the panel. They then should splice to other black/whites feeding other locations. That means that at the switch the red would be the returning switch leg for your light. Provided it is attached to the switch. It may not be attached to any thing at the moment. IF B is the situation you have. Again determine the home run. Splice all whites together. All blacks together with a short piece added under the wire nut to feed the switch. The red then is the switch leg to the light. In either case at the light cap off the blacks. Attach the lights white to the other whites and the black to the red. All should work now. If so, you may now replace the switch with a dimmer.
What Could Be Wrong with My Fluorescent Light Fixture? ?
Either the bulb or your breaker. You can check the switch1. so the light fixture in my twins' bedroom started turning on and off.?ghosts no question about it2. Can u safely use the energy efficient bulbs in an enclosed light fixture?This is a total fabrication, compact fluorescent burn alot cooler then regular lamps, thus the energy savings while using them. Tou can use them in place of any regular lamps3. The house I moved into has a Rosary wrapped around the light fixture above the dining room table....?never heard of it either. I can tell you that if the Rosary was prayed in that house it should have really good vibes huh?4. cant' get light fixture off to change bulb?I am sure you've checked, but just in case.... there are often 2 screws or even 3. Can you see the other side of the fixture? Brute force is definitely not the answer. If you can get a picture and post it, or email it to me at , I might be able to put specific notes on the picture and get it back to you. Good Luck - Patrick Lea P.S. Just asked a person who said theirs has a collar or cuff at the top, which has three screws in it. Check that and email me if it does not solve the problem.5. 240V outside light fixture has two leads?One wire is hot and the other is probably ground. You can find out which using a volt meter. The light will work with just two wires. This is the way houses were wired before a third wire became mandatory. There is danger if the light fixture is not in good shape. If the hot wire gets itself connected to the case of the light fixture and then you touch the case that's danger. 240V is too much anyway. 240V is dangerous in a light fixture. I think you should buy a new light fixture, have an electrician wire it with 120V using three wires. And have the electrician remove the 240V wires altogether6. Power to light fixture is on, light doesn't turn onFound the problem. Non-working fixture was last one on the run. Opened up the fixture before it and found that the neutral to the last fixture was not connected7. How do I get a 48" fluorescent light fixture from flickering for several minutes when I turn it on?Sometimes that normal, but sometimes you need to twist your bulb, it might not making good contect at the ends of the bulb. does it just flicker for few minutes and than ok to full light? if it flicker all the time, your balace is going out inside if it does it after changing and putting new bulbs in. balace cost about $12. to $15. If I lived near by, i can get one and fix it free.8. how do I hang a ceiling fan w/light on to an existing light fixture? Do I have to replace outlet box?pato I am a construction super in NYC I can give you the answer The box that is up there might not be strong enough to hold up the new fixture if the box is screwed into a beam it might be OK If you hung from it would it come down if its moving around or loose head to the de-pot homede- pot9. Does a motion sensor light fixture take a special bulb?The guy said it was the fixture yet you still bought bulbs? I can not tell what you are trying to ask. The type of fixture requires certain bulbs but a motion sensor works on the circuit, not the bulb. If it's not shutting off, it has nothing to do with the bulb.10. can I run a outlet from a ceiling light fixture?Yes you can if that your only option. Just make sure to use it only for a low amp appliance or electronics application only. Good luck...!11. Can I SAFELY use a 100 Watt CFL light bulb in an indoor enclosed light fixture that states 60 Watt maximum.?Typically yes, if it fits. The wattage rating is for incandescent fixtures that produce much more heat than CFL
Why, When Wired with Two Wire Hookups to One Switch Do Both Lights Glow Dim When Both Bulbs Are In?
Sounds like you are going to ground. On the light that gets power first, stop the hot side there. splice only 1 wire to go to switch from hot side. Wire from switch to first light new hot side. You will have three splices in first light box First splice ,hot to switch. Second splice, hot from switch with light fixture and second light box. Third splice 3 ground wires. The ground coming into the box, the ground continuing to the next box, the ground to your light fixture.1. I kicked a soccer ball in the old gym at my school and it hit the light fixture and it fell down!?Will it really matter in 5 years?2. my porch light fixture keeps burning out light bulbs almost?it s the temp change, buy an appliance bulb, or a 135volt bulb at a hardware,3. What would prevent a light fixture from working when replacing a bulb?If there's a handy change that controls the gentle that has 'burned out' (there *should be*!); First: be confident that *that* change is interior the "OFF" place, Then; you are able to very adequately unscrew the blistered-out gentle bulb by ability of twisting it gently-yet-firmly in a counter-clockwise (to the *left*, as seen from the *perfect* of the bulb) direction till it comes *out*, freely, from the socket into which it became initially secured. Then!! -- a sparkling gentle bulb may well be very adequately screwed, securely, into the open socket, and the controlling change be activated to instruct the hot gentle bulb *ON*4. How Do I Replace a Wall Mounted Light Fixture?Wall-mounted light fixtures include sconces, vanity lights and other designs made for vertical surfaces. Replacing a wall-mounted light fixture requires little more than a rudimentary understanding of electricity and should not take more than half an hour, as long as the fixture you are replacing was properly installed. Proper installation means that it was screwed to an electric box that is in turn secured to a wall stud. Flip off the breaker in the main panel that controls the circuit. If you are not sure which breaker that is, turn on the light and flip off breakers in turn until it goes out. Turn off the wall switch controlling the fixture, and the pull chain as well. Unscrew the mounting screws holding the fixture to the electrical box. You can sometimes turn decorative screws by hand or with pliers. If they have slots, use a screwdriver. When the screws are out, pull the fixture away from the wall and support it with a piece of twine while you unscrew the wire caps and pull the wires apart. Compare the mounting plate screwed to the electrical box, called the strap or crossbar, to the one supplied with the new fixture. If they are identical, you can save time by mounting the new fixture to the strap that's already there. If they are different, however, unscrew the old strap from the box and screw on the new one. Straighten the ends of the wires in the electrical box and note their colors. One should be black, one white and one bare. Pull out the wires from the back of the lamp, and you should also see a black and white wire. A third wire may be bare or green. In either case, it corresponds to the bare wire in the box. Connect the lamp to the circuit by joining wires of the same color -- black to black, white to white and bare to bare or green to bare. Twist the ends of each pair of wires clockwise with pliers. Insulate the connection by screwing on a wire cap. Push the wires as far back into the electrical box as they will go. Mount the fixture by screwing it to the strap with the screws that came with it. Tighten the screws with your fingers or with a screwdriver to secure the fixture.5. How do I test my daylight motion light?How do I test my daylight motion light? To begin testing the motion senor, you must set the lights to "test" mode. Climb your ladder to take a look at the bottom of your sensor head, which is located beneath the light bulbs. To begin testing your light during daylight hours, slide the "On-Time" switch on the sensor head to the "Test" position. Subsequently, one may also ask, how do I get my motion light to work? Subsequently, one may also ask, how do I get my motion light to work? First, you need to turn off the circuit breaker that powers your motion detector lights. Keep the power off for 30 seconds to one minute. Once the time passes you will turn the switch on again. Next, it's time to check up on your motion detector light bulbs. Subsequently, question is, why does my PIR light come on in daylight? The light comes on during the day. The "ON-TIME" switch is in the test position to allow light fixture operate during the day. Heat or light from the lamp heads may be turning the motion sensor on and off. Furthermore, how do you reset a motion sensor light? Turn the light switch on and off rapidly approximately four times. The light will eventually stay on continuously. Once the light is on, turn the switch off, wait five seconds and turn it back on again. The light should stay off and the sensor should be reset. Why is my security light on all the time? Lights Stay On Therefore, motion sensor security lights are meant to come on only when they detect motion, but sometimes for various reasons, they can remain on all the time. This could be attributed to an electrical failure, lightning, power surges, or even user error.
What Lightbulb Can I Use in This 250V 100W Light Fixture?
Those types of ratings are always for the upper limits for wattage. You can always go smaller on the wattage. In this case I am certain that the voltage is an upper limit regarding that socket also. However, you are going to want to match the voltage of the lamp you took out. That is the only thing that will work. You can always go lower on wattage1. Small flourescent light fixture above sink won't turn on. Switched bulb still won't work!?The switch might be bad or its wiring might have come loose, or maybe even have a break in it; the ballast in the flourescent fixture might be bad; the internal wiring within the fixture might be bad. Rather improbable, but wiring to the fixture might be bad. You need to systematically eliminate the possible causes to pinpoint your problem. Your situation reminds me of when a very near lightening strike tripped 4 circuit breakers in my house. It even blew the fuse in the microwave (which I/we were lucky that it even had a fuse.). The microwave was plugged in but was not being used when all this happened. But by far the worst problem was finding out why a circuit breaker would not reset for the wiring in a small 3/4 bath. (Some of the internal wiring behind a switch in the bathroom had a nick in it, apparently from carelessness when someone stripped it. That nick allowed the lightning strike to induce an arc to the grounded switch box, leaving a carbon track that kept shorting the circuit when I tried to reset the circuit breaker. The repair (once I finally found the problem) was just replacing a short piece -- less than 6inches -- of #12 wire WITHOUT any careless nick in it.2. I need help with a light fixture from someone with electrical expertise/genius!!?From what you describe, it sounds like the ballast is the culprit3. Ceiling light fixture lost that tin foil like layer. Is that bad?Foil or no foil, the fitting should have a wire cage over can make this from wire net from your hardware store. The wire cage keeps all the insulation stuff away from the heat source. About 6 inches is needed. Insulation is usually fire proof, but the bulb needs to be allowed to get it's own heat away....or the bulb will blow, or the heat could come the other way and burn its mounting.4. I just connected a light fixture in my hallway next to the bathroom. Hallway light works fine but bathroom light won't turn on now?Go to the fixtures where you did the work. This is the starting place AFTER you verify that the bathroom bulb is good and that the switch is getting power in the bathroom circuit. Once you have eliminated the bad bulb and the switch as problems then the area where you installed the new fixture is a good place to start. Take it apart and inspect for loose connections. Electrical work needs to be carefully installed and all connections made tight. A loose connection or a bad bulb are the most likely problem then a bad switch and possibly a open neutral.5. Light fixture from China, part 2.?The light fixture you purchased is for low voltage system of 12volts, maximum wattage of the lamp is 35w. the under counter lights that are put in kitchens now days are accent lights and they are low voltage. In order to use your lamp, you must buy a small transformer, found at any home improvement store, and use it with your lamp. DO NOT plug your 12v lamp into an outlet, you will burn it up, cause a fire or get shocked6. How do I open a wide ceiling light fixture to change the lightbulb?1. You are not using enough force on the finial (the knob at the bottom). 2. As long as the switch is off you are OK.7. 130 volt bulb in a 120 volt light fixture?Use the bulbs no problem8. How do I test my daylight motion light?How do I test my daylight motion light? To begin testing the motion senor, you must set the lights to "test" mode. Climb your ladder to take a look at the bottom of your sensor head, which is located beneath the light bulbs. To begin testing your light during daylight hours, slide the "On-Time" switch on the sensor head to the "Test" position. Subsequently, one may also ask, how do I get my motion light to work? Subsequently, one may also ask, how do I get my motion light to work? First, you need to turn off the circuit breaker that powers your motion detector lights. Keep the power off for 30 seconds to one minute. Once the time passes you will turn the switch on again. Next, it's time to check up on your motion detector light bulbs. Subsequently, question is, why does my PIR light come on in daylight? The light comes on during the day. The "ON-TIME" switch is in the test position to allow light fixture operate during the day. Heat or light from the lamp heads may be turning the motion sensor on and off. Furthermore, how do you reset a motion sensor light? Turn the light switch on and off rapidly approximately four times. The light will eventually stay on continuously. Once the light is on, turn the switch off, wait five seconds and turn it back on again. The light should stay off and the sensor should be reset. Why is my security light on all the time? Lights Stay On Therefore, motion sensor security lights are meant to come on only when they detect motion, but sometimes for various reasons, they can remain on all the time. This could be attributed to an electrical failure, lightning, power surges, or even user error.
Replace Existing Light Fixture with a Recessed Lighting?
Those boxes are usually nailed in and are not that tough to get out with the right tool, like a small pry bar. You could also just move the new fixture away from the box. but you already knew that1. Replacing light fixture electrical question?Maybe so, maybe not. In some instances there can be line power in that ceiling box with the circuit 'live' and the switch off. You do not have to shut off the main, just the circuit you are working on. If you how to do that, or what to look for, turn the power off. The 'pros' always do so. NOTE: It's a common 'DIY'er mistake to install a fan on a box that's not rated for it or not securely fastened enough to withstand the vibrations of the fan. Do not make it. - It can look OK at first, and cause serious trouble later.2. How many volts are in the average light fixture?In the US the outlets and lights are 110V 60 Hz and in Europe it's 220V 50 Hz3. Can someone help diagnose a fluorescent light fixture problem?I've had a similar problem. This is what I would do: First, if you have a starter, replace the starter. If that does not solve the problem, or you do not have a starter, replace the bulb. If that still does not work you will probably have to call an electrician.4. How do I install a new light fixture?this involves "fishing" a wire down the wall, and a lot more than I am willing to type5. how can i hang a bathroom light fixture??.....?To meet code there should be a metal or plastic box behind the sheet rock (dry wall) to make up the electrical connections. if it is on the ceiling an octagon box should be used. An adjustable hanger bar (designed for ceiling fans) will pass threw the hole cut for the octagon box and tighten with a wrench. This bar pushes against the ceiling joust on each side to carry the weight. The box should attach to the bar through a knock-out (k-o) hole in the middle of the back the wires should be brought threw other k-o's with appropriate wire clamps the fixture should then attach with the screws in the face of the box6. Is it okay to have an ungrounded light fixture?yeah ,do not worry about it . you are way *overthinking it . lighting fixtures at normal heigth wo not normally be handled while standing on the ground.been working for years like that without incident fire or electrocution, right ?7. How do you determine if a light fixture is still hot if you aren't sure which breaker to trip?If you mean one of those continuity testers with a bulb and battery with 2 probes, do not use them to test for the presence of house current. That is not their purpose, and, although I've never hooked a AA battery up to 110v, I think it would be a very bad idea. There are probes you can buy that buzz when they touch a hot wire. A good (minimal) investment for any homeowner. Are you asking because you want to replace operating fixtures with new ones safely? You can not depend on the switch being off to make it safe. There can be a hot wire at the fixture box with a separate wire going out to the switch. Lacking the above probe, one technique I've used (if you are working alone and can not have a helper yell when the light goes off), is to put a plug adapter in the socket and either plug a radio in and crank the volume (then when you flip the breaker, it will get quiet), or plug in a light with a long extension (if practical) so you can see the light at the breaker box.8. What does it mean if my light fixture causes light bulbs to blow frequently?My first suspicion would be a short circuit in the fixture. Also, while this does not happen often, you might want to check for leaks and make sure water is not getting into your fixture. Good luck!
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