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I solved this problem on my Asus Zenbook UX301L by replacing the Intel 7260 wifi/BT adaptor with an Intel 7265 wifi/BT adaptor. The problem immediately vanished. The only problem was getting the back off the UX301L. Not easy• Related QuestionsApplications Don't Show Up in SpotlightSince macOS starting 10.15, all user data is on /System/Volumes/Data which is also where the .Spotlight-V100 folder is. To really force Spotlight to rebuild its cache, I've found this needs to be deleted.So I needed to do the following:------Hyper-V failover cluster auto load balancingI think in your situation what you want to do is do a Pause > Drain Roles and then after you are done with the node (rebooting, etc) and want to "load balance" again you could do a Resume > Fail Roles Back------Sony VAIO with Insyde H2O EFI bios will not boot into GRUB EFII suggest two different alternatives:Don't overwrite windows mbr but use it to launch grubchange bios settings (f2 or f3 at startup) in boot options from UEFI to LEGACY, then it will normally launch the last system installed as ever------How to startx with -logverbose 6 arguments?Choose a TTY to login i.e. CTRL ALT F1Login as yourselfThen typeto login as root.I imagine nvidia asked you to run nvidia-bug-report.shthen you can startxi.e. this will attempt to start a new X display on TTY 2.------Wireless driver not loading after changing ownership of /usr/lib. How can I restore default ownership?I'm new to ubuntu (installed it on a flash drive today) but I think the best option is try to back up your data (the live DVD or USB may be helpful) and then perform a format and re-install your ubuntu------Popularity sorting doesnt worki cannot give you whole solution on that but you have tweak this file to make it because fme layered navigation will work with default this method setListOrdershope it will help you------How to unlock Nexus S 2.3.3 bootloader without having to wipe all device data?What if you backed up all your data using Titanium Backup / MyBackup Pro or some such app, then unlocked the bootloader and finally restored the data?That would then leave you with (after some effort) an unlocked phone and your data------how can you use playerprefs to save an array in javascript on unityYou would first need to serialize your array into a string. One way to do this, is to create a tokenizable string representation of your array data.For example:Then loading this back into the array would look something like this:.------Firefox blocks my nvidia drivers MOZ_GLX_IGNORE_BLACKLISTI don't know why the driver is on the blacklist, but you can do what's suggested: try running MOZ_GLX_IGNORE_BLACKLIST1 firefox.If this works, you can modify the .desktop file /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop and change the lineto------/.profile not being executed when Terminal opens? OS X 10.6.8In case you messed with your bash control for any reason and you wanna load your TERMINAL .profile in every session again, just write your /.bash_profile like so:...and start a new session to check if everything went back OK.------Reset back to factory setting after using EPPROM EPCS16If you know how to load *.jic file in EPCS16, then the only thing you need is that file. You can find it on the Terasic main page of your board where you should download CD-ROM and find the correct file------Incomplete export of data from a Postgres tableThe reason for this problem seems to be that 13 of your polygons do not have an area, so therefore they do not have geometry. I suspected this and confirmed by running $area in QGIS. Maybe you could get rid of them?------How do I export my web-host's (VPS) filesystem to an image to load locally in a VM?May or may not work, but you could try installing the basic OS on your local vm, then load a LiveCD and use rsync on the remote machine to sync the entire remote root to the root on the local machine------Use field calculator to change values from a,b,c etc. to 1,2,3 etc.?You could create a Custom function in the Function Editor to use the python ORD() function to get the ASCII value of a character (A being 65): function might look like this:------Xorg does not work after uninstallation of Nvidia driversnvidia-common is depreciated in 15.04, you can use nvidia-352First make sure that nvidia-common is completely removedNow install the newer driverNow runNow your desktop should load.If you like the most up to date drivers for hardware, you can use this PPA------Can you upgrade your iOS device on a computer that it is not synced to?Fairly sure this is not possible. Your computer will detect it (the iPhone) as new device and will want to sync it or set it up as a new device, before you even get the option to start the software update------Steam says not enough space even though files are already on my hard driveThere isn't enough space, it is correct. The initial installation is 118GB, but after DLC, multiplayer caches, saves, etc. etc. the 2GB left over won't be enough. Clear enough 5GB or so off your HDD before you install the game------How would one undo loading a quicksave in Kerbal Space Program?For anyone who does this now, I found a 'Backups' folder under the saves directory, which appears to have copies of persistent.sfs made at the last autosave - they could be useful - and saved me a few hours. YMMV------Linux - Program persistanly running on port 3000Did you try to find which processes or services are running on 3000, sometimes, a simple lsof -i:3000 should find those processes. Use, kill -9 pid to kill process.Also, you should kill the process under the user who has created it------Image / product slider not working only on Magento Frontend HomepageI found what was wrong, some strange peace of code in the js file, that was causing jquery not to load properly.Once I have removed the .hammer() which was located just before the function name. Everything went back to normal.------Parsing excel data in Java before saving it to database closedIf I were you, I wouldn't use dedicated code for that.Prefer a tool like ETL (Talend, kettle, by example). It will be more easy to parse your file and you will have lot of problems (compatibility, maintainability, etc.) already solved.------Magento 1.9 onepage checkout stuck on billing information for downloadable/virtual products closedAre you using this module?Experian QAS Email Verification - so, I believe that the issue lies in the code that it executes within checkout.Remove/disable this module and see if the issue goes away.------Computer Crisis Takeover! Part 1 closedIf the clue is the yellow pixel, then the solution must be the computer representation of yellow. Since we know 31337 hackers would never pick a short password, it must be as long as possible, hence:255255000orif they're using the CMYK scheme: 000255000------MySQL LOAD DATA INFILE: Better Server, Worse PerformanceSuggestion for your AWS Paramenters Group when you are LOADing millions of rows of data,when done, back to 25% (or less) depending on your need for typical operation.On your Memory Enhanced instance,For next test, these should reduce elapsed time------RAM is being drained (around 6-7 GB) with no process traceSysinternals has a tool call RAMMap which will show you exactly how every page of your memory is allocated. Load it up and see where all that memory has gone. (And of course, post back and tell us what was happening!).------Very slow wireless connectionTry getting inside the router configuration page (usually in any browser such as Firefox) and entering the username and password as router administrator. Once in, then change the frequency channel / network channel. Most of the time changing channel solves speed issues------IE Startup, app loads fast, but delay in page loadingI had some free time this week, formatted the hard drive, and reinstalled Windows 7.After doing so, I upgraded to IE 9 and added all the other software I need.Even though it was done the hard way, it's fixed now. :P.------How to recover from a borked cache?For me the following hack worked:I am not saying this is the best solution. But it did work for me, on a dev system. I am not sure I would recommend this on a production system.Here is the hack:------Could they send a satellite in space before the 15th century?This may be pushing steampunk TOO far beyond the limits of credibility! It could work in a fantasy rather than sci-fi world. Some 'lost art' quasi-scientific magic would be necessary. I wouldn't try to go too deeply into technical details though!.------Squid: Occasional Blank PagesIf you are using it internally shouldnt you be using internal DNS servers not external DNS have I misunderstood your question?The reason I say this is that I had a similar problem with DNS that produced a similar output.------'the back' or 'in the back'?A poor sentence to start with:I traveled in a truck the back of it the owner had loaded with potatoes.can be this with which: I traveled in a truck the back of which the owner had loaded with potatoes.------Is there any benefit from installing Windows 7 64-bit when you have less than 4GB of RAM?Another benefit to using 64bit windows is that there are some other architecture changes that go along with the move from 32 to 64 bits - more registers for example. The 64bit operating system will be able to take advantage of those changes------Character from downloaded AssetBundle renders as magenta in UnityThis issue only happens when using a mobile shader. When I shifted to the Standard shader, this issue disappeared. Perhaps this is a bug in Unity.So if you're having a similar problem, just shift to the Standard shader if possible.------SMP Vanilla Chunk Loaders?Yes! It does work on 1.8 (Tested both on SSP and SMP in Vannila. Bukkit and Spigot not tested). Haven't tested it on 1.8 up. I might do it and update this answer later. Need proof? I'll record a video about it working------Trouble enabling Proxy Protocol on AWS ELBThe listeners are TCP:80 -> TCP:8080 and TCP:443 -> TCP:8443.You have applied the policy to "instance ports" 80 and 443. The instance ports refer to the port on the back-end instances, so these should actually be set to 8080 and 8443 in the policy.------Mysql slave fails to resume from master if master restartedI have seen this before. Don't put your logs in the /var/run. If I recall correctly, the system erases the files in this directory automatically. Try putting your binlogs to another directory and see if your error shows up again------Displaying three pieces of information on a graphAnother option is the bubble chart, where you can have vertical height for one variable and dot size for the other. Below, date (day) is horizontal, Hours studied is vertical, Pages covered per day is bubble size, and week is colored------My Pokemon Go maps won't loadI had the same issue and found a workaround. Start the game with GPS location turned off. When the game loads and you find yourself standing in a blank lake, turn the GPS back on. This is working for me! Yay!.------Geographic testing for latencyYou could use various looking glasses around the world, however automating this would probably break their ToS.For automation, I really couldn't say without having some equipment/vm's in the areas or some sort of client side scripting to report latency------how to assign drive geometry in windowsIt's not going to show up to the computer as an IDE device but as a regular USB Storage device, the same as any other USB drive. Any incompatibility might be with the adapter itself trying to access the IDE device------Extracting a Zip File with Japanese Filenames?A bit late on this one but in WinRar the command is ctrl E and then select the desired language. Everything will be in english except the garbage characters will be in their proper language (assuming you selected the right one)------Context module not triggering Delta I'm dumb. I guess this is for anyone else who is going too fast, like I was - I created the delta module for another theme. I didn't realize that the delta snapshots are per theme, which makes sense------Dell PowerEdge R210 running VMware ESX 4.1 losing access to local disksPossibly SATA disk timeouts. You may have a bad or failing disk. Is there any battery-backed cache on your PERC controller?See: How can a single disk in a hardware SATA RAID-10 array bring the entire array to a screeching halt?------The new moderator agreement is now live for moderators to accept across the networkWhy has the new agreement gone live without any opportunity for non-moderator users to give feedback? Moderators did have the opportunity to give feedback, but not to discuss the draft agreement with other users on the sites they moderatewhy not?------Linux Virtual Server: NAT return pathI was missing to enable the netfilter conntrack support for LVS connections. See for a description of LVS netfilter interaction.This can be done using:sysctl net.ipv4.vs.conntrack1------MBR size is 440 bytes or 512 bytesThe MBR (Master Boot Record) is 512 bytes.However these values are for generic MBR, you can see other MBR structures from: you have to backup hole 512 bytes of MBR with dd (disk-to-disk) command.------Cant get back to windows after uninstalling ubuntuSo if I understand, now on your disk drive you got the windows partition but can't boot into it.Boot into ubuntu live CD and download boot-repair have fixed that problem for me once.
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