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Guangzhou Tory Light Co., Ltd. develops Fans & Cooling with the latest technologies while keeping the long-lasting quality top of mind. We only work with suppliers who work to our quality standards – including social and environmental standards. Compliance with these standards is monitored throughout the production process. Before a supplier is finally selected, we require them to provide us with product samples. A supplier contract is only signed once all our requirements are met. Over the years, we have been increasing our efforts to assist our cooperative companies to succeed in increasing sales and saving costs with our most cost-effective but high-performance products. We also established a brand - TORY stage light to strengthen our customers' trust and Let them know deeply about our determination to become stronger.We guarantee to provide a warranty for Fans & Cooling at TORY LIGHT. If there is any defect found, never hesitate to request an exchange or a refund. Customer service is always available.
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Led Strobe Light and Joule Thief
Step 1: MaterialsStrobe lamp3W red / yellow LEDResistance (optional)2 AA rechargeable batteries555 timer circuitLow power 555 timer (e.g. icm7555, tlc555)N-channel power MOSFET (e.g. irfz44n)Diode (duty cycle less than 50%)0.01 UF ceramic capacitor10 UF electrolytic capacitorResistors R1 and R2: must be greater than 1K (value depends on required frequency and duty cycle)wireJoule Thief 2X enamelled copper wireRing magnetic beads (you can find them in used CFL lamps)NPN Transistor (e.g. 2N3904)1K ohm resistor2 x diode10 UF electrolytic capacitor (at least 25 volt rating)Step 2: drive the Joule switch of the MOSFETThe gate circuit consists of a 555 timer powered by Joule t hief. The LED is powered directly by the battery, but you can use a resistor. If a 20 mA LED is used, a resistor must be used. Using fewer batteries means that the step-down resistor loses less power. If 12 volts is used to supply this voltage, 80% of the energy (9.6V) will be lost due to the heat of the resistance. When drawing 700 ma current, the heat may be very large.The battery voltage shall be similar to the forward voltage of the LED. For UV / Blue / Green / white LEDs, use 3.6V. For red / yellow LEDs, use 2.4V. If an IR LED is used, it can be gated with a single battery when the forward voltage is 1.7V or less. To add more LEDs, simply weld them in parallel.The Joule thief circuit is famous for its 1.5V blue LED power supply, but it can also be used to turn on the easy to find 4V MOSFET. Compared with NPN / PNP transistors, MOSFETs do not need much current to turn on because they do not amplify the current. They also have low on state resistance, which means you can drive red LEDs at full brightness of 2.4V.In Joule thief circuit, LED has been replaced by diode, and 10 UF capacitor can eliminate the voltage ripple. Since 2.4V is too high to allow the Joule thief to operate, diodes must be used to reduce the excessive voltage. For higher battery voltages, use more diodes or reverse biased diodes. I also provided a chart showing you how to wind the ring magnetic beads. Three turns should work. In standby mode, the Joule thief and stroboscopic circuit consume about 45 Ma of current.Stroboscopic circuits must use low current componentsA 555 timer with low power consumption must be used here because when the current is high, the items provided by the voltage Joule thief are reduced. This also means that NPN / PNP transistors may not work, so MOSFETs must be used.Warning:Please make sure that joule thieves are always loaded. When there is no load, the voltage of the capacitor may be charged too high, and the 555 timer and MOSFET may be damaged when the gate circuit is opened. If the charging capacity of the capacitor is indeed too high, disconnect the battery and short circuit the capacitor to discharge it.Step 3: stroboscopic frequency and duty cycleThis calculator can be used to determine the frequency and duty cycle of strobe lamp of n-channel MOSFET. 555TimerCalc.html
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