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par38 4000k led is successfully launched and promoted by Guangzhou Tory Light Co., Ltd.. The product has received extremely positive responses for it has brought great convenience to and added comfortability to users' life. The quality of the product's material has met the international standard and has been strictly certified to provide clients with the best possible quality so as to promote further cooperation.TORY stage light products are viewed as examples in the industry. They have been systematically evaluated by both the domestic and foreign customers from performance, design, and lifespan. It results in customer trust, which can be seen from positive comments on social media. They go like this, 'We find it greatly change our life and the product stands out with cost-effectiveness'...At TORY LIGHT, our commitment to quality and services shapes everything we do. Partnering with our customers, we seriously design, manufacture, package and ship. We endeavor to put the standardized services to the best. par38 4000k led is the showcase for the standardized services.
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HP Pavilion Laptop's Lights Flashing on and Off
Is it a DV2000, 6000 or 9000 series? If so they can be repaired for a reasonable may include:Laptop will power and turn on, but no display on screenWhen Powered on you can hear fan and blue lights light up but nothing on screenCycles on and off by it self however never shows anything on screenScreen is full of "squiggles" or vertical/horizontal linesReboots on its own after a few minutes and repeats thisNo power at all however power jack and supply are goodCannot connect to the Internet, WiFi not functioningBlue screen and keep rebooting Keyboard, USB connectors not working(I hope this is the correct place to post this question. It is getting increasing hard to know which website to post questions.)My daughter's HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop, about 3 years old, started acting funny today. She had been using it to do some work, and then closed it. Later when she tried to open it to get back to what she was doing, it wouldn't come up. She shut it down, and when she tried to bring it back up it started acting very strangely. The lights along the keyboard would flash on and off, and that is all it does.So, what's causing it to do this and why? And what do I do about it?·OTHER ANSWER:(I hope this is the correct place to post this question. It is getting increasing hard to know which website to post questions.)My daughter's HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop, about 3 years old, started acting funny today. She had been using it to do some work, and then closed it. Later when she tried to open it to get back to what she was doing, it wouldn't come up. She shut it down, and when she tried to bring it back up it started acting very strangely. The lights along the keyboard would flash on and off, and that is all it does.So, what's causing it to do this and why? And what do I do about it?
Best DJ Light Link Table
Best Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light (with Stand)Buy Link: CLICK HEREChauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light (with Stand) Product Description:Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light (with Stand). The portable, LED-powered Chauvet LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light is equipped with a 75-watt white LED for a hardedge, focused beam. Easy to set up and tear down, LED Followspot 75ST comes with an included tripod. DJ Chauvet DJ. DJ, DJ Lighting, Spotlights. Price: 699.99 USD. Sale Price: 499.99 USD.The Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light (with Stand) is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light (with Stand) is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people.Buy it NowBuy Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light (with Stand) is a post from: Musical Instruments.·RELATED QUESTIONWhere can I get the best DJ lighting & sound services in Los Angeles?DJ lighting and sound plays an important role in an event or occasion. There are many options where you can get the best music and lighting services in Los Angeles at affordable prices i.e., HeyMisterDJ, Belvedere Entertainment, DJ Keelez, DJ Kara, and many more. But, you should choose the best because a single mistake in selection can spoil your party. So, you need the best live band and DJ services, who offer you awesome music and light show at your party. Go with Belvedere Entertainment for best DJ services and have more fun through their live band services.
Finding the Right Companies for Stage Lighting Hire
When you are putting up any event you need to make sure that you have all the equipment and lighting that can add more life to the event. Hence, many companies look out for companies that can offer lighting and stage equipments on hire. Buying all the equipments and lighting can be too expensive especially if you don't need regularly for the events. Although, there are many firms that offer stage lighting hire options but you need to ensure that you are going for the right deal. While you are looking for such companies you also need to make sure that you are not overspending and staying well under the budget you have for the decoration.Here are some factors that you need to keep in mind while you are looking for stage lighting hire companies.Requirements Even before you start looking for companies that can offer you staging on rent you need to know how you are going to place the lights and what kind of lights you will need for the event. This is very important because that will help you to make a list of lighting equipment that you will need so that you can place the right order. You can make use of CAD software that can help you to get the right results and then you can approach the company that can offer you those lights on rent. You will also need to look out for options on how you can put the right kind of lights in a way that can cut down the use of extra lights. If you are using a stage you need to light it in the right way.Quality Stage and its decoration are really important for all kinds of events and therefore you need to make sure that the company you are looking out for provides high quality equipments. You don't want to end up having stage lighting problems in the middle of the event and therefore look out for companies that have better quality services that they can provide on hire. You can use those staging options for conferences, seminars and even workshops so that you can impress your customers and clients in the right way.Variety When we talk about lighting we also need to consider that there are various types of lights and light effects that are used in conferences and shows and therefore you need to be very specific about what kind of stage lights you will need. Look out for companies that can offer you a wide range of lighting options that can allow you to light up the stage for advertisements, promotion or if you need just simple light effects that can focus on the products and services that you are selling.Price Getting a reasonable price for lighting hire is something that takes lot of search process. You will have to look out for companies that can offer you stage lights at a price that won't pinch your budget. It is always recommended that you look out for someone that can offer you the price that you are looking for so that you don't end up spending too much on it. You can look out for multiple companies and then compare the quotes that they provide. This will make the job easier for you as you can compare the rates and then make a deal with the company that offers you the lowest price. You can also search for such stage lighting hire companies on the internet that offer you better discounts especially when you are buying more equipments and decoration equipments from them.
Store Bought Light Fixture How to Make Glass Clear From Paint?
Do not use razor blades because they will scratch the glass. at the same time that they remove the paint. Use paint remover from a hardware storre.1. Can I put a tanning bulb in a standard florescent light fixture?most standard light fixtures take either a 4ft or an 8ft bulb. i have seen and worked with 6ft tanning bulbs. if 6ft is the standard size for tanning bulbs, they would not fit. no you would not get a tan. too far away. dont know about fire or damage. all in all, its a lousy idea.2. Would an improperly grounded light fixture cause premature light bulb failure?99% of the people in this world screw the light bulb down too hard. I think your problem is in the light socket and it is caused by screwing the light in too hard. Repair: First cut off, or unplug, the lamp fixture. Second, unscrew the bulb and remove it. You need to force it up, but only a little bit. I would use a plastic knife, careful not to touch the sides of the bulb with your hands, and bend that flap up just a touch. That may mean that you are getting an arc between the flap and the buld and not a direct connection. You also have to remember, though it says no where on the packaging, that lamp life is rated on turn on/turn off and the number of times that your light is turned on, the faster it will burn out.3. what tools do I need to replace my light fixture?Yes, you can remove the fluorescent and install a regular fixture, but I would suggest you obtain the help of a friend who knows how to do it and has the necessary tools4. Change light fixture to a ceiling fan?Yes, but it will be quite tricky to conform to the building codes in your region. I recommend re-wiring the entire circuit from the circuit-breaker to the new (intended) fan box so as to prevent any fire hazards.5. Replaced light fixture, now 3 way switch doesn't workSometimes a NM cable is not fastened down along its length, either because it was fished through an existing wall (old work) or because the builder just laid it between the attic joists (poor work).If the NM cable that you moved is not thoroughly fastened down, and if the strain relief at the other end is inadequate, then you probably moved the wires or wire nuts around inside the box at the other end and knocked one of the travelers off its terminal6. is it wise to cover a wasp entrance that is by a light fixture will they die if they can't get out?Covering the hole will very likely not kill them or even keep them in, but if they are in or near the box, make sure the light is shut off, preferably at the breaker, before you start spraying anything in there7. Help finding this light fixture!?I love that one, but I am pretty sure it costs several hundred dollars. You would do better making one yourself. Get a light fixture on a cord with only the globe at the end. Find something - furniture shops, thrift shops, hardware stores - that you can slip over the cord to decorate the light. Once, I used a large half-round basket over my kitchen table. This one looks kind of like the translucent plastic used for covering the long ceiling fluorescent fixtures. Cut or break it into pieces and paint some gold flake around the edges. Glue the pieces onto a piece of chicken wire shaped into a globe. Have fun!8. How do I remove a light fixture that seems to be stuck?if its the type that hangs on a center screw take the palm of your hand and apply pressure to the glob take a pair of pliers and turn the retaining nut, if its the type with screws in a slot just take the pliers and loosen screws. you may want to put an old piece of cloth over the nut them put the pliers on the cloth that will keep damage to a minimum if the nut is decorative.whatever you do do not push so hard you break the glass just enough to help get it loose.
I Have an Old Light Fixture with Two White Wires. No Black, No Ground. How Do I Install It?
You should run white to white and the other white to black. if that trips the breaker then there must be something wrong with the fixture or the bulb. It should not really mater which white goes to white since its only a light bulb.1. How can I change the bulb in this light fixture?It looks like it just pulls down, there are usually little springs that keep it in place. Like the one pictured belowSource2. Albeit not the smart way to go, but how does one wire a light fixture without turning off the curcuit?You answered your own question in the first seven words3. How to install a light fixture?Read the install guide on the fixture to see what they use the green/yellow for. If you do not want that feature, cap the yellow wire in the junction box with a wire nut as well as the striped green/yellow from the fixture. Tuck them away inside the box in case you want them for a future use. then attach the rest according to color and test4. Can you install a ordinary light fixture onto a recessed lighting fixture can?I've never heard of anything like you are wantingbut it might be out there somewhere:) I wired my recessed lights, and you are right, it would probably be tough to get up in there, put a box in, and rewire for a new fixture. How about a colored flood bulb;) ?? I AM going to watch this though and see if anybody has heard of anything that works Good Luck!5. light fixture spins wheh fan turns on?Sounds like some part (s)of the unit are not fixed correctly. It also sounds VERY DANGEROUS. Were all the fixing screws used when it was mounted ? If not,this MUST be done before you try to use it again-if it takes off and flies about the room,you will be sorry.6. When replacing a light fixture, I found there is no bare copper ground wire. Do I need to add one?Yes!!! just connect it to another metal source7. My light fixture sounds like a lawnmower?Check the mounting of your lamp ballast. If it is not screwed down tight enough it can make a lot of noise. Also if your hood is old it can do this and you might have to replace the ballast instead to fix this8. Can a ceiling fan be installed simply in place of a light fixture?Older ceiling light fixtures were not installed to handle the weight of a ceiling fan. Today's building codes require that any ceiling light outlet box be of a special type. This is so the box does not support the weight of the ceiling fan. It really depends when your ceiling light was originally installed and if there is a joist next to the electrical outlet box. I am a handyman and do not think that $100.00 is out of line if he has to reinforce the ceiling outlet. If you install a fan just to the outlet box and do not secure it to something more substantial, you run the risk of the fan falling down on your head. Not to mention the electrical short it could also cause. I have seen fans that have been installed to just the electrical box that have been up for years. But have refused to replace them with a new fan without reinforcing the box. It is a matter of liability and conforming to current building codes.9. IS IT OK to put 2 different wattage bulbs in a two socket outdoor light fixture?that is fine, ive done the same thing,has been that way for a few years and its not an issue10. how do you replace a ceiling fan with a light fixture?sure you can are electric .......lights are electric !11. Is there a way to paint a brass light fixture and make it look like oil rubbed bronze?an considerable tip to undergo in concepts is that cool colorings like blues, vegetables and purples push the partitions out. heat colorings deliver the partitions in. If the cabinets are in stable shape, i could leave them on my own. If not, best and paint them a colour of the wall shade you opt for. case in point, in case you establish to paint the partitions a green, paint the cabinets a darker tender green. this could sound unusual, yet you may photograph the room as an entire. you could finally end up picking a shade for the cabinets which you do unlike in any respect by potential of itself, yet as an entire room it is going to seem fantasatic! this is critical enable the attention to flow continuously throuhout a small room. in case you have a lot of colorings in starking assessment, the attention gets perplexed and give up at one and all which will in turn make the room experience smaller. replace cupboard hardware to characteristic activity. you will locate greater suggestions and help with shade right here
Method of Performing Panchopachr Pj
Applying gandha (Sandalwood paste) & hald (Turmeric) kumkum (Vermillion) to the DeityApply gandha to the Deity with the ring finger of the right hand. Then, offer hald-kumkum at the Deitys feet by taking a pinch of each between the thumb and ring finger of the right hand. First offer hald and then offer kumkum.Offering patr and flowers to the DeityWaving lit dhoop or lit incense-stick in front of the DeityDo not disperse smoke emitting from dhoop with the hands.After waving the dhoop, wave incense-sticks of a specific fragrance in front of the Deity, which attracts the respective Deitys Principle to a greater extent. For example, wave heena (A kind of herb) incense-sticks to Deity Shiva and rose incense-sticks to Shr Lakshm.Waving a lit lamp in front of the DeityA lit lamp should be waved clockwise in front of the Deity thrice, while simultaneously ringing the bell with the left hand.Points to be remembered when lighting a lampDo not use a lit lamp to light another lamp.An oil lamp should not be used to light a gheeChange the wick of the lamp placed in the temple at home daily.Offering Naivdya to a DeityDifferent acts to be performed after completion of the PjSource• Related QuestionsWill upgrading my camera body improve my live music photography? duplicateFor lowlight capability, the DXOmark "Sports" index is, while certainly not perfect, a useful tool to compare camera bodies. The Index for the M100, btw, is 1272 ISO.In practice, this index can be very roughly read as "the nearest whole ISO step (1600 here) is the highest you can expect to yield photos that will, at common reproduction sizes, without any drastic postprocessing and with normal camera noise reduction settings, not look obviously and unpleasantly noisy."Higher dynamic range is better, given that stage lighting setups can bring punishing contrasts into play, and that working high-ISO already eats away at your actual dynamic range available.Higher burst speed (fps) is useful to have (and it seems that sometimes, APS-C cameras have the best speed/cost ratio here....).Be careful with the advice of using a super fast lens wide open - this might work as expected with very modern, very expensive lenses, while many older f1.2 or f1.4 lenses will exhibit a very strong "glow" wide open - stage lighting can turn this effect into a nicely scintillating/iridescent style, but also into a mush depending what the lighting setup is.Focusing performance is indeed very lens dependent, heavier/faster lenses might actually be slower here. Some opinions on live music photography recommend manual focus anyway.------Does the proletariat need an organization that is international in scope to compete with the bourgeoisie's?Karl Marx had already made this argument of an international revolution that would eventually take place (although we have yet to see it occur). He regarded the Bourgeois as having the natural inclination to "nestle everywhere, settle everywhere" (The Communist Manifesto). This is tantamount to the Globalization that has forced and squeezed American jobs abroad so that corporations can maximize profit. He believed that it would take an antagonistic force (the Proletariat) with either an equal or greater population size to compete and ultimately end, the wrath of the Bourgeoisie. He regarded the eventual event of Globalization as the following: "No, we are for Free Trade, because by Free Trade all economical laws, with their most astounding contradictions, will act upon a larger scale, upon the territory of the whole earth; and because from the uniting of all these contradictions in a single group, where they will stand face to face, will result the struggle which will itself eventuate in the emancipation of the proletariat." (Marx Engels Collected Works Vol 6) Ever heard of the rallying cry, "Workers of the World, Unite!"? Some say that Marx was altogether wrong. Some say that Marx's analysis of Capitalism was correct, but his extrapolation on the fruition of Communism was incorrect. Other's say that both his analysis of Capitalism and his prognostications were correct: In that respect, Communism is to Economics as to how the Second Coming is to Christianity.------What theatres have a vintage feel and stage lighting?The Drottningholm Royal Court Theater is located just outside of Stockholm, Sweden, and is one of the oldest working theaters in the world using reproductions from the original sets from 1766, the year the theater opened (the original sets have been preserved). Because the hand driven stage machinery is still in working order, complete set changes can be done in a matter of seconds. The lighting for performances has been updated to electricity for safety reasons (as the building is an UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site), but the lighting designs often attempt to recreate the feeling of candlelight illumination that was used for stage lighting 250 years ago. Even the lightbulbs in the theater's candelabras are designed to waver, giving the effect of a live candle flame.The limitation of maximum 40 performances per year to be given in the theater prevents wearing out the delicate facility, and many of these performances are of 17th and 18th century opera, concert repertory, opera recitals, or ballets in period costume, with Baroque instruments played live with the accompanying orchestra, also dressed in Period costumes. Ingmar Bergman's opera film, "The Magic Flute" was filmed in a constructed film studio copy of this theater, as filming on the original stage was deemed too wearing for the building. Here is a link to some of the history of the theater on their website:About the theatre------How to create a map in Photoshop with hills?Mapmakers use embossing to create the effect from a height map. You can use the emboss filter on a image that represent your height field. If you must use photoshop for this then i would use the:Start with a small white brush, with a very low flow on a black canvas then start drawing out the contours of your surface for a circular mountain draw out form the summit, along the lines for dunes etc. You can use blur after a few paths and then add more layers.Image 1: Quickly made 1 stageThen copy this images R (B or G) channel in the layers palette for further referencing.After this apply a gradient map on your image for color variation from height. Merge the layers. For better effect add some noise to this image etc..Image 2: Quickly made 2 stage image mapThen apply the Lighting Effect, use the saved channel as the detail map.Image 3: Quickly made lightning effect. Note i could have used a smaller brush with less flow and blur passes and more levels but you can also paint onto this for better effect.Now you have a passable lightning effect, and cosiderable amount of teaking ability. And finally paint with color on top of this one for tah final artsitic effect you need.Image 3: Quickly made mountain, take your time and build slowly and youll get a better result, im just outlining the method.Tips:.------What are two stages of photosynthesis called?Photosynthesis occurs in two stages. In the first stage, light-dependent reactions or photosynthetic reactions (also called the Light Reactions) capture the energy of light and use it to make high-energy molecules. During the second stage, the light-independent reactions (also called the Calvin-Benson Cycle, and formerly known as the Dark Reactions) use the high-energy molecules to capture and chemically reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) (also called carbon fixation) to make the precursors of carbohydrates, In the light reactions, one molecule of the pigment chlorophyll absorbs one photon and loses one electron. This electron is passed to a modified form of chlorophyll called pheophytin, which passes the electron to a quinone molecule, allowing the start of a flow of electrons down an electron transport chain that leads to the ultimate reduction of NADP to NADPH. In addition, this creates a proton gradient across the chloroplast membrane; its dissipation is used by ATP Synthase for the concomitant synthesis of ATP. The chlorophyll molecule regains the lost electron from a water molecule through a process called photolysis, which releases a dioxygen (O2) molecule. In the Light-independent or dark reactions the enzyme RuBisCO captures CO2 from the atmosphere and in a process that requires the newly formed NADPH, called the Calvin-Benson Cycle, releases three-carbon sugars, which are later combined to form sucrose and starch------How to avoid obvious triangle pattern when shading 2d quads?Answering my own question here, based partly on some hints given in the comments (thanks!), and partly figuring things out on my own...The eventual route I took was to scrap my modifications to the Allegro source, and instead render the lightmap using shaders.As a bit of background: I compute the lightmap for the entire world "offline" in a separate thread.In the render loop, I take just the visible area of the lightmap (plus an extra tile all around) and draw that to an Allegro memory bitmap.I can then provide that bitmap as a sampler to the shader that will draw the tiles.The trick is to realise that you can take the special al_pos vector from the vertex shader, that gives the screen position, transform it according to the offset and scale of the overall tile drawing and pass it through to the fragment shader, to be used as a texture coordinate of the lightmap sampler.Vertex shader:lightmap_offset and lightmap_scale are fed is as uniform vec2s on each frame.Now the fragment shader:This is very simple: just look up into the tile texture, and the lightmap sampler, and combine them.Or to think about it another way: I stretch the lightmap over the entire window (and then some). The scale and offset calculations simply work out exactly how it is positioned------techcrew/ production staff for a school musical?Production assisstant-probably helps with the press releases, programs etc... Assistant Director- you help the director Stage Manager-runs the show Assistant Stage manager- helps the stage manager Scenic designer-develops and creates the scenic elements of the show Assistant scenic designer-helps the designer Assistant Technical Director-over sees all the technical elements and helps to execute all the design aspects of the show. Construction-you build the set Paint-you paint all the scenic elements of the show Lighting-you hand and focus the lights and run the light board for the show Sound- you run the sound for the show Wardrobe cheif-in charge of all the costumes. making sure they are ironed, ready to go and in the right places for the actors Properties designer-you build the props for the show or find the props for the show. Assistant properties designer-help the props designer Head usher-make sure all the programs are ready to be passed out and you are in charge of the house crew. House crew-passes out programs, helps audience find their seats Dramaturgy-researches the script, the playwright and historical refreneces through the script and the history of the time the script takes place. Business Crew-probably handles the box office The last two don't really make any sense to me unless you are doing this show for some benefit or to raise money. If this show is a fund raiser then the last two positions are in charge of coming up with ideas during intermision to raise money. Snack bar, flowers, etc..
Where Can I Find a Boot Loader for Installing Mac Os X on a Pc? I Need the Boot Loader to Do the Ins
That's not how you do it. You should try install Linux, such as Ubuntu, which installs without any hacking or special effort1. Paintball--Question on eye upgrade for a Halo B loader?well i dont know exactly but if u took it to like scheels or gander mtn they might know2. How do i get a USB loader app on my Wii and play games from it?Well, I guess that depends on the games you are playing. Are they Wii games or are you playing games on an emulator like fcegx to play NES? Either way the USB drive should be formatted to FAT32. For Wii games use a program called Wii Backup Manager to move YOUR backups to/from USB/computer. And a USB loader like USBLoader GX, WiiFlow or CFG Loader to backup/play them. For emulators, or almost any homebrew app, just make an apps folder on USB and put the program folder on there like you would for apps folder on SD card. Then in the Homebrew Channel press 1 to switch from programs on SD to programs on USB. Some apps do not like to run from USB but can still load files from USB.... Spend $5-$10 and buy a memory card / USB adapter....3. Is there a way to recover data after using Data LoaderWhat did the Mass Upload consist of and how did it affect the records?You could upload the same file, matching on a unique field and delete those 40k records.You could also run a report on the 15k that were affected and update them if you know what changed (if it's only a few fields, potentially field history tracking was on).Other than the weekly backup, that's all I can think of at the moment!.4. How to fix the boot loader?My hint would be to use the cd of Mint to reinstall grub, I would also follow the tutorial this girl says on how to do that properly. How to reinstall Grub25. What are good front loader's in washer and dryer?I swear by my Neptune washer & dryer but Sear's Kenmore makes a great front loader as well. Make sure you use the right detergent with your front loader. I use Tide HE laundry detergent. It says HE right on the bottle6. Is it worth it to buy a new washing machine, is it that much better than a regular top loader?The main difference is that the front loader uses less water and less soap. you have to buy special soap also. A problem that can arise with front loaders is the gasket can leak after a while. Is it worth it? It's more environmentally friendly, best I have got.7. Make me a fake loaderJust going back through old challenges (as in challenges that were made before Noodel) and competing with Noodel to find where it is weak.If final output does not matter, then can save 2 bytes.Noodel pushes the top of the stack to the screen at the end of the program so by adding the it prevents that from happening. Try it:).8. How can I update the kernel and initrd images in EFI boot loader?So, here's what the link says:My interpretation is you need to re-do a good chunk of the install process.Admittedly you wo not have to re-copy elilo.efi. (Unlike original lilo you do not seem to need to run a lilo command under Linux to update the bootloader. I wonder if there is some command to check the syntax filenames though!). You wo not have to re-run efibootmgr either.You will have to copy the new kernel and initrd over, and then edit elilo. conf to add a new entry. I would definitely keep at least one old entry unmodified, which would give you a recovery path from certain errors.This is why distributions provide scripts for your boot loader :-).It can be argued that most kernel updates are not critical. (Remote holes are rarer, more vulnerabilities are local privilege escalation bugs). AIUI Linux Mint developers favor this interpretation. So low-security systems might tolerate a reduced frequency of updates. My interpretation is that you still want a regularity (or consistency) of updates. So a manual process would only be appropriate for a test-lab install, used for a specific purpose.It would be great to have an answer here with pointers for an ELILO install with automatic maintenance. If you develop one you could post it :-). In their absence, this might tell you something about how useful ELILO is in current practice. Perhaps also about the train of thought that lead to you trying it, and contextualizing online sources. (And I am being entirely hypocritical here, because I am a complete nerd about learning such things myself).The alternative rEFInd seems to have a few vocal fans on these boards. I believe it has been mentioned by my personal hero Matthew Garret. .. so watch this space. .. but he's been pouring even more blood into GRUB recently, so he might be soul-bound to that for a couple more eons
Mac Pro Or Custom PC?
you could build your guy or woman computing device very surely and intensely affordably, below $800 or much less. some good websites for aspects are New egg, Tiger direct, and comp-u . s . a .. the different help only e mail me. i could be happy to help you build one1. Should I get the Mac pro or the Mac air?If not pc then the mac book pro. The air only has 1 usb port and no disk drive2. Which Mac Pro would suite me best?2.26GHz Eight-Core Intel Xeon $3,800. ATI Radeon Hd 4870 Although if you are spending that much on the MacPro, for not much more, you can get the Radeon 5770. Better yet, the GeForce 285 or Radeon 5870 can both do the job of two GT 120s or Radeon 4870s.3. How do i schedule my Mac Pro to start up automatically?I've never tried it myself, but this should work: Open System Preferences. Click on Energy Saver (it may have a light bulb for an icon, under the Hardware section). By the bottom of the window, there should be a button that says "Schedule...". Click it. Then check the box next to "Start up or wake" and set the time you want it to turn on. You can also have specific programs or files open automatically as soon as the computer's on. Under the "System" section of System Preferences, click Accounts. Select your account and add the items on the Login Items tab.4. computers yahoo acct and Laptop vs Mac pro?Mac is not the most ideal for cyber web progression. that is no longer even the "maximum ideal" for graphical progression (although that is particularly good at it). maximum pcs are residing house windows depending hence you should strengthen for the cyber web on a residing house windows-depending workstation. A residing house windows-depending workstation also provides the alternative to apply Linux or different cyber web technologies for cyber web progression. Dreamweaver is accessible for workstation and Mac, so as that could not an challenge. in my view, i might want to recommend a workstation. extra computing device for the money and a extra ideal progression platform. As for the computer vs pc question, it relies upon on your desires. a pc is transportable. A computer is extra effective, upgradable, more cost-efficient, and so on. that is a large commerce-off yet in case you pick portability, a pc is a thanks to flow5. How to change serial number on a Mac Pro 5,1 (2010)?I may have misunderstood your question, but it's not clear what you mean by: my account works fine on other machines with different serials, yet even on this Mac Pro with a completely fresh install, it absolutely will not work.I am not aware of any Apple ID account services that interrogate serial numbers. through a replacement logic board), and because of this serial numbers are only used by Apple as one way of identifying/tracking computers for Warranty purposes (e.g. relating to Apple Care, recall programs, etc).This being the case, it's not clear what is not working on your Mac Pro in terms of your account. If you could clarify, perhaps the community may be able to address what is not working in a different way? Please do not take this as me being dismissive - I am merely trying to find a way forward for me or someone else to help you. Missing serial numbersI have seen a number of cases where users thought that a missing serial number was the cause of problems (such as the Messages app being unable to connect) but the real issue was something else. Evenso, in these cases the scenario was a missing serial number not an invalid one. (I should add that I have personally seen Macs with missing serial numbers function normally in all respects.)Valid serial numbersIn the previously mentioned Tech note, Apple also states Developers should not make any assumptions about the format of the serial number such as its length or what characters it may contain.This being the case, I am not sure how you could generate a valid serial number for your Mac Pro. If, on the other hand, your serial number was missing altogether, there is a tool that allows you to re-enter a serial number, but this tool only works if no serial number is present - it does not allow you to edit an existing record, which you do have.Proving your hypothesisBy the way, if you are correct about what is going on in your case, the only way you will prove it to Apple is to take these steps:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Par Led
Running 12V Wire Behind Walls for a LED Stair Light?Honestly, I solder direct to the LED strips. You have to be careful, because if you select wire that is too stiff, it can tear the pad off the printed circuit board. So I use stranded wire, erring on the side of "small". Mind you, I do that soldering on the workbench, not on my knees------I installed 1157 LED bulbs in my 1978 corvette they worked fine for my brake and turn signal but when i turned?The brake relay fuse is in all probability for the ABS gadget in basic terms. examine the fuses that say tail lighting fixtures or brake lighting fixtures, turn sig lighting fixtures. All of those are routed mutually. Then on the different hand it ought to in all probability be the turn sign swap as somebody mentioned.------Maximum safe voltage for underwater LED? closedWater by itself isn't good conductor, but pretty much every bowl of water you use has additional chemical elements that might make it a better conductor. Gluing might be okay solution but if I were you I would find proper case. It might cost you, but at least IP67 case seems like an option to me.------Power a diode with a photo diode and an op ampsimulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLabAdd 10uF cap to R7 fixed R or pot to filter AC CEILING LIGHT signals or as req'd.This bias is for a single supply. Adjust R1 for 20mA if using 9V , and use a shroud (Heat shrink )for light around detector to block stray light including rear ( if transparent)------Why is there no power on the load side of a GFCI outlet?I'd have to go with the GFCI being shouldn't have to wiggle anything. I'm sorry if you can't take it back & exchange it for a good one, but you don't want any defects. Check your connections, blacks to brass (or blacks, depending on the maker) & whites to hot usually means they're reversed------My aquarium plants' leaves are dyingYou'll need to give your plants some fertilizer (I assume that's the word you didn't know).This site gives an overview of some symptoms and what might be missing then.Having a general/allround fertilizer would be a good start (CO2 is probably not really required).Personally, I use Profito and my plants grow really well.------Driving a 12V LED strip with an ArduinoFor low volumes and low board space an integrated CMOS gate driver can be used to drive the MOSFET. See UCC27517A for an example.Oh and by the way, if you need less than 7 A you can use something like the LM5112 instead of the driver and the MOSFET. (If you like simpler is better.)------coding using Arduino, two 74HC595 and two RGB LED, problems with shifting out databaseHave you considered maybe going through a tutorial such as LadyAda's Arduino tutorial?It answers many common questions and problems, so we can spend time fixing new and interesting problems :-).The biggest problem I see in this code isSince you are using an Arduino, you almost certainly want to replace that with something more like:------Raspberry Pi 2 will not boot HyperionIs it Hyperion you are referring to ? Now I have no experience with it what so ever, but from what I understand Hyperion is not a OS in itself, but an ambilight implementation for the Raspbmc distribution, NOT Rasbian.Furthermore it could seem you are trying to install a piece of software as an operating system------Wifi connetion does not start at boot at ubuntu 13.04 serverYou should be able to get it added to the boot-up routine with the following:If that doesn't work or if it tells you it's already there, make sure it isn't crashing at bootup. This will show you error messages in the log:You can find more helpful information about starting services at boot-up time here------Do you think atheists will take over the world and improve your life ?The latest catholic interview with a retiring priest acknowledges that they are loosing ground, with their crazed ancient ideas. People are leaving the church in droves. So with the lack of finances they will not be able to continue with the upkeep of all the buildings, and corners the priests could hid behind with little boys------why when I touch the input cable or put my hand near it the LED comes on?I am a beginner also and I tried the same code a few days ago.So try connect the button like this:Also at is mentioned in the site of Energia:"External pushbuttons can be connected either through PULL-UP or PULL-DOWN resistors to any Digital I/0 pins."So modify your code like this:Hope it works!.------how to access LPD data from the OSManagement controllers, which control those LEDs, are usually IPMI-compliant. So you would need the OpenIPMI package for Linux and IPMI plugin for Nagios. Configuration may be somewhat server-specific (there are several generations of management chips - BMC, IMM, RSA2, to name a few). Very old (10 years or so) servers may need ibmasm package instead of OpenIPMI------How come George Mikan isn't considered a top 10 player all-time?George Mikan was forgotten because not lots of people wanted to watch basketball because they were mainly watching baseball Jackie Robinson or football Jim Brown and so there was hardly a few great basketball players in the sport(no offense to the others who tried really hard to be one) such as Bob Cousy, Bob Petitit, etc------Why is Wubi copying files so slowly, mostly with no hard drive activity? (11.04)Following the advice in the comments, it seems that disabling the Wifi sped things up. I don't know if the system kept trying to connect to one of the networks instead of copying files or something.Alternatively, if the Wifi wasn't what helped, then just keep trying. For me, the install finished on the third attempt------bathroom light vs. nightlight?There are many options available today. Just changing the bathroom light to a new energy efficient flourescent bulb will make a big difference in the electrical consumption. But beyond that, available now are LED night lights that can use less power in a 24 hour period than a standard bulb would use in just one hour------RGB LED strip controlled through PySerial only somewhat functionalThisshould be spelled:It is much more readable this way; you could refactor even further:Your also wasting effort here:This should be said more like this:This eliminates three temporary String objects you were creating with String().The rest of the code looks like it should work so you should try trouble shooting, you could:------Options for higher current regulation in an aircraft strobe systemYou can get rid of the mosfet by controlling the LM338 directly. The lower pin on that device is just a sense pin and can be used to force the current from the device to be a mA or less I reckon. This saves on the fet and you can use twice as many LM338s.------Radio activated on/off switchWhy not have the led on all the time? You can do that with a coin battery and an LED and the total cost is not much. Here is a link to an article on how to make what you need. You could leave the magnet off because it will be inside the ball.LED Throwie.------Led lighting. Extended lengthsAs Dan says, there is a maximum to the number of connected segments you can run. After that, you can get "RGB amplifiers" that are powered, and run the next set of segments. You should take into consideration:It may make sense to have several small(er) power supplies rather than one or two large ones.------CANT MAKE UP MY MIND...... 46in or 55 in samsung led tv?I respectfully disagree with Desert Dust. Many times I have heard someone say that they should have bought the bigger television, but I have NEVER heard of anyone saying that they should have bought the smaller television. Get the bigger one because the size of that TV will go with you no matter where you live------P30N06 Mosfet Not Working CorrectlyThe gate and source form a capacitor, whose capacitance must be overcome in order for the drain/source to begin to conduct. In order to this, you can place a resistor (Something between 400-1000 Ohms should suffice) between the gate and the source. Be careful to not allow the voltage to exceed Vgs in the datasheet.------How can I move a working Raspbian Buster installation from Pi 3 to Pi 4?To migrate a working Raspbian system from a Raspberry Pi 3 to a 4:Assuming you're running Stretch and need to upgrade to Buster:This should do it. These are modified instructions from The only snag I ran into was having to add keys for a repository. It was a lot smoother than I expected.------Interfacing SIM900A GSM Modem with TM4C123G TI microcontrollerThe correct connections are: 3VR on GSM modem to TX port on launchpad, 3VT on GSM modem to RX port on launchpad and GND to GND. External Power supply too. you can test it with connecting the GSM modem to TTL to USB adapter and open putty and write "AT", if it replies "OK", its working------Why would the resistor be after the LED in this project?It does not matter if a resistor is before or after a component, see the circuits below. The resistor reduces the current, and this is true for the path where the resistor is in (until the interconnections before/after the resistor). In the examples there is only one path.simulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLab.------Strange LED flicker when powered via buck converterSuppose your buck regulator has ringing at 100MHz, with amplitude of 0.1 Amp. And that current flows thru 2" of wire, or 50 mm or about 50 nanoHenries inductance.If, using V L * dI/dT, we show 0.5 volts peak ringing, then your bipolars may be turning on.....just a little bit.Math: V 50nH * 0.1 amp /2.5 nanosecondsV 50/2.5 * 0.1 * nano/nano 20 * 0.1 TWO VOLTS.------Newbie Help - Trouble with NPN resistorMaybe something like this is what you have mind, but from your description you could just use one switch and two resistors and no transistors. simulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLabEven if you put the PNP in there for some reason, R2D1 and R3D2 could be put in parallel and lose the NPN------powering 12v LED strip raspberry servo with 1 12v battery closedInput voltage: 12.6V DCOutput voltage: 12.6-10.8V DCIf the LED strips use simple resistors instead of current regulators, the battery voltage might be a bit low when partially discharged to fully light the LEDs. I suggest you wire your LED strips to a bench supply set to 10.8VDC to check if you still have enough light.------Does (and when how) the lifetime of a LED depend on the PWM frequencyLEDs are just diodes which don't "wear out" with frequency. The maximum current and average current do affect how the LED wears out, but frequency doesn't have any affect that I've ever heard about.Also, your frequencies are low. 50 kHz and 50% duty cycle means 10 s on and 10 s off. That's a "long" time for a LED.------Trouble understanding Charlieplexing problemThe section on Forward Voltage in Wikipedia's Charlieplexing article explains it like this:Unwanted LEDs lighting is also a problem where the LEDs are using individual resistors instead of shared resistors, if there is a path through two LEDs that has less LED drop than the supply voltage these LEDs may also illuminate at unintended times------Can we lose our salvation, yes or no and why?salvation is freely given and you cant give it back nor can you lose it. however you can stop believing in your salvation and what was done for you, its loss of faith not loss of salvation. salvation once received is forever, once forgotten you can always go back, its not starting again its getting reacquainted.------If I use a 5A power pack for 3 led strips 2A will the power pack burn duplicateAre the LED strips the kind with multiple groups of 3 LEDs and a resistor?If yes, each group of 3 will draw 25-30mA.Count up the # of groups, do the math, see if the total is under 5A. If it is, you're good to do.If the LEDs are something else, post a picture of them.------Pi randomly dies after few days, stops responding and blinking green LED continuoslyAccording to the log, you get a fail to write error. Are you exceeding the file system capacity? Have you expanded the rootfs? If either of those questions seem strange, then most likely you are running out of room on your device.Check out expanding the file system on the Foundation's site for the usual fix.------ATTiny 85 shift register ir sensorIt looks like there is an issue with the AVR pin setup. To read input from the switch your pin mode should be INPUT_PULLUPand switch should be connected between the pin and the ground. pinMode(switchpin, INPUT_PULLUP);I don't see centre/left/right declared in the loop() function's scope. Is that intentional? Please check.------Any info on dell amber flashing light?try this: Unplug the workstation from the lower back of the tower carry the potential button in on the front of the case whilst protecting the potential button, plug the potential twine lower back into the lower back Then launch the potential button and activate now and lower back, it in basic terms should be discharged
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