Yes , I'm Looking for an Inexpensive Digital Camera?

Yes , I'm looking for an inexpensive Digital camera?

Yes , I'm Looking for an Inexpensive Digital Camera? 1

Rhonda, that's my daughter's name. You know you may be told to get a 35mm SLR for your class. Here's a couple of digital cameras not SLRS that have manual controls....there's a lot more. Canon PowerShot A630 Canon PowerShot A710 IS Fujifilm Finepix E900 But complete control over every shot you will have to get a SLR whether it be 35mm or digital.

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What's the difference between professional cameras and regular digital cameras?

The term "professional camera" is technically wrong. The term professional refers to the person. The camera does not get paid to work. That ai not true. Picture quality depends on the skill of the photographer. The camera is only a tool. They are both digital cameras. So what is the difference between a dSLR and a simple compact point-and-shoot (PNS) camera? The level of control and the optical viewfinder. The dSLR allows you to see the image through the picture-taking lens so you can see almost exactly what will appear in the shot (but not exactly how it will appear). The point is, you see the light and if you know enough, you will be able to adjust the camera to take full advantage of that light to paint a picture. The control set on a dSLR is complete. That on a PNS is sorely lacking. You can vary the way a picture looks in different shots with a dSLR. You can not do that much with a PNS. However, if you do not know how to use a dSLR properly, you will get the same shots as if they were taken with a PNS.

Yes , I'm Looking for an Inexpensive Digital Camera? 2

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stupid question about digital cameras?

I know of no camera that is rechargeable in itself, like a power drill or power screwdriver. I believe they all run on batteries. And yes, the rechargeable ones are cheaper in the long run if you intend to use the camera a lot.

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how do digital cameras work?

Its Magic!!!! Secrets the Right Wing Republicans dont want you to know

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whch digital camera brand is better???

Any type that sells digital cameras, see you later as they have a minimum of five megapixels and is no longer too thick. in case you like particular manufacturers, i discover that Canon and Nikon make decent digital cameras

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Which digital camera do you like the best?

I would search Amazon and Best Buy looking at the bestsellers. Usually, basic Canon cameras are there at the top. I would suggest looking at those if you are not looking for a camera with a lot of settings etc. It does not necessarily matter what brand you choose it's just that people tend to be more bias towards Canon. There are plenty of digital cameras that go for maybe $150 or less that are good quality, and some that are $150-$250

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How to do good photography with normal digital cameras?

Well first off read the manual to see all the settings and what is possible with your camera!!

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Digital Cameras: which do I choose?

none of those are quality cameras if you want slim plus everything you mentioned up there except for great low-light pictures (I do not think that there is a single budget camera that takes great pictures in the dark), save up and get the sony dsc-w35 or sony dsc-w55 otherwise you can get the canon a560 (everything you mentioned up there except for great low-light pics, rechargeable battery, and slim) it uses 2 AA batteries, so get the rechargeable sanyo eneloops the Olympus FE-230 is super slow because after a 2.5-second start-up time, the camera takes a shot once every 2.4 seconds. also, when you have the time, research on and p.s. you can not take non-blurry shots of fast moving objects without increasing the shutter speed. in order for the high shutter speed to happen, you need a brightly lit environment. in other words, this is pretty much impossible with a budget camera I can not believe I am spending time on this instead of typing my report. feel free to e-mail me

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a digital camera for under 200?

This is probably a really good time of the year to be shopping for digital cameras.I know that Kodak and cannon are good brands. I have also used a Fujifilm digital camera. .and it is really good. It is also decently priced.

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