With DDR3 Ram on a Computer with 2 Slots, Do Both RAMs in Each Slot Have to Match?

With DDR3 Ram on a computer with 2 slots, do both RAMs in each slot have to match?

With DDR3 Ram on a Computer with 2 Slots, Do Both RAMs in Each Slot Have to Match? 1

for dual channel support both ram sticks must be identical all the way down to the model number. but generally no they do not have to match but they will not have the performance of a dual channel setup

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Are slot machines totally random or not?

There is no such thing as a "totally random" slot machine because slots are computer controlled

With DDR3 Ram on a Computer with 2 Slots, Do Both RAMs in Each Slot Have to Match? 2

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I only have one HDMI slot . . . .?

Im exceedingly advantageous you cant. Im no longer even advantageous they positioned hdmi slots in standart television's. yet while yours has one, i think you should apply it yet comprehend this-Hdmi skill hi defenition.-It does not make the image any further desirable on a universal television. i might in basic terms carry on with your composite cables (pink,white and yellow) that got here with your ps3. as quickly as you get an hdtv, then you definately can use the hdmi. If there are no longer any hdmi slots on your universal television, then you definately cant plug a hdmi plug into it. in case you get an HD television each HD television, no remember what has a minimum of two hdmi slots

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where is crown vic (2000) cd slot?

thats because there isnt a cd player. however you can buy one cheap now a days for around 200 dollars

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whats the best way to play slot machines?

The best way to play slots is to manage your bankroll carefully. There are no specific strategy on how to win big in that game because it is merely a game of chance. - Online Casino Lead

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Time slot

Tuesdays, 20:30 on SBS ONE. Repeated: Wednesdays, 15:30 on SBS ONE

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What method is used to achieve this look?

There are many pictures in your link, and they use a mix of techniques. This will be easier to address if you identify specific ones. The one you put in your question looks like two kinds of actions.The slots look like a circular saw was pressed into the wood, centered over the textured area. My first impression of the background texture looked like a wood carving wheel on an angle grinder used in different directions. There are different types available. Here are a few used for rough shaping (images courtesy of Home Depot): Some of the initial rough shaping of the "trough" may have been done that way. Some of the surface grooves are long arcs that are narrow and clean, so they may have been done with a sanding disk or reinforced fiber cut off wheel.But the actual finished surface you see could not have been done that way. Closer examination shows that the texture stops abruptly at the slots, and varies substantially from one side of the slot to the other. A large diameter circular tool could not be used to do that. The only tool I can think of that would let you do flat, independent depths between slots would be chisels. So a lot of meticulous work went into that piece, despite how rough it looks.Update: computercarguy's comment on the question gives the size of the piece, which was a good catch. The artist is American, so I assume the dimensions are in inches rather than centimeters, and that seems to bear out based on the width of the slots. I have to agree with the comment about the slots not being made by plunging a circular saw. A circular saw could still have been used by setting it to a shallow depth and then moving it to achieve the desired slot length. That would be a consistent kind of tool choice if the rough shaping was done with an angle grinder, and the angles of the slots would be consistent with making the slots by eye. Close examination of an enlargement of the picture shows that the slots have varying widths. The narrowest are 1/8" wide, which is the thickness of a typical full kerf blade. The widest is roughly double that, which indicates that most of the slots were made in two passes, probably using a guide. Congenital Optimist's guess of a miter saw is possible if it was a sliding miter saw and the artist used good depth control, but the cuts are not parallel. The piece could have been slotted at various angles, though. Another possibility is a mini circular saw. They have a small diameter blade that can be moved across the piece. However, I think those have a thinner blade, which would not be consistent with the slots.

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