Who Would Like to Have This Fishing Rod for Big Bass?

i am going to bass pro shop now

Who Would Like to Have This Fishing Rod for Big Bass? 1

1. What type of Fishing Rod and Reel should I buy?

Talk to your 8 year old cousin, he's the one who created this dilemma for you after all. He sounds like a darn good kid to me. Somehow it seems to me that he may end up "inheriting" this gear sometime in the (near?) future.

2. What is the best fishing rod and wheel for catching carp and catfish both?

Ugly Stick at Walmart. Less than $30 with spinning reel. Medium to heavy action

Who Would Like to Have This Fishing Rod for Big Bass? 2

3. Is this fishing rod for fresh water or saltwater?

Can be used for either. Being a 10 footer, it can be used off piers, jetties, in the surf, or even in a boat in saltwater. For freshwater, it could be used for catfish.

4. What type of fishing rod should I get?

You could get a one piece 7 foot med-heavy action Ugly Stik. That would be great for a river with big cats or saltwater surf fishing. If one piece is to big you can find a two piece. A nice matching spinning reel will work great with that type rod, I prefer Shimano. Good Luck!

5. What kind of fishing rod do I need?

Andrew hit it all (again)

6. Where can I find a high quality Pen sized fishing rod/reel combo?

Cabella's of course

7. What advantage would noodling have over fishing with rod and reel?

For adventure seekers, catching a big catfish with a rod and reel may not get the adrenaline flowing as wrestling a 100 lb (45 kg) catfish in its native environment with the possibility of losing that match and drowning. That, and have you seen the price of heavy duty fishing tackle these days? ;-)

8. Whenever I try to throw my fishing rod, the string starts flying out off of the reel. Why did this happen, and how should I fix it?

Depending on the type of reel there are several possible reasons. There are specific ways to spool depending on type of reel. A spinning reel gets spooled different than a baitcasting reel does. It has to do with the natural coil of the line off the spool its sold on On spinning set ups. Too much line can cause this problem.There should be recommended line size and how much will fit printed on the side of the reel. I would get some new line and replace the old following these guidelines. The line you buy will show you how to respool. Or you can find instructions on the website of the manufacturer.Whenever I try to throw my fishing rod, the string starts flying out off of the reel. Why did this happen, and how should I fix it?

9. What type of fishing rod and equipment should I buy for trout?

If you dont plan on hoing a lot you can buy rods at walmart pretty cheap id get a 6-7ft rod and medium power light action change the line that comes with it because im sure its junk id get a roll of 6-10pound line (mono) and some smaller hooks and some crawlers. If you plan on fishing more often then id get an ugly stick and look at a shimano reel they make some good ones at low prices Then put some line on Iit and hooks and crawlers and id use 1/8 ounce bullet weights. Get a few kastmasters and phobes also

10. if the top of the fishing rod was snapped off how can i fix it?

Just take it into a fishing or rod and reel store (check the yellow pages) and they can fix it for you. I did the same thing and it cost $5.00 to fix, took a few hours

11. How to Carry a Fishing rod on a bike?

Get a fishing rod case and strap it across your back

12. Have you ever broke a fishing rod?

I am 62 years old, been a fisherman all my life, and in my life I've only broken 3 rods that I recall... My daughter, on the other hand, is 36...and I know of at least half a dozen that she has managed to break. Any more her husband only buys Ugly Stik rods for her. So far she has not managed to break one of those....*knock-on-wood*

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