Which Video Game Console Is Best for Me?

Which video game console is best for me?

Which Video Game Console Is Best for Me? 1

For the age bracket of your kids, I would recommend the Wii. It has a lot of fun games for younger kids and as you probably already know, its very interactive. The controller is motion controlled so it would be fun for your child to swing around the control to move the character on the screen. As far as TVs go, the Wii's graphics are not up to par with the PS3 and Xbox 360, meaning that I would not worry too much about purchasing an expensive HDTV. Do not get me wrong, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are greater machines in the sense that the games are a lot better, they both offer better graphics, and new down loadable content to make your existing games more interesting. However, the Wii is pretty popular for the younger gamers. Hope this helps.

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What was your favorite video game on a console now obsolete?

Sega - Lion King LOL XD Good times... good times.

Which Video Game Console Is Best for Me? 2

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Home video game console - Wikipedia

Most home consoles require a separate game controller, and may support multiple controllers for multiplayer games. Some console games can only be played with special, unconventional game controllers, such as light guns for rail shooters and guitar controllers for music games. Some consoles also possess the ability to connect and interface with a particular handheld game system, which certain games can leverage to provide alternate control schemes, second screen gameplay elements, exclusive unlockable content or the ability to transfer certain game data.

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Which video game console would be best for my family and situation?

Get a Nintendo Wii. Everyone I know falls in love with the system after they first play it.Its the cheapest, doesnt need the best tv in the world, no need to be embaressed to have on if your 14(i would know)and you can buy Dance Dance Revolution for it.Now is when a lot of wii games are coming out so have fun.

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What video game console would you recommened for adults?

PS4 has the most potential for better graphics, but depends on each game itself. Gameplay entirely depends on the game developers. Reliability is not really going to be known for quite some time until both systems are broken in and played on a lot. Both consoles are going to have a heavy online community encouragement (since that's the dork days we are living in), but the Xbox One gloats the most about online features. The PS4 seems to stay the more humble and puts more focus on the gaming, not skyping and sad useless crap like that. Unless you fantasize about being Tony Stark in your living, wishing you could wave your hand around like a dork to activate things (or better yet, too freakin' lazy to even press a button so you talk to your TV), if you do, then the Xbox One is what you want. (If you do not mind Microsoft possibly using the Kinect 2.0 to spy on you, keep tabs on you, and use you for market research). The PS4 seems the less gimmicky to me, but it's anyone's guess how it will turn out.

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Spiritually speaking, if in a few years a video-game console is released which is extremely advanced?

Not for a console, maybe for a PC

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Can anyone tell me which video game console is the best to get?

I have heard that the nintendo Wii is good. The 360 has good graphics, but i have heard they break down to easily..I havent heard to much on the PS3...but I do know the graphics are awesome on that. .so maybe the PS3 is the best bet.

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What is/was your favorite video games on sixth generation video game console?

Metal Gear series, Mortal Kombat, GTA, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart Double Dash

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What would be the pros and cons of Apple launching a video game console to compete with Sony & Microsoft?

What would be the pros and cons of Apple launching a video game console to compete with Sony & Microsoft?It would be the most stylish and sexy console ever designed and built.It would not have the feature set of either Sony's or Microsoft's flagship consoles.It would be priced two or three times that of the high end Sony or Microsoft console. All TV would have to be resigned and re-engineered to included a bespoke Apple TV connection interface

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