Where Can I Buy the Green Notebooks Like the One From the Marine Corps?

Try your local Army/Navy surplus store, or maybe even on line. I still have a few left over and I retired 15 years ago. Good luck

Where Can I Buy the Green Notebooks Like the One From the Marine Corps? 1

1. What do you do with notebooks with many pages left?

Pull out the pages that are written on and stash them for what ever that is needed. Scratch pads, grocery list, drawing, what ever floats your boat. If tearing them apart sounds like too much work I would guess Origami is out.

2. High school binders vs notebooks?

Both keep ring binders for handouts, worksheets and quick notes And notebooks for lectures, essays etc.

Where Can I Buy the Green Notebooks Like the One From the Marine Corps? 2

3. Should I use a binder or notebooks for university?

How about carrying around those thin, 70-page notebooks instead of the bigger ones? You will fill them up faster, but once you do, you can leave them at home and just take fresh ones to class. Or use one notebook with the pages you can tear out. Take notes in it for all your classes, then tear out the pages and store them in a binder that you keep at home, or in folders. Do not risk your back. You might be thinking that you should suck up the pain, grin and bear it, but if you injure your back you might not be able to walk for a while or sit in a classroom chair or focus during an exam because of the pain.

4. Staying organized in High School? Binders, notebooks...?

School Binders

5. what laptops/notebooks have the capabilities for a second hard drive?

Your best bet is an external or replace the existing with a larger one

6. With improving technology are laptops/notebooks equal to the computer home desktops now?

I would say no. Why? Because laptop parts need to be designed differently to take up less space and give out less heat. This takes more time and increases cost. That's why not every product available for the dekstop on the market has a laptop version. Therefore laptop versions of say graphic cards, take longer time to come out into the market. So you pay more for a laptop than what you would for a dekstop.

7. What should I do with a bunch of empty notebooks?

Donate them to a school in a low-income area so kids can use them

8. Why the "Find my Mac" does not give the wifi network information that it was connected to? It would help a lot to find stolen notebooks.

A stolen device could be connected to any WiFi network. Since anyone can set up a WiFi network with any name, including a name used by a chain such as XfinityWiFi, knowing the device is connected to a specific network name is probably totally useless in tracing it.ISPs do not know the names their customers assign the their own WiFi networks. A public IP address is about the best information for finding a stolen device as it can identify the building where the device is connected to a network and from there to the Internet.Why the "Find my Mac" does not give the wifi network information that it was connected to? It would help a lot to find stolen notebooks

9. Where can I buy cheap unruled notebooks (in stores or online) in the US?

this is a very late answer, but check out Lila Notebooks on Amazon. It's a new seller, but they have quite a few blank notebooks (I do not think any of them are spiral bound, unfortunately). Each are around $4.Amazon.com: Lila Notebooks: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, KindleWhere can I buy cheap unruled notebooks (in stores or online) in the US?.

10. Why do people say that dell notebooks are cheap when in fact they're really expensive?

A) Apple, HP, and Toshiba are ALL at the lower end of the market. B) When you say "Well-configured" it seems to me that your expectations in a laptop of any brand would be expensive C) the reason ppl say that dell are cheap is because the cut out the middle man, and you get better quality for your money I am I.T for a company that has about 60 people, We have used Dell, HP, Toshiba and 'White Box' (no brand or custom built pc's) systems. Out of all of them, i would rate them in this order: 1)White box systems 2) Dell 3) Toshiba 4) HP Fair enough that Dell may be expensive, but they outlast HP and Toshiba by far. Plus in Australia, their tech support is next to none. Hope this answers you question

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Any Good Notebooks? Please Help!!?
Any Good Notebooks? Please Help!!?
You need more than 1GB RAM, vista needs at least 2...I recommend at least 41. Are binders and spiral notebooks recyclable?Recycle Spiral Notebooks2. Stores that sell pretty notebooks, pencil cases and other epecially pretty school supplies?In the US, stores like Staples have good stuff3. If Dell adds "Blu-Ray" to their smaller notebooks do they have to make the display card capable of HD1900x1200Yes, I think the video card has to be capable4. What will be output if engineering students stop filling notebooks with their assignments and start doing the same things practically?Good vision. India will change. India will become a super power. Modi's "Make in India" will come to reality. Abdul Kalam's "Vision 2020" will happen. But even today nothing stops the engineering students to do this. Every things is available outside, for example ECE students can setup a lab in their room from the 1st year of their degree and start working this. They need to invest less than Rs. 5000. So it is the mind set of the Engineering students to go behind CGPA and Job to change. Improve your skill during the entire 4 years. Job will come to you automatically. Without improving your skill, if you go behind the job, the job will move away from you, All the best. What will be output if engineering students stop filling notebooks with their assignments and start doing the same things practically?What will be output if engineering students stop filling notebooks with their assignments and start doing the same things practically ?5. How do you recover pages or notebooks that were deleted from Microsoft OneNote?The more obvious answers are that if you were lucky enough to have file history turned on in Windows, or time machine on Mac, you could start there. But the Windows feature is not on by default, and I don't know about the Mac. But either way, I'm guessing that if they were on, or you had another backup plan in place, you would already know what to do, so on to more options. (But look into these options or even cloud backups like Carbonite and get one implemented for the future.)Before reading on, the question is, were the files deleted, or did you edit the contents away. If you edited the contents, the file versioning options above may be your only recourse. If the files were deleted, read on. For deleted files you might be able to recover them. Check if the files are still in your recycling bin. If so, select and restore them.If the files aren't in recycling, you may still be able to recover them. Most computers aren't set to destroy files when emptying the recycling bin, they just mark the space as available on disk. If other files aren't written to the same location, special applications can restore the files. I don't have any recommendations because the last time I needed one of these was 15 years ago, and I immediately got a file versioning backup plan in place after the incident. In my experience, the OneNote file structure is fairly disconnected, so it's easy to open any individual file even if that file is no longer associated with the original notebook.How do you recover pages or notebooks that were deleted from Microsoft OneNote?6. Should I buy a Mac or are there better notebooks out there?It sounds like the photobooth thing may make a macbook a lock, though I;d check other windows laptops first since baseline macs can be expensive, and adding more memory (RAM) can jack the price up even more. As for other uses, downloading and applications should be as easy on a Mac as they are on a PC. I don;t often use macs, but from my little experience, they have a pretty intuitive interface. I picked up a 10 yer old powerbook g3 a year back and found it pretty easy to find my way around. I was even able to hook it up to my DSL internet connection (though running pre-OSX, it was not a very modern surf) "Are applications more geared towards PCs than Macs?" That would depend on the applications - if you have any in mind, you should ask friends with Macs how well those applications run on "bootcamp". There will always be a better notebook out there. Though the newly released macbooks easily sit at the top, do not imagine that manufacturers of windows notebooks are going to cede the market for premium portability.
What Should I Use My Extra Notebooks For??????????????
What Should I Use My Extra Notebooks For??????????????
use it for procuring lists, doodle in it, burn it, jot notes down in it, use it for taking messages with on the telephone, take your anger out on it by potential of ripping it and throwing it around1. are inspiron notebooks good quality?If I we are you, I would get a macbook. They are a little bit more money, but they are totally worth it. You do not need a virus protector, a pop-up block, and they come with a lot of memory and extra features. They come with a web cam, and a lot of programs. You can even customize them to have as much memory as you want2. Unique notebooks/school supplies?hardware dept..nuts, washers, twisty ties, tenting dept. maps, first help kit products housewares dept... hair tie backs, bobby pins, small comb, hair death training from the interior hair coloring kits, college furnish dept: flash enjoying cards, coloring e book pages, crayon wrappers from his renowned colour of crayons, previous maid enjoying cards or different extraordinary products of previous board video games, flea industry unearths, previous posters, submit enjoying cards, used stamps, letters, previous black and white photos of exciting human beings, hand complete of distinctive business enterprise enjoying cards, areas of previous Christmas and greeting enjoying cards, products of untamed colored, textured yarns and ribbons, strange string, paint pattern swatches from the paint branch, previous dogs vaccination tags, strange articles from national inquirer magazine and different rag tags (you could replica them onto acid unfastened paper first),clip paintings photos of his renowned meals (french fries) enlarged photos of one eye, toddler feet, monkey ft, and so on.. and so on.and so on.and so on3. Between these two notebooks, which should I get (specifics provided)?committed memory is greater useful because of the fact it incredibly is dedicated to portraits basically. Shared memory makes use of the memory of your laptop gadget - a similar memory that your laptop makes use of to do it is common exercises. it incredibly is perplexing to artwork out no remember if the memory is dedicated or shared no remember if it is not precise. pass to the cyber web website of the portraits card producer and seem on the specs the place it could inform you all relating to the cardboard. some portraits playing cards are observed as integrated playing cards. The integrated playing cards is yet in a various way of asserting that it incredibly is shared memory - it incredibly is integrated with the gadget memory.4. What is the general difference between laptops and notebooks...?Laptops and notebooks are the same thing, you may be confusing Laptops and Netbooks. Netbooks are a new type of portable computer, and are usually much smaller, usually have less then 200GB of solid state memory, and run off of Intel Atom processors, and are less powerful then full sized notebooks5. Why are there no affordable 2TB 2.5 HDD 7200 RPM drives (for notebooks)?Why are there no affordable 2TB 2.5 HDD 7200 RPM drives (for notebooks)?Some initial considerations for why 7200 rpm drives aren't all too worthwhile in a laptop:They're relative hogs on energy consumption compared to 5400 rpm drivesNaively assuming nothing changed but the disk spun (72/54) times faster, the mechanical energy required would be (72/54)^2 times as much. This would mean energy consumption by disk increased 77%They're noisier than 5400 rpm drivesThey aren't that much more performant than 5400 rpm drivesLinear access can saturate busing in either caseRandom access is marginally faster, but still a bottleneckIf you've got the money for an upgrade, SSD's are usually a more appealing option for your laptopNone of the above is direct reasoning why a 7200 rpm 2.5" drive would be expensive. However, they are all reasons why you wouldn't want a 7200 rpm drive in your laptop's 2. 5" drive bay. In the laptop market, a large appeal is portability and a large consideration is battery life. A very small sub-segment of the market would find the occasional 30% upperbound IO performance improvement acceptable if it comes at the cost of reducing battery life by a half hour and increasing the generated noise substantially.Thus there is not as much a market for 7200 rpm laptop drives as there is for 5400 rpm drives. As such there is lesser demand, and less economy of scale reflected in the pricing of 7200 rpm drives. This becomes corroborated when you look at the relatively low pricing of 7200 rpm desktop drives and consider that relatively stationary desktop and server applications can afford higher energy consumption and noise pollution if it provides raw throuput performance. As a consequence, 7200 rpm drives are popular in that market, and economy of scale is reflected in the pricing as a consequence of manufacturing costs. Why are there no affordable 2TB 2. 5 HDD 7200 RPM drives (for notebooks)?.
Why Does Xiaomi, a Giant in Huawei's Mobile Phone Industry, Insist on Making Notebooks?
Why Does Xiaomi, a Giant in Huawei's Mobile Phone Industry, Insist on Making Notebooks?
Not long ago, Huawei released matebook x pro on MWC, and then the top version of Xiaomi's new notebook was officially on sale. In today's notebook market, Huawei and Xiaomi are very special. Why do these two giants in the mobile phone industry insist on making notebooks? Let's have a good talk today.First, let's take a look at the current situation of the notebook industry. At present, the development prospect of notebook and even the whole PC industry seems not optimistic, and the shipment volume decreases instead of increasing. According to the statistics of trendforce, the shipment of notebooks in 2017 was 164.7 million, a slight increase compared with 2016.But this has only reached the level in 2015, much lower than that in 2014.The products of various manufacturers in the consumer market are highly homogeneous, and the price war leads to lower profits. Some manufacturers even use a set of molds for several years, and the whole notebook market is almost at a standstill. In the eyes of many people, notebook seems to have become a sunset industry.When touch-screen smart phones were just emerging, many traditional PC manufacturers poured into the mobile phone market and wanted to find new profit growth points with the rapid development of Android. The reason why Huawei Xiaomi entered the notebook market at this time is also very clear.Traditional notebook manufacturers can not fully meet the needs of usersWhen the first Xiaomi notebook was released, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi made a notebook largely because of the requirements of rice noodles. Lei Jun said that at present, there are many mature brands in the notebook market, but the voice of rice noodles is still strong, indicating that their demand has not been met.Yu Chengdong, who is in charge of Huawei mobile phones, bluntly said that the experience of traditional notebook products is very poor and can not meet the needs of users. Therefore, Huawei wants to enter the notebook industry.Many times, after many years of development, some science and technology industries tend to mature in all aspects of products and markets. On the contrary, established enterprises in the industry are easy to fall into the trap of fixed thinking and lack of innovation. After all, when the traditional business model and product model can bring stable profits, enterprises lack enough motivation to innovate.When Nokia occupied an absolute advantage in the mobile phone market and its momentum was at its peak, it also played the role of "technology based on shell changing". It was not until apple, a computer company, created the iPhone that the whole mobile phone market changed.Notebook products can enhance user stickinessFor many domestic mobile phone manufacturers, especially Internet manufacturers, the profit of mobile phone business is not high. Lao Luo admitted at the nut Pro 2 press conference that mobile phones do not make money. In fact, many mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei and hammer are looking for new profit growth points outside the mobile phone business.The notebook industry is already a sunset industry, but on the other hand, its component supply and cooperation between industrial chains are also very mature. To exaggerate, Xiaomi Huawei only needs to hand over the design scheme to the OEM and print its own logo on the products. There is basically no pressure for novices like Xiaomi Huawei to enter the notebook industry.For Xiaomi Huawei, notebooks can enrich their product categories. Notebook and mobile phone users can connect and guide each other, while increasing user stickiness. Since notebooks are not the main business of Xiaomi Huawei, even if notebooks can not create much profit, they will not have any loss.What changes has Huawei Xiaomi brought to the notebook industry?New market segmentsFor a long time in the past, notebooks with a price of 5000 yuan were basically 768P low gamut TN screen, large plastic material, low-quality battery and the same appearance for several years. Users' suggestions are difficult to listen to.At present, the products launched by Xiaomi Huawei are light and thin, and their performance is not as good as that of game books, but they can meet the needs of daily use. They focus on the appearance design, screen, hard disk, etc., and make up for the shortcomings of traditional notebook products.In fact, thin and light books have already appeared, but the price is high, which has become an important way for traditional manufacturers to grab high profits. Xiaomi Huawei lowered the price of light and thin cost, forcing traditional manufacturers to make corresponding changes.New marketing modelIn the past, buying notebooks was a very painful thing. First of all, each brand will have multiple sub brands, and the sub brands will be divided into multiple series. There will be multiple models in each series. Each model is divided into multiple versions according to different permutations and combinations of memory, hard disk and graphics card.If you do not have a thorough understanding of computer knowledge, it is difficult to buy products that are really suitable for you. Many times, you may have to look at the introduction before buying a notebook.Relatively speaking, the division of Xiaomi Huawei's notebook line is much simpler. Taking Xiaomi as an example, the 12.5-inch air focuses on the extremely light and thin, 13.3-inch is positioned on the light and thin book with certain game ability, and the 15.6-inch Pro focuses on the full-featured video and audio book. The selection cost of users is greatly reduced.SummaryCompared with mobile phones, the life cycle of laptops is much longer, and users' willingness to update is not very high. Nowadays, mobile phones can replace laptops in many aspects, such as video playback, web browsing and so on. But from the perspective of productivity and efficiency, notebooks can still not be replaced.There are many considerations for Huawei Xiaomi to enter the notebook industry and continue to launch products. This is actually beneficial to the market and users. They bring new ways of thinking and product models to the notebook industry, and force traditional manufacturers to make changes, so as to promote the development of the whole market in a better direction.
How to Change the Default Font for All Cells in All Notebooks [duplicate]
How to Change the Default Font for All Cells in All Notebooks [duplicate]
Never edit the core and default stylesheets. Go to Menu > Edit Stylesheet... and make whatever modifications you desire. If you are unsure then there are many posts on here if you search. When you have modified the stylesheets install this new stylesheet.Editthis question is a duplicate ofHow to modify font for all text fields?How do I set the fonts for Input and Output in my stylesheet?1. Do all notebooks have integrated cards?Not all have integrated graphics, but most do. Some newer high-end laptops have a small version of PCI-E for video cards. You can buy them at Directron.com. Be sure to check to make sure you have it or not before purchasing a video card, as most places charge a restocking fee if you send it back.2. Why do people say that dell notebooks are cheap when in fact they're really expensive?they just mean relative to your small paychecks3. Are there suitable versioning systems for Mathematica notebooks?First, if you want to have a team working on Mathematica code, then you really should do it properly and use Wolfram Workbench. As pointed out by Leonid, notebooks are not the right tool for software development. This said, I have used version control (git) with a notebook and successfully merged versions. To do it, I minimized the amount of metadata in the notebook by:You can turn off both notebook options with with the single commandbut clearing the existing notebook history (removing all of the CellChangeTimes cell options) is easiest using the provided dialog.Outputs can be long and messy and normally do not want to be tracked by your VCS. Some input/ouput combinations I did want to keep, so I set the output cell option GeneratedCell->False and then both cells' options to make them non-deletable and non-editable. The rest of the output cells were removed using the Delete All Output menu option.Finally, keep your notebook(s) well organised with sections and subsections so that work and changes are clearly localised, which will make possible merges easier4. Software/App for electronic research notebooksI use Org-mode to organize and track my research. It is an Emacs major mode that seems to hit most of your requirements. The .org files are plain text which should guard against bloat and lets you access them anywhere, even when you do not have Emacs or Org-mode available. Org-mode has linking capability to any type of file, as well as to specific locations in a document.Org-mode has support not only for LaTeX equations but for a number of programming languages via org-babel. You can include the code blocks inside your .org file.Because it is only a text file, this sort of behavior can be accomplished through the linking mechanism. The links can be to other documents/papers on your machine or URLs. Visiting a URL in Org-mode will open your browser to the requested link.I am unsure what you are looking for here. Org-mode has a nice built-in table editor with automatic column width adjustment and some spreadsheet behavior. If you do not want the actual data in the .org file, you can always link to do the data. If you are looking to import data into the file directly, Org-mode has a function org-table-import that will parse TAB or whitespace separated data into an Org table.I use Org-mode to track my time spent on various research items. You can set the headings in Org-mode to behave like multi-state TODO lists and assign time to them. Most headings start as TODO, switch to STARTED when I clock in on them, and then I can update them to DONE when I am finished. It can also generate reports based on your tracked time. For example, I use a built-in report for the last week to help generate weekly research updates.I handle my version control and distribution through Dropbox, but since the files are plain text any version control system you are comfortable with should work fine.Org-mode is open source.Org-mode also can be set to display inline images, so even though the actual .org file stays in plain text for VCS, when you open the file in Org-mode you can view the images, and comment on them accordingly.While the .org files themselves are plain text, Org-mode has a number of export options, including LaTeX, PDF, HTML, DocBook, OpenDocument and others. So if you want to turn your research notebook into something more visually appealing than a plain text file, there are many options. I would recommend this paper for a good description of what Org-mode can do in a research environment.The downside is that it is a mode for Emacs. If you are not already using Emacs it has a steep learning curve and can require extensive customization to get things running exactly the way you want. Org-mode and AUCTeX (the Emacs LaTeX mode) are the reasons I spent the time to learn to work with Emacs and I have not been disappointed. However, if you are looking to get something up and running quickly (and are not already familiar with Emacs) it may not be your best option.
How to Give Boot Priority to Grub2 on HP Envy 15 Notebooks?
Finally I got it!! I succeeded in installing Xubuntu on an usb drive and booting it though an EFI partition on my usb drive1. What can I do with two blank notebooks?You can draw pictures. I like drawing pictures. You can read story from any book, newspaper, journal and the imagine the heroes, heroins, characters, scenes from the stories. Then draw it from your imagination and give a caption. Keep the notebooks safe. After few years, when you will be grown up you will feel happy because you did it. It will make you nostalgic and feel proud of yourself. For stories you can chose mobile apps. I have an app for AESOP's Fables. Try reading the fantastic stores from the app and then draw the situation. It could be like a comic book too. I have included the link of the app. Thanks2. Does anybody have a promo code for cheap Apple notebooks?And if the 13" MacBook will accept Windows XP Pro?Just ask what discounts you are available for at the Apple Store or on apple.com. Fortunatly, Apple has a TON of discounts ranging from a student discount to an automotive suppliers discount, so I am sure there's one available for you. As for running Windows XP, the new Mac's will run Windows with Boot Camp or a similar program. I know it works with the Intel processor, I am not so sure about the powerbooks.3. what are some good 13.3" notebooks ?There are NO PROs for a Dell computer, they just plain SUK. Here we go: Macs are easy and now you can get a Dual Processor that does Windows also. No other computer can make that statement. A MacBook 2.4, 4 Gigs Ram will do the trick for you. Lightweight and is a Heavyweight in performance. With Apple Stores usually close by it's easy way to get your computer fixed if it's a minor problem. They usually do right on the spot. With Dell in particular you have to send it to them [at your cost] and wait for at least 2 weeks to get it back. Almost no one will work on a Dell so Dell's got you. If you take the time to check Dell's website everyday you will see the same model computer configured slightly different and with a different price. Deceptive to say the least. Hope this helps you make a decision no matter which computer you buy. Here's why you should get a Mac:: There are NO CONS. The MacBook does both WinBloze and OSX, no other computer can make that statement. You have the best of the best. Apple Stores are popping up all over and you can make an appointment for a time and date, bring your computer there. They will troubleshoot it and fix it if it's a software problem it's FREE. What other computer company has stores and can make that statement? Get the 2.4 GHz with 4Gigs Ram and you got a speed machine like mine. The WinBloze people may not like a Mac computer but I will bet they all have iPods. Go Mac and Never Go Back. If you read the questions here you will notice that most problems are about every computer except a Mac.4. Where should I get notebooks for school?Staples is good; very cheap. Walmart is cheaper, but they have notebooks whose qualities are meh. If I were you, I would go to Staples5. Suggestions on what to draw on my notebooks for school?I would write your first and middle name but do each letter in a different font like Script, bubble letter, block letter, skinny letter, etc. :) you could also draw things that interest you.. like converse sneakers or checkered pattern designs or like your favorite tv show like ( glee for example) you could write gLeek6. hi , i have Dell notebook , i wanna know what is best anti viruse for these notebooks?The one I use is the Full version of Avast Antivirus. I got it when I had my laptop restored. They removed any problems I had on my computer and then put the antivirus on the computer as well7. I've completed my class 12 cbse and all the entrance examinations, what should I do with my notebooks and NCERT books?The best thing to do with them if you are not interested in them any more is to donate them to somebody who needs it. But parting away with neatly handwritten notes is not easy. Especially if you have sincerely put hours of energy and time to make them . This is the factor which makes them unique, if you don't want to donate them then put them out on the internet for other students to use them for free (I cant emphasis enough in how important it is for the material to be free for use). Scan the pages,color code them or if you have time then type them out in a neat layout and upload on some website or a blog which accepts such contributions.12th grade is rough time for an indian student . If your notes help even one student who really needs it ,then consider it as an intellectual contribution to the society.I've completed my class 12 cbse and all the entrance examinations, what should I do with my notebooks and NCERT books?
GP Speedmaster's New Sub-brand "100% Biba" Fully Launches New Products
GP Speedmaster's New Sub-brand "100% Biba" Fully Launches New Products
For game lovers, especially for somatosensory gamers like Xbox, the importance of high-energy batteries is self-evident. If the performance of the 5th battery is strong, it will definitely bring a more lasting experience and enjoyment. In order to meet the needs of game enthusiasts, GP Speedmaster’s new sub-brand "100% Biba" has made full efforts to carefully launch a green and environmentally friendly rechargeable battery with very powerful performance, which perfectly surpasses the traditional nickel-metal hydride in the game field. Rechargeable Battery.The 100% Biba brand new environmentally friendly rechargeable battery has inherited the powerful genetic advantages of GP Speedmaster. Compared with the traditional Ni-MH rechargeable battery, the new 100% Biba environmentally friendly rechargeable battery has a 1.2V full-range constant voltage and a large capacity of 2300mAH. The revolutionary technology makes it a new-generation leader in the rechargeable battery industry. Under the recommendation of gamers, 100% of the new Buba battery was snapped up by the whole people, and battery sales continued to soar, and it was also known as "the best cp partner for Xbox controllers."The discharge performance of the new generation of 100% Biba environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries is quite strong, suitable for use in various high-current and high-voltage electronic devices such as gamepads and wireless mice. The social media 3DM game network has conducted actual evaluation on it, and the results show that the 100% Biba battery does have excellent performance. Faced with the tests of many games such as "Monster Hunter WorldIn the 5-hour gaming experience, the fully-powered 100% Biba battery strongly assists the Xbox controller, presenting an excellent gaming feast full of speed and excitement.In addition to the amazing battery life, the new generation of 100% Biba's new generation of environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries has also passed the authority SGS quality certification. More than 90% of its battery materials can be recycled, and the battery can be used repeatedly for more than 300 times. The environmental protection level is among the top in the world. . Even if it is stored for one year in the standby state, the battery still has more than 70% of the remaining capacity. Excellent quality can naturally be loved by consumers.In terms of charging safety, 100% must be very careful. Under the concept of striving for perfection, 100% Beba fits the life charging scene, and designed a "back window" hollow charger with automatic power-off intelligent recognition, so that the safety issues such as heat dissipation, short circuit, overcharge, etc. have been greatly improved. The improvement brings us a safer charging environment.It can be said that the emergence of a new generation of environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries with 100% Biba has become a boon for game enthusiasts. I believe this 2300 mAh super-capacity rechargeable battery set combination, you will fall in love with it after using it!fqj
Reference Design of Power Supply and Serializer for Automobile Camera Module
Reference Design of Power Supply and Serializer for Automobile Camera Module
A seemingly simple design, in fact, is full of the efforts and day and night of digital engineers. This design needs to be tempered and evaluated repeatedly before it can be put on the market. Ti designs reference design library, sincerely create a classic for you! Want to find more reference designs? Log in Ti designs reference design library and you will have the design you want!Ti designs design library will launch a series of selected reference designs for you, including industrial, medical, automotive electronics, factory automation and control, building automation, personal electronics and other applications. It will be updated every week. Don't miss it! Now, let's take a look at the good recommendations in the fifth issue of "automotive electronic reference design"!Design OverviewPmp9351 is a compact power supply and serializer solution for automotive auxiliary camera module, using omnivision image sensor ov10635. This reference board has two lmr22007 Synchronous Step-Down regulators, which provide two 3.3V outputs and one 1.5V output to power the ov10635 evaluation board bypassing the on-board LDO. This design occupies 20x20mm effective PCB board area. The system input voltage is 9V rated voltage from ECU, and its input range is 5.5V to 20V. This reference board includes a ds90ub913q serializer and supports a coaxial cable power supply configuration, allowing the transmission of input power and FPD link III signals through a coaxial cable.Design system block diagram (click here to download the complete block diagram)Design characteristics:·Power supply and serializer solution specially designed for omnivision ov10635 image sensor in automobile camera·Compact solution size, circuit board area 20x20mm·3.3V and 1.5V outputs, including output filters to cover I / O, core, analog voltage rail and ensure high image quality·5.5V to 20V working input voltage range, 9V rated input from ECU·The coaxial cable power supply configuration transmits the input power supply and FPD link III signal through a coaxial cable·Through a compatible interface, the ov10635 EVM can be connected with only a slight modification of the circuit boardDesign documents (click here to download the complete design resources)Design demonstration:Relevant design recommendations:Reference design 1: Automobile USB battery charging reference designDescription: the size of the USB battery charging reference design has been optimized and can be installed in the automobile power supply accessories port. The design adopts a USB special charging port controller with integrated current limiting power switch and 42V DC / DC converter. High integration and small package size create a small shape.Reference design 2: reference design of dual port automobile USB chargerDescription: by using tps40170 PWM step-down controller, this power management reference design provides 5V regulated output with its small shape specification to power two USB ports, of which each port is 2.1a (4.2a in total). After optimization, this design adopts 12V rated input and can accept 8-60v.For the original text, please refer to: http://www.deyisupport.com/blog/b/behindthewheel/archive/2014/08/04/51784.aspxTexas Instruments online technical support community answers technical problems and provides technical support for Chinese electronic engineers. Deyi community involves analog electronic technology, single chip microcomputer, MCU, embedded system, DSP and digital signal processing. It is the preferred technical exchange platform for electronic engineers designed with Ti chip. More Forum Highlights, please visit: http://www.deyisupport.com/
Belkin Introduces Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station Pro, Which Supports Both MacBook and Windows PC Syst
Belkin Introduces Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station Pro, Which Supports Both MacBook and Windows PC Syst
Today, Belkin, a well-known peripheral manufacturer, launched a new docking station - the new thunder 3 docking station pro, which is compatible with both MacBook and windows PC operating systems.It is reported that the product is an upgrade of the original lightning 3 expansion base. It is compatible with lightning 3 and a variety of other usb-c host devices (such as MacBook and new iPad Pro), as well as windows laptops and smartphones, which greatly improves the efficiency of the device. The 170W power adapter is attached to provide sufficient power supply for each interface. At the same time, it can provide up to 85W power supply for the connected host without additional power connection.Multiple ports have been greatly expanded. It includes 1 usb-a 3.1 port, usb-c 3.1 port, 4 usb-a 3.0 ports, 2 thunderbolt 3 ports, SD card, DisplayPort port and Ethernet port, which can easily connect multiple devices. It supports dual HD display output, the latest DisplayPort 1.4 standard, and supports up to 8K / 30Hz or 5K / 60Hz resolution output. The ultra-high speed SD card slot supports uhs-ii (ultra high speed II), and the transmission rate can reach 312 MB / s, which is three times faster than that of uhs-i, saving more time for image processing professionals.It also supports the daisy chain connection of up to 6 lightning devices, standard lightning 3 cables, and supports the data transmission speed of 40Gbps. The cable length is about 0.8m, which is enough to be installed around the furniture or further away from the main socket to provide a more general desktop configuration.This is a product upgrade of the award-winning thunder 3 expansion base, hoping to provide convenience not only for MacBook users, but also for Windows PC users. The new thunder 3 expansion base Pro will provide a one-stop solution for professionals who need to work with multiple devices to improve work efficiency.In terms of price, the official price of thunder 3 expansion base Pro is 2498 yuan. At present, the product has been listed and sold in relevant channels.
Exploding Samsung Phones Show Perils of Building Better Battery
Exploding Samsung Phones Show Perils of Building Better Battery
Samsung Electronics Co., under pressure from consumers for longer-lasting batteries that charge faster, pushed the limits of lithium-ion technology. The effort backfired when some of its new Note 7 handsets caught fire and exploded.Building a better battery has long bedeviled the tech industry. Smartphones are constantly improving, with sharper displays, improved software and cameras rivaling those used by the pros. Not so the batteries, which despite advances still die faster than consumers like and take too long to recharge."It's the race to add new capabilities and features to the phone that demands a more capable battery," said Martin Reynolds, a Gartner analyst.On top of the demands placed on their performance, batteries are getting slimmer and smaller, as smartphone makers try to win over consumers with thinner devices. That's putting strain on the manufacturing process, and raising the risk of defects that can lead to the kind of malfunctions seen in Samsung's phones.The Note 7 was supposed to stand out with its stylus, large edge-to-edge display and faster charging technology. Samsung rolled out the device in August, just before Apple Inc. unveiled a new batch of iPhones. It was a opportunity for the Suwon, South Korea-based company to outshine its biggest smartphone rival. Instead, it backfired.Usually, smartphone makers and wireless providers rigorously test products before they reach customers, although the process is mainly focused on making sure the devices are compatible with wireless networks. Samsung provided carriers with the typical amount of testing time before the launch date, according to people familiar with the matter. Samsung first showed prototypes of the Note 7 to carriers in April and testing began in May, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the arrangements aren't public.At least one major Samsung partner is reassessing its testing procedures to catch issues like this in the future, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. The South Korean manufacturer is holding multiple meetings each week with major carrier partners to discuss the latest details from its investigation and assist in mitigating the issue, the person said.Headaches involving the production of lithium-ion batteries aren't unique to the smartphone industry. Overheating battery packs made by Sony Corp. led to the recall of millions of laptops made by Dell Inc., Toshiba Corp. and others in 2006, while Boeing Co.'s 787 Dreamliner suffered from electrical fires after the airplane's 2011 debut.For an explanation of how batteries work, click here."Based on our investigation, we learned that there was an isolated issue with the battery cell," Samsung said in an e-mailed response to questions. "Overheating of the battery cell occurred when the anode-to-cathode came into contact with each other, causing a very rare manufacturing process error." Samsung is working to fix the problem. While only about three dozen cases were reported, the company is seeking to replace 2.5 million Note 7 phones, an endeavor that could cost as much as $2 billion . On Wednesday, Samsung placed advertisements in South Korea's major newspapers to apologize for the incident. In an effort to prevent any more device explosions, the company is also rolling out a software update on Sept. 20 that will limit the battery charge at 60 percent. Availability of that update outside South Korea will vary depending on each market, Samsung said.The Note 7 features a larger battery than its predecessor, one that can store 3500 milliamp hours of electric power, compared with 3000 mAh for the Note 5 (Samsung skipped a number this year, to match its flagship Galaxy S7). By comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus, the Note 7's main competitor, has a 2900 mAh battery. While Apple has also sought to upgrade its battery technology to support better screens and faster graphics, it hasn't often promoted battery life as a feature itself. Last week's iPhone event was an exception, when the company highlighted that the iPhone 7 can last almost two hours longer than its predecessor thanks to better software and processor design.Samsung SDI Co.was the main battery supplier for the Note 7, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.The batteries failed becausea separator within the cells was too thin and electrodes weren't properly insulated, according to a government quality inspection agency in China, where almost 2,000 Note 7s were distributed as test devices. Samsung, which is preparing to get replacements into the hands of customers from Sept. 19, said in a statement that "all Galaxy Note7 replacement devices will be equipped with the battery from other suppliers." For the past few years, Samsung has adopted Quick Charge , a technology developed by Qualcomm Inc., throughout its product lineup, including the Note 7. Using specialized chips, circuits and software, the mechanism works in tandem with a specific charger to speed up the process. While that has enabled rapid charging -- up to 50 minutes faster than its predecessor -- it's also pushing up against the physical limits of the materials and design used in battery technology. Gartner's Reynolds noted that fast charging is essentially a solution to the problem of short battery life."It's a feature driven by short battery life in general, not something that people really want," he said.The first batch of Note 7 batteries probably had a flaw in their design that didn't work properly with the chemistry in some units, according to Kyle Wiens, creator of iFixit, a popular website that dissects the innards of gadgets to gauge the ease of repairing the devices. Fast charging "crams as much energy as possible into the battery, and the closer you push it to the edge, the more of a potential safety issue there is," he said.
Renesas Energy Saving "function Module" Solution
Renesas Energy Saving "function Module" Solution
"Function module" is composed of Renesas's high-performance MCU, power device and simulator, and provides customers with hardware, software and system technology as a complete set of solutions. In this way, the time of system development can be shortened, the number of components can be reduced, and the higher performance and function of the system can be promoted.Power electronics technology to promote low power consumptionPower electronic technology refers to the overall name of the system of generating electric energy (power generation), transmitting electric energy (power transmission), changing electric energy (power transformation) and storing electric energy (power storage), and also includes the meaning of constructing and using the system.Power electronics is composed of circuit technology, control technology, application technology and so on. At present, the biggest purpose of power electronics is to reduce power consumption. How to generate, transmit, transform and store electricity more efficiently, and support the technology of power electronics to promote low power consumption.Development of power electronics technologyCurrent situation and subjectIn order to reduce power consumption, today's power electronic systems pursue accurate work control, efficient operation and reduce the waste of energy consumption. Therefore, the traditional analog control will be replaced by digital control using MCU.Analog control does not need to understand the knowledge of MCU for the circuit designer of power electronics technology. However, once the era of digital control, the circuit design of power electronics technology must have a sufficient understanding of MCU and its suitable devices. Similarly, the software designer must also understand the complex power electronics technology circuit.In fact, we can hear from many analog designers of power electronic technology circuits that they are difficult to adapt to MCU and MCU software development, resulting in confusion.In addition, the design should also start from the function, performance and cost. It takes a lot of time to select the most appropriate MCU and its matching devices.Moreover, for more and more power electronic technology systems that need digital operation control, flexible use of MCU with higher performance than traditional MCU and high-precision system design integrating power electronic technology circuit and control software require designers to have higher knowledge and experience."Answer" to the subject of power electronic technology system developmentExpecting "function module"For a long time, Renesas has launched various low-end to high-end control MCU for power devices such as IGBT and MOSFET, as well as analog-digital IC, optocoupler and driver IC. Renesas proposes to take the "AC-DC", "DC-DC" and "DC-AC" functions of the basic functions of power electronic technology circuits as "functional modules", which will give full play to this technical strength.Thus, in order to realize the required functions, Renesas can support all-round proposals from MCU, power devices and various ICs to system implementation.It has also been mentioned before that when developing the power electronic technology system promoting digital control, the power electronic technology circuit designer has insufficient knowledge and experience in MCU and MCU software development, as well as the time spent on the selection of MCU and various devices.However, after using the MCU and devices recommended by Renesas as "functional modules", designers do not need to spend too much time on selection, but can focus more on circuit design and software development. In addition, Renesas has also prepared a large number of technical data such as MCU routines and device usage methods, which can be fully and reliably supported by designers.In addition, designers can also design higher-level circuits by participating in various seminars arranged by Renesas, such as device application, power electronic technology circuit design, MCU control program development and so on.The "function module" provided by Renesas can be said to be the "answer" to overcome the problem of power electronic technology system development."Functional module" of power electronic technology systemOrdinary power electronic system is composed of several functional modules, and its functional modules can find a common structure. The input is analog signal and the output is PWM (pulse width modulation) signal. The control circuit is composed of MCU and program, and the power circuit is composed of driving circuit and power device.The input analog signals include voltage, current, temperature, speed, etc. The output PWM signal has constant amplitude and different duration pulse sequence to drive power devices such as IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) and power MOS FET. The control circuit integrates the control algorithm as a software program. Even the same functional module can meet different specifications by changing the program.Let's take a practical look at the cases of four areas of special concern in the power electronic technology system using the "functional modules" provided by Renesas.â—† household solar regulator to maximize solar energyFirst of all, we want to introduce the household solar power generation system. The system is called "household solar regulator", which is composed of control circuit composed of "DC / DC boost module", "frequency converter module" and MCU. The direct current generated by solar panel power generation is converted into alternating current through frequency converter and then transmitted to commercial power supply system.The output power of the solar panel will not only change due to the sunshine conditions, but also change due to the voltage required on the load side. At this time, MCU is used to control the DC / DC boost module to keep the output power of the solar cell at the maximum value through a control mode called "maximum power point tracking (MPPT).â—† motor frequency converter for air conditioner to realize energy saving and muteNext, we will introduce the motor control system of household air conditioner. The system is called "motor frequency converter for air conditioning", which is composed of control circuit composed of "PFC (power factor correction) module", "three-phase frequency converter module" and MCU. PFC module can rectify the input commercial power AC into DC, and remove harmonic noise at the same time. The three-phase frequency converter module converts the DC into three-phase AC (the phase difference of the three potential is 120 degrees) to drive the motor smoothly. The speed of the motor is monitored through the sensor, and the operation of the functional module is always controlled at the best value through MCU.â—† UPS (uninterruptible power supply device) with high efficiency backup power supplyNext, we will introduce the application example of small ups. The system can be used as a standby power supply when the commercial power supply stops power transmission for some reason. The power supply time of different UPS also ranges from 3 minutes to 3 hours.UPS is composed of control circuit composed of "PFC module", "DC / DC boost module", "frequency converter module" and MCU. PFC module can rectify the AC input from commercial power supply into DC, and remove harmonic noise at the same time. The DC power is stored in the battery inside the ups. The DC / DC boost module usually converts the output of PFC into appropriate DC voltage and supplies power to the battery at the same time. In case of power failure, it shall be output from the battery and boosted to the appropriate DC voltage. The frequency converter module converts the current output by the DC / DC boost module into the same AC power as the commercial power supply.â—† electric vehicle (EV) charging station supporting the next generation of vehiclesFinally, an example of charging station for electric vehicle (EV) is introduced. EV charging station is a new system that can charge electric vehicles (EV) in a short time. It is believed that the number at home and abroad will increase rapidly in the future.The EV charging station is composed of a control circuit composed of "three-phase PFC module", "insulated DC / DC converter module" and MCU. The input power supply is not the usual 100V AC power supply, but a three-phase 200V AC power supply. In order to shorten the charging time, a high-power power supply is also used. The three-phase PFC module is the same as the PFC module mentioned above, which can convert three-phase AC into DC. The insulated DC / DC converter module electrically insulates the input and output and generates the high voltage and high current required for EV charging.So far, Dr. tanamoto has introduced many examples of power electronic technology systems that make use of "functional modules". Next time, we will introduce Renesas MCU, power devices and simulator products that support the "function module" solution.
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