What to do if it is incomplete moving led lights delivery?

GUANGZHOU TORY LIGHT CO.,LIMITED has been engaged in the production of moving led lights for many years and has accumulated rich industry experience. We have the ability to provide comprehensive and quality solutions according to actual situations and needs of different customers. static light is used in a wide range of applications, such as multi-purpose halls, studios, conference centers, auditoriums, theaters, concerts, stadiums, and other entertainment venues. The products we produce are high-quality and cost-effective. If you have any needs, please contact us! The moving head light is one of the main products of TORY.

What to do if it is incomplete moving led lights delivery? 1

Can the filter be customized by the manufacturer? Of course, we used the air dust collection filter on the rig before making cement. it was originally imported. The cost was too high. later, the domestic manufacturer was designed and produced with good quality, at present, the quality of domestic products is no worse than that of imports. The filter mainly considers the impurities, filtration accuracy and processing capacity of the filter medium, the core filter is divided into security filter, micro-hole membrane filter, Datong filter and titanium rod filter. more filter elements can be installed with large flow rate. the precision can be 0.5 microns, and the size can be 100 microns, customizable in terms of accuracy. It should be OK, but if it is customized, it is generally more expensive, but if the amount is small, others don't have to order it. if you don't come in summer, give me a few picks. you shouldn't be the first drop of tears. digo is afraid to care for senior Here. drop it here to let you Aru, a

What is a fiber turntable filter? The fiber turntable filter is one of the most advanced filters in the world at present,At present, 700 sewage plants around the world have adopted this technology.The treatment effect of filter cloth turntable filter is good,High water quality,Stable operation of equipment,It has the only recognized certificate of water reuse in the world at present-Title22 certificate.The fiber turntable filter is mainly used for cooling circulating water treatment and reuse after deep treatment of wastewater.Reuse as cooling water and circulating water after filtration: Water quality SS ≤ 80 mg/L,The effluent quality is SS ≤ 10 mg/L.For the deep treatment of sewage,It is set up after conventional activated sludge process, delayed aeration method, sequencing plant, oxidation ditch system, drip filter system and oxidation pond system,It can be used in the following fields: ① removal of total suspended solids (2) combined with adding agents to remove phosphorus (3) and removal of

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