What License Do I Need to Be a Food Vendor in Indiana?

It will vary based on state and/or local laws. Anything dealing with food though will require a license of some kind. Just google your city and/or state food vendor license and see what pops up from your local governments website. If that fails, call your town hall.

What License Do I Need to Be a Food Vendor in Indiana? 1

1. USB Vendor ID Confusion

If your project (hardware and/or software) is published under a FOSS license, you can get an ID for free from Openmoko

2. How Do I Respond to a Vendor's

If you were thinking of dropping this vendor, and the tacky gift was the last straw, then you could tell him so. But since you say want to keep the vendor, despite the tacky gift, you should just let it go.

What License Do I Need to Be a Food Vendor in Indiana? 2

3. who is no 1 erp vendor?

There is a strong competition for number one between two dominant ERP Players Oracle and SAP. Oracle is deemed to be the best software for financial and service organizations and SAP still commands the number 1 position for manufacturing companies

4. What should I do about this wedding vendor/florist??

I would not worry about it another minute. Just order flowers from another florist. Even if you can work out the prices with them, they do not deserve your business or your money after that miserable treatment. If you want, you can complain to the better business bureau, but it might not even make a difference. Just tell all your friends not to deal with them

5. Should I be looking closely at vendor items at higher difficulties?

I always take a quick look if I am going past them anyways.. Just yesterday on Inferno act 1 I found a great new amulet! Worked great for my Monk.

6. I bought a car from a private vendor based on photographs and personal testimony?

Unfortunately if you did not check out the car and have a mechanic look at it before you paid your money, you bought the car as is. You could try small claims court but you are not guaranteed to win if you did not physically check out the car before you paid for it

7. How do I purchase multiple copies of the same item from a vendor?

Currently players are not able to buy multiple amount of the same item from the vendor at once. Instead you are forced to buy them one by one.This has been reported as an issue in official forums with a lot of players complaining about it, so it's probably going to change in the future, and once it does i will update my answer. As of Version 0. 10. 2b you can now use Ctrl Click to buy items from vendors

8. What due diligence do you do before hiring a vendor?

It depends on the size and scope of the vendor, their importance to me (can I replace them easily? Are they what is known as "sole-source"?), etc.I usually get all their financials (easier when they are a public company; otherwise I ask for financial details), I seek references (including independent ones), I Google them (press releases, Glassdoor, Facebook, etc.), I visit them (check out their site/s, meet as many employees as I can, etc. ).

9. When should I choose an x64 version of a vendor's application?

In my opinion, if the vendor provides both, you should always download the 64-bit version, if for no other reason than that it does not make sense not to. There is no downside to using a 64-bit executable, and at the same time there are multiple advantages to it (mainly speed), so why not?

10. Mirror Website how to approach my vendor to allow it?

Generally duplicating another site content is going to get poorer search engine ranking due to "duplicate content", if you are planning to just use paid advertising it's less of an issue. I do not know a that much about ecommerce methods, some suppliers may have rss feeds of their catalog data that almost automatically populates pages. One general trick is to iFrame a site so it appears inside of your own site pages, your typically stuck with the links they have on their page so it's probably not of value.

11. Excessive CPU use in vendor SQL Server DB

This is partially true. Index fragmentation wont cause HIGH CPU. Internal Fragmentation means that you have lots of free space on the pages and it will take more time to scan the index. This will incur more disk IO and will require more memory to store the index (due to free spaces in the index pages) which means more wasted space in buffer pool.Bad statistics will cause the query optimizer to generate inefficient(bad) plans causing a degraded performance e. g. queries that took 2 secs to complete will take 2 mins or 2 hours, etc as sql server will make a bad guess (e.g. will estimate 1 row as opposed to actual 2M rows) and may choose an inapproprate join performing high number of reads or can choose a bad join e.g. nested loop where a hash or merge join would have been a better choice. Bad (outdated or old) stats will peg your CPU at a much higher level.So keeping your Statistics and Indexes defragmented will definitely help. Instead of crafting your own solution, I would recommend to use Ola's Index Maintenance solution. Refer to Kendra's excellent post : Why Index Fragmentation and Bad Statistics Are not Always the Problem (Video) ?Remus Rusanu has a really good blog post on : The Bizzaro Guide to SQL Server Performance (caution : Do not follow it !)I believe that there might be more things to address at your sql server configuration level than just to worry about Index fragmentation. Also CXPACKET wait in itself is not a problem.Things to check :You can use Glenn Berry's diagnostic queries - 2012 versionandAdditionally Joe Sack talks about Troubleshooting Methodology for SQL Server CPU Performance Issues.

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Change USB Vendor Id / Product Id
You might be able to do this with devcon (easiest ways to install listed here), a utility provided with the Windows DDK/WDK. You can find a standalone version suitable for Windows XP at the link.In particular, devcon's sethwid command may be able to do what you are looking for. See Examples page for some tutorials. I am not sure this will do exactly what you want, but I've a strong feeling that it may be as close as you will get without writing your own filter driver. If you do need to write your own driver, grab the WDK and read the devcon sourcecode in srcsetupdevcon.You may also be able to use devcon in other ways to accomplish your goal, but without further details it's hard to say exactly how. Good luck!.1. I recently discovered "corn in a cup" from a mexican street vendor?Love that stuff. It is sold in India too, many different flavours are available. My family loves it, I make it at home too using cheese spread, butter,lime, pepper, finely chopped mint2. I need to find a native iPhone and Android app developer. Is there a website that aggregates and rates mobile app developers so that we can choose the right vendor?actually , if your company is e-commerce, you should try SimiCart- it's a mobile commerce solution which helps building Magento mobile app for your e-commerce store automatically at reasonable price and high quality support.. Check it out now3. Could I make a ton of money by posing as a hot dog vendor at Fenway Park?you might as well dress up as a player4. How can I upgrade my Wix e-commerce website for a multi-vendor/marketplace site?I would suggest you to not choose Wix if you want to Make a E-commerce website then go through Wordpress as it is the best website making platform or you can choose other platforms.But if you want to go through Wix then there are many tutorial present in YouTube or Google that could help youThank YouIf you liked my answer, Could I get an Upvote?5. Help! Where can I buy 4" wide ribbon online? Gotta be a US vendor...?There is a website goldenopenings.com that has ribbon up to 36" wide - enjoy6. Does "vendor" mean seller or manufacturer?In law, the vendor is chiefly the selling party that sells to the end user. Now, that sounds like fudging things a bit, but it is not . The reason for that "sells to the end user" is because in any chain of supply, there are several contracts of sale of goods at work. Each buying party in that supply chain is effectively the end user to the selling party.In other words, a vendor is the supplier in a supply chain: anyone who provides goods or services to the buyer (a company or an individual).In trade and commercial language, a vendor also manufactures stuff and sells them to customers (wholesalers or retailers), so that may explain the confusion about seller vs. manufacturer. Does "vendor" mean seller or manufacturer?7. How can we improve the situation around recognizable low-level vendor-specific solutions (e.g. on Android)? [closed]The simplest way of doing that is improving the questions. Neither of the examples you give are good questions for getting low level answers, because they do not ask for low level answers.Example 1: Call logging with Dual SIMThis is a straightforward request to separate the call logs based on which SIM is used. However, it is completely unclear that the asker even realizes this would be a vendor-specific answer. For instance, he asks, "Can Android do something like that ... or do I have to change Android version?"The correct answer is no, it can not . You might be able to do that on an Android phone, but Android can not do that, and simply changing to another version wo not help it. You need device-specific help. Please forgive the answerer for not listing the exact code for every model of Android device, but I believe that falls under the category of "too broad".Example 2: Call from second simBasically the same as the first, and suffers from the same "What do you know?" problem. However, this time one of the answers gives an actual solution, at least for a certain model of phone. The other answer says the same as before, you need to get in touch with the manufacturer.Also, as Jan mentions in the comments above, neither of these examples mention what type of device they are using at all. How is anyone supposed to give low-level advice without knowing any of the specifics?Your recent dual-sim question: Android: what vendor-specific methods are known for dual-SIM phones to detect a SIM used for SMS?I assume that this is what prompted this question. This is a better question, but it could be better still. First, make it clear that you know this can not be done with the standard SDK. On first reading, it sounds like you are looking for standard ways of doing it. If the question does not make it very clear that you already know the API does not provide this, you are going to get a response of "the API does not provide this," because 99% of users/askers only care about what the API provides, so it's more likely that questions are looking for an API solution.Second, get rid of the "listiness" of the question at the end. If you want an HTC solution and an MTK solution, say exactly that. Do not say "What are most known ways to...", because that attracts an answer for each and every Android vendor, making a list question that has no "right" answer. Also remember that the answer may not even be consistent across all HTC devices, and you may need to get more specific. However, I do not understand what exactly this means: Nobody in any of those threads says "there is no answer." Second, nobody answering those questions has over 1000 rep, so I am not sure if they count as "high-rep specialists. " I have seen similar answers from high-rep users(and I've said it myself on occasion), but your sample questions do not make this clear.By comparison, look at this: Inject uplink audio in call with Snapdragon MSM8960 SoCThe question is specific to a chip, links to related code, and asks for something specific. In return, there is no "you can not do that" in the answer, and an approach is given. The quality of answers is directly related to the quality of the question.Take the advice. They might give you exactly what you need. If so, you can come back and self-answer an awesome question to help future visitors, while gaining that sweet rep to boot. If not, at least you can include that as research in your question. When you do come back with a question, make it as specific as possible, so that it gets a specific answer.Remember, you may not get an answer right away. It could take days, weeks, months, who knows? The crowd of kernel hackers is much smaller than the crowd of API users, and it may take some time for anyone who can answer your question to actually see it
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Change USB Vendor Id / Product Id
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Reference Design of Power Supply and Serializer for Automobile Camera Module
Belkin Introduces Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station Pro, Which Supports Both MacBook and Windows PC Syst
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