What Kind of Mods Should I Do to My Ninja 250?

what kind of mods should I do to my ninja 250?

What Kind of Mods Should I Do to My Ninja 250? 1

Leave it the way it is. You will never recover the cost of modifications when it's time to sell, let alone actually make a profit! It just does not work that way. Anybody who feels that they have outgrown a Ninja 250 in less than two solid years of riding simply has failed to learn the bike's true capabilities.

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Kathryn S. Fuller - Chair of the Ford Foundation and former President of the World Wildlife Fund Pete Geren - President of the Sid W. Richardson Foundation Father T.J. Martinez - Founder of Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory of Houston a Jesuit High School exclusively dedicated to low income students in Houston. Inducted into Papal Knighthood Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre Sam Simon, consumer advocate Darren Walker - President of the Ford Foundation

What Kind of Mods Should I Do to My Ninja 250? 2

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Instead of a bailout, why not tax the profiteers?

"The Congress shall pass no ex poste facto laws" US Constitution.. You can tax future earnings of people but cannot go back in time and make taxes retroactive. The so called stimulus which Congress just passed has, at the insistence of Senator Dodd, just such a provision. It is unconstitutional and will not stand up to court review. Dodd nows this but it makes him look like a crusader for honesty when, as we all know, he is a hypocrite and a liar.

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Should I sell this or give it to someone who really needs it?

Put yourself in that families shoes.How would you feel if you lost everything in a fire and someone tried to make a profit off of your plight? Youshould really be ashamed of yourself .How could you sleep at night after doing something like that?

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Will I be sued for selling a frame picture of Michael Jackson?

Technically, whoever owns the rights to reproduce the photographs is the ONLY one who can sell them for a profit. Therefore, you could be sued, yes. However, it's doubtful the owner would sue you unless there was real money involved. ---------------- FYI, photos found on the Internet are NOT public domain unless specified as such.

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Liberals, can you name me one government program that is budget nuetral? Anything that turns a profit?

The government is not supposed to turn a profit

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Non-profit activities

Muller has founded an educational organization named Take 2: The Student's Point of View whose mission is to help students develop global citizenship and leadership skills. Muller provides the raw footage used to create her international documentary series - along with comprehensive curricula - to schools throughout the USA and Canada. Students are encouraged to use the materials to create documentaries or short films and in the process, develop deeply personal connections with the local people whose stories they are telling. The first projects have involved footage from Sudan, Chad, and Cuba; 60 hours of footage were provided to schools, and a number of documentary programs have been completed. Approximately 180 schools have joined the project thus far. In-depth footage is available on a variety of topic, including Cuba, North Africa, and the Environment.

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Is it profitable to own but not run a Cafe?

In business, no one will ever be as concerned with the business as the owner. If you are not interested in running the cafe, no one you hire will be more conscientious. So basically you either have to have a formulaic business where everything is well defined and there is little or no decision making (franchises might fit this model) or you have to be heavily involved in building those processes in the first few years at least. Note too that restaurants are very risky and rarely give a good return on investment without a very large investment. IF you participate in the business then you may make some money by effectively taking a salary (it will be in the form of owner draws, we found out that the owner can't take a salary unless the business is a full C Corp). But if you have to pay someone else that salary to run the business then you can count on at most 20% profit, and it's more likely to be much less than that. Note this is profit before taxes, capital expenditures and interest payments, so it's not "Profit" you can necessarily put in your pocket.Is it profitable to own but not run a Cafe?

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