What is raw material for mini led moving head in TORY LIGHT?

GUANGZHOU TORY LIGHT CO.,LIMITED has gradually cultivated and formed the entrepreneurial spirit of stage lights equipment. Inquire now! The Professional mini led moving head Manufacturer in the Manufacturing Lights & Lighting Industry Compared with similar products, TORY's moving led lights is more advantageous in the following aspects. TORY always provides customers with reasonable and efficient one-stop solutions based on the professional attitude.

What is raw material for mini led moving head in TORY LIGHT? 1

For help, what level of filter does 10um correspond? According to Document No. 85 [1993] issued by the state administration, the notice of the General Office of the State Council on issuing the three implementation measures for the reform of the wage system of organs and institutions, 'only professional and technical titles without administrative positions, according to the actual situation of each unit and referring to the original salary level, the spirit of determining the job salary and level salary according to the same conditions: the senior professional and technical personnel, the job salary is determined according to the high grade of the job salary at the positive level, and the level salary is determined according to the level corresponding to the positive level. It should be noted that this correspondence is not absolute, but a reference. Moreover, we can't think that senior technicians in business orders will have to pay the same salary as civil servants at the right level.

Is the front filter ghost spirit to remove the scale? Most of the scale can be removed, and most of the water purification equipment can be done, but this kind of alkali can never be removed, and the filter accuracy must reach 0.1 nm to barely achieve. this monster can also remove sand, sand and the like. chlorine should also be OK without specific parameters. but the taste will not change much. Alkaline substances in water are at least one of the 100 points of common bacteria. To improve the alkali, at least a pure water machine is needed, which is the equipment for making pure water. Pre-filtration can't remove scale, but it just plays a simple role in primary filtration. I hope it will help you and adopt it .

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