What about the quality management system in TORY LIGHT?

GUANGZHOU TORY LIGHT CO.,LIMITED upholds a spirit to be down-to-earth and fearless in the development. Now we have many honors and certifications. TORY enjoys developed telecommunication and traffic convenience. The geographic location is superior and the natural conditions are good. According to different needs of customers, TORY is capable of providing reasonable, comprehensive and optimal solutions for customers. Highly reliable ODM services are also available in .

What about the quality management system in TORY LIGHT? 1

Beer filter, instead of candle filter Our filter element filtering accuracy can reach 10um and we also provide technical solutions for environmental protection equipment in Keda: fully automatic self-cleaning filter (filter type), fully automatic backwashing filter (filter type) full-automatic full-process water treatment device (solenoid filter), hand-shake brush filter (filter type), manual backwashing filter (filter type), and full-process water treatment device (magnetic filter) the cyclone sand remover (centrifugal cyclone upward) and the electronic dehumidifier (electro-magnetic ).Filter of silica Earth.It is a filter that uses silica Earth and so on as a filter aid,When used for beer filtration,On the filter branch, the filter layer is pre-coated with silica Earth and so on,And filter as the whole feeding and adding filter aids,It has large filtration capacity, low price, low operating cost and automation,Does not affect the flavor of beer and other advantages,It is the mainstream machinery and necessa

Precision filter for medium heat machinery Precision filter (also known as security filter ),The shell of the cylinder is generally made of stainless steel,The inside adopts tubular filter elements such as PP melt spraying, wire burning, folding, titanium filter element, activated carbon filter element, etc,Different filter elements are selected according to different filter media and design processes,To meet the requirements of the water quality.For solid-liquid separation of various suspensions,The environmental requirements are relatively high,Liquid filtration with high filtration accuracy,Wide scope of application,Suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, environmental protection, water treatment and other industrial fields.

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