Were There Any KMT Holdouts in Mainland China After the Chinese Civil War?

Were there any KMT holdouts in mainland China after the Chinese Civil War?

Were There Any KMT Holdouts in Mainland China After the Chinese Civil War? 1

Yes.on the one hand, on the mainland still exists a group of the kuomintang, and Song ching ling foundation is still one sector of China. They have been the kuomintang leftists, sympathetic to the party. So until now, they could impact on the Chinese government. On the other hand, it was precisely because of the cultural revolution that China produced a large number of "anti-government" people, some of whom became kuomintang supporters while the reform and opening up. This group was once attractive on the Chinese Internet BBS, but eventually the holdouts of this force became smaller and smaller, while more and more people realized that Chiang was really stupid.As I said, there is already too much evidence of Chiang kai-shek's military, political, diplomatic, leadership, industrial construction... talent, that's too bad. It is hard for a sane person to stand up for Chiang when the one simply compares MAO zedong, Zhou enlai, or Deng xiaoping to Chiang kai-shek

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How was Taiwan able to retain more of the traditional Chinese culture and customs than mainland China?

after the communist regime founded in China. China has lost the connection with their culture while Taiwan did not . many highbrows were killed. the tradition culture is deemed as superstition.

Were There Any KMT Holdouts in Mainland China After the Chinese Civil War? 2

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Do people in mainland China really believe that the Hong Kong protest is influenced by an "external force" i.e. the United States?

It's just a term. What, you expect the media to say "by some supernatural forces"?

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canadian going to mainland china, can I bring gifts without paying duties or financial penalty?

As long as your clothes are inside your luggage then you wo not have any problems. Clothes are common item in every traveling passenger's luggage, so there's no problem with it

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Who does not need freedom and human rights in mainland China?

we need not freedom and human right . because we can not eat freedom and human right .we need food to eat .when we can eat ,we are very happy and everything else is useless for us

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Why do foreigners choose to live in Mainland China instead of Hong Kong or Taiwan?

Because China is China, the place with 16% of humanity and tons of opportunities. HK and Taiwan are developed economies but are miniscule in size compared to the mainland. Obviously if one is seeking to prosper and sell services or products, China would be the ideal place as compared to HK and Taiwan.

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Do I have to get a separate sim card for my cell phone in Hong Kong and then mainland China?

final September I had to return and forth from China to Hong Kong to get my new artwork visa. i became into waiting to deliver and receive messages without project. i did no longer worry to call every person; in simple terms despatched messages. I even have China cellular provider.

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Why did many Taiwanese reject the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement with mainland China? Was it bad for their economy or was it just that the Kuomintang did not use a more democratic method to pass it?

Because those Taiwanese who reject the Cross Strait Service Trade Agreement generally do not see how such trade agreements would benefit themselves.They see it in line with the way much of US labor see NAFTA, TPP, and other similar free trade agreements, that it would benefit the economy in such ways that the corporations will get richer, but labor will be poorer as it will be forced to compete with another labor force with a much lower wage base. Contrary to previous decades, the recent record is poor on translating such economic growth to improved living conditions for labor in the developed world. The double whammy is that they also view this free trade agreement as means of empowering a politically belligerent neighbor. This is compared to the case for TPP in the US, where it was already difficult to sell TPP to sections of the public even when it was promoted as helping US and its allies.For many of them, the shady details on how the ROC government approved the agreements was only the catalyst, and not the cause, for their opposition.

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Is it probable for Mainland China and Taiwan reunification thru peaceful means? 1. Adopted ROC as official name. 2. Allowed Taiwan democratic practice in selecting provincial legislative but transfer Kinmen and Matsu Islands back to Fujian Province.

There is no reason why mainland China and Taiwan cannot be united through peaceful means. The following factors are to substantiate the unity of the two countries:1. Under One-Country Two-Systems Rule, such as Macau and Hong Kong. 2. Historically, Taiwan was part of China. 3) Kinship of people in both countries (Taiwan and Mainland China), especially the people of Hokkien race, cannot be separated from each other. For instance, when I was in Kaohsuing in the early eighties for shipping business, my Taiwanese business friend told me that he had already bought a piece of land in Xiamen for building his future house for his family to stay.4) Taiwan and China had signed an agreement, under the witness of the previous administration of the U,S Government, relating to the two countries to be peacefully united. 5_To-day modern China is not only economically powerful, but also commercially active and friendly to the whole world and scientifically innovative; thus the mainland Chinese people are economically, educationally healthy and opening their friendly arms to all mankind on earth

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