Weaning Baby From the Breast (eventually)?

breasts are designed to slow production if you take less than 80% of the milk at a feeding. You can just cut each feed short a little and it will be no problem. Some do that accidentally and then run short.

Weaning Baby From the Breast (eventually)? 1

1. Why are data-related job titles so confusing? What is the difference between machine learning engineer, machine learning infra engineer, machine learning scientist, data engineer, and data scientist?

Others have answered and I broadly concur with the sentiments but if I break down each job functionally and as simply (coarsely) as I can to think about them then I would answer the role differences are as follows - but BIG CAVEAT - they blur and many jobs / companies vary and blur:machine learning engineerA bit like a 'full stack' developer who balances / can legitimately do technology, app dev, data management and the science stuff that used to be called predictive analytics in one body and head. They often take data science prototypes and work out how to make them scale.machine learning infra engineerSo the last two words are key here; they design, build, manage and maintain the technology systems that enable data science and machine learning to run and operate as either a factory or lights out process. They may support systems that are for bespoke work too but applied ML is about scale and production / deployment to drive value.machine learning scientistFocus on machine learning algorithms but not on the tech per se. They may be researching new fields and techniques and looking at how to apply them. Might be seen as a are searcher' on applied data science.data engineerFocussed on data management, cleansing and integration tasks whilst remaining within the law (mostly), leveraging great tech to collate, prepare, cleanse and publish data for algorithms and / or scientists to do their work. Often turn headcount driven model data needs into productionised factory or lights out data processes. Have less understanding of the science and algorithm side of the field but know how to automate and integrate while keeping referential integrity in production ready systems.data scientistUses data, statistical and analysis skills alongside facilitation and stakeholder management skills to create solutions that are innovative and value driving for business, not-for-profit, human and / or process problems that can often be one of a kind - or amalgamations of others techniques / ideas and concepts with twists that solve problems with data and math

2. Lack of regulations leads to monopolies. What's better? Monopolies or Communism?

Yes american conservative its working well for you now, your economy is uo schidt street. Communism is no better but a compromise where the government places strict controls on the companies with thr means of production works very well. You might call this socialism but it still works better than anything else.

Weaning Baby From the Breast (eventually)? 2

3. Modern Conveniences in a dystopian anarchy [closed]

Inidividuals will band together and run services and businesses on a case by case basis.Anarcho-communism. Anarcho-communism... is a political philosophy and anarchist school of thought which advocates the abolition of the state, capitalism, wage labour and private property (while retaining respect for personal property, along with collectively-owned items, goods and services) in favor of common ownership of the means of production, direct democracy (among communes, participatory democracy), cooperativism, equal distribution of valuables, and a horizontal network of workers' councils with production and consumption based on the guiding principle: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs".Without a state or central government to oversee, individuals group together and work together to preserve and maintain what they value. In essence, everything is a cooperative. Public services can work this way - the National Guard of the US is composed entirely of volunteers, and fire departments and ambulance services are run by volunteers in some places. The police force of your world can be a combination of volunteers and prior officers who organize themselves and are supported by the communities they protect. Your stores and services the survive do so because they are valued by individuals, who group together to keep these things going. The anarchic aspect means that each business entity and service that survives the apocalypse might have a different story behind how it survived - one might have been taken over by the workers who run it, one might have been resuscitated by customers who miss it, one might be claimed by a religious organization, and so on. Some of these things will have the same name, but be very different from how they were before the fall. It will be fun to write and fun to read!

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