Tips for My First Plane Trip/ride?

Yes you can bring a backpack. Bring your phone and earphones to listen to music and a book if you read. I would also bring some snacks and buy a drink in the departures lounge - the airline will probably rip you off for those things on the plane. A jumper is advisable which you can keep under the seat in front if you, tempreratures can change dramatically, sometimes it is too hot, sometimes too cold. Put your backpack in the overhead department but keep a separate plastic bag to keep this stuff in so you can just take it out when you get on the plane. If you are sitting by the window seat bring sun glasses if you want to look out the window. The sun glare can be very intense through the window above the clouds. Wear comfortable clothes, do not wear jeans. I never understand people who wear jeans on long flights. I pretty much wear my pajamas! Well not quite but close.

Tips for My First Plane Trip/ride? 1

1. Would you be attracted to a girl who doesn't wear make-up and usually just wears jeans and t-shirts?

My husband actually told me that he does not like the smell of nail polish and is annoyed by most perfumes. He also said that he prefers me without make-up because make-up "covers natural beauty" and that it's harder to kiss and cuddle with the taste of lipstick and the possibility of make-up getting on his clothes or smearing. So, I do not wear make-up anymore and we are both happier that way! I still shower and shave and brush my teeth. I also make sure to keep my nails trimmed and filed. I do dress up a bit when we got out, but that entails wearing a blouse and jeans instead of a t-shirt and jeans and maybe doing something different with my hair. I do not use hair spray, either, since he also hates the chemical smell of it.

2. What cute outfits could I wear with these ankle boots?

Those boots are so cute!!! Well, you could wear jeans and with a plaid shirt to make you look more like a cowgirl (haha) and you could wear a hat. :) you could also wear jeans, and a blue long sleeve shirt(: there are many I could think of, like denim shorts with a pink t shirt ;D or maybe a dress with plaids ? Sorry in probably no help, but I am trying!

Tips for My First Plane Trip/ride? 2

3. high top converse and skinny jeans question!?

jeans over!:)

4. POLL: Tight Jeans vs Baggy Jeans?

SUPER TIGHT!!! gotta look hot!

5. Do Mormons have to wear temple undergarments when working outdoors in Phoenix in the summertime?

In the FLDS sect of Mormonism they also wear long skirts/pants and long sleeves. Go figure. When I was growing up Mormon, men would wear nothing but their garments and jeans when working outside in the heat. Now days modesty and/or embarrassment dictates that the garment top be covered at all times. You guys really think Jesus wants you to have a heat stroke? Wow.

6. Why Does Hollister Only Sell Odd Sized Jeans?

i do not like jeans. anything with elastic around it is better

7. What do you think of 90's trends coming back into fashion (e.g., platform shoes and flannel around the waist)?

Yay! I was in high school and college in the 90s, so that was my time of being cool. Ok, sort of. I was actually kinda weird, but I definitely had stylish clothes. Do not think I will do the flannel thing again, but I still have dr martens. Not leftover from the 90s. Newer ones I bought more recently, but just as cool, or cooler than the ones then. Plus, leggings are awesome. So comfy. I do not think I've stopped wearing them since the 80s, so that's cool. Flared jeans also cool. I like jeans of all styles, so I will be happy to add those back into my denim wardrobe. And I love platform shoes! I am not that tall so I love heels. But high heels without a platform are really uncomfortable. So yay!

8. Is it ok to wear Uggs in the summer?

Those shoes are more for the colder times. I would say it would probably be a fashion faux pas, and even if it WAS accepted, you would be awfully hawt in them, because A) your feet would not be able to breathe, and B) you would have to wear jeans with them.

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What Is the Name of Brands of Tight Jeans for Men?
the only ones i can think of are girls jeans from hot topic, but im almost posotive that they also make tight jeans for guys and if im right they are called, lip service, chor, or tripp1. Are these straight leg jeans or skinny jeans? (Men's)?straight leg, there nice though2. Where's a good place to buy skinny jeans for men?hottopic pacsun ccs .3. Tight or loose jeans on men?loose : )4. Anywhere I can get some Orange Jeans for men?Do not forget you can always dye them yourself or have it done by a pro! If you do it yourself you may want to start with white jeans(much easier to find than orange I am sure). Good luck!5. Where can you find skinny jeans for men?I was stupid enough to want skinny jeans a year ago. I literally purchased a 10 cheap pair of regular jeans that were the right leg, turned them inside out, and then with safety pins pinched them and pinned them to the right tightness. You then sew along those lines, remove the safety pins, and wahey! You have a pair (That is if you want some REALLY skinny ones) You will have got bored of them within a month though. I promise you.6. Why do many women find tight jeans on men appealing?Um, girls with sense do not , its gross and just a fad, do not worry it should pass soon7. Where can i find skinny jeans for men?GUYS skinny jeans=nooooooooooo that will make them look sooooooooooo GAY!!!!!8. Girls, whats the best/coolest shoes to wear with, "Diesel" jeans? (Men's shoes)?really depends on the guy. if he's younger than black converse chuck taylors. but if he's older than something a bit more formal, but nothing too classy.9. Super skinny jeans for men?I think the brand you are looking for is Constriction10. Where can I find plus size colored skinny jeans (Men's Size 40, Women's Size 18-20)? No Black or White.?Plus Size Red Skinny Jeans11. Are tight jeans for men cool?If you want woman wondering if you have balls or not then... yeah i say so12. Where can I find non-skinny colored jeans for men?particularly,i think of the awesome colored skinny denims are unattractive. i think of no longer so formidable purple skinnies,(like maroon) or a gloomy pastel purple or something are cool, however the whole awesome factor does not seem good on adult men or ladies lol. Do what you pick for. human beings suck, dress the way you pick for to dress, and in case you sense good in something. is going to look good on you. If i've got been you i might purchase them without care in the international permit human beings communicate ****:] they arent courageous adequate to stand out. 13. Where can i get skinny jeans as skinny as pacsun's girl jeans but for men?lol your really a guy fag14. Baggy or fitted jeans for men?Fitted. I personally hate the gangster look15. Any idea which jeans for men have not too relaxed of a cut but have a bigger boot cut flare at the bottom ?You should look at girl's low rise bootcut or flared jeans16. Whats the best brand to buy black skinny jeans for men?Budget? Cheap: Hot Topic/Zumiez (All those gothy/skater brands are generally affordable) Thrift stores. You can even wear girl jeans from Mandees or H&M. Medium: Guess, Levi, Lucky, AX all make nice slim fit jeans. You just have to look for a black one. High End: Replay, 7 for all mankind , Evisu, NRG, Emporio Armani17. Hate it or love it skinny jeans for men?lovee on some guys not all can pull them off18. is extra loose jeans for men still in fashion?well xtra tight jeans sure the hell aint in fashion for men, unless they are gay19. where can i find beige skinny jeans for men besides hot topic?Maybe H&M or Forever 2120. Where can I find good fitting 48x34 Jeans for men?Try "Big and Tall" levi's21. Hate it or love it skinny jeans for men?love it! my boyfriend and i have 2 pairs of jeans that are exactly the same haha. if youre wondering.
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