Tech Unveiled BIRTV 2013 with a New and Powerful Lineup of Video Test Products

Beijing, China, August 7, 2013 - tech, the market leader of broadcast video testing, monitoring and analysis solutions, recently announced that it will display a series of industry-leading latest video testing products and solutions at the 22nd Beijing International Radio, film and television equipment exhibition (BIRTV 2013) held at China International Exhibition Center from August 21 to 24, Adapt to the progress of new technologies such as digital HD, covering from the product portfolio of new waveform monitor to the new generation of video generator and MPEG analyzer to a variety of video monitoring and measurement function options and software solutions.

At this birtv2013, the products to be unveiled at booth 8a23 of Tektronix in hall 8 of China International Exhibition Center include: new technology demonstration on the evolution of 4K ultra clear resolution technology; Wfm2300 handheld waveform monitor with eye diagram measurement function newly added; Eco8000 dual power automatic switcher to be officially launched; The latest document technical review scheme cerify supports cloud platform; Pqa600 image quality analysis system supporting HDMI interface and wfm5250 portable waveform monitor. At the exhibition, you will see the latest video testing technology and products launched by Tektronix this year, so you can have a preview! At that time, colleagues in the industry are welcome to visit the booth and have in-depth exchanges.

2013 is a year for the further implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan on digital television and three networks integration policy. The expansion of domestic demand markets such as digital home entertainment, smart home and community services will provide a strong domestic demand driving force for the development of digital home industry; The wide application of new technologies such as the next generation Internet, radio and television network, Internet of things and cloud computing will inject new vitality into the transformation and upgrading of digital TV and digital home industry.

"In order to adapt to the progress of new technologies such as triple play and digital HD, our customers need to build a complete set of new video testers and video measurement tools." Wang Zhongyuan, marketing director of Tec Greater China, said, "the video testing tools at this exhibition support a variety of standards and formats, and can conduct the most comprehensive analysis of various digital videos (across multiple standards and physical layers) and the most in-depth (detailed analysis from the bottom to the top). Tektronix's flexible configuration scheme will always be at the forefront of technology for customers with small investment! "

Main products exhibited by Tektronix BIRTV 2013:

Latest wfm2300 handheld waveform monitor

The latest wfm2300 handheld waveform monitor is an upgrade of the original wfm2200 waveform monitor of Tektronix, adding the eye pattern measurement function. Wfm2300 waveform monitor is an ideal monitoring tool for on-site program production and application. It adopts a 6.5-inch LED backlight display with clear trace display similar to CRT quality; the instrument uses a convenient and replaceable The instrument is small and light, weighing only 4.4 pounds (2.2 kilograms).

Pqa600 image quality analysis system supporting HDMI interface

Pqa600a is the latest generation of HDMI image quality analysis protocol supporting HDCP cracking. It is a new product developed by Tektronix on the basis of the Emmy award winning pqa200 / 300. Pqa600a adopts the concept based on human visual system and provides a set of repeatable objective image quality measurement that is very close to the subjective human visual evaluation. Pqa600a's objective image quality measurement serves as a reference Process technicians provide valuable information for optimizing video compression and image reproduction, so that engineers and technicians can provide users and viewers with high-quality general carrier and distribution transmission services. The pqa600 image quality analysis system on display will support HDMI interface.

Wfm5250 portable waveform monitor

The wfm5250 SDI / HDMI waveform monitor launched by Tektronix in April this year is the only product in its product category that provides hdmi-hdcp input, enabling broadcasters and video service providers (VSPs) to directly monitor set-top boxes (STBs) for the first time Output quality of video and audio with Blu ray player. This unique function makes wfm5250 the most comprehensive, compact and convenient video and audio testing tool for acquisition, post production and consistency monitoring. Wfm5250 supports HDCP technology, allowing users to directly access the data they need to evaluate the quality of signal output provided by any consumer electronic device using hcmi interface This is very important for video service providers who want to objectively measure the quality of customer experience and comply with broadcasting and regulatory standards.

New document technical review scheme cerify supports cloud platform

Tektronix's automatic quality control solution, cerify, is a fully automatic system that verifies / checks file based content before it is transmitted or used. Cerify can ensure the readiness of media content and help content providers reduce the number of rejected content provided to video service providers. The cloud platform version supported by cerify on display is implemented as a cloud server New video quality control software for solution.

The latest eco8000 dual power automatic switcher

The new eco8000 dual power automatic switcher is a new automatic converter to be launched by Tektronix. It is applied to Tektronix spg8000 synchronization and master clock reference signal generator to form the most advanced synchronization signal generation system. It is used in modern broadcasting facilities, mobile station towers and post production facilities, providing excellent reliability, stability and high availability.

The latest eco8000 dual power automatic switcher and the new file technology review scheme adopted by Amazon network service in the United States, cerify support cloud platform will be exhibited for the first time at the exhibition. Please look forward to it!

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Tech Unveiled BIRTV 2013 with a New and Powerful Lineup of Video Test Products 1

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