Tactile Rendering of 3D Features on Touch Surfaces Disney Research

Tactile Rendering of 3D Features on Touch Surfaces – Disney Research

Tactile Rendering of 3D Features on Touch Surfaces  Disney Research 1

We present a tactile-rendering algorithm for simulating 3D geometric features, such as bumps, on touch screen surfaces. This is achieved by modulating friction forces between the user's finger and the touch screen, instead of physically moving the touch surface. We proposed that the percept of a 3D bump is created when local gradients of the rendered virtual surface are mapped to lateral friction forces. To validate this approach, we first establish a psychophysical model that relates the perceived friction force to the controlled voltage applied to the tactile feedback device. We then use this model to demonstrate that participants are three times more likely to prefer gradient force profiles than other commonly used rendering profiles. Finally, we present a generalized algorithm and conclude the paper with a set of applications using our tactile rendering technology.

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Laptop with digital pen but not touch screen?

Nope. "Light pen" does not work on LED screen

Tactile Rendering of 3D Features on Touch Surfaces  Disney Research 2

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Best buy cell phone trade in problem?

I own The Voyager and I like it A lot The QWERTY keyboard is very easy to use. and The touch Screen is extremely Responsive. I would Def. Recommend you get it. I am planning on getting a Storm soon. Go to a Verizon Store and try them out.

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Alternative to using IPod touch screen with fingers?

Grab a pencil and aluminum foil. Wrap a small peace of aluminum foil at the end of the eraser bud of the pencil. Now try it!

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QWERTY vs Touch Screen ?

QWERTY definitely. I have a samsung with QWERTY and i love it. Touchscreens just see really impractical

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Help Picking a Touch Screen Phone?

question for you. have you ever actually used a touchscreen phone for more then a week?

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Placing a button on a touch screen?

At a guess, what you want to do is simply not possible. See if using that stylus activates the touch area on some existing app. I suspect it wo not , and I can not explain why without getting into questions of capacitive coupling which you wo not understand

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Best 4G phone currently available on the market?

I think the motorala photon is the best its dual core has an 8 mega pixel camera andhas an hd card inside has a kick stand lots of wigets it can be a mobile hotspot for 8 devices and it has great gps and also it has a docking station forcyour tv and computer so you dont have to just use the touch screen

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How to fix touch screen on MP3?

There may be a website.For the Nintendo DS there is a website where they tell you what you have to do to fix the screen.My sisters screen went wacko and she had my dad fix it.Find the website of who made the MP3 and it might tell you. If not you will have to buy a new one.

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What is the best case for an Ipod touch?

anyone that does't have a thick film covering the screen. if the protective screen is too thick it will interfere with the with the sensitivity of the touch screen

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Best Touch Screen Monitor

A touch screen monitor is a common sight in the professional world nowadays. Gaming studios, production houses, different industries, security companies, and many other sectors have been using them for a while. And now, they are becoming popular for personal uses as well. So, what is so great about them? Why not stick to the regular monitors? First of all, they are smart and interactive. Usable without additional accessories like mouse and keyboard. And being so, they are far more comfortable and easy to operate. Easily pinch, swipe, or multi-tap. Of course, they also support USB accessories. Most of the touch screen monitors come with a USB hub. And based on the brand, they also support HDMI, VGA, Type-C, or DVI-D cables. Additionally, the screens are available in different width and resolutions. 1920 x 1080p HD resolutions seem to be fairly common. Also, most of them offer great viewing angles, commonly 178 degrees horizontal and equal vertical angle. Moreover, most of the touch screen monitors are compatible with the latest OS versions. You can just plug in and operate as they barely require any dedicated driver. So take a look at the WFH recommended top 10 touch screen monitors and go smart! A touch screen monitor is a physical monitor display that you can interact with by touching it. Unlike a traditional monitor that only enables you to interact via a mouse and external devices, a touch screen is a computer display screen that enables your finger to serve as an input device. There are two ways to answer this question. One is practical. If you want to open documents, send an email, or control other aspects of your monitor simply touch it as you would with a computer mouse. The second answer is slightly more technical. A touch screen monitor is built with a panel and a screen - one made of thin glass, the other of plastic. When you touch the monitor and electrical flow occurs informing the computer to respond. This enables you to click, select, point, drag and drop, or zoom on your monitor all with the tap of your finger. What are the benefits of a touch screen monitor? • None Dynamic work. You can use a mouse and your finger to control the screen. If you want to reduce clutter, you can remove your mouse and keyboard and have two fewer items to manage and take up space on your desk. • None Creativity. The drag and drop functionality of a touch screen monitor can not be replicated with a mouse. By using your hands to touch photos, videos, or art you can use your body to create content on the screen. That makes immerse computing and gaming compelling and differentiated computational experiences. • None Get back space. Touch screen monitors remove the need for extra computer peripherals such a mouse, keyboard, stylus, and all the cords, cables, and chargers that go with them. We hope after reviewing the best touch screen monitors we presented in this article that you are now aware of the different options you have for a touch screen displays, how they work, and ways these devices can help you do better work while at home. Touch screen monitors are akin to the smartphone you likely use. It just works. You can interact with your monitor with a mouse if preferred or lean it and use your finger or hand to control the content on the screen. Touch screen monitors are easy to use and simple to learn how to operate. When buying a touch screen monitor first consider the type of work you will be conducting on your laptop, desktop, and external display. How do you spend your time when using your computer? Do you primarily create content? Write documents? Send emails? Play games? These types of questions can help you define if a touch monitor is worth it. In general, a touch monitor is great for people who want to do two things: • None Interact with their monitor using the hand or fingers. Specifically people that are pinching photos and zooming in, people creating digital art (photos, videos, etc), and gamers. • None People that want less clutter. Because the touch screen removes the need for a mouse and potentially your keyboard, they leave a cleaner and more open work space. After you have decided you want a touch screen monitor, consider its compatibility with your PC or laptop. General things you should consider: • None How large of a monitor do you want or need? • None Does the monitor support your computer's operating system? • None How will you connect to the monitor (HDMI, VGA, etc)? • None The price of the touch screen monitor Touch screen monitors can range in price from $100 to a few hundred dollars, depending on the size of the screen, the quality of the pixelation, and the responsiveness of the display.

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