Module Alleviates Anxiety in the Cloud and Is Specially Designed to Meet the Challenges of Industria

Recently, Greenpeace and North China Electric Power University jointly released the ranking list to score China's 15 largest cloud companies and data center operators according to their performance in renewable energy, carbon emission reduction and energy efficiency. Surprisingly, among the 15 companies, only Alibaba and Qinhuai data passed the performance, while many well-known enterprises including Tencent, Baidu, Huawei and JD failed to reach the pass line. According to the report jointly released by Greenpeace and North China Electric Power University, the power consumption of data centers in China in 2018 was 160.889 billion kwh, more than that of Shanghai in 2018 (156.7 billion KWH). Greenpeace predicts that China's data center power consumption will increase by 66% by 2023.

In order to prevent the "white cloud" of data from becoming a "black cloud" with the original crime of pollution, in addition to the "open source" measures such as clean energy, it is also very important to reduce consumption from the source. According to statistics, the high energy consumption of cloud system mainly comes from it equipment and refrigeration system, which account for 40% of the total energy consumption of data center respectively. To reduce this part of energy consumption, the technological innovation of ADI's innovative module power supply µ module in recent years has brought opportunities to improve such challenges.

Efficient cooling is the key to reduce energy loss

The device combines the highest power of similar products with high energy efficiency to reduce the cooling requirements of data center infrastructure. This new power supply µ module can provide dual 50A or single 100A configurations. Its innovative packaging technology has little impact on system size and cooling cost with the increase of server density and the improvement of data center throughput and computing power. The high integration and built-in component level packaging design of ltm4700 µ module incorporates on-chip memory, data conversion circuit and digital interface, and the size is only about half of that of competitive devices. Applications of the device include cloud computing, high-speed computing and optical network systems, communication infrastructure, PCIe board, medical, industrial and test and measurement equipment.

When the operating temperature of most modular solutions is 90 ° C, the ltm4700 uses a new heat dissipation packaging technology to make its working temperature only 73 ° C and air flow only 200lfm, which is the key to reducing the cooling requirements of data center infrastructure.

Designed to meet the challenges of industrial power supply, the whole environment operates stably

Not only limited to high-efficiency cooling rate, a simple and mature power conversion solution also tests the quality level and long-term reliability of voltage regulator products. At ambient temperatures up to 70 ° C and with 200 LFM airflow, the ltm4700 can provide a full load current of 100A in the conversion from 12vin to 0.8vout. The peak conversion efficiency is 90% during 12vin to 0.8vout conversion operation. In addition, the µ module architecture also enables system designers to combine up to 8 devices and provide a load current of up to 800A to meet the high power requirements of data center processors, including FPGA, ASIC, GPU and microcontroller.

The ltm4700 can operate in the input range of 4.5V to 16V, and its output voltage is digitally controlled in the range of 0.5V to 1.8V. Integrated a / D converter, D / a converter and EEPROM enable users to adopt one I ² C pmbus interface digitally monitors, records and controls power parameters. The switching frequency is synchronized to an external clock in the frequency range of 200kHz to 1MHz to meet those noise sensitive applications. The ltm4700 also has self-protection and load protection functions for overvoltage and undervoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature faults.

The integrated pmbus I2C interface of ltm4700 realizes function expansion, which means that ltm4700 can realize more functions through external connection, such as configuring voltage through digital communication bus, defining complex on / off timing arrangement, defining fault conditions (such as overvoltage and undervoltage limits), and setting important power parameters (such as switching frequency, current limits, etc.). On the same communication bus, important working parameters can be read back through ltm4700, such as input voltage and output voltage, input and output current, input and output power, internal and external temperature, and the energy consumed in some products. The user can realize the accurate closed-loop margin test of the design and adjust the power supply voltage to a very accurate level.


According to the forecast, the global total data capacity will exceed 175zb by 2025. With the advent of 5g and the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the construction and deployment of data center will advance by leaps and bounds. From the perspective of power engineers, the rapid development in the data center has also brought new challenges to the increasingly challenging field of power. Providing a ready-made complete power supply with excellent performance, good heat dissipation and meeting all performance standards required for final application has always been the original intention of modular power design in the industry, which is also the direction of power semiconductor solution providers such as ADI in power R & D. From the launch of ltm4600 in 2005 to the launch of ltm4700, it is based on ADI μ With more than 14 years of experience on the module regulator, in particular, it has solved the increasing limitation of PCB area in the power market. Under a given air flow, with the increase of circuit board density, the heat dissipation constraint design becomes more and more complex, and the pressure of product launch time is increasing. From the strict quality and reliability of the first product ltm4600, it has continued to each generation of products and made continuous progress. Whether in terms of size or efficiency, it is also the process of the industry's power products to continuously solve the industry's challenges.

Module Alleviates Anxiety in the Cloud and Is Specially Designed to Meet the Challenges of Industria 1

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