LED Display Is still an Important Application of LED Technology

Flat panel display has the advantages of large visual angle, no bad points, high color reduction, uniform chromaticity, adjustable multi-resolution mode, very short response time and other LCD displays. Moreover, the price of CRT display is much cheaper than LCD display. The most Zui big advantage of flat panel display over flat panel display is the corner display.

Because the flat right angle display (that is, the ultra flat display) screen is not flat, there will be graphic distortion in the corner display area, especially for the unsatisfactory text performance, and the "breathing effect" is more obvious when black and white alternate. Due to the optimization of flat panel display in this regard, the distortion of zoom display becomes very small, and the "breathing effect" has also been significantly improved. In addition, the price difference between flat panel display and flat panel display is not large, so most users choose flat panel display with better display effect.

LED display is the most important and most widely used in LED applications. With the development of LED display screen becoming more and more mature, the development of LED display screen Market in China presents a prosperous scene. In 2009, the market scale of domestic LED display screen industry has exceeded 10 billion yuan. It is expected that the domestic LED display market will maintain a growth rate of about 30% from 2010 to 2013.

The market attention of LED display screen has gradually increased

In 2009, there were 27 domestic LED display enterprises with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan, and at least 3 enterprises with annual sales of 400 million yuan. Larger domestic LED display enterprises are actively preparing for listing. It can be said that led related enterprises in the A-share market will have a more complete distribution in the industrial chain in the future.

LED display is still an important development market for domestic led enterprises. As an important application of LED technology, the LED display market is mature and the market demand is growing steadily and rapidly. At the same time, domestic LED display enterprises are rising rapidly, providing good development opportunities for upstream LED chip and packaging enterprises.


LED Display Is still an Important Application of LED Technology 1

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