Is the LIC Government Sector Or Private Sector?

Is the LIC government sector or private sector?

Is the LIC Government Sector Or Private Sector? 1

It's a Govt undertaking enterprise like public sector banks, where the majority stake holder is Govt of India

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What is the importance of informal sector activities?

Reduces crime by creating employment.Goods can be purchased at lower prices.provides a source of income for those that cannot find a job in the formal sector

Is the LIC Government Sector Or Private Sector? 2

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How important are private sector unions for the national economy?

Since it takes 3 private sector jobs to pay for 1 public sector I would say they are pretty important!

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In which sector did the AAP do the best in Delhi?

I think AAP has done good work in Education.And before election AAP started to give freebies . Eg: Free Metro & Bus pass to Ladies,free electricity & lot moreIn which sector did the AAP do the best in Delhi?.

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Best way to remove boot sector virus Hurri?

Boot Sector Virus Removal

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What is the most profitable sector/industry to work in?

The 15 Most Profitable Industries to Start a Business (and the 15 Least Profitable)Thinking of starting a profitable small business? Looking to partner with or sell services to other profitable small businesses?Or just hoping to avoid starting a business in an incredibly challenging industry?Sageworks analyzed data from thousands of private company financial statements and used net profit margin as the metric to rank industries.It's no surprise that a number of the most profitable industries provide services rather than sell products, which means their operations do not require significant capital investments or major investments in raw materials--which is good news for the average entrepreneur who can not afford to invest millions in a startup.(Speaking of startups: Here's how to start a business in just a few hours, and 10 steps to start a business while keeping your full-time job. )So while you may not be able--or interested--in starting a business in one of these areas, the following should at the very least give you some good ideas.and some good ideas for what types of businesses you might want to avoid.Here are the 15 most profitable industries in 2016, ranked by net profit margin:Accounting, tax prep, bookkeeping, payroll services: 18. 3%Legal services: 17. 4%Lessors of real estate: 17. 4%Outpatient care centers: 15. 9%Offices of real estate agents and brokers: 14.8%Offices of other health practitioners: 14.2%Offices of dentists: 14.1%Specialized design services: 12.8%Automotive equipment rental and leasing: 12. 5%Activities related to real estate: 12. 3%Warehouse and storage: 11. 6%Offices of physicians: 11. 5%Nonmetallic mineral mining and quarrying: 11.2%Medical and diagnostic laboratories: 11.1%Other schools and instruction: 10.5%And now for the least profitable industries:Oil and gas extraction: -7. 6%Support activities for mining: 0. 6%Beverage manufacturing: 0. 8%Grocery and related product merchant wholesalers: 1.9%Lawn and garden equipment and supplies stores: 2.0%Miscellaneous durable goods merchant wholesalers: 2. 3%Petroleum and petroleum products merchant wholesalers: 2.4%Grocery stores: 2.5%Automobile dealers: 3.2%Building material and supplies dealers: 3.2%Continuing care retirement communities and assisted living facilities for the elderly: 3. 3%Other motor vehicle dealers: 3. 3%Home furnishings stores: 3. 3%Furniture stores: 3. 4%Beer, wine, and liquor stores: 3. 4%Note: The average for all industries was 7.7 percent, and the data excludes taxes but does include owner compensation in excess of market-rate salaries.What is the most profitable sector/industry to work in?.

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By sector

EnergyThe strength of the Canada-U.S. relationship is demonstrated by impressive bilateral trade of approximately $1.9 billion a day, along the world's longest undefended border. Energy trade is the largest component of this cross-border commerce. Canada has the third-largest oil reserves (after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela), thanks to its oil-sands resources. The United States has historically been Canada's only foreign market for natural gas, oil, and hydropower. In 2010, almost 100% of Canada's exports in these commodity classes were destined for the United States. Canada is the largest foreign supplier of crude oil (25% of oil imports) and natural gas to the United States. In short, this energy relationship has enhanced U.S. energy security and provided Canada with a steady demand for its energy exports. However, this highly integrated U.S.-Canada energy relationship may change dramatically in the near future. U.S. oil and natural gas production and reserves are expanding because of growing tight oil and shale gas developments. Furthermore, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts slower growth in U.S. oil and natural gas consumption in the coming decades until 2035. Consequently, the United States no longer appears to be an unlimited market for Canadian energy, leaving Canada seeking new export destinations. Both Canada and the United States are increasingly reliant on foreign investment to develop their resource sectors, with Asia serving as an important source of capital. Asian investors initially focused on project investments as minority joint venture partners but are showing increasing interest in owning production companies. Asian investors' objectives for investing in the North American energy sector include both attractive financial returns on investment as well as an interest in North America as an energy supply source for their economies. The expanding energy investment and trade between North America and Asia can be mutually beneficial. Agriculture (Dairy)Another source of tension has been Canada's protection of their dairy farmers. Canada is the only industrialized country in the world to still use a "supply management system" for regulating the supply of dairy products. The US sees the system as protectionist because after an annual import quota has been reached, a large tariff (240% for milk, 300% for butter) is applied to any additional imports.

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If Public Schools Are Liberal Indoctrination, Why Don't Students Know About Private Sector Unions in
If public schools are liberal indoctrination, why don't students know about private sector unions in the1900s?Um, they do. If we go by what is taught in public school, every employer was a robber baron and every factory was the Triangle factory fire. What is not being taught is that unions have now outlived their effectiveness and are actually harming the economy.— — — — — —Private sector careerBefore joining the federal government, she served for ten years in public affairs positions at the Container Corporation of America in Chicago, where she ran its public affairs department, its foundation, and where she created its political action committee.— — — — — —Why do republicans hate the post office and use it as an example of why the private sector is always better?"Anyone who has used Ebay knows that UPS charges two or three times as much to ship a product in the same amount of time" -- umm no. Sometimes UPS is cheaper, sometimes FexEx, and sometimes USPS. UPS makes a profit, USPS loses money hand over fist. Comparable services, Prviate sector does a slightly better job at the service and WAY better job financially. USPS Lost 2.8 Billion dollars last year even tho it has many special privileges, including sovereign immunity, eminent domain powers, powers to negotiate postal treaties with foreign nations, and an exclusive legal right (aka MONOPOLY) to deliver first-class and third-class mail. UPS made 3 Billion. The government is a joke. Have a nice day— — — — — —Why are Govt workers making DOUBLE what the average private sector worker is making?Because they were "smart" enough to be promoted over more qualified people and it's like a union. Ever hear of one of them being fired? Please— — — — — —Will Google or Amazon ever beat Walmart to become the world's biggest private sector employer?No because they do not run brick and mortar stores only distribution centers and they do not need as many of them or as people to run them— — — — — —Would you trust the private sector to build and operate a Nuclear Power Plant in your town?Not at all and would trust the public sector even less. I support building a vast array of nuclear plants all along our southern border, would make for a very affective barrier.— — — — — —This is a private highway in the woodlands, Texas. Why do liberals say that the private sector can't build good roads?The private sectors TAXES pay for that road— — — — — —Should the Federal govt be the "model" for the way private sector businesses provide worker benefits?I work at a small business and have been involved in hiring decisions, and I just dont think people understand to what lengths an employer will go to be flexible and keep a good employee, because good employees are SO HARD to find. WHere I work, everyone is a huge asset to the comapny and no one tends to take advantage, and when things come up none of us are ever afraid of losing our jobs...Most companies really cannot afford NOT to try to work these things out with employees It is a terrible idea for the feds to manage employment policies and decisions of business...terrible on many levels. I can say that if what you propose is mandated my company could not afford it and none of us would have to worry about time off becuase none of us would have a job— — — — — —How many things can the government do better & cheaper than the private sector?Courts Military Schools Police Prisons Fire Dept Roads Bridges Sidewalks Street signs Post office Rail/train Medicare/health insurance FCC FAA CDC To name a few... Think they can not ? Move to Somalia, and see how well the free market and private sector has taken root there. The nuts who think that "We the People" created an infrastructure and society from the sweat and blood of real Americans, and that we should now just hand it all over to big corporations... Well, quite frankly, they have no business living in this country, and America would be a heck of a lot better off if they would leave and see how well they fare in places like Somalia. Hope that helps.— — — — — —Can you believe Obama just now froze fed pay?Not really. They alread y make more than the private sector, have much better benefits & I would really like to see the "exceptions"
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