How to Insert a Labret Stud into Cartilage Piercing?

I agree with woowoomama. I wanted the bar in my helix changed and just went into the piercing shop I had it done at and he changed it within a few minutes for free because I did not trust myself to do it yet

How to Insert a Labret Stud into Cartilage Piercing? 1

1. Where can i get a fake nose stud?

claires has sticky diamonds and magenetic but people will be weirded out if you are posing

2. stud service on dogs. how much should i charge?

500.00 plus one pick of litter

How to Insert a Labret Stud into Cartilage Piercing? 2

3. How do I attach a receptacle box to brick instead of a stud?

There is no obligation to attach an outlet box to a stud. There are many applications where a box is "free floating" in a plaster wall using boxes that have various types of flanges that lock the box in. Boxes are sometimes embedded in wooden boards, such as baseboards. The important thing is to ensure that the box is firmly secured. This could be done by screwing the box into the brick (using masonry anchors) through an existing opening in the box. It may be more practical to obtain "old-work" type boxes that have their own retaining mechanisms. the box is slipped in, then the retaining mechanism is tightened to grip the back of the plaster and lathe

4. I'm looking for pink stud square earrings?!?!?

shop NBC has a lot of nice stuff. have you checked in your local jewelry stores... ?

5. When SHOULD I change my nose stud to a ring?

never, because thats so disguisting and not pretty

6. Outlet screwed directly into stud

Okay - that is absolutely not to code and a fire/shock hazard. You show an electrical box that is partially covered over by plaster/drywall.To fix, just cut the drywall off in front of the outlet 1-gang electrical box (the blue box), pop an extender on it to bring it flush with the surface of the drywall (for example), and install the outlet back normally. By US Electrical code, any place you are connecting wires, you have to have access to that in the wall (e.g. at least a plate covering it, if you have room for a plate - you have room for an outlet). The connection also has to be contained in the box - so the way it's partially covered by drywall is not to code and a fire hazard.

7. nose stud 2 weeks old; new work policy! ughh! help!?

I had to change mine earlier than I was supposed to as well. I did not go to my piercer to get it changed though, I had my husband help me take the original one out though cause fore some reason I could not get it out. It bleed and hurt since it was not healed but I got a retainer in it. I chose to use one that was made of bioplast or whatever and my nose is fine and healed great now

8. which would u rather wear diamond stud earrings or...?

diamond stud earrings about 5 carats each princess cut set in white gold

9. Can I put a stud in my ear right after i pierce it?

change it the day after.. haha you should be fine. i changed my nose ring the same day i got mine done

10. What is a Stud?

a hottie!

11. 1993 buick century trying to remove broken wheel stud?

we have used regular hammers and air hammers with no problem-go ahead whack away

12. Should I use a stud chain?

It was a new atmosphere for him, he was acting up because he was excited. No, I would not use a stud chain here, it could very easily make him worse. Use your rope halter and preferably a 12-foot lead rope so you can maintain a safe distance if he gets jumpy. It's just going to take a lot of exposure to the "outside world" before he learns to relax in it, and longer before he will be a dependable trail horse. He is also young and that adds to the excitement factor. If there is a large enough space to the side of the road, try longeing him a little bit if you can do it safely. This will give him an outlet for his energy while also keeping you safe. When he begins to relax on the longe, go back to a bit of walking. Take it slow and just make a short walk part of your routine. The reason he was fine back in the yard was because it was familiar territory. This is all new to him, he just needs time to get accustomed to it. Good luck!

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If Public Schools Are Liberal Indoctrination, Why Don't Students Know About Private Sector Unions in
If public schools are liberal indoctrination, why don't students know about private sector unions in the1900s?Um, they do. If we go by what is taught in public school, every employer was a robber baron and every factory was the Triangle factory fire. What is not being taught is that unions have now outlived their effectiveness and are actually harming the economy.— — — — — —Private sector careerBefore joining the federal government, she served for ten years in public affairs positions at the Container Corporation of America in Chicago, where she ran its public affairs department, its foundation, and where she created its political action committee.— — — — — —Why do republicans hate the post office and use it as an example of why the private sector is always better?"Anyone who has used Ebay knows that UPS charges two or three times as much to ship a product in the same amount of time" -- umm no. Sometimes UPS is cheaper, sometimes FexEx, and sometimes USPS. UPS makes a profit, USPS loses money hand over fist. Comparable services, Prviate sector does a slightly better job at the service and WAY better job financially. USPS Lost 2.8 Billion dollars last year even tho it has many special privileges, including sovereign immunity, eminent domain powers, powers to negotiate postal treaties with foreign nations, and an exclusive legal right (aka MONOPOLY) to deliver first-class and third-class mail. UPS made 3 Billion. The government is a joke. Have a nice day— — — — — —Why are Govt workers making DOUBLE what the average private sector worker is making?Because they were "smart" enough to be promoted over more qualified people and it's like a union. Ever hear of one of them being fired? Please— — — — — —Will Google or Amazon ever beat Walmart to become the world's biggest private sector employer?No because they do not run brick and mortar stores only distribution centers and they do not need as many of them or as people to run them— — — — — —Would you trust the private sector to build and operate a Nuclear Power Plant in your town?Not at all and would trust the public sector even less. I support building a vast array of nuclear plants all along our southern border, would make for a very affective barrier.— — — — — —This is a private highway in the woodlands, Texas. Why do liberals say that the private sector can't build good roads?The private sectors TAXES pay for that road— — — — — —Should the Federal govt be the "model" for the way private sector businesses provide worker benefits?I work at a small business and have been involved in hiring decisions, and I just dont think people understand to what lengths an employer will go to be flexible and keep a good employee, because good employees are SO HARD to find. WHere I work, everyone is a huge asset to the comapny and no one tends to take advantage, and when things come up none of us are ever afraid of losing our jobs...Most companies really cannot afford NOT to try to work these things out with employees It is a terrible idea for the feds to manage employment policies and decisions of business...terrible on many levels. I can say that if what you propose is mandated my company could not afford it and none of us would have to worry about time off becuase none of us would have a job— — — — — —How many things can the government do better & cheaper than the private sector?Courts Military Schools Police Prisons Fire Dept Roads Bridges Sidewalks Street signs Post office Rail/train Medicare/health insurance FCC FAA CDC To name a few... Think they can not ? Move to Somalia, and see how well the free market and private sector has taken root there. The nuts who think that "We the People" created an infrastructure and society from the sweat and blood of real Americans, and that we should now just hand it all over to big corporations... Well, quite frankly, they have no business living in this country, and America would be a heck of a lot better off if they would leave and see how well they fare in places like Somalia. Hope that helps.— — — — — —Can you believe Obama just now froze fed pay?Not really. They alread y make more than the private sector, have much better benefits & I would really like to see the "exceptions"
Avicenne Study: EU Battery Demand and Supply (2019-2030) in a Global Context Shows That in the next
Avicenne Study: EU Battery Demand and Supply (2019-2030) in a Global Context Shows That in the next
Avicenne study: “EU battery demand and supply (2019-2030) in a global context” shows that ‎in the next decade lead and lithium batteries are critical to clean energy transition• Li-ion and lead-based batteries will be the two mainstream technologies by 2030 and both are required to serve the anticipated increase in demand and the different applications • The EU lead-based battery industry will maintain a strong position and will be able to meet projected growth, but ongoing investments in R&D and production enhancement are required • The European Li-ion battery industry will have the capacity to serve growing demand from 2023/24. • EU battery market value to grow from EUR 15bn in 2019 to an estimated EUR 35bn in 2030. EUROBAT - the association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers - is today releasing the "EU battery demand and supply (2019-2030) in a global context" independent market report, produced by leading energy consultancy Avicenne Energy. The study covers the mainstream battery technologies on the market today - lead-, lithium-and nickel-based technologies - plus a number of other chemistries, and covers "automotive" (12V and xEv) as well as "industrial" (stationary and motive) applications The key conclusions for automotive applications are: • Across all levels of e-mobility, lead-based batteries will continue to be dominant in the 12V market - both for SLI (start, lighting, ignition) and auxiliary functionalities. By 2030, it is estimated that only 3% of new cars will be fitted with a lithium 12V battery. • For xEV traction batteries, lithium-based batteries will remain the exclusive chemistry. For industrial batteries, the main takeaways can be summarised as follows: • For UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and Telecom applications, lead-based batteries will still be dominant in 2030. • For Energy Storage Systems (ESS), the preferred technology will be almost exclusively lithium-based by 2030. • For Motive Power applications, where lead-based batteries are today still dominant, will gradually shift to lithium-based by 2030. The study was first presented at EUROBAT's "Sustainable Batteries" webinar on 11 March, which evaluated the critical role that sustainable batteries will play in supporting the European Green Deal and enabling the 'Green Recovery'. The main purpose of the study was to obtain a good picture of battery demand and production in Europe today and in the future, as well as to understand the extent to which the European battery industry will be able to cope with future demand. Rene Schroeder, EUROBAT Executive Director, said: "Independent market information, offering us a good understanding of both battery demand and production in Europe - today and in the future - is crucial for understanding the state of the industry. It is very encouraging to see that from one side the EU lead-based battery industry will retain its strong position, while local lithium-based battery production will ramp up dramatically, making the EU self-sufficient by 2024. The new "Batteries Regulation", the most important legislation for the industry for the next 15 years to come, is currently on the table. It has a clear ambition to turn Europe into a "leader in green and sustainable batteries". EUROBAT has raised a number of concerns related, for example, to recycled content, hazardous substance management, lack of business certainty and administrative burden, which could potentially negatively impact the forecasted growth and European autonomy. It is crucial that EU policy-makers create a level playing field, also applying to batteries produced outside Europe." Christophe Pillot from Avicenne Energy, who conducted the study, commented: "It is very clear that both lead- and lithium-based chemistries will become the main players over the next decade. Both technologies will be critical in achieving the clean energy transition, catering for the specific application requirements in the automotive and industrial markets. By 2030, we anticipate a ten-fold market growth for lithium batteries across all applications, but almost exclusively driven by a steep increase in e-mobility. Demand for lead-based batteries will slightly grow and lead-based batteries will remain the preferred chemistry for 12V applications in automotive and in some industrial applications, such as Uninterruptible Power Supply and Telecom." The full video of the EUROBAT webinar of 11 March can be found here 32 2 761 1653 / 32 475 565661 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. EUROBAT is the association for the European manufacturers automotive, industrial and energy storage batteries. EUROBAT has more than 50 members from across the continent and from the whole supply chain comprising more than 90% of the automotive and industrial battery industry in Europe. The members and staff work with all stakeholders, such as battery users, governmental organisations and media, to develop new battery solutions in areas of hybrid and electro-mobility as well as grid flexibility and renewable energy storage.
Coffee Shop Culture: the CTAs New Sparta Cup of Coffee
Coffee Shop Culture: the CTAs New Sparta Cup of Coffee
I got my nose pierced two years ago and I love it. It is by far my favorite piercing. I also have a little stud. Mine did not hurt to get it. Your eyes will water though.. I guess it happens to everyone. You should always look for an experienced piercer. Its a simple piercing but you want it done right. They will give you salt water and you just clean it everyday with that. And no your nose wont whistle :) And if you want to take it out, it looks like a freckle!1. How do you take care of a nose stud?You can probably buy a cleaner at the parlor you go to. If not some saline solution will do the trick. Just put that on a cotton ball or q-tip 2-3 times a day and clean the area, inside and out. Just make sure whatever cleaner you do have is not alcohol based because that will dry out the skin and make the healing process longer. Make sure you wash your hands with antibacterial soap before you touch it at all. That will help prevent and infection. Lastly, whatever you do DO NOT take out the piercing at all for the first 6-8 weeks if not more. And after that if you do take it out, only take it out for a couple minutes at a time for the first 6 months or so. Since the piercing is in the mucus membrane it takes longer to heal than most piercings, that also means that it will close up very fast2. Foal and stud fee dilemma. Is this possible?From what you have said I can assume that the stud and mare owners had nothing to do with the breeding of this foal. That being said it was a natural conception and birth that had no human influence. As the stallion escaped his own enclosure and managed to get into the mares enclosure the stud owner can be held liable for neglicence and any injuries or property damage aswell as the excess upkeep on caring for a pregnant mare. As the foal has already been born, the mare owner can no longer claim for costs involved. She can however deny the stud owner from taking the foal. The foal was born to a mare that belonged to her, there by belonging to her aswell. The stud owner has no parental right to the foal as the breeding was accidental and no stud fee was agreed on before hand. Should he forcefully remove the foal he will be faced with charges of theft. The best thing to would be to speak to a lawyer have him sign a written agreement stating that the foal is yours and the stud owner has say what so ever. Should the stud owner want the foal he can pay for her at the current average sale value. The stud owner has no leg to stand on in this situation. Also as it was not his only misbreeding he could be liable for a lawsuit if both parties want to go through with it.3. Problem with my stud earrings?haha have you gotten other opinions on it? I honestly think the bigger the earring the more feminine the look.4. STUD & SL*T are not the same it true ? ?Yes very different. Again a stud is a man that qualify for female choice and promiscuity of the male is less threatening to a female as it is to a male. Men have to meet criteria to mate and as such if he has alot of mates it means he qualifies. There is no such qualification that females must obtain. Many mate partners only means that her standards are low or she has highly selective traits that men look for and is mated by many a successful male. Even still men do not know if the resulting pregnancy is his or not. Female promiscuity is very threatening to males. High Janey>>She must be>>"highly selective traits that men look for and is mated by many a successful male." Just do not let the other guys find out or her value drops right away5. What is the oldest a dog can be to successfully stud?There are thousands upon thousands of dogs in the world that have "perfect" personalities. You do not need to breed your current dog in order to get one. There is strong evidence that most aspects of individual personalities are not even inherited, but rather a product of the environment the animal (or person) is raised in. Please do the world a favor and get your dog fixed. He will lead a longer, healthier life if you do, so you will have even more time to spend with him. And HE would definitely rather spend more time with you than to simply be "replaced" by another dog after he dies from an illness that could have been prevented if he was fixed. Additonally, what would you do with the extra puppies from the litter? It is not uncommon at all for dogs to have litters of up to 8 -10 pups. Thousands of dogs and puppies are killed every day in American shelters due to the fact that there simply are not enough homes for them. Most of these dogs killed have personalities just like your dog and would do anything to be your best friend. Please do not contribute to the problem of pet overpopulation and get your dog fixed (for his sake and everyone else's). PS: Did I mention that fixed dogs usually have MUCH better personalities than unfixed dogs? This is because they do not have massive amounts of horomones coursing through their bloodstream telling them to protect large territories, wander long distances to find mates, or mount the nearest object in sight.
How to Get a Stallion to Not Act Like a Stud?
How to Get a Stallion to Not Act Like a Stud?
That is just stallion behavior! you will not change it. Good Lord get some ole cowboy out to geld him for you without anesthesia. Something that sma ll would not be that difficult to hold down. That is the way we did all of our colts when I first got married, we did not have the luxury of having all the great medicines we have not. Or we could not get any of it. I would hope you would not want to breed any mare to a stallion that had that problem. We used to show at halter against a fellow who had a stud that was always swinging his weiner. The owner had a crop and was always slapping it, it did not make him quit, he would just get mad1. When Writing a Stud Contract Take 2?Asking for pictures/video that show coming going and sidegait as well as I presume you have done the pedigree research so you know what is behind the animal because rest assured if something not so good happens with the puppies - it's always the stud dogs fault. Please make sure they are legitimate breeder/exhibitor/handlers. I have seen many a puppy mill person show up at a show with the only one of a breed and take a BOB picture which would imply some quality. Do the research on the wins to make sure they were against Competition. re: expectation - puppy back possible and even if you had pick it might not be their pick. Typical however if you have an unproven male (no pups on the ground that are successful in conformation or performance) you would typically only get under $200.2. Can I change my tragus jewelry to a stud or something else?The other poster is completely right, so I am just here to share my experience that I have a flat back labret for my tragus and it's great3. This far into the season, has your team met or exceeded your expectations?You have Nelson Cruz, though! Stud in the making. I am a Cubs fan and we are doing about as expected. 7-4 is not too bad.4. People are breaking into parents' farm with stud horse- what is going on?That's really strange. I would definitely look into getting barn geese (whoever mentioned that- smart! no one who tangles with a goose will forget that encounter) and a security camera. If someone's on your property and messing with your horses, that can not be allowed to continue (obviously). You do not say whether the pen is open or closed when you find it, so I have two alternate possibilities. Depending on the stud's athletic ability and the height of the pen, it's possible that he's been jumping out to get to the mares. I do not know how the gate closure works on the pen- it's also possible that he's figured out a way to open it. (Do not underestimate a horse's intelligence; I've known horses who could open things they should never have been able to. ) But if it is a person coming to let your horse out, you will need concrete evidence of it before you can prosecute anyone. A security camera would therefore be a good idea; turn it so it's always "watching" the pen in question, and check it often to make sure it's still in good working order. Eventually you will find out the truth. Good luck; this is not an easy problem to deal with!5. I am thinking about buying a Stud aka Full Grown Male Dog but?Please do not promote or add to the pitbull overpopulation problem that already exists. Already, pitbulls are overbred and 1,000,000 will die this year due to there not being enough homes for them. Your friend is an idiot and you would be too if you buy a "rare" pitbull. THERE IS NO SUCH THING as a RARE pitbull!!! (Just take a look at your local SPCA!) Why are you even considering this? There is no logical reason, so my thought is you think these dogs will add to your status. Guess what - dogs do not make you tougher or stronger or cooler. Breeding dogs and "purchasing" from backyard breeders makes you a sucker!
Which LIVE Version Songs Do You Like More Than the Studio Version???
Which LIVE Version Songs Do You Like More Than the Studio Version???
Eminem - Stan (with Elton John)1. Is there a permalink to the latest Joomla version?Try this,You have to parse the last node of each xml file you will get the link to download latest version.Joomla Using this method to shows New version of Joomla is available! on admin panelFor Long Term Support (LTS) branch -( Recommended) Stable releaseShort term support (STS) branchTesting versions.All these XML files have link to their details zip files. Hope it helps.2. How to convince a teammate, who sees oneself as senior, to learn SVN conceptual basics? [closed]1. Let Subversion solve the problem for you. The way you tell it, your coworker is relatively unsophisticated when it comes to Subversion. In that case, a technical solution could be a good option. If the rest of the team agrees and you can get your manager's blessing, add a global-ignores field to the repository config file so that you can exclude the .project files and others that you do not want under version control.2. Help him out. Instead of imposing your way of doing things on him, try to help the guy do things his way without causing problems for everyone else. If your coworker is working in his own branch, you really should not care what he commits. If he wants to commit his .project file so that he can checkout a fresh copy of the whole directory, that's no problem for you. The only thing you should care about is that he does not merge his . project file back to the common development branch. That should be easy to manage, again, by setting the ignore property on the development branch to exclude the .project file.3. Seek support from above. Do not get into a "you are not the boss of me" argument with the guy, but if his behavior is causing a problem for you then make sure that your manager is aware of the situation. If you are not sure how to approach your manager, try asking for advice: "Mike, I've been trying to talk to Larry, but I am just not getting through. He insists on X, Y, and Z, and the rest of us spend a lot of unnecessary time working around the problems that creates. Can you give me any pointers on how to deal with the guy?"4. Ignore him. Why does anyone on the team listen to this guy? Does he have any actual authority over the project? Who cares if he declares a one-commit-per-developer policy if he does not have the power to enforce it? Let him think he's Yertle the Turtle if it makes him feel better, just do not let him create real problems for you3. can you switch hard drive of 1 laptop to the other?If you want the same configuration I would not think so. However if you were to format the drive and re install a store bought version of windows after you plug it into your new laptop, well you would loose everything you did not back up, but you might get it going if you found all the drivers that it needed. Somebody please correct me if I''m wrong, but the backups that you make include the drivers to a particular laptop like an HP Pavilion, and it would not work in a Sony Vio because the drivers are different.4. If i have beta version of the game,will i have to buy full version (steam)?I believe that the beta is just testing for the real game, so that would mean that you would have to pay full price for the full game and everything that comes with it5. Is my Windows 7 Home Premium dvd a full version or the upgrade version?What you bought was most likely the upgrade. The packing will say either 'Upgrade' or 'Only To Be Sold With a New Computer' The upgrade disc requires you to already have a previous Windows installed. It will copy over that install to get to 7. A OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) copy of Windows 7 requires a blank hard drive to install. There is a full copy of Windows on that disc. I got the same introductory price for Windows 7 when it launched in the U.S. I paid $99 for the Win 7 Pro upgrade. $99 is roughly equivalent to 45 pounds.
All About the Square Diamond Stud Earrings
Various kinds of real diamonds are really easily obtainable in current market. You may buy all of them depending on your choice and desires. Currently there should not be almost any query with regards to the gemstones. Diamond jewelry is typically one of the most desired presents for all the women. Square diamond stud earrings are probably a lot of alternatives of precious stone jewelry pieces. You can check out our store if you wish to get diamond stud earrings for girls.Square cut diamond earrings are generally priceless gifts for all the ladies which will really bring a tremendous smile from the girl an individual dearly absolutely adore. Besides from its actual shade, resolution and carat weight, typically the cut of a diamond confirms its originality and expense one of the various obtainable precious gems.There are so many cuts of precious gems that are available but the royal cut diamond earrings or typically referred to as the actual square cut diamond stud earrings and are probably the most well liked simply because of its appearance compared to the alternative common cuts.Only just superior experienced dealers can easily build this sort of cut, and which also gives it the next rate in comparison with some other diamond earrings. Aside from that it comes with a lot more splendor as well as shimmer when compared with other kinds of diamond earrings, making certain additional brightness together with lights in your face while you put it on.This kind of earring can be utilized in any celebration you wish. It's really eye-catching and will surely make a person be noticed. Due to its trendy physical appearance and design, square cut diamond stud earrings can also be suitable for young girls. Any time you are going searching for your current square cut diamond earrings it might be best in order to look at a lot of variables to assist you confirm and get your best option for your own money's value.When you are buying the diamonds for your household then you need to often observe a number of essential points as well as factor. There are several factors that you just could consider looking before buying diamond stud earrings for women. One of the vital critical elements when selecting a diamond earring is the clarity. There are tons of diamond earrings that have very low clarity. Those will be considered gemstones of budget.As much as it can be, prevent these types of diamonds because they are dull and not come up with glare the same as that surrounding excellent diamonds. The color is yet another thing. In finding the proper expensive jewelry you want to think that with just one single shade as this shows precisely how absolutely pure it can be. However, this is not forever the situation because there are diamond earrings which are tinted in color.Some of the tinted colored precious gems are generally uncommon and are pricier. They may also available in blue color and are regarded as rare with the expensive diamonds: the hope precious stone.
Do I Need a Cv Joint to Change a Wheel Stud?
Constant Velocity Joint Nut1. How do we add structurally sound faux stud for a single stud TV mount?If you insist on opening the wall, which seems rather foolish to me considering the other options available, I would not install a full-height stud. I would keep the destruction to a minimum and enjoy a better outcome as a resultIf any of that does not seem rigid enough, apply a heavy bead of construction adhesive to each joint as though you were caulking it. It will be rock solid. Even without the adhesive, this will be more rigid than a full-height stud since the load is transferred to two studs, both of which are already well anchored.2. What is the best shaped stud, and metal to get for a nose piercing?nose percing are gross3. 6-9 months from stud to gauge?you dont need to wait 6-9 months for a 20 gauge trust me. i have my ears to an eight gauge and i got my ears pierced 6 months ago.4. Notch Stud for Electrical Work BoxUsually doors and windows had two studs on each side ( cripple and King cripple ) if this is the case you should cut no more than half way into the King cripple. From your picture either the door is slid over to one side of the rough opening, has blocks nail to the King cripple, or you have a stud next to the cripplebbecause of layout. I say this because of how much space you have between the switch and the trim. If you could determine if is just blocks cut away as much as you need. If it is a stud or the door is slid over I would check into some Slim-line boxes. These boxes are not as deep as regular boxes this way you can just notch a smaller depth letting you notch a wider width and keep the strength.5. How much do people usually pay for stud fees?Let me see a pi of it and a pedigree, I will tell you exactly what its worth6. Are Juicy Couture stud earrings a good buy?Well since they cost a lot of money, Im sure they will be fine for your sensitive ears. But why dont you buy it and and if they give you a problem send them back or simply return it7. What is the standard wall stud distance in Australian homes? Are ceiling stud distances the same as walls? ?450mm for floor joists and wall studs. Ceiling joists are variable depending on the type of roofing used (tile or steel) but if your roof trusses are at 600mm centres you simply batten out the ceiling at 450mm to install your plaster8. Can you change a nose piercing from a ring to a stud?It depends on the gauge of the ring. Most likely a sixteen, and if you are going to put a normal nose stud in it's going to be a bit too big. It never hurts to try! If anything just take the ring out while you work and put it back in when you are finished. All of my piercings are two-years-old and when I work I have to take all of them out. It does not cause any problems.9. Will self piercing nose with a piercing gun stud cause a bump?Unless you are a professional, I would not recommend you pierce it yourself. Just spend the little extra money to get it done at a shop. Nose piercings are one of the most common piercings to get infected due to the bacteria in the nose, so keep that in consideration before you get it done. I wanted to get mine done when I was in high school, but then I read up on it and I am not glad I did not get it done.10. How can I find a stud in a wall?use gorments or togggle bolts11. How can I invert the direction of blocks in a structure?You can wedge a 1xN plate between studs (at a 90 degree angle) to the "normal" orientation. Repeat a second time, and now 2 bricks are stud-to-stud12. Should I shower/and go to sleep with my diamond stud earrings on?no, they shouldnt come out, if they do search for for them and pop them back in, if impossible, take back
Akron Video Production Company Has Established a New Studio, Which Will Focus on Virtual Reality (VR
Red point digital, an Ohio based video production company, plans to create an animation studio focusing on Virtual Reality (VR) and freeze frame animation. The studio's proposal has won the knight Art Award from the John s and James L Knight foundation.The proposal for the new studio was drafted by Anthony samangy, an associate professor at Akron University, and Eric Vaughan, the founder of red dot digital. The new animation studio is named red point VR skunkwerkz, or skunkwerkz for short."After getting the funding, the biggest challenge is to build teams and resources to realize our dreams. We really think we can create a 'Pixar in the Midwest', as bold as it sounds," said skunkwerkz Eric Vaughan, co-founder. "We are very successful in recruiting talents. We will soon announce two new members from the west coast, who are recognized as the top talents in the field of spherical video and VR production. This is really an exciting moment for us!"The skunkwerkz team is currently working on its first freeze frame sport, the cat. This will serve as a touchstone for later 3D and VR films.Skunkwerkz plans to make a series of virtual reality films, including the virtual reality re imagination of cat, the virtual reality adapted from the script of Akron university students, and the freeze frame documentary starring composer and musician chuck Auerbach.Adjacent to skunkwerkz is the community development and education project of akronstein laboratory, which will serve as a sign of red point's commitment to local communities, especially universities.More information can be found on the red point digital website.
Stage Thrill for Student Rock Bands
They may dream of pop stardom but teaching youngsters classical music theory can cause them to quit long before reaching the bright stage lights.So when Lance Gum hands one of his new students a guitar, or a set of drum sticks, he teaches a few basic chords and rhythms and leaves much of the theory and technique behind.As a self-taught musician himself, the sound technician wants his students to experience the rush of performing on stage.It's a technique that has brought some quick results.Since his first student rock band was formed seven years ago, the program has grown to include several schools across the Riverland and hundreds of students.Students who have never picked up an instrument are performing on stage in just 10 weeks."I take children that have that glint in the eye, they have never picked up the guitar before," Lance says."There are some that bloom at everything and some that hide underneath, if I can coax them out and get them to stand up and have a go... "I have parents come up to me and say, 'my child would never go on stage, and you've got them to sing... how?'."Rock band inceptionLance first became involved in the program after being approached seven years ago by the then principal of Loxton Primary School, Paul Rowe."He was looking at bringing up a tutor from Adelaide to help some boys who were a bit wobbly at school," Lance says.Instead, Lance was convinced to front his first-ever classroom of students."I got the children to belt the drum kit, make noise, generally have fun," he said."They learnt to enjoy playing music."Sound careerLance became involved in the pub music scene in Adelaide as a sound technician early in his career.After moving to Melbourne in the 80s, he worked on stage productions with big-name acts including Leo Sayer and the Australian group the Chantoozies."It got to a point where I could almost tell you what Joe Camilleri was going to say because you work with him and learn his stage craft, his patter as we called it," he said."Paul Kelly was another sensational person, he had great stage craft."He may have worked behind the scenes of some headline acts but for Lance, the thrill of nurturing primary school rock bands, is among the highlights of his career."This year alone we have eight groups of children within the Riverland that I work with, some I've worked with for several years and are absolutely sensational," he said.Press play to watch the video, including performances from students at the Riverland Field Days in September.
Studio Theatre's Or the Whale a Handsome, Poetic Stage Fantasia
A man threads his way from the back of a darkened theatre, swinging a lantern, heading for the watery part of the world.That would be the Timms Centre stage, draped in tarp and overhung with a vast sail. And the man would be the guy whose opening conversational gambit is call me Ishmael. InOr The Whale, Chris Bulloughs new stage fantasia on Herman Melvilles weighty whaling novel Moby-Dick, Ishmaelis rememberingan experience where the great flood-gates of the wonder-world swung open.Bulloughs production of this original Wishbone Theatre creation, premiring as part of the Studio Theatre season in an unusual collaboration, is a bit like that too. It works the way memory works, like a haunting. Extreme action is interwoven with ghostly tableaux. Ominous silenceis broken by the eerie creaking of wood on wood, strange hums and roars, the ringing of ships bells, metallic thunder and sounds like the splintering of the world. Evocations of sea and sky flickeracross a sail that conjures the eerie divide between man and the mysteries of our existence.Narda McCarrolls set design, dominated by that screen and a jaggedwooden ships prow, captures wonderfully thesense of Captain Ahabs maniacal quest as a mans attempt, demented and heroic in equal measure, to break through that fatal screen. And Matthew Skopyks soundscape, which seems to come at us from the depths of Ishmaels memory, never stops being imaginative, in its sea effects, its amplifications, its echoes. The same is true of Guido Tondinos lighting. This is a handsome production that sits artfullyon the large Timms stage.As Ishmael, Michael Pengischarged with the mission of looking back, editing his memory hoard to unravel the story of the Pequods voyage. Its a quietly compelling performance, full of wonder and musing, as Ishmael wanders through his memory gallery of characters and moments. His scenes with his adventurous younger self (Todd Houseman), and the latters relationship with Queequeg (Jesse Gervais), the exotic South Sea islander, are affecting.Doug Mertz is fierce and commanding as Ahab, whose obsession for redress against the creature who maimed him has driven him waypast the brink of human caution. What makes him arresting is that he isnt just a lunatic ranter; he has his moments when you realize what hes given up for his relentless pursuit. Its startling, for example, to hear that the man who wages war on the horrors of the deep once had a wife. The scenes, stylized in their physicality, in which the captain and crew come up against the portentous and mysterious monster who creates his own storms, are expertly staged.It is, of course completely impossible to relocate Melvilles huge novel much less a ship and a whale and the North Atlantic onto the stage. Wisely, this adaptation by Bullough and his Wishbone partner Peng doesnt weigh down the enterprise with exposition. It jettisons that kind of narrative coherence in favour of a more physical and, oddly, more poetic, sense of the story, through the optic of a man remembering a more-than-human quest. Mans insanity becomes heavens sense.That, I think, must be why Bullough and Peng opted to name their play for the novels subtitle; the or is significant. Or The Whale is a memory play, assisted mightily by theatrical lighting, sound effects, choreography. Thats the wonder-world of theatre. And the audience imagination has the key to those flood-gates.Or The Whale runs through Saturday at the Timms Centre for the Arts. Tickets: TIX on the Square (780-420-1757, more Liz theatre stories see
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