How to contact your after-sale service division?

GUANGZHOU TORY LIGHT CO.,LIMITED adheres to the development strategy of stage lights equipment in its business. Please contact us! The Professional stage lights Manufacturer in the Manufacturing Lights & Lighting Industry Compared with similar products, TORY's static light is more advantageous in the following aspects. TORY always provides customers with reasonable and efficient one-stop solutions based on the professional attitude.

How to contact your after-sale service division? 1

Beg on your knees !!! The scope of use of centrifugal filtration, centrifugal sedimentation, vacuum filtration and air pressure filtration equipment is discussed. 100 Centrifugal filtration-with centrifugal force as the driving force, a suspension is added to a perforated drum with a filter medium (such as a filter screen, filter cloth), solid particles are trapped on the filter medium, and the liquid flows through the filter cake layer, finally, the filtration operation of the separation of the filter liquid and the filter cake is completed. By strict definition, centrifugal filtration only refers to the stage where the cake layer has a free liquid layer on the surface, that is, the filter cake layer formed by filtration is always filled with liquid. This is rarely used in industry. Centrifugal filtration applied in industry, including the removal of liquid from the inside of the filter cake layer by the free liquid level, and sometimes the removal of water washing the filter cake. Centrifugal filtration and

Water purifier pp cotton, installation method of activated carbon 1. close the water valve at the total water inlet of the water purifier, or close the total water inlet valve; open the net faucet to reduce the pressure of the front filter;2. using a water purification wrench, set up the filter bottle from the bottom of the front filter bottle, one holding the filter bottle cap, and the other rotating the wrench clockwise to screw the filter bottle (press firm, so as not to loosen the front filter connection );3. remove the contaminated filter element, remove the packaging of the New pp cotton filter element, and load the new pp cotton filter element;4. check whether the white plastic gasket in the front filter cap and the black gasket outside the filter bottle mouth are tightly padded. if it is loose, be sure to press it tightly to avoid water leakage when the water pressure is too large;5. after filling the front filter bottle with water, screw the front filter bottle cap and tighten it (fill the wate

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