How long is the warranty period of moving head light ?

GUANGZHOU TORY LIGHT CO.,LIMITED is willing to join hands with all parties for further development in led par light field. Contact us! TORY Is Mainly Engaged in the Production of moving head light for Years TORY's led stage lighting has the following advantages over other similar products. Guided by the actual needs of customers, TORY provides comprehensive, perfect and quality solutions based on the benefit of customers.

How long is the warranty period of moving head light ? 1

Can the water purifier filter out calcium carbonate in the water? There are many categories of water purifiers, but only the RO machine can filter calcium carbonate in water, and only the RO film can separate ions in water, but RO has the opportunity to produce a certain amount of wastewater (PUS ), at present, this kind of water purifier is widely sold on the market. Calcium carbonate, such as fine sand in the water, can be filtered out by the naked eye. But calcium ions cannot be filtered out. That is to say, you use the filtered water to boil water, and you will see the scale, the calcium ion is generated, only a small amount. The main components of stone disease are calcium carbonate and calcium carbonate. if conditions permit, it is still necessary to install a water purifier so as not to let the stone go late in the stomach. Calcium carbonate is formed by calcium and magnesium ions in water. At present, there are two kinds of machines that can remove calcium carbonate in water: 1. the popular name of re

How to deal with the waste battery, what is the main method? Recycling method: Laboratory recycling method: ordinary dry batteries are cylindrical,The outer cylinder is made of zinc,This zinc cylinder is the negative pole of the battery;The central carbon rod of the cylinder is the positive pole;Manganese dioxide in the cylinder,Ammonium chloride and zinc chloride.(1) extraction of ammonium chloride: stir and filter the black substance in the battery in water,Put part of the filter in the pan to evaporate,Solid White,Re-heating,Use 'sublimation' to collect more pure ammonium chloride.(2) preparation of zinc particles: cut the zinc sheet on the zinc cylinder into pieces,Medium-strong heat in The Crucible (419 degrees melting point of zinc ),Carefully pour the zinc sheet into cold water after melting,Get zinc.Industrial recycling methods: There are roughly three kinds of waste battery treatment methods in the world: Curing Deep Burie

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