How Can I Clean Stainless Steel Pan with Food Burnt into the Bottom?

The simplest solution that I use is I soak the pan with hot water and dish detergent, wash with a dish rag or plastic scouring pad as would wash anything, rinse with hot water and drain the water out. Then sprinkle either baking soda or Cameo into the pan and wipe with the pad or dish cloth. It usually works like a charm. If it does not soak it again and repeat.

How Can I Clean Stainless Steel Pan with Food Burnt into the Bottom? 1

1. I am pouring a small concrete pad 3by8' by 4 " thick all i have is a stainless steel trowell will that be?

Take a look at this website. It has several links that will show you how to make concrete. How to cure it and how to work it

2. Can I wear a watch with a stainless steel jubilee bracelet with a suit or would that look horrible?

No, that's sport watches, not dress watches. Dress watches are gold or platinum and simple. Leather straps are preferable to steel bracelets.

How Can I Clean Stainless Steel Pan with Food Burnt into the Bottom? 2

3. Is stainless steel or non stick cookware better?

non-stick & yes, they are easy to clean also compared with stainless steel

4. How do I bring Stainless Steel back to it's original shine?

there is a cleaner called Bar (at grocery store)- use will restore the shine good luck

5. how can I clean the back of the pots that turned black?

You do not say what the pots are made out of: aluminum, stainless steel, copper, cast iron? Try lemon, salt and elbow grease on anything other that cast iron. Good luck!

6. Where can i buy stainless steel wire?

If you can buy stainless steel wire, then I will personally recommend Shanes Stainless Store. It is a very reputed online store. I purchased this company product. These company products are widely used in many sectors

7. Which welding type is suitable for stainless steel sheet weld with mild steel plate?

Generally speaking, there is no problem welding mild steel to stainless steel, we do it all the time when building ASME pressure vessels. You can use SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW and SAW with great results. For welding the more common T-304 or T-316 to mild steel you can use a 309 or 310 wire/rod. When welding higher grades like 321, 347 or high nickel material like Inconel, you may need to do some research to find the correct rod or wire/gas combo. Good luck.

8. how to clean stainless steel forks, knifes & spoons?

Olive oil removes streaks Vinegar cleans and polishes(use damp cloth and undiluted vinegar)

9. Cleaning rust off stainless steel refrigerator?

Rust On Stainless Steel Refrigerator

10. How to join stainless steel to copper?

I am guessing there would be a flange on the pipe, I would use liquid nails or max bond, cheaper than the Epoxy and just as good

11. Does gold-toned stainless steel fade?

What about vintage chanel gold tone? Is that mean gold plated? I m about to buy one

12. what kind of bowl is better to use in melting chocolate for molds. Glass (pyrex) or stainless steel?

Glass is better, metal has some weird reaction with the chocolate

13. How to clean stainless steel refrigerator? (Mainly tape residue)?

if you use any chemical ALWAYS test it first on a area where it wont be seen

14. Can stainless steel replace titanium for Mach 3 speeds?

Both the MiG-25 and MiG-31 designs had engines that would overheat and be damaged an anything past Mach 2.83, so both planes were limited by this. Typical speeds were closer to Mach 2.5 to extend the life of the planes. The highest aerodynamic heating occurs at the leading edges. It's possible that the MiG designs used titanium in these areas but opted for steel in most other areas, which was cheaper and easier to work with. This would have allowed the aircraft to reach speeds closer to the SR-71, even if the engines could not keep up.The SR-71 was designed to cruise at up to Mach 3.3 at 80000ft, a similar altitude to the MiGs. Atmospheric heating is related to the cube of the speed. Mach 3.3 generates 10% more heat than Mach 3.2, and the SR-71 reached at least Mach 3.5. It seems the SR-71 flew faster and higher than the MiGs.Heat is only one consideration though. Another big issue is weight. Steel is generally much heavier than a comparable structure made from titanium. The SR-71 empty weight was about 40% higher than the MiG-31, but the MTOW was 70% higher. This allows much more payload for mission equipment, but also fuel. The MiGs were designed to fly relatively short range interception or reconnaissance missions, having unrefueled ranges of 2000km or less. The MiG-31 could fly 3000km but only with drop tanks. The SR-71 was designed as a long range reconnaissance aircraft, and had a range of 5400km which enabled it to fly long missions over enemy territory.Another consideration is size. The SR-71 was a larger plane than either the MiG-25 or MiG-31. It had a wingspan of 17m, compared to 14m of the MiGs, and a length of 33m, compared to 20m and 23m for the MiGs. This means higher forces on the aircraft structure

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Kitties hate change of any kind it stresses them out. Try putting the bowl out by itself and a tray under it. He just might want it to be the way it was. itself. Good luck.1. what is the best way to remove a sticky barcode sticker off of stainless steel?dampen the corner of a cloth w/ lighter fluid; the sticky sticker will wipe right off; be sure to wash the area afterwards2. How do I clean my Cuisinart stainless steel cookware?Try boiling some cola in it to loosen that residue, before giving it another go with a sponge and detergent3. Is it easy to change all black appliance to 'stainless steel'?You would need some great metal-working skills to accomplish that. Look at all those outside coverings and imagine taking off the old ones and replacing them with stainless steel of matching shape. Sounds tough to me. Some dishwashers have slip-in decorative panels on the front. If you have that kind you could get a panel of thin stainless cut to that size and slip it in there (Ask the dealer or look in the installation manual for the details). Howevert the other dishwasher parts that show would still be black.4. Effect of seawater on metal?Even though Stainless steel does not corrode much, if remains in salt water, it will accumulate deposits and opening may be hard5. I bought a stainless steel necklace with a sterling silver cross. Will it be ruined/tarnished if showered withIf the cross is sterling silver it will not tarnish with constant wear...gases from the air, sulfur is what causes tarnish, when the jewelry is not being sitting in a jewelry box for a long time. ..the stainless steel should be okay as well...I wear sterling rings all summer long...swim in them, etc...never had one tarnish6. stainless steel or white sink?Stainless steel will look better for longer. It also removes the odor of garlic from your hands; just rinse them off and rub them in the sink7. What is better Acrylic, Stainless steel, titanium, plugs or tunnels for ear stretching?its a personal preference titanium is my choice stainless steel comes in varying grades and after the legislation changed about grades when pierced, the market is flooded with high nickle content pieces from china, so now i avoid that as i have a nickle allergy i am not keen on acrylic, i just dont like the look of it and unsure on safety on fresh piercings titanium has never let me down, so i stick with that8. What type of screw is the most resistant to rust: galvanized, stainless steel, or deck screws?Stainless requires exposure to oxygen to avoid rusting; it's the chromium oxide layer that protects the steel. When completely buried, the chromium oxide layer breaks down and the residual oxygen starts a process called crevice corrosion. Passivization restores a fresh layer of chromium, but passivization cannot be done once fasteners are buried. This is why bronze fasteners are used on wooden boats; the bronze does not need a supply of fresh oxygen. Unfortunately, bronze fasteners are very expensive9. What kind of bow/materill do cats usually like best for drinking water?I have stainless steel?Plastic bowl under a dripping tap is what my cat likes.!!!10. how do you know which set of cookery is the best on the market to buy?Stay away from anything with a celebrity name attached to it, Q.V.C. etc. Some of the best cookware for home use is Revereware its available at all your discount stores Wal-Mart, Sears, Target etc. It is stainless steel with copper bottoms. If matching pieces is not an issue then hit the yard sales and thrift stores. I am a pro and I have a lot of tools I got from thrift stores, etc. For pots and pans look for stainless steel with no signs of corrosion or rust, if it has rust its a poor grade of steel). Cast Iron is always a good value. A heavy cast Iron pan that will outlive you is a must for any complete kitchen. You can get them for under 10.00 at any wal-mart type store. Stay away from boutique type kitchen stores and the shops in major shopping Malls. If you have friends who work in the food business you can buy professional grade cookery for wholesale prices. Just have him/her order through their suppliers.
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