How are materials used by TORY LIGHT for producing led mini moving head spot light ?

GUANGZHOU TORY LIGHT CO.,LIMITED has developed the business in a brand-new way and has won many honorary qualifications in the industry. Now we enjoy a large influence in the industry. TORY's location has unique geographical advantages, complete supporting facilities, and traffic convenience. TORY has been engaged in the production of led mini moving head spot light for many years and has accumulated rich industry experience. We have the ability to provide comprehensive and quality solutions according to actual situations and needs of different customers. If customers don't have the design, we can design and produce the exact that they want in every detail.

How are materials used by TORY LIGHT for producing led mini moving head spot light ? 1

What is the filter? What is the filter?Filter is an indispensable device in the pipeline of conveying media,It is usually installed in the inlet end of the pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, fixed water level valve, and other equipment of the square filter.The filter consists of the cylinder, stainless steel filter screen, sewage discharge part, transmission device and electrical control part.

Can the cigarette holder get the filter on? You said this demand,The impulse type dust collector is more suitable.The impulse type dust collector is a kind of wet dust removal,The principle of the impulse filter is to make the high-speed smoke flow through an S-shaped channel,Full contact with water.Use water to absorb dust in the flue gas and some chemicals that are easily soluble in water.In order to better absorb oily particles,Active agents may also be needed in the water (the washing powder at a cheaper point can generally meet the needs ).Its structure is mainly composed of main box, overflow water level controller, supplementary water pipeline, fan and distribution control box.My job is to design this kind of dust collector.A 2500-foot impulse dust collector,The size is about 1 m long.3 m wide x 3 m high.The specific selection needs to be modified according to the exhaust air volume of your boiler (mainly the width will change ).As for the actual effect,The solid dust in the flue gas will be remove

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