Help! Silly Me!!!..I Ironed Something on My New Dining Room Table..?

Oh NO!!!! Well, you are basically going to have to do one of several things: 1. Junk your table, I doubt you will do that, but eh... 2. You will most likely have to go and sand or strip the whole top of the table, restain it, and have it refinished. It sounds harder than it actually is. It just takes a few days to do this, and is something you can do on your own. Stripping or sanding is the hard part, go to your local hardware store and ask for recommendations on that. Myself, I use Easy-Off oven cleaner which does a wonderful job, and finish up using progressively finer grades of steel wool, or starting with 220 grit sand paper, and working up to finer and finer grits. Wipe off excess dust with a damp cloth. Then stain, preferably with a oil based stain, using a rag, be sure to wear latex or vinyl gloves, making sure to wipe off excess stain. You should only need to do one or two coats of stain. Let it for 24 hours, preferably under lamps. To seal it, you have a couple of options, I prefer to use hand rubbed "tung oil", but you may wanna do a urethane varnish. If you do urethane, do a spray on urethane laquer, your finish will be more even, and you will be happier with the results. Trust me, you can do this, its just alot of work, but you will be very happy with the results.

Help! Silly Me!!!..I Ironed Something on My New Dining Room Table..? 1

1. How much is TOO MUCH brown in a living/dining room?

attempt changing older hardware with extra independent tones - you would be stunned on the impact this could make in the room (even though it feels like a small substitute, i comprehend). There are various truly large sites on line that explains this added

2. I want to paint my dining room chairs black. What type of paint should I use?

I have painted my chairs with gloss paint. It holds better & is very cleanable. You do not HAVE to sand them first, but do clean them with a good heavy duty cleaner to get any buildup off that might make the paint not adhere. Hope this helps

Help! Silly Me!!!..I Ironed Something on My New Dining Room Table..? 2

3. Would a pool table look right in the dining room in the front of your house?

yes if u are single . or if wife says ok

4. How do I know if my grandparent's dining room set is worth saving?

Were your grandparents special to you? If so then have it repaired and keep it to pass on to your children. Honor the memory of your loved ones. I have a bedroom set from my grands. Also from the 40's. No real monetary value but lots of memories. It is a double bed. I had it revamped to queen size by a guy who specializes in antique restoration. The drawer pulls are bake lit and some were broken. I had to search high and low to find replacement and probably paid more than the furniture was worth. I have this wonderful 1940s art deco bedroom set that belonged to my grandparents. I love it and I treasure the memories of my grands. The memories are worth more than $$. LOL

5. How do I keep my furry cat whom I love so much off of my dining room table?

Go to your local pet store and pick up some spikey stuff to put wherever you need it. example: your dining room table. The cat will not like it and it wo not hurt it either. It just bugs it out to the point that it will no longer go on the table. Problem solved.

6. Two old ladies were sitting in the nursing home dining room during the dinner hour?

sad but funny

7. What would be a good accent color (or colors) for my living room, dining room, and kitchen?

either use teal or milk chocolate colours, whatever colour you choose instead of using the same in all the rooms you can use different shades/tones so the rooms blend but dont look exactly the same! for example if you chose purple cushions, try some lilac candles, or dark blue with pale blues! hope this helps! :) look at a paint chart to see the complimentary colours and the different shades!

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