Functional Features and Scenario Application of Yilian Cloud Video Conference System

With the larger scale of the enterprise, the more detailed management hierarchy, the more extensive deployment of branches, and the more frequent management and communication between the headquarters and branches, national conferences and training have to rush between training bases, wasting time and energy, which is not conducive to enterprise management and employee growth. The traditional centralized meeting (high meeting cost, low meeting efficiency, etc.) can not meet the meeting communication needs of a modern enterprise. How to make effective use of the existing office network and working computer to realize the informatization of conference communication and minimize the conference cost is an urgent problem to be solved. Enterprises need to build a set of high-definition video conference system to meet their daily needs.

In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet technologies such as cloud computing and big data, the wave of mobility and socialization has hit. The office mode with the trend of globalization, networking and intelligence is more and more favored by all walks of life. The cloud end mode video conference system came into being under this general trend. The cloud video conference platform enables people in different places to meet at any time, instantly meet, talk, exchange documents, share information resources and discuss and make decisions together. It has various incomparable communication advantages, and can make full use of the original network combined with hardware terminals to open enterprise accounts in the cloud, Set up daily communication, work deployment, training and recruitment, work exchange and other applications within the enterprise.

Cloud video conference system can realize: (1) multi-level HD video conference coordinated by multiple departments within the company; (2) Multiple groups of meetings can be held at the same time, and each branch can independently organize its own meetings; (3) The system functions can meet various conference application modes and scenarios; (4) Support the characteristics of user expansion, detailed organizational structure and cross regional distribution; (5) You can join the club through hardware terminal, browser, PC terminal, mobile app and other terminals; (6) High quality video experience, transmitting high-definition video and high fidelity sound effects; (7) Support the sharing of data content and mobile devices for outgoing personnel (computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.); (8) Make full use of the company's existing network to realize the networking of video conference system; (9) It has the function of self-adaptive adjustment of terminal resolution to save network bandwidth; (10) The system has high security to ensure the data security of enterprises and meetings; (11) The video conference system can meet the needs of real-time remote training, remote conference and remote recruitment at the same time, and can transmit the remote images that need to be uploaded by each branch venue to the main venue; (12) It has scalability, supports large number of concurrent users, and can be expanded at any time according to enterprise development; (13) It can be compatible with other third-party equipment, facilitate the continuous use of the original equipment of the enterprise, do not waste the original investment and protect the assets of the enterprise.

Cloud video conference system networking scheme:

Network diagram of Yilian cloud video conference system

How to use cloud video conference to build a conference system? As shown in the above figure: open an enterprise account on the cloud video conference service platform (cloud video). The enterprise opens the cloud service of concurrent video conference at n points according to the demand. Each employee user under the enterprise can use their own account to organize meetings independently. HD video terminals are deployed in the main venue, and integrated HD conference terminals are deployed in other sub venues. The leader desktop can deploy a videophone, and can initiate and join the meeting with one click without going to the office. Mobile and business users can enjoy the HD video conference experience of attending the conference anytime and anywhere by installing mobile phones and computer software clients.

The construction of video conference system should be forward-looking and should not be limited to meeting the current situation. The system needs to have the ability of upgrading and expansion. The project will build a highly integrated and future oriented new information platform. Under the support of the core platform, all subsystems can be interconnected and work together to realize the functional application of all-round and flexible combination of the system. Yilian's full range of products support the industry standard SIP and H.323 protocols (there are links to the previous articles, and this sentence will be deleted at that time). Good compatibility and flexible docking mode ensure the seamless connection between this system and the superior video conference system in the future and effectively protect user investment.

Scenario application of Yilian cloud video conference system

Yilian cloud video's complete video conference product line and solutions can cover different application scenarios of the company. Whether it is a large conference room, medium-sized conference room, small and micro conference room, leadership desktop or mobile / home office, it connects with various cloud platforms and integrates with traditional communication systems (IP-PBX, PSTN) to meet various communication needs of users.

Terminal equipment selection recommendation

Main venue and sub venue video conference system components:

Main venue and sub venue video conference system components

Main venue: Full HD hardware terminal vc800

Vc800 is the flagship product of a new generation of video conference terminal launched by Yilian, which is positioned in medium and large conference rooms. The product has the strongest built-in MCU in the industry, can support 24 party HD video conference, and can support two group meetings (two virtual conference rooms) at the same time; The new generation camera with 12x optical zoom supports 1080p60 frame calls and is suitable for various conference room environments; It supports h.265/hevc video coding, and can realize 1080p video call with 512kpbs, and can resist up to 30% network packet loss without screen display. It adopts a new generation of conference telephone with built-in three microphone matrix, supports 360 ° omnidirectional pickup range up to 6 meters, and is equipped with 2 wired extended microphones; Use Harman Caton speakers for the ultimate sound experience. Refined and simplified installation and deployment, the host and camera are integrated, and only one standard network cable is required for the connection between the conference table and the host; HDMI and mini DP dual HD auxiliary stream input interfaces are suitable for various computers. It supports h.323/sip dual protocols and is deeply integrated into Yilian video conference server and Yilian cloud management service platform.

Venue: integrated HD hardware terminal vc500

Vc500 is a new generation of video conference single channel terminal product launched by Yilian, which is positioned in small and medium-sized conference rooms. The product is equipped with a new 5x optical zoom PTZ camera, supports 1080p60 frame calls, and is suitable for various conference room environments; H.265/hevc video coding is supported, and 1080p video call can be realized at 512Kbps, which can resist 30% network packet loss rate. The high configuration version is equipped with a new generation of conference telephone, built-in three microphone array, and supports 360 ° full polar within 6 meters; Use Harman Caton speakers to create a new ultimate sound experience. The standard version is equipped with a new Bluetooth Wireless Expansion microphone, which can easily break through the limitation of cable and realize free call. The vc500 host and camera are two in one, which can directly hang the TV and simplify the deployment mode. Only one standard network cable is required for the connection between the host and the conference table; Equipped with HDMI and mini DP dual HD input interfaces, suitable for mainstream computers. It supports h.323/sip dual protocols, deeply integrates Yilian video conference server and Yilian cloud management service platform, and is compatible with mainstream cloud platforms in the market.

HD hardware terminal t49g

T49g is an innovative video cooperative telephone of Yilian. It is designed for management and remote office personnel. The appearance design and user experience are more commercial. The large 8-inch touch screen gives users a more convenient and intuitive operation experience. The ultra-high definition audio / video allows users to get rich, clear and immersive audio-visual experience. At the same time, t49g has built-in Wi Fi and Bluetooth modules, integrated USB2.0 interface and HDMI interface, and the camera can be plugged in and out. It supports three-party video and five party audio-video mixed conference, video recording, dual screen extended display, etc. its rich functions make users work more easily and efficiently.

Functional Features and Scenario Application of Yilian Cloud Video Conference System 1

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