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No. For that you need exact model of hitachi like that dead drive. Also,you need kit for disk platters extraction, because you need replace old disk platters in new hdd case with same "angle". So is very hard for home repair,almost impossible. Dust is your smallest problem.

Fujian. Stainless Steel Laser Lighting Factory Quality and Low Price, Customer Recognition Are Our - 1

1. 3rd party vendor wants Disneyland tickets back at the end of the day?

It's not morally probably the best thing. However, morals out the window..! A lot of people are doing this anymore, it is a more affordable way to go if you are going to only go for a day or two. Brokers or even just regular joe-shmoes buy multi-day passes and then sell them to people like us to use for a day or two, the broker makes more money and we get in less than the window price. So take it with a grain of salt. I do not know about the annual pass, I think they are most strict with that (DL, that is) . Hope it helps! Enjoy Disney... the most magical place on earth. At least I think so!

2. PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare __() (previously declared in /vendor/magento/framework/Phrase/__.php:15) in /app/functions.php on line 23

Just try to remove vendor,var/ and run composer install command:rm -rf vendor/* && composer install

Fujian. Stainless Steel Laser Lighting Factory Quality and Low Price, Customer Recognition Are Our - 2

3. Why use credit card rewards for vendor credit not cash?

A few cards, such as the Citi Rewards card, give different value to the points depending what you use them for. Generally you get the highest ratio of points to spending for travel and entertainment (1-2 cents per point), a slightly worse ratio for gift cards (0.9-1.1 cents per point), and the very worst for statement credit (0. 6-0. 8 cents per point). Additionally this may make sense if a credit card has an promotional 0% interest rate which applied to purchases made in a particular month and the user is intentionaly using this rate as a free loan. Given statement credit does not usually count towards minimum payments there could be a situation where the interest saved or oppertunity cost by keeping the balance on the card and paying it off more slowly could exceed the potential cashback lost from using gift cards to pay ones current expenses.The only other pathalogical situation I could potentially think of is that if one wished to make an extremely large purchase, which was going to exceed their credit limit, and gift cards or a deal allowed them to make the purchase in a single transaction where the merchant would not accept the use of multiple payment methods. Other than that I cannot see any other financial reasons one would do this, assuming the items offered as rewards are otherwise generally available for purchase. There may however be psycological reasons, for example if someone with otherwise poor saving skills saves their points for several years to make a disgressionary purchase such as a vacation they did not have the discipline to save for in cash

4. Should I be a vendor in the Southern

If it is a dream then do it okay?

5. Is starting off as a flea market vendor a good start to someday owning a regular clothing retail business?

You gotta start somewhere... and that's a pretty great place to start. Of course, I am not sure that young men/ladies go to flea markets, but I am sure you will see a couple. You might want to get your partner working part time, or just making/selling clothes when you are busy working. You will probably have to work pretty hard to get your own store. Who knows? Maybe someone with money and a little power in the clothing industry will see your clothes and help you along the way....

6. Why is OpenGL vendor 'Mesa Project'

This is because the GPU is not being used for rendering in your use case. As the glxinfo output you posted shows, the Software Rasterizer is being used for GL rendering to the X DISPLAY in question (presumably the forwarded display via ssh, which means glxinfo is querying the X server on the gateway for GL information)

7. Wrong file in vendor/magento/framework/Image/Adapter/Gd2.php:64 when i install magento 2.3

Just ran into this problem for my Magento 2.3.5-p2 in wamp server on Windows 10.It looks like it is windows related problem only (I am yet to confirm that), I had to add strlen($url['scheme']) > 1 in the function of vendormagentoframeworkImageAdapterGd2.php file:So the final function looks like this:Hope this helps someone.

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