Exar Launches Highly Integrated Programmable Power Controller Xrp7724

Exar (NASDAQ: Exar) has added a new force to its programmable digital power chip powerxr family. Xrp7724 is a highly integrated programmable power controller with ultra-high design capability, super performance and the most flexible design environment in the industry. By expanding the voltage and current range, compatible with SM bus I2C interface and independent control channel frequency, xrp7724 has enough flexibility to deal with the most demanding applications, including mobile devices, industrial control products and high-performance computers. Patented digital pulse frequency modulation (DPFM) technology helps reduce standby current and enables system designers to meet the needs of stringent green power supply!

"Xrp7724 has made a great contribution to the expansion of the powerxr family. It gives architects of system design solutions more functions, especially for the growing advanced mobile application market." Dave matteucci, vice president of power product line of Exar, said: "Powerxr products focus on customer needs and reflect many valuable advantages of programmable digital power supply on the premise of cost-effectiveness."

Xrp7724 provides a wide range of input voltage (4.75V 25V) and output voltage (0.6V 5.1V), with built-in LDO regulator, power timing control function and integrated MOS driver as standby power supply. The latest digital power control chips include patented digital pulse frequency modulation (DPWM) in light load mode It also includes an integrated LDO regulator to provide a fifth power supply and can also be used as a standby power supply. In addition, the chip has an integrated MOS driver for high current output and up to 6 general purpose input / output (GPIO) pins. Powerarchitect of Exar company â„¢ The programming environment enables designers to intelligently configure a variety of functions, including power supply voltage setting, current threshold, fault monitoring and protection, soft start and power down timing, power on timing, phase shift management and loop response

Xrp7724 samples are now available. The samples meet RoHS specifications and are packaged in "green" / halogen-free 44 pin QFN. The operating temperature range is - 40 º C to 125 º C.

About powerxr

Powerxr IC products combine the advantages of both low cost and flexibility of digital power control and excellent performance of high-performance analog switching power supply. Powerxr series chips reduce the development cycle of power products from weeks to hours, thus helping engineers achieve significant advantages in product time to market. By using powerarchitecttm tool, engineers can It is easy to modify voltage, current, GPIO or other parameters in time, and engineers can adjust the parameters throughout the design cycle, certification and even the final product stage.

Exar Launches Highly Integrated Programmable Power Controller Xrp7724 1

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