Did You Go to Chick-fil-a and Why Did You?

Did you go to Chick-fil-A and why did you?

Did You Go to Chick-fil-a and Why Did You? 1

That is is his right. Just like it is the right of the mayors of Boston and San Francisco to voice THEIR opinion that they think Dan Kathy is wrong. Meanwhile, by stating you think it's OK to ban same-sex-marriage, you are stating it IS OK to take away other peoples' rights. See, the government has these laws that prohibit it from discriminating against people on the basis of things like gender and sexual orientation, among other things. You do not have to LIKE the law, but as an American citizen, you have to RESPECT the law.

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Do you think culture can help shape a person's sexual orientation?

Nobody is born a homo God is completely against that, its and abomination to him, why would create someone gay? Its people who are brought up in a gay environment or brought up thinking its okay which turn out that way. If you are gay your meant to pray to god to help you, stop you thinking that way. Satan is the reason why people are homo's God helps you in so many way, people do not believe in him simply because it does not suit them, they can not take all the thing they should not do. When God appeared to one the the saints (I cannot remember her name) she asked him so many questions and people being born gay was one of them and he answered her saying no one is born a lez or gay - obv he didnt say it like that but you get what I mean, along those line people choose to turn that way and like I said earlier you should pray for help and God WILL HELP YOU! so a big fat absolute NO no one is born gay but to answer your question I would say yes culture would probably have an effect on a persons sexual orientation.

Did You Go to Chick-fil-a and Why Did You? 2

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im trying to figure out my sexual orientation?

i would say that you are lesbian

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If you could pick your sexual orientation and/or gender at birth, which one would it be? Why?

Why would i want to choose it? To have the support of other individuals with the same sexuality, be seen with more tolerance and allowed to do more things, or just for convenience's sake? I mean, i don't think it's something you can choose just like that, though it isn't something you're just born as entirely.Life shapes you a way, more or less influenced by what you want or do.One day you might realize you like people with specific traits, and for convenience's sake you choose to find the appropriate definition and categorization or make your own, and you yourself choose to label yourself, wich you don't have to do if you don't want to. People are often in a rush to label theirselves or to be labeled by others to find a place where they feel they belong. That's not always the best thing to do.We can choose, to a certain extent, to label our feelings and thoughts for ease of communication and understanding, though they can be limited by it if not properly defined. I think you can choose to label what you feel, but not fully make up what you feel or change something that's supposed to be a core part of you and how you act on a whim just like that, unless superficially.I mean, if we leave feelings aside and just for conveniency's sake like bonuses or privileges, it's still a tough choice.If you could choose your sexuality, what would you choose?.

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How much can a person change his sexual orientation?

Sure. You learn a new hobby, and your brain adapts accordingly. But what we are talking about are two different things. While playing the violin may make some parts of the brain work more, and therefore evolve over time, someone's sexual orientation is defined by their overall brain structure, not certain elements & areas, as well as hormones throughout the person's life. Overall brain structure is linked to hormone levels during prenatal development

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Should people be legally allowed to use speech which u201coffends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits?u201d

In short yes. At some point your position that you hold could become controversial and be banned. Hence why we have the first amendment. An example is what if Being antiwhite was on that list or pro abortion ( pro murder is how that would be framed ) so no matter how stupid people should be able to say and believe what they want if anything just to show others why they are wrong

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