Completely Dead Car Battery Or..?

Hi yes it does look like it has come to the end of it's working life. car batteries do need regular charging so when it is used every day it will be fine but leave it for just a few weeks when it is some three to four years old and it will go down hill very fast. now that winter is approaching it may be best to replace it as when the cold weather sets in it is more likely to fail.

Completely Dead Car Battery Or..? 1

1. Why is gas around a car battery only at risk of ignition from jumper cables?

Firstly, the reason for connecting the positive jumplead before the negative jumplead is that so that if it slips off, you will notice this before connecting the negative one. With modern shrouded jumpleads this is less of an issue. Secondly, the most important reason for connecting the negative jumplead to the dead vehicle's engine block is for a better connection to the starter motor. The starter motor's ground is connected via its chassis to the engine block, therefore most effective starting occurs when the jumplead is connected there. Connecting to the battery terminal introduces a longer path from the jumplead to the starter motor, so is to be avoided as it makes starting less effective. On the other hand, connecting the negative lead to the engine block increases the resistance to the dead vehicle's battery, avoiding excessive charging current. Connecting the negative lead to the battery of the dead vehicle would give a higher charging current (but as explained above, a lower starting current.)

2. What determines if a car battery is still good?

12v 36ah Battery

Completely Dead Car Battery Or..? 2

3. Can a flyback transformer be powered by nothing but a car battery and wires?

*Any* transformer is going to need an ac source- and a car battery is dc

4. connect amp wire to car battery?

You are correct...Just make sure u have a good ground wire...?If u do not hook it up correctly it will drian your battery

5. Why does my car battery keep draining?

Do not listen to this guy above me. If you disconnect and reconnect the battery while it's running you can cause a voltage spike through out your electrical and destroy some parts. The battery acts as a voltage regulator in the system. You do need an alternator test though, or it is possible the belt is slipping.

6. What is making my car battery cables hot?

Yes it is a common practice. Nobody would buy a car if the CEL was on. But in most states it is the sellers responsibility to provide a valid emissions certificate. If the car wo not or can not pass the test the seller is responsible. Even if the car was sold AS-IS. The seller is responsible for the emissions certificate. But you cannot get a car to pass the emissions test if you disconnect the battery. It does not work like that. When you disconnect the battery all the memory in the car's computer gets wiped out, deleted. The car WILL NOT pass the emissions test without several (10-12) days worth of driving data stored in the memory. And if there was a real problem the CEL would come back on after that many days of driving

7. Can anyone answer my car battery question?

several days or weeks or maybe even months should not disable a good starter battery. but temprature is a big factor, At near zero cold cranking amps is critical to starting so letting battery go idle is less advisable

8. Car Battery - No Gas?

the reason being, to ensure that gas to paintings, it desires to be blended with air and then that blend desires to be compressed. as a thanks to compress it, the engine desires to be turning. and thanks to that, you want some replace attitude to turning the engine to generate the initial combustions to commence the technique of operating the engine. that is the position the electric powered starter is geared up in. the electric powered starter is in simple terms an electric powered motor that is linked to the engine (i am going to attempt no longer to get into specifics, which may be complicated to people unfamiliar with how a motor vehicle engine works). once you turn the major to commence, electrical energy is distributed to the starter motor, which turns the engine. this helps gasoline and air to be compressed and for this reason ignited, which starts the engine on it really is cycle to capacity itself. There are different motives to boot, pretty with new autos. The engines immediately use digital gasoline injection, which makes use of eletrically actuated valves (gasoline injectors) to spray gasoline into the engine. with out a battery, once you are trying to commence the engine, it might want to under no circumstances spray gasoline, so it might want to under no circumstances commence. Likewise, on all engines, gasoline injected or no longer, the air/gasoline blend is ignited through spark plugs, which use an arc of electrical energy in the engine to burn the gasoline. with out a battery, that spark does no longer exist once you are trying to commence it, so the engine might want to under no circumstances commence. also, gasoline injected engines regularly use an electric powered gasoline pump, meaning no battery=no gasoline to the engine for the injectors to spray. once the engine is operating, the electrical energy is not offered with information from the battery, yet with information from the alternator, or a posh be conscious for a belt pushed electrical energy generator

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How to Charge Your Car Battery Tester
How to Charge Your Car Battery Tester
It depends, if you are careful you can often go without galvanic isolation but using it can make the system design much easier.In a high power system with both voltage and current significantly higher than in a normal logic system you can develop voltage drop on the wiring both DC and transiant. The transiant volt drops can be especially nasty since while you can easilly reduce the resistance of wires by making them fatter it's very hard to reduce the inductance. That is ok if the high and low voltage parts of the system do not interconnect at all or if they meet in exactly one place but it becomes problematic if their grounds are interconnected in more than one place. The voltage drops on the power grounds can then cause voltage differences in the signal grounds. If those voltage differences get too big it can cause misbehaviour and/or damage. I assume your MCU will be connected to the motor controller. If it is and if the motor controller does not have galvanica isolation between it's control and power sides then you have already "spent" your single connection between signal and power grounds. So you should use an isolated converter in your circuit. On the other hand if the motor controllers control input is galvanically isolated then you can get away without isolation in your circuit1. On the xbox 360 slim controller does it have its owo battery pack or do you need to put like individual AAA ba?problematic matter. check out over a search engine. this could help!2. Will using a higher watt battery pack for my airsoft gun ruin it?An upgraded battery will make your price of hearth extra powerful. it will be sensible you save your FPS sturdy longer, yet maximum probable wont enhance it. in case you want more beneficial FPS and Accuracy, then get an improve barrel. you could also upload a ridicule silencer (about ten money) then upload an prolonged barrel. in case you get a motor improve, it enables each and every thing yet that has a tendency to be expensive. Spring, piston heads and gears would properly be on the complicated area (by way of having to take aside extremely some stuff). i imagine a barrel improve is the finest to position in and substances the outcomes your searching for3. Why does my XBOX 360 controller keep turning off during games,i have the regular battery pack?That surpassed off to mine as quickly as too. turn the vibrate off, and adjusted the battery %. with yet another controller in case you have it. It worked for me. The battery %. is merely disconnecting.4. Will my honda civic hybrid battery pack recharge?Maybe. The Honda IMA batteries are not the most dependable things, and changes Honda made to the battery usage profiles to improve battery life made the fuel economy drop so much there was a class action suit against Honda that was only recently settled. I am not surprised the battery system is out of whack after sitting that long, though. Within a week or two you will know whether it is serious about it or not.5. What type of battery pack comes with the xbox one?It comes with 2 AA's (Duracells, not some cheap chinese brand, I was impressed) but you will need to buy the rechargeable battery pack separately. It's pretty much the same as a 360 controller in this regard. There are no wired Xbox One controllers.6. How do I recycle a DeWalt Drill Battery Pack?Take it to Home Depot. They have a collection bin for old batteries. Hope this helps7. Loose battery pack on wireless Xbox controller. Causes frequent disconnection. How to solve problem?Yes tape the back down. It wo not stop it perminently but it will stop the frequent disconnection8. Scary things to add to a monster?shining red eyes holographic paper or battery pack with red l.e.d's9. Replacing a battery pack with a mismatched DC sourceAssuming you have a constant voltage source, the circuit will draw as much current as needed.If you increase the voltage, it will draw more current. But when it comes to 1 volt increase of a 18 V supply, the current would not be enough higher to produce permanent damage. It will increase power dissipation. But that can not be said sure without knowing the actual circuit.If you decrease the voltage, it may work because it is a circuit designed for batteries. The voltage of batteries decreases over time. So 15 V would not do any harm to try with
Can a Damaged Solenoid Drain Your Car Battery? I Got the Alternator Tested and It's Not That.?
Solenoid Battery1. does car battery charge itself while the car is idle?But we are not part of nature anymore.. we've removed ourselves from the dance of predator and prey, we have created an artificial environment, that distances us from the natural world. We have separated ourselves.. physically, mentally and emotionally from Nature. How many people do you know that have knowledge of the plants they can eat in their area? How many people do you know that could really and truly go out in the woods and survive? How many know the tracks and scat of the animals of the woods and could really and truly read them? How many people think it's wrong in the extreme for humans to be prey for other animals? It's sad really.. so few have maintained the knowledge we humans accumulated in Nature, when we lived as part of it. Do you know what deer scat looks like? Do you know what mushrooms and plants and berries you can eat? Do you know all the plants and their uses to treat illness and infection? We are not connected to our ancestors anymore, we forget most all of what they knew.. we've lost the knowledge handed down from one generation to the next that made us who we are. Did your father teach you to hunt? Did your mother teach you how to gather? We've lost our inheritance.. we've become dispossessed of the simplest of survival skills that our species worked so hard to discover over millions of years of struggle to survive. We are the only species on the planet that no longer adapts to nature.. we instead try to force nature to adapt to our needs.. that is the problem, and that will be our undoing.2. Why there a green powdery substance forming at the positive contact of my car battery?Believe it or not...clean it with Coke a Cola....and also...there are felt pads that fit on the terminals that keep corrosion from forming. BUT try the Coke first!3. I cleaned corrosion off my car battery and now it wont start and is making a clicking noise?Clean Battery Cables4. what happens if you switch the negative and positive on a car battery?You might blow the computers. At least you would blow the fusible link--assuming your car is lucky enough to have one. It would probably fry the starter, too. Any way, you would induce complete electrical failure in your car's wiring...and, probably, blow the battery up.5. Why does my car battery die when I turn my car off? ?Bad battery or alternator. Can check free at most car parts stores6. How to Clean a Car Battery Cable | DoItYourself.comCorrosion can build up on the battery cable of your car or light truck. You will see this as a greenish material that resembles dried foam. Typically, this corrosion is from sulfuric acid that comes from your battery. This corrosion can build up a coating on your battery cable that will interfere with power being transmitted between the car's battery and its electrical components. After putting on your rubber gloves and safety glasses, open the hood of your vehicle and locate your car's battery. Remove its protective cover. You may not see corrosion where the cable fits over the battery terminal, but it may be there under the cover. In a small container, add 4 or 5 tablespoons of baking soda into a quart of water, and stir until the soda is dissolved. Use a turkey baster to slowly and carefully apply some of this solution to the area around your corroded battery cable and terminal. Continue adding the solution until it stops bubbling. Then rinse the solution and debris off the battery using clean water.7. Never Get Stranded Again Thanks to Emergency Car Battery StartersBeing a safe driver is not just about observing traffic signals and driving the speed limit. It also means outfitting your car with everything you need for an emergency. As noted on the AAA website, all drivers are at risk for breakdowns and roadside emergencies regardless of the age of the car, but for those drivers in cars that are 10 years or older, they are four times as likely to break down. That's why we always keep an emergency car battery starter in our vehicle, regardless of what, where and how far we are driving. While it's a good idea to keep jumper cables in your car, they are not always a realistic option. If your vehicle breaks down in a deserted area, there may not be another car around to give you a boost. Placing jumper cables between cars incorrectly can also result in damage to the vehicles, which is why we like the option of emergency car battery starters. The three options we've included are all compact and lightweight, making them ideal not only for cars, trucks, and vans but also for use on RVs, boats, lawnmowers, ATVs and more. We also like that they are small enough to throw into our suitcase and take with us on trips when we have a rental car. Protect yourself from roadside emergencies with your own emergency car battery starter. With enough power to jump-start up to 6.5 liter gas or 5.2 liter diesel engines up to 20 times on a single charge, the DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter is every drivers' best friend. The DBPOWER features a clear LCD screen that displays how much power is left, letting users know when it's time to charge the battery. The DBPOWER is also a great backup for small electronics, with a 18000mAh capacity and smart USB port. The starter has added smart features like a flashlight with a high, strobe and SOS setting and a compass, which double as survival tools when your car breaks down in a rural area. The starter includes intelligent jumper clamps, a 12V wall charger and a 12V car charger. Pros: The starter comes with 8-in-1 laptop adapters and can charge computers, phones, tablets and more at a high speed. Cons: The DBPOWER can last up to four months on a single charge, while the Rugged Geed is closer to one year. Updated for 2019, the Rugged Geek Safety Plus Car Jump Starter is powerful enough to boost just about any car or truck on the road, including a 7.0 liter gas and 3.5 liter diesel engine thanks to its 1,000 Peak Amps. Like the DBPOWER, the Rugged Geek also includes an ultra-bright LED light with various settings, including Strobe and SOS. It also comes with a USB port and nine laptop charging cables to help boost small electronics. The Rugged Geek comes in a rugged EVA carrying case and can fit in the glove box. Pros: The Rugged Geek is the only option on our list that also comes with an air compressor. Cons: The Rugged Geek is the most expensive option on our list. Weighing only 1.16 pounds and with dimensions that are close to a smartphone, the GOOLOO SuperSafe Car Jump Starter is the most lightweight and compact option on our list, great for travel and smaller cars with limited storage space. With a rating of 800 peak amps, the GOOLOO can power a 7.0 liter gas and 5.5 liter diesel engine and includes a USB port for charging small electronics. The GOOLOO also includes a flashlight with three settings. Pros: The GOOLOO has five advanced safety technology features, including overload protection and high temperature protection, making it a safe option even for car newbies. Cons: Unlike the first two options, the GOOLOO does not come with laptop adapters. The GOOLOO holds a charge for three months, which is the shortest time of all the starters on our list.
GP Speedmaster's New Sub-brand "100% Biba" Fully Launches New Products
GP Speedmaster's New Sub-brand "100% Biba" Fully Launches New Products
For game lovers, especially for somatosensory gamers like Xbox, the importance of high-energy batteries is self-evident. If the performance of the 5th battery is strong, it will definitely bring a more lasting experience and enjoyment. In order to meet the needs of game enthusiasts, GP Speedmaster’s new sub-brand "100% Biba" has made full efforts to carefully launch a green and environmentally friendly rechargeable battery with very powerful performance, which perfectly surpasses the traditional nickel-metal hydride in the game field. Rechargeable Battery.The 100% Biba brand new environmentally friendly rechargeable battery has inherited the powerful genetic advantages of GP Speedmaster. Compared with the traditional Ni-MH rechargeable battery, the new 100% Biba environmentally friendly rechargeable battery has a 1.2V full-range constant voltage and a large capacity of 2300mAH. The revolutionary technology makes it a new-generation leader in the rechargeable battery industry. Under the recommendation of gamers, 100% of the new Buba battery was snapped up by the whole people, and battery sales continued to soar, and it was also known as "the best cp partner for Xbox controllers."The discharge performance of the new generation of 100% Biba environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries is quite strong, suitable for use in various high-current and high-voltage electronic devices such as gamepads and wireless mice. The social media 3DM game network has conducted actual evaluation on it, and the results show that the 100% Biba battery does have excellent performance. Faced with the tests of many games such as "Monster Hunter WorldIn the 5-hour gaming experience, the fully-powered 100% Biba battery strongly assists the Xbox controller, presenting an excellent gaming feast full of speed and excitement.In addition to the amazing battery life, the new generation of 100% Biba's new generation of environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries has also passed the authority SGS quality certification. More than 90% of its battery materials can be recycled, and the battery can be used repeatedly for more than 300 times. The environmental protection level is among the top in the world. . Even if it is stored for one year in the standby state, the battery still has more than 70% of the remaining capacity. Excellent quality can naturally be loved by consumers.In terms of charging safety, 100% must be very careful. Under the concept of striving for perfection, 100% Beba fits the life charging scene, and designed a "back window" hollow charger with automatic power-off intelligent recognition, so that the safety issues such as heat dissipation, short circuit, overcharge, etc. have been greatly improved. The improvement brings us a safer charging environment.It can be said that the emergence of a new generation of environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries with 100% Biba has become a boon for game enthusiasts. I believe this 2300 mAh super-capacity rechargeable battery set combination, you will fall in love with it after using it!fqj
Reference Design of Power Supply and Serializer for Automobile Camera Module
Reference Design of Power Supply and Serializer for Automobile Camera Module
A seemingly simple design, in fact, is full of the efforts and day and night of digital engineers. This design needs to be tempered and evaluated repeatedly before it can be put on the market. Ti designs reference design library, sincerely create a classic for you! Want to find more reference designs? Log in Ti designs reference design library and you will have the design you want!Ti designs design library will launch a series of selected reference designs for you, including industrial, medical, automotive electronics, factory automation and control, building automation, personal electronics and other applications. It will be updated every week. Don't miss it! Now, let's take a look at the good recommendations in the fifth issue of "automotive electronic reference design"!Design OverviewPmp9351 is a compact power supply and serializer solution for automotive auxiliary camera module, using omnivision image sensor ov10635. This reference board has two lmr22007 Synchronous Step-Down regulators, which provide two 3.3V outputs and one 1.5V output to power the ov10635 evaluation board bypassing the on-board LDO. This design occupies 20x20mm effective PCB board area. The system input voltage is 9V rated voltage from ECU, and its input range is 5.5V to 20V. This reference board includes a ds90ub913q serializer and supports a coaxial cable power supply configuration, allowing the transmission of input power and FPD link III signals through a coaxial cable.Design system block diagram (click here to download the complete block diagram)Design characteristics:·Power supply and serializer solution specially designed for omnivision ov10635 image sensor in automobile camera·Compact solution size, circuit board area 20x20mm·3.3V and 1.5V outputs, including output filters to cover I / O, core, analog voltage rail and ensure high image quality·5.5V to 20V working input voltage range, 9V rated input from ECU·The coaxial cable power supply configuration transmits the input power supply and FPD link III signal through a coaxial cable·Through a compatible interface, the ov10635 EVM can be connected with only a slight modification of the circuit boardDesign documents (click here to download the complete design resources)Design demonstration:Relevant design recommendations:Reference design 1: Automobile USB battery charging reference designDescription: the size of the USB battery charging reference design has been optimized and can be installed in the automobile power supply accessories port. The design adopts a USB special charging port controller with integrated current limiting power switch and 42V DC / DC converter. High integration and small package size create a small shape.Reference design 2: reference design of dual port automobile USB chargerDescription: by using tps40170 PWM step-down controller, this power management reference design provides 5V regulated output with its small shape specification to power two USB ports, of which each port is 2.1a (4.2a in total). After optimization, this design adopts 12V rated input and can accept 8-60v.For the original text, please refer to: Instruments online technical support community answers technical problems and provides technical support for Chinese electronic engineers. Deyi community involves analog electronic technology, single chip microcomputer, MCU, embedded system, DSP and digital signal processing. It is the preferred technical exchange platform for electronic engineers designed with Ti chip. More Forum Highlights, please visit:
Belkin Introduces Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station Pro, Which Supports Both MacBook and Windows PC Syst
Belkin Introduces Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station Pro, Which Supports Both MacBook and Windows PC Syst
Today, Belkin, a well-known peripheral manufacturer, launched a new docking station - the new thunder 3 docking station pro, which is compatible with both MacBook and windows PC operating systems.It is reported that the product is an upgrade of the original lightning 3 expansion base. It is compatible with lightning 3 and a variety of other usb-c host devices (such as MacBook and new iPad Pro), as well as windows laptops and smartphones, which greatly improves the efficiency of the device. The 170W power adapter is attached to provide sufficient power supply for each interface. At the same time, it can provide up to 85W power supply for the connected host without additional power connection.Multiple ports have been greatly expanded. It includes 1 usb-a 3.1 port, usb-c 3.1 port, 4 usb-a 3.0 ports, 2 thunderbolt 3 ports, SD card, DisplayPort port and Ethernet port, which can easily connect multiple devices. It supports dual HD display output, the latest DisplayPort 1.4 standard, and supports up to 8K / 30Hz or 5K / 60Hz resolution output. The ultra-high speed SD card slot supports uhs-ii (ultra high speed II), and the transmission rate can reach 312 MB / s, which is three times faster than that of uhs-i, saving more time for image processing professionals.It also supports the daisy chain connection of up to 6 lightning devices, standard lightning 3 cables, and supports the data transmission speed of 40Gbps. The cable length is about 0.8m, which is enough to be installed around the furniture or further away from the main socket to provide a more general desktop configuration.This is a product upgrade of the award-winning thunder 3 expansion base, hoping to provide convenience not only for MacBook users, but also for Windows PC users. The new thunder 3 expansion base Pro will provide a one-stop solution for professionals who need to work with multiple devices to improve work efficiency.In terms of price, the official price of thunder 3 expansion base Pro is 2498 yuan. At present, the product has been listed and sold in relevant channels.
Exploding Samsung Phones Show Perils of Building Better Battery
Exploding Samsung Phones Show Perils of Building Better Battery
Samsung Electronics Co., under pressure from consumers for longer-lasting batteries that charge faster, pushed the limits of lithium-ion technology. The effort backfired when some of its new Note 7 handsets caught fire and exploded.Building a better battery has long bedeviled the tech industry. Smartphones are constantly improving, with sharper displays, improved software and cameras rivaling those used by the pros. Not so the batteries, which despite advances still die faster than consumers like and take too long to recharge."It's the race to add new capabilities and features to the phone that demands a more capable battery," said Martin Reynolds, a Gartner analyst.On top of the demands placed on their performance, batteries are getting slimmer and smaller, as smartphone makers try to win over consumers with thinner devices. That's putting strain on the manufacturing process, and raising the risk of defects that can lead to the kind of malfunctions seen in Samsung's phones.The Note 7 was supposed to stand out with its stylus, large edge-to-edge display and faster charging technology. Samsung rolled out the device in August, just before Apple Inc. unveiled a new batch of iPhones. It was a opportunity for the Suwon, South Korea-based company to outshine its biggest smartphone rival. Instead, it backfired.Usually, smartphone makers and wireless providers rigorously test products before they reach customers, although the process is mainly focused on making sure the devices are compatible with wireless networks. Samsung provided carriers with the typical amount of testing time before the launch date, according to people familiar with the matter. Samsung first showed prototypes of the Note 7 to carriers in April and testing began in May, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the arrangements aren't public.At least one major Samsung partner is reassessing its testing procedures to catch issues like this in the future, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. The South Korean manufacturer is holding multiple meetings each week with major carrier partners to discuss the latest details from its investigation and assist in mitigating the issue, the person said.Headaches involving the production of lithium-ion batteries aren't unique to the smartphone industry. Overheating battery packs made by Sony Corp. led to the recall of millions of laptops made by Dell Inc., Toshiba Corp. and others in 2006, while Boeing Co.'s 787 Dreamliner suffered from electrical fires after the airplane's 2011 debut.For an explanation of how batteries work, click here."Based on our investigation, we learned that there was an isolated issue with the battery cell," Samsung said in an e-mailed response to questions. "Overheating of the battery cell occurred when the anode-to-cathode came into contact with each other, causing a very rare manufacturing process error." Samsung is working to fix the problem. While only about three dozen cases were reported, the company is seeking to replace 2.5 million Note 7 phones, an endeavor that could cost as much as $2 billion . On Wednesday, Samsung placed advertisements in South Korea's major newspapers to apologize for the incident. In an effort to prevent any more device explosions, the company is also rolling out a software update on Sept. 20 that will limit the battery charge at 60 percent. Availability of that update outside South Korea will vary depending on each market, Samsung said.The Note 7 features a larger battery than its predecessor, one that can store 3500 milliamp hours of electric power, compared with 3000 mAh for the Note 5 (Samsung skipped a number this year, to match its flagship Galaxy S7). By comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus, the Note 7's main competitor, has a 2900 mAh battery. While Apple has also sought to upgrade its battery technology to support better screens and faster graphics, it hasn't often promoted battery life as a feature itself. Last week's iPhone event was an exception, when the company highlighted that the iPhone 7 can last almost two hours longer than its predecessor thanks to better software and processor design.Samsung SDI Co.was the main battery supplier for the Note 7, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.The batteries failed becausea separator within the cells was too thin and electrodes weren't properly insulated, according to a government quality inspection agency in China, where almost 2,000 Note 7s were distributed as test devices. Samsung, which is preparing to get replacements into the hands of customers from Sept. 19, said in a statement that "all Galaxy Note7 replacement devices will be equipped with the battery from other suppliers." For the past few years, Samsung has adopted Quick Charge , a technology developed by Qualcomm Inc., throughout its product lineup, including the Note 7. Using specialized chips, circuits and software, the mechanism works in tandem with a specific charger to speed up the process. While that has enabled rapid charging -- up to 50 minutes faster than its predecessor -- it's also pushing up against the physical limits of the materials and design used in battery technology. Gartner's Reynolds noted that fast charging is essentially a solution to the problem of short battery life."It's a feature driven by short battery life in general, not something that people really want," he said.The first batch of Note 7 batteries probably had a flaw in their design that didn't work properly with the chemistry in some units, according to Kyle Wiens, creator of iFixit, a popular website that dissects the innards of gadgets to gauge the ease of repairing the devices. Fast charging "crams as much energy as possible into the battery, and the closer you push it to the edge, the more of a potential safety issue there is," he said.
Renesas Energy Saving "function Module" Solution
Renesas Energy Saving "function Module" Solution
"Function module" is composed of Renesas's high-performance MCU, power device and simulator, and provides customers with hardware, software and system technology as a complete set of solutions. In this way, the time of system development can be shortened, the number of components can be reduced, and the higher performance and function of the system can be promoted.Power electronics technology to promote low power consumptionPower electronic technology refers to the overall name of the system of generating electric energy (power generation), transmitting electric energy (power transmission), changing electric energy (power transformation) and storing electric energy (power storage), and also includes the meaning of constructing and using the system.Power electronics is composed of circuit technology, control technology, application technology and so on. At present, the biggest purpose of power electronics is to reduce power consumption. How to generate, transmit, transform and store electricity more efficiently, and support the technology of power electronics to promote low power consumption.Development of power electronics technologyCurrent situation and subjectIn order to reduce power consumption, today's power electronic systems pursue accurate work control, efficient operation and reduce the waste of energy consumption. Therefore, the traditional analog control will be replaced by digital control using MCU.Analog control does not need to understand the knowledge of MCU for the circuit designer of power electronics technology. However, once the era of digital control, the circuit design of power electronics technology must have a sufficient understanding of MCU and its suitable devices. Similarly, the software designer must also understand the complex power electronics technology circuit.In fact, we can hear from many analog designers of power electronic technology circuits that they are difficult to adapt to MCU and MCU software development, resulting in confusion.In addition, the design should also start from the function, performance and cost. It takes a lot of time to select the most appropriate MCU and its matching devices.Moreover, for more and more power electronic technology systems that need digital operation control, flexible use of MCU with higher performance than traditional MCU and high-precision system design integrating power electronic technology circuit and control software require designers to have higher knowledge and experience."Answer" to the subject of power electronic technology system developmentExpecting "function module"For a long time, Renesas has launched various low-end to high-end control MCU for power devices such as IGBT and MOSFET, as well as analog-digital IC, optocoupler and driver IC. Renesas proposes to take the "AC-DC", "DC-DC" and "DC-AC" functions of the basic functions of power electronic technology circuits as "functional modules", which will give full play to this technical strength.Thus, in order to realize the required functions, Renesas can support all-round proposals from MCU, power devices and various ICs to system implementation.It has also been mentioned before that when developing the power electronic technology system promoting digital control, the power electronic technology circuit designer has insufficient knowledge and experience in MCU and MCU software development, as well as the time spent on the selection of MCU and various devices.However, after using the MCU and devices recommended by Renesas as "functional modules", designers do not need to spend too much time on selection, but can focus more on circuit design and software development. In addition, Renesas has also prepared a large number of technical data such as MCU routines and device usage methods, which can be fully and reliably supported by designers.In addition, designers can also design higher-level circuits by participating in various seminars arranged by Renesas, such as device application, power electronic technology circuit design, MCU control program development and so on.The "function module" provided by Renesas can be said to be the "answer" to overcome the problem of power electronic technology system development."Functional module" of power electronic technology systemOrdinary power electronic system is composed of several functional modules, and its functional modules can find a common structure. The input is analog signal and the output is PWM (pulse width modulation) signal. The control circuit is composed of MCU and program, and the power circuit is composed of driving circuit and power device.The input analog signals include voltage, current, temperature, speed, etc. The output PWM signal has constant amplitude and different duration pulse sequence to drive power devices such as IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) and power MOS FET. The control circuit integrates the control algorithm as a software program. Even the same functional module can meet different specifications by changing the program.Let's take a practical look at the cases of four areas of special concern in the power electronic technology system using the "functional modules" provided by Renesas.â—† household solar regulator to maximize solar energyFirst of all, we want to introduce the household solar power generation system. The system is called "household solar regulator", which is composed of control circuit composed of "DC / DC boost module", "frequency converter module" and MCU. The direct current generated by solar panel power generation is converted into alternating current through frequency converter and then transmitted to commercial power supply system.The output power of the solar panel will not only change due to the sunshine conditions, but also change due to the voltage required on the load side. At this time, MCU is used to control the DC / DC boost module to keep the output power of the solar cell at the maximum value through a control mode called "maximum power point tracking (MPPT).â—† motor frequency converter for air conditioner to realize energy saving and muteNext, we will introduce the motor control system of household air conditioner. The system is called "motor frequency converter for air conditioning", which is composed of control circuit composed of "PFC (power factor correction) module", "three-phase frequency converter module" and MCU. PFC module can rectify the input commercial power AC into DC, and remove harmonic noise at the same time. The three-phase frequency converter module converts the DC into three-phase AC (the phase difference of the three potential is 120 degrees) to drive the motor smoothly. The speed of the motor is monitored through the sensor, and the operation of the functional module is always controlled at the best value through MCU.â—† UPS (uninterruptible power supply device) with high efficiency backup power supplyNext, we will introduce the application example of small ups. The system can be used as a standby power supply when the commercial power supply stops power transmission for some reason. The power supply time of different UPS also ranges from 3 minutes to 3 hours.UPS is composed of control circuit composed of "PFC module", "DC / DC boost module", "frequency converter module" and MCU. PFC module can rectify the AC input from commercial power supply into DC, and remove harmonic noise at the same time. The DC power is stored in the battery inside the ups. The DC / DC boost module usually converts the output of PFC into appropriate DC voltage and supplies power to the battery at the same time. In case of power failure, it shall be output from the battery and boosted to the appropriate DC voltage. The frequency converter module converts the current output by the DC / DC boost module into the same AC power as the commercial power supply.â—† electric vehicle (EV) charging station supporting the next generation of vehiclesFinally, an example of charging station for electric vehicle (EV) is introduced. EV charging station is a new system that can charge electric vehicles (EV) in a short time. It is believed that the number at home and abroad will increase rapidly in the future.The EV charging station is composed of a control circuit composed of "three-phase PFC module", "insulated DC / DC converter module" and MCU. The input power supply is not the usual 100V AC power supply, but a three-phase 200V AC power supply. In order to shorten the charging time, a high-power power supply is also used. The three-phase PFC module is the same as the PFC module mentioned above, which can convert three-phase AC into DC. The insulated DC / DC converter module electrically insulates the input and output and generates the high voltage and high current required for EV charging.So far, Dr. tanamoto has introduced many examples of power electronic technology systems that make use of "functional modules". Next time, we will introduce Renesas MCU, power devices and simulator products that support the "function module" solution.
Disabling Secure Boot and Third Party Drivers
Disabling Secure Boot and Third Party Drivers
Since secure boot only allows the computer to use trusted operating systems and drivers, protecting against rootkits, disabling it would allow malware to hide in the boot loader and make itself difficult to detect. While secure boot does not protect against malware, it attempts to prevent malware from getting a deeper foothold on the system. That being said, many Linux distributions require secure boot to be disabled in order to boot. From your post it sounds like Linux Mint might work with secure boot if you disable third party drivers, but the open source drivers could cause problems with your system's performanceWhilst installing linux mint 19.1 cinnamon i checked the "I want third party drivers box".However, upon checking that box i was prompted to create a password in order to disable secure boot.Thus, i disabled secure boot after rebooting my machine, as prompted.Now however, after rebooting (and with every boot up) my monitor displays a huge warning reading "booting into insecure mode", before displaying the mint login screen.Is this now something that i should not be bothered with, or did i mess up the installation process somewhere along the line? And is using this "insecure" mode somehow making me more susceptible to any "attacks" or the like - which the name seems to imply to a layman like me?·OTHER ANSWER:Whilst installing linux mint 19.1 cinnamon i checked the "I want third party drivers box".However, upon checking that box i was prompted to create a password in order to disable secure boot.Thus, i disabled secure boot after rebooting my machine, as prompted.Now however, after rebooting (and with every boot up) my monitor displays a huge warning reading "booting into insecure mode", before displaying the mint login screen.Is this now something that i should not be bothered with, or did i mess up the installation process somewhere along the line? And is using this "insecure" mode somehow making me more susceptible to any "attacks" or the like - which the name seems to imply to a layman like me?
Change USB Vendor Id / Product Id
Change USB Vendor Id / Product Id
You might be able to do this with devcon (easiest ways to install listed here), a utility provided with the Windows DDK/WDK. You can find a standalone version suitable for Windows XP at the link.In particular, devcon's sethwid command may be able to do what you are looking for. See Examples page for some tutorials. I am not sure this will do exactly what you want, but I've a strong feeling that it may be as close as you will get without writing your own filter driver. If you do need to write your own driver, grab the WDK and read the devcon sourcecode in srcsetupdevcon.You may also be able to use devcon in other ways to accomplish your goal, but without further details it's hard to say exactly how. Good luck!.1. I recently discovered "corn in a cup" from a mexican street vendor?Love that stuff. It is sold in India too, many different flavours are available. My family loves it, I make it at home too using cheese spread, butter,lime, pepper, finely chopped mint2. I need to find a native iPhone and Android app developer. Is there a website that aggregates and rates mobile app developers so that we can choose the right vendor?actually , if your company is e-commerce, you should try SimiCart- it's a mobile commerce solution which helps building Magento mobile app for your e-commerce store automatically at reasonable price and high quality support.. Check it out now3. Could I make a ton of money by posing as a hot dog vendor at Fenway Park?you might as well dress up as a player4. How can I upgrade my Wix e-commerce website for a multi-vendor/marketplace site?I would suggest you to not choose Wix if you want to Make a E-commerce website then go through Wordpress as it is the best website making platform or you can choose other platforms.But if you want to go through Wix then there are many tutorial present in YouTube or Google that could help youThank YouIf you liked my answer, Could I get an Upvote?5. Help! Where can I buy 4" wide ribbon online? Gotta be a US vendor...?There is a website that has ribbon up to 36" wide - enjoy6. Does "vendor" mean seller or manufacturer?In law, the vendor is chiefly the selling party that sells to the end user. Now, that sounds like fudging things a bit, but it is not . The reason for that "sells to the end user" is because in any chain of supply, there are several contracts of sale of goods at work. Each buying party in that supply chain is effectively the end user to the selling party.In other words, a vendor is the supplier in a supply chain: anyone who provides goods or services to the buyer (a company or an individual).In trade and commercial language, a vendor also manufactures stuff and sells them to customers (wholesalers or retailers), so that may explain the confusion about seller vs. manufacturer. Does "vendor" mean seller or manufacturer?7. How can we improve the situation around recognizable low-level vendor-specific solutions (e.g. on Android)? [closed]The simplest way of doing that is improving the questions. Neither of the examples you give are good questions for getting low level answers, because they do not ask for low level answers.Example 1: Call logging with Dual SIMThis is a straightforward request to separate the call logs based on which SIM is used. However, it is completely unclear that the asker even realizes this would be a vendor-specific answer. For instance, he asks, "Can Android do something like that ... or do I have to change Android version?"The correct answer is no, it can not . You might be able to do that on an Android phone, but Android can not do that, and simply changing to another version wo not help it. You need device-specific help. Please forgive the answerer for not listing the exact code for every model of Android device, but I believe that falls under the category of "too broad".Example 2: Call from second simBasically the same as the first, and suffers from the same "What do you know?" problem. However, this time one of the answers gives an actual solution, at least for a certain model of phone. The other answer says the same as before, you need to get in touch with the manufacturer.Also, as Jan mentions in the comments above, neither of these examples mention what type of device they are using at all. How is anyone supposed to give low-level advice without knowing any of the specifics?Your recent dual-sim question: Android: what vendor-specific methods are known for dual-SIM phones to detect a SIM used for SMS?I assume that this is what prompted this question. This is a better question, but it could be better still. First, make it clear that you know this can not be done with the standard SDK. On first reading, it sounds like you are looking for standard ways of doing it. If the question does not make it very clear that you already know the API does not provide this, you are going to get a response of "the API does not provide this," because 99% of users/askers only care about what the API provides, so it's more likely that questions are looking for an API solution.Second, get rid of the "listiness" of the question at the end. If you want an HTC solution and an MTK solution, say exactly that. Do not say "What are most known ways to...", because that attracts an answer for each and every Android vendor, making a list question that has no "right" answer. Also remember that the answer may not even be consistent across all HTC devices, and you may need to get more specific. However, I do not understand what exactly this means: Nobody in any of those threads says "there is no answer." Second, nobody answering those questions has over 1000 rep, so I am not sure if they count as "high-rep specialists. " I have seen similar answers from high-rep users(and I've said it myself on occasion), but your sample questions do not make this clear.By comparison, look at this: Inject uplink audio in call with Snapdragon MSM8960 SoCThe question is specific to a chip, links to related code, and asks for something specific. In return, there is no "you can not do that" in the answer, and an approach is given. The quality of answers is directly related to the quality of the question.Take the advice. They might give you exactly what you need. If so, you can come back and self-answer an awesome question to help future visitors, while gaining that sweet rep to boot. If not, at least you can include that as research in your question. When you do come back with a question, make it as specific as possible, so that it gets a specific answer.Remember, you may not get an answer right away. It could take days, weeks, months, who knows? The crowd of kernel hackers is much smaller than the crowd of API users, and it may take some time for anyone who can answer your question to actually see it
How to Interface Touch Module with ESP 01
How to Interface Touch Module with ESP 01
223 touch has an option to set between active high or active low mode so you can skip transistor1. VirtualBox problem: Kernel module is not loadedFirst make sure you have these packages installed:If installing the above does not solve the issue you might have a kernel version greater than 4.4.0-20 which enforces that unsigned kernel modules are not to be allowed to run with Secure Boot enabled in BIOS. In this case you can do one of the following:OR.2. abelian variety used like moduleFor a base ring $B$, the category of schemes over $B$ can be identified as a covariant functor from the category $textbfB-Alg$ of $B$-algebras into the category $textbfSets$ of sets. In other words, the category of schemes over $B$ is isomorphic to the full subcategory of covariant functors from $textbfB-Alg$ nto $textbfSets$, Grothendieck's viewpoint; see Section 4 of notes from a graduate course of Hida here (or Section 4.1 of another Springer book of his published in 2013 here). Hida, Haruzo. Elliptic curves and arithmetic invariants. Springer Monographs in Mathematics. Springer, New York, 2013. xviii449 pp. For example, this goes as follows, if $B$ is a field and $X$ is a variety over $B$, for any $B$-algebras $K$, one associates the set of $K$-rational points $X(K)$ of $X$; so, we get a covariant functor $K mapsto X(K)$. If $A$ is an abelian variety whose endomorphism algebra containing $O$, $A(K)$ is an abelian group and actually an $O$-module (so, the functor has values in the category of $O$-modules). Thus if $M$ is an $O$-module, one can think of a new covariant functor $K mapsto A(K) otimes_O M$. If $M$ is finite type over $O$ as modules and $O$-flat, long ago, Serre showed that there exists an abelian variety $A'$ such that $A'(K)$ is isomorphic to $A(K) otimes_O M$ for all $K$. This abelian variety $A'$; is the one written $A otimes_O M$. Similarly $textTor_1^O(A, mathfrakc/O)$ is a functor from $B$-algebras into finite abelian group sending $K$ to $textTor_1^O(A(K), mathfrakc/O)$ which is again represented by a finite flat group subscheme of $A$. Thus $A otimes_O mathfrakc$ is the quotient of $A$ by a finite torsion subgroup. If $B$ is a field of characteristic $0$, as is well known (from the time of Weil) the quotient of an abelian variety over $B$ by a torsion subgroup is again an abelian variety (proving classically Serre's result in this special case).3. certbot for letsencrypt missing pyopenssl moduleDo not mix yum installed packages via pip ones. The proper fix involves removing pip packages and install everything from yum. I have outlined it here.You do not need newer pyOpenSSL on CentOS 7 to run certbot!.4. File Repository ModuleCheckout filedepot module. The filedepot module is full featured Document Management module that has a google docs like feel. It fulfills the need for an integrated file management module supporting role and user based security. Documents can be saved outside the Drupal public directory to protect documents for safe access and distribution.5. What is the most required Prestashop Module?Hi,I would recommend Dropshipper Complete Module for Prestashop from Module BazaarSee more at : Best Prestashop ModulesThe Dropshipper module for Prestashop is an ideal choice for retailers and wholesale vendors. This module facilitates and optimizes the way customers place their orders, thus attracting more Dropshipper to your company. It can calculate shipping fees based on the delivery address, product weight, product cost, and product quantity. The module can also calculate shipping fees based on the number of addresses specified and products being delivered to each particular address. Moreover, it enables the user to specify a number of shipping addresses for a single order.If interested, send a mail to6. How to Include google fonts in a my module?Firstly create a select dropdown field in your XML file like so:Then in your mod_mymodule.php file, add the following:7. Localization of a module at a prime ideal and local behavior.Yes...assuming that $M$ is finitely generated (if not see Mohan's helpful comment below).Hint: The isomorphism $R^n_mathfrakpto M_mathfrakp$ sends the basis vectors $e_i$ to elements of the form $displaystyle sum_j f_i,j m_j$ where $f_iin R_mathfrakp$. This isomorphism really only needs to have that the $f_i,j$ make sense, and this really only requires inverting finitely many denominators.
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