Change USB Vendor Id / Product Id

You might be able to do this with devcon (easiest ways to install listed here), a utility provided with the Windows DDK/WDK. You can find a standalone version suitable for Windows XP at the link.In particular, devcon's sethwid command may be able to do what you are looking for. See Examples page for some tutorials. I am not sure this will do exactly what you want, but I've a strong feeling that it may be as close as you will get without writing your own filter driver. If you do need to write your own driver, grab the WDK and read the devcon sourcecode in srcsetupdevcon.You may also be able to use devcon in other ways to accomplish your goal, but without further details it's hard to say exactly how. Good luck!.

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1. I recently discovered "corn in a cup" from a mexican street vendor?

Love that stuff. It is sold in India too, many different flavours are available. My family loves it, I make it at home too using cheese spread, butter,lime, pepper, finely chopped mint

2. I need to find a native iPhone and Android app developer. Is there a website that aggregates and rates mobile app developers so that we can choose the right vendor?

actually , if your company is e-commerce, you should try SimiCart- it's a mobile commerce solution which helps building Magento mobile app for your e-commerce store automatically at reasonable price and high quality support.. Check it out now

Change USB Vendor Id / Product Id 2

3. Could I make a ton of money by posing as a hot dog vendor at Fenway Park?

you might as well dress up as a player

4. How can I upgrade my Wix e-commerce website for a multi-vendor/marketplace site?

I would suggest you to not choose Wix if you want to Make a E-commerce website then go through Wordpress as it is the best website making platform or you can choose other platforms.But if you want to go through Wix then there are many tutorial present in YouTube or Google that could help youThank YouIf you liked my answer, Could I get an Upvote?

5. Help! Where can I buy 4" wide ribbon online? Gotta be a US vendor...?

There is a website that has ribbon up to 36" wide - enjoy

6. Does "vendor" mean seller or manufacturer?

In law, the vendor is chiefly the selling party that sells to the end user. Now, that sounds like fudging things a bit, but it is not . The reason for that "sells to the end user" is because in any chain of supply, there are several contracts of sale of goods at work. Each buying party in that supply chain is effectively the end user to the selling party.In other words, a vendor is the supplier in a supply chain: anyone who provides goods or services to the buyer (a company or an individual).In trade and commercial language, a vendor also manufactures stuff and sells them to customers (wholesalers or retailers), so that may explain the confusion about seller vs. manufacturer. Does "vendor" mean seller or manufacturer?

7. How can we improve the situation around recognizable low-level vendor-specific solutions (e.g. on Android)? [closed]

The simplest way of doing that is improving the questions. Neither of the examples you give are good questions for getting low level answers, because they do not ask for low level answers.Example 1: Call logging with Dual SIMThis is a straightforward request to separate the call logs based on which SIM is used. However, it is completely unclear that the asker even realizes this would be a vendor-specific answer. For instance, he asks, "Can Android do something like that ... or do I have to change Android version?"The correct answer is no, it can not . You might be able to do that on an Android phone, but Android can not do that, and simply changing to another version wo not help it. You need device-specific help. Please forgive the answerer for not listing the exact code for every model of Android device, but I believe that falls under the category of "too broad".Example 2: Call from second simBasically the same as the first, and suffers from the same "What do you know?" problem. However, this time one of the answers gives an actual solution, at least for a certain model of phone. The other answer says the same as before, you need to get in touch with the manufacturer.Also, as Jan mentions in the comments above, neither of these examples mention what type of device they are using at all. How is anyone supposed to give low-level advice without knowing any of the specifics?Your recent dual-sim question: Android: what vendor-specific methods are known for dual-SIM phones to detect a SIM used for SMS?I assume that this is what prompted this question. This is a better question, but it could be better still. First, make it clear that you know this can not be done with the standard SDK. On first reading, it sounds like you are looking for standard ways of doing it. If the question does not make it very clear that you already know the API does not provide this, you are going to get a response of "the API does not provide this," because 99% of users/askers only care about what the API provides, so it's more likely that questions are looking for an API solution.Second, get rid of the "listiness" of the question at the end. If you want an HTC solution and an MTK solution, say exactly that. Do not say "What are most known ways to...", because that attracts an answer for each and every Android vendor, making a list question that has no "right" answer. Also remember that the answer may not even be consistent across all HTC devices, and you may need to get more specific. However, I do not understand what exactly this means: Nobody in any of those threads says "there is no answer." Second, nobody answering those questions has over 1000 rep, so I am not sure if they count as "high-rep specialists. " I have seen similar answers from high-rep users(and I've said it myself on occasion), but your sample questions do not make this clear.By comparison, look at this: Inject uplink audio in call with Snapdragon MSM8960 SoCThe question is specific to a chip, links to related code, and asks for something specific. In return, there is no "you can not do that" in the answer, and an approach is given. The quality of answers is directly related to the quality of the question.Take the advice. They might give you exactly what you need. If so, you can come back and self-answer an awesome question to help future visitors, while gaining that sweet rep to boot. If not, at least you can include that as research in your question. When you do come back with a question, make it as specific as possible, so that it gets a specific answer.Remember, you may not get an answer right away. It could take days, weeks, months, who knows? The crowd of kernel hackers is much smaller than the crowd of API users, and it may take some time for anyone who can answer your question to actually see it

Artigos recomendados
: the Elusive Responsive Supply Chain
: the Elusive Responsive Supply Chain
Yesterday, I watched a recorded session(a webinar) on the 'Supply chains in COVID-19 Era'. There were many business leaders and industry experts who expressed their views on the subject. The panel discussion got mainly focused upon on 'what kind of supply chain they wanted' and I somehow felt that 'how to make it happen' was (sadly) missing in that discussion (maybe it was by design, but still I felt uncomfortable). I have observed that most of the time whenever we listen to the top management about their expectation from the supply chain. We mostly get that they want company's supply chain to be proactive, agile, and should be in a position to react to the varying market demand. Their view-point represents exactly what a supply chain should do. To get more clarity we can expand the stated viewpoint -the 'varying market demand' signifies the variability, as well as the uncertainty in the demand. Next, the extent of the problem depends upon the degree of variability and uncertainty of demand; i.e higher the uncertainty or variability, it is much more difficult to deal with that kind of demand. The 'agile', and 'proactive' here signifies the supply chain to churn out the product mix — in quantity as well as in sequence as per the actual demand of the consumers.Let's get back to the point of how a supply chain should be in the COVID-19 era.The current situation of COVID-19 is one such situation, which has created an environment of a very high degree of variability and uncertainty in the demand for the businesses. Let us understand this with an example. Let's take the automobile business. Below is one of question which this business is facing currently:Will the fear of public transportation (due to COVID-19) lead to a spurt of demand for two-wheelers /car ( to prevent getting infected from other people in bus/train)?We all can say that there will be some impact, but it is very difficult to predict whether it will be a significant one. Such a situation creates a dilemma for top management:Should they wait for the demand to show up, and then react accordingly? Or start preparation now, so that when demand shows up, they can fulfill it.I am guessing some of you must be wondering: 'is it really a conflict'? and if yes then why. Let's understand the supply side of the equation to get a deeper understanding of why this dilemma exists in the mind of the top management.Let's continue our automobile example.Fulfillment of demand can be ensured if the product required by the customer is available at the dealership. A customer is most likely would not wait for a product he/she desires. Sometimes, waiting for just more than 1-2 days is considered long by many customers. Specifically the fastest-growing segment of the customer population — millennials (for them it is mostly like 'I want it NOW'). So top management understands that if their product is not available, customers can walk to other brand stores and get the readily available product from the competition. This brings us to the next question: Why would a product not be available at the dealer?A car or a bike has to travel via the supply chain, which has the following entities- sub-vendor, ancillary vendors, plants( where the product is assembled), warehouses, and finally dealers, before it lands in the hands of a customer.There are typically two challenges in such supply chains:1. To manufacture what is actually in demand2. To put an already manufactured product to a location where the customer is going to come and ask for it.First problem: There can be supply related challenge of individual parts from vendors or sub-vendor and we all are aware that manufacturing can not happen, even when a single part is not available at the plant ( a car/ bike typically have thousands of parts). This issue is mostly termed as 'supplier/vendor unreliability'. In the present times, the unreliability problem is getting really aggravated due to a shortage of manpower, and the availability of working capital with the vendors. This leads to a situation where many of the sub-vendors/ vendors are finding it difficult to work even at half of their pre-COVID-19 capacities, thereby disrupting production lines of the original equipment manufactures.We can generalise this for other businesses, which have a similar supply chain configuration (vendors- plant-warehouses- dealer- distributor). So the obvious conclusion is:Even when the market had a certain demand for their products, manufacturing for that demand is going to be a bigger challenge in the current condition.Second problem: There can be a situation where a specific bike/car model is available at a dealer, but there is no demand for that bike/car model (due to colour or configuration choices, etc) in that geography. On the other hand, at the same time, another dealer might be getting the customer demand for that model, but he/she does not have the inventory available at this location. Do you see what has happened?A supply chain on an overall level has the inventory for the product, which a customer has liked and wanted to buy, but not at the right point, which most likely results in a loss of sales for the dealer and the company.This case somehow feels much more painful than the first problem. You know why- because we lost sales, even when we had finished product in the supply chain. Further, the supply situation is likely to get worsened, as the demand variability and uncertainty are interdependent on the reliability of the supply chain.Let's understand this 'interdependent' aspect by taking the viewpoint of a dealer/distributor in our automobile example.As we said, manufacturing is going to face a challenge due to increased vendor unreliability. Now, when dealers/ distributors, downwards in the supply chain face this unreliability, they most likely are going to place an inflated orders; just like all of us did during lockdown- when we faced the situation of unreliable supplies, we kept higher than usual inventory of groceries/essentials in our homes. It is simply human nature.So when the bloated orders are fulfilled by the manufacturers, then it will eventually lead to a much more aggravated situation where inventory is not available where the demand is present and vice-versa.Now, you must be thinking, "yes, this seems likely, but how is this an interdependent case? It seems more like a one-way effect". When the inflated orders(spike in demand) would hit the manufacturing plant and vendor operations. It is going to cause an increase in unplanned setups, as well as expediting of material from the vendor(or sub-vendors) in some cases. Unplanned setups, and expediting(read firefighting) cause frequent disruption in the production plan, leading to wastage of capacities. This wastage is happening in an environment, where capacity is already limited due to working capital and manpower issues(discussed in the first problem).All of this results in further deterioration in supply chain performance (reliability). It's seem like a vicious loop.At this point, I am sure you have got an understanding of 'why there is a conflict in the mind of top management'. Let's summarise: 'If they start production now as per the expected demand and demand does not show then the huge pile of inventory can potentially financially ruin the company. On the other hand, if they do not start now and when the demand shows then they might miss the opportunity as their supply chain wo not be able to deliver due to all of the above-discussed constraints.Now, to the most obvious question is- 'is there a way out of this situation?'As a TOC(Theory of constraints) practitioner, I can confidently say that a pull-based production(S-DBR) along with buffers in the supply chain and stock rationing as per need of the downward nodes of the chain can effectively tackle both supply-side problems. TOC replenishment solution significantly lowers the supply lead time of the chain. Thereby, enabling the supply chains in successfully dealing with a high degree of uncertainties and variabilities in the demand.I believe that the TOC replenishment solution is the need of the hour for supply chains facing such a high degree of variability and uncertainty.Is there any vendor in Kota which can give banana shake at home?No,there is not such vendor as far as I know.If you order in bulk then maybe one can do so for you.By the way, stunning question.Haha...
What License Do I Need to Be a Food Vendor in Indiana?
What License Do I Need to Be a Food Vendor in Indiana?
It will vary based on state and/or local laws. Anything dealing with food though will require a license of some kind. Just google your city and/or state food vendor license and see what pops up from your local governments website. If that fails, call your town hall.1. USB Vendor ID ConfusionIf your project (hardware and/or software) is published under a FOSS license, you can get an ID for free from Openmoko2. How Do I Respond to a Vendor'sIf you were thinking of dropping this vendor, and the tacky gift was the last straw, then you could tell him so. But since you say want to keep the vendor, despite the tacky gift, you should just let it go.3. who is no 1 erp vendor?There is a strong competition for number one between two dominant ERP Players Oracle and SAP. Oracle is deemed to be the best software for financial and service organizations and SAP still commands the number 1 position for manufacturing companies4. What should I do about this wedding vendor/florist??I would not worry about it another minute. Just order flowers from another florist. Even if you can work out the prices with them, they do not deserve your business or your money after that miserable treatment. If you want, you can complain to the better business bureau, but it might not even make a difference. Just tell all your friends not to deal with them5. Should I be looking closely at vendor items at higher difficulties?I always take a quick look if I am going past them anyways.. Just yesterday on Inferno act 1 I found a great new amulet! Worked great for my Monk.6. I bought a car from a private vendor based on photographs and personal testimony?Unfortunately if you did not check out the car and have a mechanic look at it before you paid your money, you bought the car as is. You could try small claims court but you are not guaranteed to win if you did not physically check out the car before you paid for it7. How do I purchase multiple copies of the same item from a vendor?Currently players are not able to buy multiple amount of the same item from the vendor at once. Instead you are forced to buy them one by one.This has been reported as an issue in official forums with a lot of players complaining about it, so it's probably going to change in the future, and once it does i will update my answer. As of Version 0. 10. 2b you can now use Ctrl Click to buy items from vendors8. What due diligence do you do before hiring a vendor?It depends on the size and scope of the vendor, their importance to me (can I replace them easily? Are they what is known as "sole-source"?), etc.I usually get all their financials (easier when they are a public company; otherwise I ask for financial details), I seek references (including independent ones), I Google them (press releases, Glassdoor, Facebook, etc.), I visit them (check out their site/s, meet as many employees as I can, etc. ).9. When should I choose an x64 version of a vendor's application?In my opinion, if the vendor provides both, you should always download the 64-bit version, if for no other reason than that it does not make sense not to. There is no downside to using a 64-bit executable, and at the same time there are multiple advantages to it (mainly speed), so why not?10. Mirror Website how to approach my vendor to allow it?Generally duplicating another site content is going to get poorer search engine ranking due to "duplicate content", if you are planning to just use paid advertising it's less of an issue. I do not know a that much about ecommerce methods, some suppliers may have rss feeds of their catalog data that almost automatically populates pages. One general trick is to iFrame a site so it appears inside of your own site pages, your typically stuck with the links they have on their page so it's probably not of value.11. Excessive CPU use in vendor SQL Server DBThis is partially true. Index fragmentation wont cause HIGH CPU. Internal Fragmentation means that you have lots of free space on the pages and it will take more time to scan the index. This will incur more disk IO and will require more memory to store the index (due to free spaces in the index pages) which means more wasted space in buffer pool.Bad statistics will cause the query optimizer to generate inefficient(bad) plans causing a degraded performance e. g. queries that took 2 secs to complete will take 2 mins or 2 hours, etc as sql server will make a bad guess (e.g. will estimate 1 row as opposed to actual 2M rows) and may choose an inapproprate join performing high number of reads or can choose a bad join e.g. nested loop where a hash or merge join would have been a better choice. Bad (outdated or old) stats will peg your CPU at a much higher level.So keeping your Statistics and Indexes defragmented will definitely help. Instead of crafting your own solution, I would recommend to use Ola's Index Maintenance solution. Refer to Kendra's excellent post : Why Index Fragmentation and Bad Statistics Are not Always the Problem (Video) ?Remus Rusanu has a really good blog post on : The Bizzaro Guide to SQL Server Performance (caution : Do not follow it !)I believe that there might be more things to address at your sql server configuration level than just to worry about Index fragmentation. Also CXPACKET wait in itself is not a problem.Things to check :You can use Glenn Berry's diagnostic queries - 2012 versionandAdditionally Joe Sack talks about Troubleshooting Methodology for SQL Server CPU Performance Issues.
Fujian. Stainless Steel Laser Lighting Factory Quality and Low Price, Customer Recognition Are Our -
Fujian. Stainless Steel Laser Lighting Factory Quality and Low Price, Customer Recognition Are Our -
No. For that you need exact model of hitachi like that dead drive. Also,you need kit for disk platters extraction, because you need replace old disk platters in new hdd case with same "angle". So is very hard for home repair,almost impossible. Dust is your smallest problem.1. 3rd party vendor wants Disneyland tickets back at the end of the day?It's not morally probably the best thing. However, morals out the window..! A lot of people are doing this anymore, it is a more affordable way to go if you are going to only go for a day or two. Brokers or even just regular joe-shmoes buy multi-day passes and then sell them to people like us to use for a day or two, the broker makes more money and we get in less than the window price. So take it with a grain of salt. I do not know about the annual pass, I think they are most strict with that (DL, that is) . Hope it helps! Enjoy Disney... the most magical place on earth. At least I think so!2. PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare __() (previously declared in /vendor/magento/framework/Phrase/__.php:15) in /app/functions.php on line 23Just try to remove vendor,var/ and run composer install command:rm -rf vendor/* && composer install3. Why use credit card rewards for vendor credit not cash?A few cards, such as the Citi Rewards card, give different value to the points depending what you use them for. Generally you get the highest ratio of points to spending for travel and entertainment (1-2 cents per point), a slightly worse ratio for gift cards (0.9-1.1 cents per point), and the very worst for statement credit (0. 6-0. 8 cents per point). Additionally this may make sense if a credit card has an promotional 0% interest rate which applied to purchases made in a particular month and the user is intentionaly using this rate as a free loan. Given statement credit does not usually count towards minimum payments there could be a situation where the interest saved or oppertunity cost by keeping the balance on the card and paying it off more slowly could exceed the potential cashback lost from using gift cards to pay ones current expenses.The only other pathalogical situation I could potentially think of is that if one wished to make an extremely large purchase, which was going to exceed their credit limit, and gift cards or a deal allowed them to make the purchase in a single transaction where the merchant would not accept the use of multiple payment methods. Other than that I cannot see any other financial reasons one would do this, assuming the items offered as rewards are otherwise generally available for purchase. There may however be psycological reasons, for example if someone with otherwise poor saving skills saves their points for several years to make a disgressionary purchase such as a vacation they did not have the discipline to save for in cash4. Should I be a vendor in the SouthernIf it is a dream then do it okay?5. Is starting off as a flea market vendor a good start to someday owning a regular clothing retail business?You gotta start somewhere... and that's a pretty great place to start. Of course, I am not sure that young men/ladies go to flea markets, but I am sure you will see a couple. You might want to get your partner working part time, or just making/selling clothes when you are busy working. You will probably have to work pretty hard to get your own store. Who knows? Maybe someone with money and a little power in the clothing industry will see your clothes and help you along the way....6. Why is OpenGL vendor 'Mesa Project'This is because the GPU is not being used for rendering in your use case. As the glxinfo output you posted shows, the Software Rasterizer is being used for GL rendering to the X DISPLAY in question (presumably the forwarded display via ssh, which means glxinfo is querying the X server on the gateway for GL information)7. Wrong file in vendor/magento/framework/Image/Adapter/Gd2.php:64 when i install magento 2.3Just ran into this problem for my Magento 2.3.5-p2 in wamp server on Windows 10.It looks like it is windows related problem only (I am yet to confirm that), I had to add strlen($url['scheme']) > 1 in the function of vendormagentoframeworkImageAdapterGd2.php file:So the final function looks like this:Hope this helps someone.
Is It Necessary to Have a Vendor at a Wedding?
Is It Necessary to Have a Vendor at a Wedding?
Depends on the wedding you are planning to have and whether or not you feel comfortable asking "guests" and/or family members to work instead of enjoy the ceremony and reception1. What is a good universal PATH across multiple vendor *nix platforms?I use a combination of checks and tests to set my path on any given system via my .bashrc/.profile:First - set a basic path which should be valid anywhere. Then you need to know where you are running:Then you can add OS specific paths:Where ck_add2path is defined as:.2. Should I be looking closely at vendor items at higher difficulties?I've found that they can be useful, especially when you first transition to a higher difficulty3. Is it correct to say, "La du00eda siguiente el vendor tuvo una orden para aparecer en corte," to say in english, "The next day the seller had an order to appear in court?"No at all.You should say: "Al da siguiente el vendedor recibi una notificacin de comparecencia ante el juez"or"Al da siguiente el vendedor recibi una notificacin para que se presentara en el juzgado"Both sentences have the same meaning in Spanish, but the first one implies that you will be asked by the judge, and the second one that you will be asked by an law officer. Both are possible in Spain, depending on the felony.Your translation is not plain Spanish. We can understand it, but is not correct.4. How to choose a network switch vendor?Huawei is also worth considering. They've strong foothold in telecom sector and their switches come in very reasonable prices (CZ). Configuration is similar to Cisco, of course some things are different (eg 802.1x) but documentation is solid and their enterprise division support was helpful.5. How do I go about finding a bar vendor?Do you have a caterer? Most caterers budget in servers including someone to be serving alcohol. If you actually want a bartender, just go to a bar and see if they have a bartender who has that day off. It should not take long to find someone. In fact I bet one of your friends has a bartender friend. As far as if you would save by that....I dunno. If you do it yourself do they still charge you for "setup". A bartender will at least cost you $150 for the evening. You would definitely save money by providing the drinks yourself than finding a bar to provide the alcohol if that is what you mean. Unless you really know someone who owns a bar (and therefore would give you the bar discount cost on the alcohol) you will pay more. The bar would charge you their regular markup on the alcohol. If you go purchase it yourself, you can get a better price at total wine. What I did was get a keg instead of individual 6 packs. That's much cheaper. I got bottles of wine at Total Wine and therefore got the case discount plus I got to pick my own bottle. The bar might only have $15 bottle whereas Total Wine has hundreds under $10.6. How can I offer a price lower than the listing price, without angering the vendor?It's business, not personal. You work hard for your money and owe it to yourself to get the best deal you can. (As a US located licensed Realtor) I will tell you that an agent is required to take any written offers to the seller. If you are working with your own agent, do not let him/her tell you your offer is too low, insist they pass it to the seller. There are 100 reasons a seller would accept a low offer. Any need for a sale where speed is more important than the final price. A pending purchase the seller is at risk of losing, an ugly divorce where both parties just want out, a couple needing assisted living facilities. As long as you have time on your side and are willing to walk away from any house, you will eventually find a seller willing to sell at your offer price. Make sure you know the area and educate yourself on what houses are really worth in that area. There's no discount that would make me want to live in a bad area. (Eg I would personally avoid being within listening distance of an active railroad. Or 1000 meters of high power lines)
Vendor Won't Divulge Wholesale Pricelist Before I Sign Retail Contract?
Vendor Won't Divulge Wholesale Pricelist Before I Sign Retail Contract?
This is standard procedure. Just because you have a license to sell, they are not required to give you their prices without a contract. Too many dishonest people who would use this info to do exactly what you are being prevented from doing by signing the contract. Non-compete contracts are normal also but usually have a time limit contained. If you do not trust them, do not sign the contract. More companies are using MAP such as Bose and Apple. I think it's a prestige thing but they have the right to do it. Some think it is being a monopoly but this is not so since it only covers their products1. What are the best food products to sell as a street vendor?Nutrutious and college students do not exactly match up. Try hot dogs!2. Does a homeowneru2019s association have the right to fine me for a vendor's speeding offense?Here is a link to an answer I wrote to an almost identical asked on March 18:Linda Jordan's answer to Can my homeowners association fine me for a visitors speeding offense?3. Is it correct to say, "La du00eda siguiente el vendor tuvo una orden para aparecer en corte," to say in english, "The next day the seller had an order to appear in court?"AL DA SIGUIENTE, EL VENDEDOR RECIBI UNA ORDEN PARA QUE SE PRESENTARA EN LA CORTE4. Where can I find a bag vendor in World of Warcraft?Like everyone else said, that's really odd that you did not find any bags on the AH. Keep checking back, because those bags will usually be cheaper than vendor bags. Anyways, the closest place you buy vendor bags in from Rathin in Silvermoon City. He's in the shop Silvermoon Finery, within the Bazaar. Sathren Azuredawn is located in the Bazaar as well. He sells general goods, including bags. By the way, if you are on Lightning's Blade server, message me for free bags. Good luck!5. Can I re-use another vendor's dual factor token in my own system? (Avoid physical token bloat)You probably do not want to go about doing it that way, as that could seriously compromise the keys of these things. With the information you would then have, your user's bank account is now more at risk because an attacker just needs to break your system, instead of the bank or a hardened security token.Your biggest problem is likely going to be the fact that for tokens using event-based HOTP or related protocols, you have to keep the expected values in sync across systems you do not necessarily have any control over. Otherwise you run the risk of locking the user out of their bank.Also, normally you need more than the serial number. There are seeds or IV's that are used to initially start the sequence, and are designed to not be read from the token.6. A vendor is telling me that my HDMI cables need to be CL3 rated. And they cost $225 each. True?HDMI is HDMI. The difference between the top name and rating vs. the cheapest available is so minimal you can not detect it without instruments. Check some computer mags for reviews and possibly Consumer Reports. This guy is either relying on ad literature without understanding how signal transmission works or is selling you a line of cr*p.7. How long after signing must a business vendor honor a contract in NY state? A wedding photographer is refusing to print albums 4 years later.Speaking of photography in general, and my contracts specifically, I always state I am not responsible for keeping pictures beyond 60 days, so if you waited 4 years to place an order with me, if I even still have the pictures, you are no longer getting them for free.All that said, it's worth noting That I am a photographer and *not* a lawyer, and I would suggest you find a competent lawyer in your area and ask them this question, if you've been unable to work something out with your photographer8. Is it typical to accept checks at a craft show if you are a vendor?Let's start with tax. You should be collecting and paying the state and local income tax on each sale. Some vendors ignore this as they move from city to city or state to state. When I sold wooden toys at craft shows I did not accept checks. It really is a personal preference. I accepted cash and credit cards. You have to establish with your business bank for accepting credit card transactions. If you have not set this up, you will not be able to accept credit cards.
How Do I Get Past the Boot Error: Failed to Fetch Board Data for Bus=pci,vendor=168c,?
I doubt that the message you reference has any bearing on the failure to boot except into emergency mode. I rather suspect the ACPI errors and exceptions that precede it.The message merely means that the requested firmware file for your wireless device is not found as expected or else, very rarely, it may be corrupted. You can confirm this by blacklisting the wireless driver so that it does not look for the firmware and, presumably, hang. Once you are booted into emergency mode and gain the root prompt, do:Now does it boot normally every time? If not, look elsewhere for the problem.EDIT 1: Please boot and when you are in Emergency Mode, run:You shoulld see something like:Now boot into the live USB session and do the same. Are there differences in the command line options for each? Please post both as an edit to your question. Next, please interrupt the boot process at the GRUB menu. Are you able to select and boot into an earlier kernel version successfully?.1. Targeted Promotions - Vendor promotions based on current location (Capital One) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUESTThis is just location based advertising (LBA), and people have been doing it and debating the ethics of it for years. There are gobs of papers discussing the idea, many from the 2007 time frame.Patent application US20020046084 - Remotely configurable multimedia entertainment and information system with location based advertising filed in 1999 describes these features with several other ideas: Location Based Advertising Business Method Using the computer controlled multimedia entertainment and information system 10 described above or some other suitable network, a method for transmission of location based advertising is provided. Although the following description refers to multimedia entertainment and information system 10 and multimedia device 20, the location based advertising methods described in this application could apply to any communications system or any wireless communication device, including without limitation, pagers, cellular phones, two-way radios, PDAs, laptops, etc. The key aspect of this method is trading location based consumer preference or behavior profile information on various products or services for a number of advertisements transmitted to the system 10. Such a method is based upon advertisement selection criteria, user location information, and proximity of users and vendors. and here's a bit about using transaction history to target ads: (...) The system optimises advertising by including other purchase history, and helps build the demographics, or the spending habits of this person. The method of delivery of an ad may be a short textual message. Other data protocols can be used, such as voice ads2. Possible to get snmpwalk to auto-walk vendor MIBs?It does not look like it. The default OID to use as the root of the walk is hard coded into the application.I would recommend creating a small wrapper shell script.For you just call your wrapper script instead of snmpwalk directlyFor reference, here's the relevant code that handles the root OID that the walk starts from (from the net-snmp code repository):.3. How to use Android SDK and smartphone vendor tools to boot another kernel?I've made some progress researching for solution:1) Wiped all user data from the devices to be used for experiments (Booting in recovery mode > wipe cache / wipe data / factory reset)2) Looked through unofficial sourcesThere is a number of articles and forum posts in the net. Some of them are useful. Most of them are rather old and were last updated long ago. The bad thing is that most of them contain info on rooting the devices (i. e. breaking the OS security by deliberately installing a rootkit exploiting a known vulnerability to escalate its privileges) and links to untrusted / low reputation scripts containing such rootkits. This potentially harmful information is mixed with useful parts giving the general overview of the available options.Many articles are published on xda-developers. com site, its forum section and wiki. Some useful wiki articles:Those wiki articles are generally maintained rather poorly (last edits were in 2015).3) Chose the platform (x86, ASUS Zenfone2)In my case I was choosing from a pool of my own used Android devices. Most of them have ARM-based CPUs. The latest and most powerful was ASUS with x86 Intel CPU (64bit instruction set). The other reason to choose x86 was better Linux support and the requirement to run x86/AMD64-based lxc containers. Choosing ARM would require development of a separate container branch or utilizing some sort of emulation / conversion tools (not sure that such tools are efficient / well maintained / supported).4) Realized that the goal might be unreachable with official (vendor supported) toolsI mailed ASUS tech support regarding the usage of their bootloader unlocking tool. But the answer was simple: "The tool just unlocks the bootloader we cannot help you with further steps, we even cannot tell you what happens if you use the tool". I.e. the tool is useless (I even do not know whether it worked somehow in my case and how it is different from fastboot oem unlock). In order to activate the tool I first had to downgrade to Android 5. 0 since it was not supported in newer versions of ROM. All things concerning changing the bootloader and booting other images are unofficial, unsupported, not recommended, warranty breaking etc.5) [OPTIONAL: NOTE Chose and installed the recovery (not supported officially by phone or OS vendor)'Recovery' - is an android jargon for bootloader / BIOS (a separate partition in device memory keeping a lightweight linux-based system which boots first and presents a bootloader menu with available tools like 'backup', 'wipe cache', 'factory reset', 'load custom ROM' etc. ). Original OEM recovery does not allow to flash custom ROM or boot custom OS.The project seems to be mature, well structured, actively maintained and generally makes the impression of a valuable global open source project. The amount of supported devices and vendors is very remarkable. Of course I would prefer to use the recovery version maintained and endorsed by the phone vendor and downloaded from their official site (in my case ASUS).NOTE1: After installing TWRP and getting more info on SDK Tools I realized that it was probably possible to flash custom ROM without installing a custom recovery (by utilizing adb and fastboot tools from SDK platform-tools package).NOTE2: The installation process is well documented for each model. I used 'Fastboot Install Method'. Brief description of the method (please refer to the page on TWRP site relevant to your device): 1) Install Android SDK tools (you will need only adb and fastboot components from platform-tools package), 2) Activate would eveloper mode' on your device by tapping 7 times on 'Build Number' line in Settings > About menu, 3) In Settings > Developer Options enable 'USB debugging', 4) Connect with your PC through USB, 5) On your PC you may check that the device is connected by passing the command adb devices, 6) Run adb reboot bootloader for entering fastboot mode, 7) Place the correct image file downloaded from TWRP site and renamed 'twrp.img' into the folder containing adb and fastboot binaries (normally 'platform-tools' folder), 8) Run fastboot flash recovery twrp.img. In my case the image was successfully flashed although adb reported an error FAILED (remote: Permission denied), 9) Run fastboot reboot. You may reboot your device from TWRP menu as well. The important thing is to let TWRP patch your stock ROM (partition with Android OS) to prevent it from wiping TWRP and replacing it by the stock recovery after it boots. Otherwise you will have to repeat the process. Yeap, that was scary, hence step #1. 6) Dived into official AOSP documentationAfter losing hope of using a black-box approach to Android OS for reaching the goal I started reviewing general sections on Android OS architecture and requirements to supported devices.Good pictures (architecture):Bootloader and security info:Main conclusion: Android has definitely introduced useful OS features for running reduced Linux kernel on a diverse range of proprietary (FMCG-world) devices with loose hardware standards. One of the most useful features which could and probably should be adopted by mainstream Linux is HAL layer of abstraction allowing to deal with the zoo of propitiatory drivers in a reasonable way. Modular kernel thing with splitting the kernel into SoC-dependent and board-dependent parts, power saving features and security features are also notable.Good news: Linux kernel developers and some distro vendors are well aware of all these good parts and are doing their best to introduce the corresponding changes. Official stats (see Figure 2 of the corresponding AOSP doc section) show good evidence of convergence between AOSP code and mainstream Linux. There is a definite positive economic effect from convergence to the both sides (AOSP and Linux communities). When it comes to such stakeholders as Google and hardware producers who are protecting their investments they seem to pull in the opposite direction. Google protects their investments into the ecosystem and user base, hardware producers are protecting their investments into developing and producing hi-end hardware. The friction between these two forces creates some sort of a positive vector. In my opinion there should be some sort of an agreement in place between Google and hardware producers which regulates this friction in a wise manner. For example, hardware producers may delay committing their board-specific driver blobs into the Linux kernel for say 2-3 years (for SoC-specific driver blobs this period perhaps should be shorter). This would guarantee to Google and AOSP developers that Android ecosystem skims all the cream off the market (all new modern hi-end hardware device purchases, ad revenue, paid software and services from hi-end users). After those 2-3 years the devices (no longer considered hi-end) are released into the free by committing the driver blobs into the Linux (highest grade hardware vendors would of course prefer to commit source code). The length of the period is pretty close to the usual warranty period set for most devices by hardware vendors and a period of official Android updates (including security updates) distributed by those vendors. Fair enough. Bad news: There seems to be really hard to negotiate such a deal (hereinafter - the Deal) in a wise and explicit manner. The main problem is in its global nature. Think of the possible legal considerations (antitrust laws in various jurisdictions, cross-border tax issues etc. etc. ), number of hardware vendors (OEMs, ODMs, SoC producers etc. etc.) and other stakeholders involved (Google, AOSP, Android developers, Linux, Linux distro vendors - server, desktop and possibly mobile, other Linux-based projects, GNU, FSF, etc. etc. down to the end users). The lack of a deal is definitely slowing down the convergence between Linux and AOSP to our (users) common regret. From the hardware standpoint full convergence was possible several years ago when mainstream [multi-core x86 CPU / > 2Gb RAM / > 16Gb flash drive]-devices reached the market. The problem is evident when this hardware cannot be used for running a standard Linux kernel (a server distro, not even desktop). Installers are absent, flashing tools are not officially supported by vendors, documentation is scarce and disperse. In June 2019 things could be much better...7) The next step would be monitoring efforts performed by the leading conversion-driven communities and supporting vendors as well as the steps made by hardware vendors and AOSP / Google to negotiate the Deal
GP Speedmaster's New Sub-brand "100% Biba" Fully Launches New Products
GP Speedmaster's New Sub-brand "100% Biba" Fully Launches New Products
For game lovers, especially for somatosensory gamers like Xbox, the importance of high-energy batteries is self-evident. If the performance of the 5th battery is strong, it will definitely bring a more lasting experience and enjoyment. In order to meet the needs of game enthusiasts, GP Speedmaster’s new sub-brand "100% Biba" has made full efforts to carefully launch a green and environmentally friendly rechargeable battery with very powerful performance, which perfectly surpasses the traditional nickel-metal hydride in the game field. Rechargeable Battery.The 100% Biba brand new environmentally friendly rechargeable battery has inherited the powerful genetic advantages of GP Speedmaster. Compared with the traditional Ni-MH rechargeable battery, the new 100% Biba environmentally friendly rechargeable battery has a 1.2V full-range constant voltage and a large capacity of 2300mAH. The revolutionary technology makes it a new-generation leader in the rechargeable battery industry. Under the recommendation of gamers, 100% of the new Buba battery was snapped up by the whole people, and battery sales continued to soar, and it was also known as "the best cp partner for Xbox controllers."The discharge performance of the new generation of 100% Biba environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries is quite strong, suitable for use in various high-current and high-voltage electronic devices such as gamepads and wireless mice. The social media 3DM game network has conducted actual evaluation on it, and the results show that the 100% Biba battery does have excellent performance. Faced with the tests of many games such as "Monster Hunter WorldIn the 5-hour gaming experience, the fully-powered 100% Biba battery strongly assists the Xbox controller, presenting an excellent gaming feast full of speed and excitement.In addition to the amazing battery life, the new generation of 100% Biba's new generation of environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries has also passed the authority SGS quality certification. More than 90% of its battery materials can be recycled, and the battery can be used repeatedly for more than 300 times. The environmental protection level is among the top in the world. . Even if it is stored for one year in the standby state, the battery still has more than 70% of the remaining capacity. Excellent quality can naturally be loved by consumers.In terms of charging safety, 100% must be very careful. Under the concept of striving for perfection, 100% Beba fits the life charging scene, and designed a "back window" hollow charger with automatic power-off intelligent recognition, so that the safety issues such as heat dissipation, short circuit, overcharge, etc. have been greatly improved. The improvement brings us a safer charging environment.It can be said that the emergence of a new generation of environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries with 100% Biba has become a boon for game enthusiasts. I believe this 2300 mAh super-capacity rechargeable battery set combination, you will fall in love with it after using it!fqj
Reference Design of Power Supply and Serializer for Automobile Camera Module
Reference Design of Power Supply and Serializer for Automobile Camera Module
A seemingly simple design, in fact, is full of the efforts and day and night of digital engineers. This design needs to be tempered and evaluated repeatedly before it can be put on the market. Ti designs reference design library, sincerely create a classic for you! Want to find more reference designs? Log in Ti designs reference design library and you will have the design you want!Ti designs design library will launch a series of selected reference designs for you, including industrial, medical, automotive electronics, factory automation and control, building automation, personal electronics and other applications. It will be updated every week. Don't miss it! Now, let's take a look at the good recommendations in the fifth issue of "automotive electronic reference design"!Design OverviewPmp9351 is a compact power supply and serializer solution for automotive auxiliary camera module, using omnivision image sensor ov10635. This reference board has two lmr22007 Synchronous Step-Down regulators, which provide two 3.3V outputs and one 1.5V output to power the ov10635 evaluation board bypassing the on-board LDO. This design occupies 20x20mm effective PCB board area. The system input voltage is 9V rated voltage from ECU, and its input range is 5.5V to 20V. This reference board includes a ds90ub913q serializer and supports a coaxial cable power supply configuration, allowing the transmission of input power and FPD link III signals through a coaxial cable.Design system block diagram (click here to download the complete block diagram)Design characteristics:·Power supply and serializer solution specially designed for omnivision ov10635 image sensor in automobile camera·Compact solution size, circuit board area 20x20mm·3.3V and 1.5V outputs, including output filters to cover I / O, core, analog voltage rail and ensure high image quality·5.5V to 20V working input voltage range, 9V rated input from ECU·The coaxial cable power supply configuration transmits the input power supply and FPD link III signal through a coaxial cable·Through a compatible interface, the ov10635 EVM can be connected with only a slight modification of the circuit boardDesign documents (click here to download the complete design resources)Design demonstration:Relevant design recommendations:Reference design 1: Automobile USB battery charging reference designDescription: the size of the USB battery charging reference design has been optimized and can be installed in the automobile power supply accessories port. The design adopts a USB special charging port controller with integrated current limiting power switch and 42V DC / DC converter. High integration and small package size create a small shape.Reference design 2: reference design of dual port automobile USB chargerDescription: by using tps40170 PWM step-down controller, this power management reference design provides 5V regulated output with its small shape specification to power two USB ports, of which each port is 2.1a (4.2a in total). After optimization, this design adopts 12V rated input and can accept 8-60v.For the original text, please refer to: Instruments online technical support community answers technical problems and provides technical support for Chinese electronic engineers. Deyi community involves analog electronic technology, single chip microcomputer, MCU, embedded system, DSP and digital signal processing. It is the preferred technical exchange platform for electronic engineers designed with Ti chip. More Forum Highlights, please visit:
Belkin Introduces Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station Pro, Which Supports Both MacBook and Windows PC Syst
Belkin Introduces Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station Pro, Which Supports Both MacBook and Windows PC Syst
Today, Belkin, a well-known peripheral manufacturer, launched a new docking station - the new thunder 3 docking station pro, which is compatible with both MacBook and windows PC operating systems.It is reported that the product is an upgrade of the original lightning 3 expansion base. It is compatible with lightning 3 and a variety of other usb-c host devices (such as MacBook and new iPad Pro), as well as windows laptops and smartphones, which greatly improves the efficiency of the device. The 170W power adapter is attached to provide sufficient power supply for each interface. At the same time, it can provide up to 85W power supply for the connected host without additional power connection.Multiple ports have been greatly expanded. It includes 1 usb-a 3.1 port, usb-c 3.1 port, 4 usb-a 3.0 ports, 2 thunderbolt 3 ports, SD card, DisplayPort port and Ethernet port, which can easily connect multiple devices. It supports dual HD display output, the latest DisplayPort 1.4 standard, and supports up to 8K / 30Hz or 5K / 60Hz resolution output. The ultra-high speed SD card slot supports uhs-ii (ultra high speed II), and the transmission rate can reach 312 MB / s, which is three times faster than that of uhs-i, saving more time for image processing professionals.It also supports the daisy chain connection of up to 6 lightning devices, standard lightning 3 cables, and supports the data transmission speed of 40Gbps. The cable length is about 0.8m, which is enough to be installed around the furniture or further away from the main socket to provide a more general desktop configuration.This is a product upgrade of the award-winning thunder 3 expansion base, hoping to provide convenience not only for MacBook users, but also for Windows PC users. The new thunder 3 expansion base Pro will provide a one-stop solution for professionals who need to work with multiple devices to improve work efficiency.In terms of price, the official price of thunder 3 expansion base Pro is 2498 yuan. At present, the product has been listed and sold in relevant channels.
Exploding Samsung Phones Show Perils of Building Better Battery
Exploding Samsung Phones Show Perils of Building Better Battery
Samsung Electronics Co., under pressure from consumers for longer-lasting batteries that charge faster, pushed the limits of lithium-ion technology. The effort backfired when some of its new Note 7 handsets caught fire and exploded.Building a better battery has long bedeviled the tech industry. Smartphones are constantly improving, with sharper displays, improved software and cameras rivaling those used by the pros. Not so the batteries, which despite advances still die faster than consumers like and take too long to recharge."It's the race to add new capabilities and features to the phone that demands a more capable battery," said Martin Reynolds, a Gartner analyst.On top of the demands placed on their performance, batteries are getting slimmer and smaller, as smartphone makers try to win over consumers with thinner devices. That's putting strain on the manufacturing process, and raising the risk of defects that can lead to the kind of malfunctions seen in Samsung's phones.The Note 7 was supposed to stand out with its stylus, large edge-to-edge display and faster charging technology. Samsung rolled out the device in August, just before Apple Inc. unveiled a new batch of iPhones. It was a opportunity for the Suwon, South Korea-based company to outshine its biggest smartphone rival. Instead, it backfired.Usually, smartphone makers and wireless providers rigorously test products before they reach customers, although the process is mainly focused on making sure the devices are compatible with wireless networks. Samsung provided carriers with the typical amount of testing time before the launch date, according to people familiar with the matter. Samsung first showed prototypes of the Note 7 to carriers in April and testing began in May, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the arrangements aren't public.At least one major Samsung partner is reassessing its testing procedures to catch issues like this in the future, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. The South Korean manufacturer is holding multiple meetings each week with major carrier partners to discuss the latest details from its investigation and assist in mitigating the issue, the person said.Headaches involving the production of lithium-ion batteries aren't unique to the smartphone industry. Overheating battery packs made by Sony Corp. led to the recall of millions of laptops made by Dell Inc., Toshiba Corp. and others in 2006, while Boeing Co.'s 787 Dreamliner suffered from electrical fires after the airplane's 2011 debut.For an explanation of how batteries work, click here."Based on our investigation, we learned that there was an isolated issue with the battery cell," Samsung said in an e-mailed response to questions. "Overheating of the battery cell occurred when the anode-to-cathode came into contact with each other, causing a very rare manufacturing process error." Samsung is working to fix the problem. While only about three dozen cases were reported, the company is seeking to replace 2.5 million Note 7 phones, an endeavor that could cost as much as $2 billion . On Wednesday, Samsung placed advertisements in South Korea's major newspapers to apologize for the incident. In an effort to prevent any more device explosions, the company is also rolling out a software update on Sept. 20 that will limit the battery charge at 60 percent. Availability of that update outside South Korea will vary depending on each market, Samsung said.The Note 7 features a larger battery than its predecessor, one that can store 3500 milliamp hours of electric power, compared with 3000 mAh for the Note 5 (Samsung skipped a number this year, to match its flagship Galaxy S7). By comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus, the Note 7's main competitor, has a 2900 mAh battery. While Apple has also sought to upgrade its battery technology to support better screens and faster graphics, it hasn't often promoted battery life as a feature itself. Last week's iPhone event was an exception, when the company highlighted that the iPhone 7 can last almost two hours longer than its predecessor thanks to better software and processor design.Samsung SDI Co.was the main battery supplier for the Note 7, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.The batteries failed becausea separator within the cells was too thin and electrodes weren't properly insulated, according to a government quality inspection agency in China, where almost 2,000 Note 7s were distributed as test devices. Samsung, which is preparing to get replacements into the hands of customers from Sept. 19, said in a statement that "all Galaxy Note7 replacement devices will be equipped with the battery from other suppliers." For the past few years, Samsung has adopted Quick Charge , a technology developed by Qualcomm Inc., throughout its product lineup, including the Note 7. Using specialized chips, circuits and software, the mechanism works in tandem with a specific charger to speed up the process. While that has enabled rapid charging -- up to 50 minutes faster than its predecessor -- it's also pushing up against the physical limits of the materials and design used in battery technology. Gartner's Reynolds noted that fast charging is essentially a solution to the problem of short battery life."It's a feature driven by short battery life in general, not something that people really want," he said.The first batch of Note 7 batteries probably had a flaw in their design that didn't work properly with the chemistry in some units, according to Kyle Wiens, creator of iFixit, a popular website that dissects the innards of gadgets to gauge the ease of repairing the devices. Fast charging "crams as much energy as possible into the battery, and the closer you push it to the edge, the more of a potential safety issue there is," he said.
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