Any TORY LIGHT offices in other countries?

Ask you about the deep treatment process of prawn and domestic sewage treatment plant: which is used for ordinary fast filter and continuous sand filtration? Advantages and disadvantages of two processes and economy 10 Ordinary fast filter and continuous sand filtration are two mature processes that are widely used at present,Difficult to distinguish,All have their own advantages and disadvantages.Economy,Easier to manage.Single,Water quality is different from standard.Sewage treatment is relatively thorough,Water quality can meet national standards.The investment is relatively large,Management is cumbersome.If it's just a general domestic sewage treatment,It is recommended to use ordinary fast filter.If there is industrial sewage,Or use continuous sand filtration.Application Scope of active sand filter I. continuous sand flow filter: Based on countercurrent principleIt is a continuous filtration equipment integrating coagulation, clarification and filtration,It is widely used in the fields of drink

Any TORY LIGHT offices in other countries? 1

GUANGZHOU TORY LIGHT CO.,LIMITED has grown to be one of China’s leading moving head light exporters resulting in economies of scale and a competitive advantage. Enterprise spirit: Gratitude, tolerance, integrity, dedication Enterprise philosophy: Develop with innovation and the pursuit of excellence Core value: Respect customers, understand customers, serve customers led stage lighting is of reliable quality and high safety. It is widely applicable and is common in multi-purpose halls, studios, conference centers, auditoriums, theaters, concerts, stadiums, dance halls, and other entertainment venues. led par light produced by TORY is very popular in the market. With a wide variety and a complete range of specifications, TORY's static light is of good quality and high reputation. Its high color rendering adds lighting effects and greatly highlights the atmosphere. The principle stage lights equipment of TORY has an important instructive function to develop led stage lighting with stage lights equipment. Its illumination mode can be freely adjusted. For product quotation, please contact we.

Working Principle of quartz sand filter The operation of efficient continuous filter can be divided into raw water filtration and filter cleaning,Two more processes are carried out relatively independently and simultaneously.The two are done in different positions of the same filter,The former power depends on the high position difference or the lifting of the pump,The latter is done by compressed air.The quartz sand filter uses one or more filter media,Normal temperature operation, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation,PH is applicable to 2-13.The system is equipped with perfect protection devices and monitoring instruments, and has the function of backwashing,Pollutants such as mud scale were quickly washed away,Less water consumption,Fully automatic functions can be set according to user requirements.Under certain pressure,The stock solution is subjected to the contact coagulation, adsorption and interception of the medium,Remove impurities,So as to achieve the purpose of filtering.The packing con

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