2019 New Arrival Ip65 Outdoor Waterproof Cob 150w 100w Solar Flood Lights Outdoor for Mobile Light T

Solar flood lights outdoor can convert solar energy into electric energy, absorb the energy of light through solar panels in the daytime, and release the stored solar energy in the form of light in the evening. Solar flood lights outdoor is a light product with simple operation and environmental protection. The environment of solar flood lights outdoor is very adaptable, and the installation is also very simple and convenient, which is suitable for different types of users.

During the installation and use of solar flood lights outdoor, attention should be paid to the sunlight, so that the solar panel can fully receive the sunlight, so as to fully store the solar energy and make the discharge effect more lasting at night. The installation and use of solar flood lights outdoor is very simple. It can be operated flexibly only after reading the manual.

solar flood lights outdoor application Solar flood lights outdoor is suitable for different outdoor environments,Unique optical lens, scientific light distribution according to application ●Suitable for factories, industrial sites, sports fields, gas stations, parking lots, station halls, railway stations, ports installations and mobile light towers etc. solar flood lights outdoor JR303 description 1、 Uses American LED chips, single integrated LEDs provide more than 100W 2、 Uses innovative Vapor Chamber technology combined with LED chip technology, achieves thermoelectric separation, effectively improves chips and radiator heat-transfer rate 3、 Delicate aluminum alloy extrusions; using air fluid mechanics principle, ventilation and transparent radiation fins, reduces LED flood light wind resistance during overhead working and natural convection for heat dissipation 4、 Adapted to dusty characteristics of the outdoors, construction sites, mines etc. environments, uses ventilation and transparent radiation fins, effectively avoids dust accumulation on radiation fins, to ensure to heat dissipation which prolongs the life of LEDs 5、 Light weight and adjustable light anglesolar flood lights outdoor JR303 specification Model No.

: JR303–100W Power(W): 100W EPI Number: 1 Input Voltage: AC100–277V、DC24V、DC48V Luminous Flux:10000lm CRI(Ra): >70 Beam Angle: 80°120° CCT: 3000–6000K Environment temperature: — 40°50°C Life Time: ≥50000H Ctn/Pcs: 1 N.W: 6.8KGS G.W: 8.0KGS Size: 380*370*240MM Model No.: JR303–150W Power(W): 150W EPI Number: 1 Input Voltage: AC100–277V、DC24V、DC48V Luminous Flux:15000lm CRI(Ra): >70 Beam Angle: 80°120° CCT: 3000–6000K Environment temperature: — 40°50°C Life Time: ≥50000H Ctn/Pcs: 1 N.W: 7.8KGS G.W: 9.0KGS Size: 380*370*240MM solar flood lights outdoor for sale solar flood lights outdoor for sale,Shanghai JingRui lighting is a professional enterprise integrating research and design, production, sales and service.

Our main products include solar flood lights outdoor, LED Street Light, LED Grow Light, HID Flood Light, Ballast and Bulb, etc. which are widely used for mobile light tower, construction sites, stadium, parking lot, road, ports and docks, etc. Free Quotes. Trained Specialists. Satisfaction Guaranteed. solar flood lights outdoor Installation 1.

Please cut off power before installation or changing spare parts 2. Please read the specification printed on fixture carefully before using 3. Please make sure the wire connection is well insulated and waterproof 4.

Only professionals can do installation and ·RELATED QUESTION

What's the meaning of Sia's Chandelier song?

Before Chandelier, Sia was a singer with mediocre success.

She was really struggling to push her career when she lost her partner to an accident. She got addicted to drugs, suffered depression and even wrote a suicide note. Drugs and alcohol were her only coping mechanisms. This song is about the time she was addicted to alcohol and drugs and her struggle to get out of it.

In an interview, Sia said that she always knew she was a drinker and that she must stop, her guilt, shame is what the following lyrics suggest:-

Sun is up, I'm a mess

Gotta get out now, gotta run from this

Here comes the shame, here comes the shame

.. but, out of peer pressure

phones blowing up, they're ringing my door bells, I feel the love

..she did not stop.

1,2,3 ... 1,2,3 drink

throw them back till I lose count

The only time she could escape from reality was when she was high, under the influence of alcohol and drugs. She could be carefree, live like tomorrow didn't exist.

I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier

I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist

Like it doesn't exist

I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night

Chandelier is ultimately a brutally honest tale of substance abuse.

Sia wrote the song for Rihanna but I am so glad that she kept this one for herself.

2019 New Arrival Ip65 Outdoor Waterproof Cob 150w 100w Solar Flood Lights Outdoor for Mobile Light T 1

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Review Arti 6 Inch Solid Brass Chandelier with a Ceiling Light Fixture Made in Canada
Most fans have a wiring schematic and this will tell you how to wire it. Normally black is the power, green is a ground, which you do not have, and as for the red wires I am not sure. Is this a new fan or one that has been used before. In the USA we have a white wire which is a neutral. I am puzzled about the two red wires, these may have been added at a later date. If your in a country that has 240 volts then this may be an explanation. Regards, Dale.1. I turned the switch off and then proceded to change the light fixture and got knocked on my butt.----WHY?Usually light fixtures are wired so that power is only delivered to them when the switch is on. This is especially true in newer homes where it done that most of the time. However, in older homes it was very common to run hot wires to the fixtures and break the neutrals. There are certain applications where they have to be wired that way or the circuit wo not operate as intended. Turning off circuit breakers is a good idea, but nothing beats a Multi-meter or some other type of tester to verify that there's no juice to the circuit you are working on. Even if your box is labeled correctly, it's easy to flip the wrong breaker. Guess there's a reason they license those rascally electricians2. What type of hanging light fixture or chandelier would be nice in a bathroom?the way to go for lighting in a bathroom is recessed lighting3. How does one replace a light bulb in a 'Flushmount' ceiling light fixture?This time of night, that website said it was having difficulties, so I could not see the picture. The metal sides should slide upward (or downward) to expose the bulb. You may have to twist (jiggle) in order to push it up (or pull down).4. A new light fixture is making periodic popping sounds for about 15 minutes after turning it off?It may be the metal contracting after being heated by the light bulbs. My heater in the garage makes the same noises when turned on or off. Simple expansion of materials5. electrical wiring-do i break the white or black wire when instaling a switch to a light fixture?This is a pull swith on over head6. Can a 240V light fixture be used in the US with a 120V light bulb?Hard to say without details. If it is an incandescent lamp with a replaceable screw-in bulb, and the socket fits a bulb made for here and 120V, then yes, it should not matter.But again, the devil is in the details. If we are discussing screw-in base bulbs, Europeans mainly use E14 and E27 bases. E14 is equivalent to what we in North America call a "medium" base, which is not very common (specialty lamps like aquarium bulbs). We use "candelabra" bases for small bulbs, which is equivalent to an E11, but that is uncommon in Europe. Larger bulbs in Europe are E27 bases. The E number has to do with the width of the base; E27 is 27mm wide. Here in NA we use what is called an "Edison base" and it is 26mm wide, what the EU would call an E26. So it's possible, because of tolerances, for an E27 bulb to screw into an Edison (E26) socket, meaning you can use an EU light bulb in NA fixtures (however the voltage is usually wrong). But going the other way; an Edison (E26) bulb screwed into an EU E27 socket, results in the bulb being loose in the threads and possibly getting jammed, then difficult to remove.If the lamp has a CFL or LED, then it would depend on whether the "ballast" for the CFL or the "driver" for the LED is able to accept the different voltage. A whole different kettle of fish.7. how do i change from recessed lighting to a standard light fixture?it really is likely that there is a ballast above the ceiling adjoining to the fixture. Your best guess could be to change the fixture with a clean one in case you wanted something with a primary base. notwithstanding in case you take advantage of an incandescent bulb you would be making use of more advantageous wattage than a fluorescent bulb could, no remember what base it has. There are fluorescent bulbs which have a primary base and do not choose a ballast to run. those bulbs have the ballast outfitted correct onto the bottom
Review Retro Industrial Loft Metal Shade Single-Light Industrial Shade Metal Shade 3-Light Industria
Review Retro Industrial Loft Metal Shade Single-Light Industrial Shade Metal Shade 3-Light Industria
The arrival of spring means that flea markets are reopening for business around the country. Shoppers will hunt for treasures amid acres of used goods. A few will come home with just the right vintage art or quirky piece of furniture to make their home more beautiful.Jaime Rummerfield, co-founder of Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design in Los Angeles, sometimes mixes flea-market finds with high-end new furnishings to decorate the homes of her celebrity clients."The beauty of flea markets," she says, "is you never know what you will find. There's nothing like being outdoors or in a place off the beaten path rummaging through old treasures."Los Angeles-based interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn, creator of the FlynnsideOut design blog, also hunts for vintage pieces: "I shop second-hand regardless of my project's budget or client's level of taste," he says. "Vintage and thrift is the best way to add one-of-a-kind flair to a space without insanely high cost."There is luck involved, of course. But skill also plays a role.As you browse crowded tables of used things this spring, how can you find the treasures that will give your home an infusion of style while avoiding decorating disastersHere, Flynn, Rummerfield and another interior designer who shops for vintage decor — Lee Kleinhelter of the Atlanta-based design firm and retail store Pieces — tell how they do it.WHEN TO GOWinter and early spring are perfect for flea-market shopping, says Flynn."Since 'thrifting' and 'antiquing' are often associated with gorgeous weather and weekend shenanigans, many people shy away from hunting for their vintage finds when it's cold or gloomy," he notes, so go now and go early."I usually show up just as the flea market opens to ensure I see every new item as it's put out on display," he says. "When you wait until the end of a flea market's run to check out its stuff, you're likely to find mostly leftovers, things priced too highly which others passed over, or things that are just way too taste-specific for most people to make offers on."TIME TRAVELRummerfield occasionally finds signed artwork and ceramics by noteworthy artists at flea markets and antique malls."It is amazing to see what people cast away," she says. "I personally hunt for Sasha Brastoff ceramics because of his unique California heritage as a set decorator and artist." She has also found vintage Billy Haines chairs and Gio Ponti lighting at flea markets.So read up on the designers and artists from your favourite periods, and then hunt for their work or impressive knockoffs.A single flea market might offer goods from every decade of the 20th century. Can you put a lamp from the 1970s on a table from 1950 Yes, if the shapes and colours work well together, Kleinhelter says.If your home has contemporary decor, Rummerfield says it can be powerful to add one statement piece — a side table, say, or a light fixture — from a previous era.But "a little bit goes a long way. Use vintage in moderation with contemporary spaces," Rummerfield says. "It will highlight the uniqueness of the vintage item. You don't necessarily want to live in a time capsule."FIXER-UPPERSYou may assume that old upholstered furniture should be avoided, especially if the fabric looks dirty or damaged. But these designers say it's actually a great thing to hunt for: "Hands down, upholstery is the best deal to walk away with at flea markets. Just make sure you train your eye to pay no attention to the existing fabrics," Flynn says. "Zero in on the lines of the frames instead."Kleinhelter agrees: "I usually gravitate toward the bones and frames of vintage pieces, and I make them my own by adding fun fabric or lacquering the base."The same goes for lighting. Buy it if you love it, but get the wiring updated by a professional. Flynn usually estimates an extra $50 to $75 per fixture for updating the wiring, so keep that cost in mind as you bargain.MIX AND MATCHBe on the lookout for pieces you can use together. "You don't need multiples of the same chair or sofa to make a room work," Flynn says. "Stick with those which have similar scale and proportion, then recover them in the same fabric."Once you get home,use flea market finds sparingly, Flynn says, mixing them in with the pieces you already own: "A few big pieces mixed with some smaller ones added to your existing stuff can instantly take an unfinished space and make it feel way more finished and remarkably personal."MONEY ADVICE"The best way to get an amazing deal is to buy a bunch of different items from the same vendor," says Flynn. "This way, they can actually lower their prices since you're guaranteeing them more sales, which in turn also makes their packing up and leaving much easier."You should bargain, but don't go so low that you'll insult the seller. "If something is marked $185, it's probably not ideal to offer $50," Flynn says. One option is to negotiate for a 25 per cent to 35 per cent discount.And do bring cash. "Mom and pop dealers don't have the luxury of taking credit cards due to the charges acquired," Flynn says. "If you bring enough cash with you, you're more likely to be able to negotiate successfully."PERSONAL TASTEAbove all, choose items that delight you."I never focus on eras or hunt for specific designers," Kleinhelter says. "Pick what you like."And be open to serendipity."When I'm looking for furniture, I always stumble across a good vintage jewelry or clothing vendor and end up with a fun bauble of a bracelet or necklace," Rummerfield says. "Prices are usually so reasonable, you come away with a good amount of loot. It is always a day well spent."
How to Remove an Existing Light Fixture and Putting Up a Cealing Fan?
How to Remove an Existing Light Fixture and Putting Up a Cealing Fan?
You have to make sure that the light fixture has a strong enough electrical box to support the new fan/light fixture you intend to install. Chances are that it is not . A fan needs more support than a regular light fixture, due to the constant movement of the fan and the vibration that takes place. If the ceiling is in the attic that has no floor your in luck. No big deal to install the proper electrical box with supports. If not, well all is not lost, a good electrician can do the job for you. As for combinations of the fan on off, and the on off light, well now they offer fans with remote control that offer full flexibility in that regard. I hope I have given you some insight as well as options. Good luck.1. How do you add a second dimmer switch to an existing light fixture?=== the electrical parts isle in the hardware giants has what you need === an electric supply store can provide you with the parts === you need to have a two-way dimmer switch on either end of the room [[ two switches ]] ...... if you are in a one story home you could move the single dimmer to the favored location by drilling the ceiling plate and the use of a plastic wall box mount from the room = ask for that you just need to fish the wall to get the wire in place after you determine the dimmer wall box spot -- cut the wall -- fish the wire -- reconnect the chandelier -- give it a try after turning ON the breaker -- now patch the old switch box hole or use a blank box cover .................. hope this gives you the ideas to fix your dimmer ,,,.2. Albeit not the smart way to go, but how does one wire a light fixture without turning off the curcuit?Your right but I have done it...can you not just shut the switch off to the light? If not then what JAY said is correct. I see somebody gave him a thumbs down but he is right on with the order of things. I agree that sometimes it's easier this way it's not good trade practice but I do it all the time. probably should not fess up to that one huh? Good Luck3. I'm having problems replacing a ceiling light fixture in my home.?you have fairly old, possibly 15 amp wiring form is possibly 60 years old. The maximum secure way is to have an electrician rewire the ceiling field, positioned a clean one in and examine each and all of the the remainder of the wiring. The field is possibly no longer anchored nicely adequate to hold a fan besides. you in basic terms have a 50% hazard of wiring it properly and it would not be grounded. that's no longer a close-by an green individual could desire to debris with4. How big should my light fixture be?=== with a normal height ceiling ... it will give you the best and brightest light by using a four tube flourescent light panel that is about four feet long ... this will serve you very well and it will also be energy conscientist ..... those light fixtures are a bit pricy but it is worth that expense to have good lighting over your work space . .. Look at Lowe's and the HoDepot for a good looking fixture and for the best price ............. the fixture will measure about 4 feet by 2 & 1/2 feet ... some mount differently than others ... look at the display for the one for you .5. How to work out which wire goes where when replacing light fixtureFamiliarise yourself with typical ways of wiring lights in your country and locale. There are often one standard way of doing things but there are very often other ways of wiring things up that you need to be aware of in case you encounter them. Search related questions here for diagrams. If you dont have a good tool go and spend $10 on something that might save your life and which will help you work this out.Familiarise yourself with safe methods of working with electricity. You probably want someone else around to call an ambulance if you get electrocuted. Make sure anyone else in the house knows you are working on the circuit so that they do not do something silly like turning a breaker back on while you are working on a circuit. Make sure you know how to test your tester each time you perform a test.To work out which wire goes where, apart from matching the wiring colours to known standards, I would DiagramsCeiling wiresSwitch wires.
How Do You Change a Light Fixture Without Turning Off the Power?
How Do You Change a Light Fixture Without Turning Off the Power?
It can be done by standing on a wooden ladder and avoiding touching the bare ends of the live wire or wires with hands or tools that are not fully insulated. However doing that is dangerous, unwise and usually not necessary. This is especially true if your lack of knowledge and lack of electrical wiring experience is why you asked the question. If the fixture has been properly wired, simply turning off the wall switch should disconnect the voltage from the fixture. If there is not a wall switch controlling the fixture, turning off the circuit breaker or fuse feeding power to the fixture will allow other electrical devices in the building to continue receiving power until the fixture has been properly installed.• Related QuestionsEver use anti-glare glasses for an over bright design department?I would suggest that a couple tubes from each light be removed. I've had great success with this request in the past. This way it still looks like the lights are on and the department is active, but it's not so bright it effects the workers. I'm assuming the lights are fluorescents... which are horrible. However, if management doesn't care you're kind of out of luck. I have a couple pair of the Gunnar "computer" glasses... while nice, they don't help with brightness issues and the yellow one's are pretty unacceptable for anyone doing color work. I can't emphatically state they help or not. I've honestly not noticed much difference after a days work. Other than the bridge of my nose not being accustomed to glasses all day.You might try a cheap monitor hood:------Combine two independent switches into 3-way?This diagram does not make sense, nor would it work. A 3-way has a single wire on one side-- either tied to hot input; or to the lights, and a pair of wires that go to the other 3-way switch. A 3-way wired directly to a light fixture is being used as a 2-way switch.Meanwhile, that 2-way connected to the hall light is a disaster. Unless both the 3-way and that 2-way are "on" neither light will get power, according to your diagram. In any case you won't be able to control the dining room light without pulling wires from its switch (which presumably you'd replace w/ a 3-way) to the other 3way switch, and moving both the kitchen and dining light fixtures' hot inputs to the output of the pair of 3-way switches.------My light fixture made in China says use only 60volt 60W AC bulbsIf the instructions actually say 60V then throw the whole thing away. Seriously. I don't know any place on a 60V system, and you mentioned 120V (normal for USA/Canada/etc.) anyway. So if it really says 60V then that is a sign of extremely poor quality and I would not trust the actual parts that matter to be any good.If it really says 120V 60W, then this is an indication, often quite reasonable, that the fixture is not rated to dissipate more heat than generated by a 60W bulb. If that is the case, then you can normally put in any type of bulb - e.g., CFL, LED, a 40W incandescent, etc. - as long as it uses ------Why is the circuit shorting after connecting a new light fixture?Every white wire is not a neutral. If you see an "extra" white, you should not connect it to a bundle of whites (which are neutrals) in the box. The extra white must have been a hot -- either switched hot or an always hot. If you know which white was originally not connected, then disconnect it from the other whites. The previous guy probably also improperly connected a black to a group of other blacks. The proper connections might be to leave the white disconnected in the box with electrical tape over the end. Or the proper connection might be to connect this extra white to a certain one of the blacks. This might restore the circuit to functioning, but at this point it would be for the best to call an electrician------How can I determine the specifications of this LED (photo included)?It looks like a pretty typical high power LED like this.Here are many more options from the search it came from. I think that any option from those results will likely be very similar Vf specs wise (3.3-3.6V Vf) but the pinouts/current rating may vary. I think the notch on the bottom right may be for the cathode (e.g. pin 6/bottom right) and the top left pin (pin 1) the anode. What I can make out of the traces looks like it might confirms this, but you need to investigate more.You can test your LEDs Vf quite easily with a multimeter (also current if necessary) The current in these packages seems to range from 30mA up to 700mA.Remove the 6 pin search filter and update the results to look for other options.------What could this wood be?Looks suspiciously like "I'll put board back here to screw the fixture to, and run wire there, with no box" - which would be a fairly major code violation and increase the scope of your work to correct it and make it safe. Edit to add:You can get rid of the board, but correcting the situation will probably involve a bit more than just cutting it out (i.e. you may need to cut and repair drywall, but that's very much in the "relatively cosmetic" sphere, and not so terribly dificult without complicating factors like tiles or a textured finish, especially if your cosmetic upgrade already includes painting.) I'm dubious that you can just cut out the board and successfully mount an "old-work" box there, as the remains of the board would be in the way------Is a ceiling fan box brace required?The problem is not the simple strength of the ceiling joists - we'll presume that even a single joist is strong enough to hold up a fan. The problem is that a box next to a joist will not be stable enough to support a fan if it is only supported on one side. A typical brace solves that problem.An alternative is to place the box under a joist. However, unless this is an open ceiling, that will (a) have the box dropping below the finished ceiling and (b) not look very nice.So unless you really like a wobbling fan, use a brace:You also get the nice advantage of more flexibility for placement of the fan, though if you are making use of an existing hole in the ceiling then that is a non-issue.------If water is not a good conductor, why are we advised to avoid water near electricity (no wet hands near circuits etc.)?Water is a conductor! Because water seldom is pure enough not to contain some dissolved mineral contaminants (salts / electrolytes). Standing water in a lake or pond or puddle is not almost never pure but never pure. Dirty water qualifies as impure water, by the way. Understand then that the contaminant is in the form of ions which make water a perfect conductor as it has another great quality: adhesion to solid or supple surfaces (human skin for example). Hence creating the superb if not the perfect condition of making water an ideal conductor of electricity to shock your backside into oblivion when there are raw high voltage wires from downed transmission lines/poles due to a storm or random car accident in or near a body of water as in puddle in the street------Why does my new switch keep tripping the breaker?You have a new-style switch loop -- the current (2014) NEC now requires switch loops to have a neutral, not just a hot and a switched. Switch the black and red wires on the light, and the white and red wires on the switch -- this means the light goes to red and white, and the switch goes to black and red, with the white wire in the switch box capped off with a wirenut.(The reasoning behind the new requirement is to allow future timers, dimmers, and other such "smart" switching devices to be designed in a more sane manner where they can draw power for their own operation in a normal way, instead of trying to turn their load on slightly at all times or sending that working current back through the equipment grounding system.).------Are fuses and circuit breakers located at a power distribution panel rated to protect the wiring from overcurrent, or to protect the load devices from overcurrent?If the circuit is a general purpose circuit with multiple outlets (outlets in this context includes receptacles, light fixtures, and appliances), the protective device is sized to protect the premises wiring, according to the lowest rating of the wiring and receptacles.If the circuit is a special purpose circuit, especially for a directly-wired appliance, the protective device might be sized to protect the appliance.If the circuit feeds a single receptacle, the protective device is usually sized for the lowest rating of the wiring or receptacle, though in some cases it will be sized for the appliance. In any case, the protective device cannot be rated higher than the premises wiring or receptacles.------how do i remove this light fixtureThere's four things that could be holding it in place to the bracket attached to the ceiling.1 The threaded nipple that should be protruding through the center hole that the ring is screwed onto to support the weight of the chandelier. Doesn't look like there's one present.2 The two screws that hold the cover to the bracket. You have apparently taken those out.3 Paint that can stick the cover to the bracket or the ceiling itself. If you've turned it, that has likely broken up any paint present.4 These covers can sometimes have a rolled-over edge or indents that grip onto the edges of the bracket. If that's the case, you need to pry it away with ideally a small pry bar, bearing on something like a putty knife to prevent indenting into the ceiling------How do I install this lamp on my ceiling?I'm a big time movieAsk your best boy to handle this. I'm dumbfounded by what is expected from me.The light fitting apparently requires a hook in the ceiling.Am I at risk for being electrocuted?Yes. Am I correct that it doesn't matter in which hole I put the blue or black wire?In general, simple AC lamps will work either way around.However it is safer, especially for pendant fittings, to use the appropriate colour for live. If you switch wires at the top of the pendant cord, you may fatally confuse someone subsequently working at the bottom of the pendant cord. This is a small risk but since it is easy to do the safer thing, you should.For wiring colours see Wikipedia, they vary from country to country and change over time------Replacing either the light socket or the whole recessed light fixtureThis looks like a box for incandescent/CFL lighting that is not rated for insulation contact (IC). It might not be easy/cheap to replace it. Even if it's a socket you might find it hard to find a replacement part. You will need to pay with either time (DIY) or money to fix it. I doubt contractors will be interested in repair of such a thing, too time-consuming for them and you are unwilling to pay "too much money". Where I live an electrician visits starts from $200For the same money consider hiring a handyman to do remove the box, add some framing to support a new drywall patch, patch the seam, match-paint, paint the ceiling, cut a round hole and install an IC rated can like this.That would probably also cost you about $200
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Review Retro Industrial Loft Oval LED 3-Light Industrial Loft Metal Exposed Bulb Metal Exposed Spout
Nope, you have to extend a 20A circuit with 12 AWG wire. The logic that "these will be lightly used receptacles" doesn't buy you a thing, because the safety of the wiring can't depend on how you use it. You are allowed to put NEMA 5-15 (common receptacles) on 20A circuits, due to a special exception. Even in the industrial parts of the Code, in the byzantine Tap Rules, such an extension would required a hardwired load of known value, or a single receptacle. I'm sure you don't intend to install this: So if you're installing the common duplex 15A recep, what keeps you from plugging two 9A loads into it?I have a 12-2 wire connected to a 20amp breaker. This wire is currently not in use and capped off in a junction box in my attic. I'd like to bring this wire back into service to install two new outlets in two rooms below the attic. The outlets will be used for light/medium duty (plug-in light fixtures, a computer) and do not need to be 20amp receptacles. Can I add two new 14-2 lines into this junction box with the 12-2 wire and then use 15amp receptacles? Thanks for any advice.·OTHER ANSWER:I have a 12-2 wire connected to a 20amp breaker. This wire is currently not in use and capped off in a junction box in my attic. I'd like to bring this wire back into service to install two new outlets in two rooms below the attic. The outlets will be used for light/medium duty (plug-in light fixtures, a computer) and do not need to be 20amp receptacles. Can I add two new 14-2 lines into this junction box with the 12-2 wire and then use 15amp receptacles? Thanks for any advice.
Review Classic Single Light Up LED Grow Light Fixture 3-Light Go Clockwise
Review Classic Single Light Up LED Grow Light Fixture 3-Light Go Clockwise
Materials and Tools• wire nuts paint tray liners painter's tape safety glasses cordless drill drill bit wire cutter ladder drop cloth paintbrushes paint roller paint tray box of rags New light fixture Screwdriver Voltage tester Installing kitchen lights may be an intimidating task. You may think you need an electrician to install the light. However, with these simple instructions, you can learn how to do it yourself. There's no need to pay expensive installation fees-do it yourself for free.First, make sure the space you want to install your light in, is already wired. If your ceiling is already pre-wired, installation will be easy. However, do not try to wire the fixture yourself. Because electrical work can be dangerous, leave wiring to the professionals. Step 1: Turn off the power Your safety is the most important thing to keep in mind while installing kitchen lights-or any electrical product. To ensure your safety, make sure to shut the power off in the home's main circuit box. Place tape over the switch, to make sure no one turns the power on while you are installing the light. It is advised that you use a circuit tester to make sure the power is really off, and to further ensure your safety. Step 2: Remove the old fixture First remove the escutcheon. Next, begin cutting the wires. Cut the black wire first, the blue wire second, and then continue with cutting the rest. After you've completed cutting the wires, unscrew the cap and the universal cross bar. Step 3: Install the new fixture Read the manufacturer's instructions for installing the fixture. Follow these directions closely. A helpful tip is to leave all bulbs out of the fixture until you are completely done. This will help you avoid breaking any bulbs during installation. There should be a new crossbar included with every kitchen light. Attach this to the ceiling. Use an insulating wire nut to attach the wires. Tightly screw on the base, screw in the light bulbs, and install the new globe.Step 4: Paint the space You will probably want to paint where you placed the light, to create the best look. Use masking tape on the corners and edges, and then repaint the surfaces. Step 5: Turn on your light Flip the switch and make sure it works! Enjoy your new light fixture.
Is It Safe to Leave a Light Fixture Socket Empty?
Is It Safe to Leave a Light Fixture Socket Empty?
Yes...it's open electricity when the light is on. Something could get in it and spark a fire1. Can I wrap tin foil around a light bulb to make it fit into a ceiling light fixture?PLEASE replace the socket. using foil will run the risk of a fire. DO not do that. Live without the light tonight and replace the fixture tomorrow2. Can I use a 120 watt flourescent bulb (32 watt draw) in a maximum 60-watt incandescent light fixture?The rating of the fixture is simply to limit the current that you put on it. If you have a fluorescent bulb that is drawing less current (32W) than the rating of the fixture (60W), there is no problem. It will not shorten the life of the bulb or fixture, and it will be perfectly safe.3. I'm having problems replacing a ceiling light fixture in my home.?you have fairly old, possibly 15 amp wiring form is possibly 60 years old. The maximum secure way is to have an electrician rewire the ceiling field, positioned a clean one in and examine each and all of the the remainder of the wiring. The field is possibly no longer anchored nicely adequate to hold a fan besides. you in basic terms have a 50% hazard of wiring it properly and it would not be grounded. that's no longer a close-by an green individual could desire to debris with4. How can a ceiling fan be installed if there is no light fixture there and very little attic headroom?That's not at all weird. Most living rooms I have seen have no overhead light fixture. Lots of people (me included) prefer lamp light to overhead light. Anyway, it can be done. You could install the electrical box to the joist from the room below by cutting into the ceiling. Then you need to add a switch and run wire up the wall to the attic and over to the box. Then you can install a light fixture. You probably want an electrician for this and they can also help you figure out what that phantom switch does. I am wondering if it controls your furnace.5. Can I use a 400 watt HPS bulb in a run-of-the-mill grow light fixture?If you have an MH system now you will have to change the ballast to use a HPS grow light. HSP bulbs are very low in the blue spectrum and if you do not have axillary lighting to supply that spectrum your plants will grow very leggy6. Will a CFL bulb fix into a led light fixture like the ones you find in ikea?Very small bulbs, those that are in special lights, cannot be touched. If you do then clean it with alcohol. then these bulbs do work7. IS IT OK to put 2 different wattage bulbs in a two socket outdoor light fixture?No. it is not harmful to put 2 different wattage bulbs in a two socket8. How can I change the balast on my light fixture?I presume you are talking about a fluorescent fixture. First, make sure that you are getting the proper ballast for your application. If it is a T12 fixture you might want to consider changing to a T8. Saves more energy and the T8's plug in to the same socket as a T12. Write down were each wire leads before you undo any connections. Re-wire the same as the drawing shows. Also every ballast has a diagram on it showing where each lead goes. Consider an electronic ballast if you have a magnetic one. More effeciant and no noise or flicker. Worth the extra money. Check prices as they vary and the place you by them should be able to provide any extra support. Good luck and make sure the power is shut off to the fixture. Would not want to lose you.9. what should the height be between the bottom of a light fixture and the table in a dining room?High enough so you do not bump your head. There is no code requirement for the height. It is up to you10. How to do this? I want a new light fixture that has a canopy of 5 inches.?As long as there is a properly secured box that will support the weight of the new fixture, you can use a drywall patch kit to cover the existing hole. The patch wo not support the new light fixture, but the box that should be there should mean it does not need to
240V Outside Light Fixture Has Two Leads?
240V Outside Light Fixture Has Two Leads?
This is probably an old light.You only have two wires because all you need is 240v.If you had an appliance or a piece of equipment that needed 240 and 120 both ,then you would have to have a neutral or third wire.If you measured across the two hot wires you would get 240,but if you measured from the neutral to either hot wire you would get 120v.1. Is it safe to put insulation over non-recessed light fixture box in attic ?Wait a minute... Are you putting insulation in an attic? Is there latest insulation there already? while you are including insulation to an attic (over the present and over the easy fixture) it's going to be the style without paper. (noted as "Un-confronted insulation) Or is this fixture going right into a clean shape difficulty? Regards, Eric2. I have a 4 foot fluorescent light fixture with a plastic cover that I can't get off?we need a picture of it to be of any help3. I need help with a light fixture from someone with electrical expertise/genius!!?Hi Jo, I still have not understood your problem. Is it just for one fixture? If its just one fixture; then: Usually such fixtures have a starter;replace the starter (small cylindrical device sticking out of your fixture); 95 % of fluorescent fixtures have problems with the starters - if that does not work then try replacing the ballast - its basically an inductor.4. is there anyway to fix a light fixture that has discolored due to too hot of a bulb?Put back a halogen bulb not more than 150 watts. 500 watts shall turn it into a fire tree and burn down the appartment. Too late to save the color because the chrome paint was burnt out.5. how can i wire a light fixture from a switch that is controlling a receptacle?If you want the receptacles on full time and the new light switched now, you will need to bypass the switch to the outlets by wire nutting the wires together that were being switched , it will be 1 wire then really even though wire nutted. If you add a 3rd wire/ pigtail to that wire nutted connection you just used to bypass the switch, it can be sent to the switch and from the switch to the new ceiling fixture and will have to be ran new, running the new wires up into the attic through the firebreaks inside the walls between the walls studs from the switches location is the hardest part really,(my least favorite part!) you will also need to splice into the neutral leg to send with the hot leg for the new fixture as well or you are sending only 1 hot leg to the new light fixture and no return path to neutral, the opposite side of power from which you began being the hot leg at the switch.If neutrals not there at the switch, I would just run a new circuit with a new breaker , the better way to do it really! I wouldnt do it the way you suggest, especially if no neutrals available at the switch for you to use! To go through the hardest part of this job, being drilling then fishing the wiring up into the attic and not running a new circuit,(which is very easy) saves only the cost of a breaker and some romex, depending on how far from the breaker panel you are, is not the best route for numerous reasons. Say the outlets blow a breaker , your lights will also go out too! not the best thing to happen especially at night! I would simply run new romex with a new breaker and use a casablanca fan with light kit that will dim also! with the remote control! this way you do not have to drill and fish wiring through a wall of firebreaks and could just install a small junction box in a corner of the ceiling for the remote controls receiver/switch or servicing in the future, should receiver unit/switch ever go bad or troubleshooting fan in future. I engrave the purpose of the junction box on or inside the cover plate as well as dynamo label in the fans ceiling mounted base, just in case. As you can see I hate fishing wires through walls with firebreaks and wall plates etc!.
How LED High Mast Lights Uplift Your Driving Experience?
How LED High Mast Lights Uplift Your Driving Experience?
Comfortable vehicle and great roads are essential factors for a smooth drive. However, what if you are driving during dusk or night? Isn’t it the light fixtures that make your drive safe after sunset? Imagine streets without lights and think how weird it will be to drive on it. High mast lights not only illuminate the outdoor but also bring a sense of safety and security with it. It is why outdoor lights should always be in good condition and shape. Here, we tell you how LED light fixture and street lights enhance your driving experience.Create a Focal Point on the RoadA good lighting creates a focused pathway on the road that makes the driver more concentrated during driving. It further diminishes the chances of accidents. LED street light fixtures are always designed and manufactured by keeping these things in mind. That’s why they are provided with well-protected shields that make them fit for highways, roads, streets and parking lot.Make the Geography of the Road more VisibleAdequate lighting highlights the geometry of the roadway, and thus it increases the visibility of the driver for the objects on the road. Proper illumination also aids the driver in speed and distance judgment, to decide the correct orientation and perspective or the street and nearby areas. Efficient LED high mast light products help vehicle users to make an effective visual contact with the roadway which is necessary for safe driving.Benefits of Using LEDLED high mast luminaries are specially designed so that the operation and maintenance costs are lowered. Plus, as it is LED, it will certainly consume less energy which means a reduction in energy-related costs. Other benefits of installing LED street light fixtures are — they are safer to handle and cost effective. Moreover, LED lights are sturdy and therefore they resist even bad weather and its effects. LED street lights come in a wide range of price, style and design and so it meets the diverse demand of the people·RELATED QUESTIONWhy is the speed of the centrifugal compressor is kept higher than that of centrifugal pump?Centrifugal gas compressors are limited by a stress limited tip speed. In general, smaller frame sizes have higher nominal speeds than larger units mainly due to the larger impeller stresses in larger wheels. Mathematically, stress is directly proportional to the square of tip speed. With less denser materials, you can drive to higher speeds. A typical example would be an automotive turbocharger compressing air, made of single aluminum stages where 60,000–100,000 RPMs are not unheard of. The process gas compressor are limited to lower speeds due to a steel alloy makeup and practical constraints of rotor dynamics and thermomechanical stress in multi stage units.
Review Industrial Style Black&Gold Finished Perforated Metal Shade Single Light Indoor Wall Lamp
Review Industrial Style Black&Gold Finished Perforated Metal Shade Single Light Indoor Wall Lamp
Buy Link: CLICK HEREIndustrial Style Black&Gold Finished Perforated Metal Shade Single Light Indoor Wall Lamp Product Description:Industrial Style Black&Gold Finished Perforated Metal Shade Single Light Indoor Wall Lamp. This industrial chic indoor wall light fixture will blend wonderfully in various home decor styles. It comes with a perforated design in a black and gold finish to make a striking contrast. The round wall plate finished in shiny gold adds a luxurious accent to this timeless piece. With the adjustable light head, you can freely choose the angle of light you want. Ideal for adding visual interest to a bedroom, living room or reading space, this impeccable wall sconce is sure to be an eye-catching addition to any room in the house.- Materials: Metal- Finish: Black, Gold- Diameter of Light Shade: 5.5"140mm- Overall Height: 13"330mm- Bulbs: 1x40W incandescent E27/E26 (not included)- Assembly Instructions: This fixture does need to be hard wired. Assembly is not required. Professional installation is recommended.- Input Voltage: 110-120V (North America), 220-240V (Europe, Australia, New Zealand)- We will send you the appropriate light based on your voltage choice.. Tag: gold wall lights,black wall light,modern wall lighting,wall light fixture. Price: 75.99 USD. Sale Price: USD.The Industrial Style Black&Gold Finished Perforated Metal Shade Single Light Indoor Wall Lamp is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the Industrial Style Black&Gold Finished Perforated Metal Shade Single Light Indoor Wall Lamp is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people.Buy Industrial Style Black&Gold Finished Perforated Metal Shade Single Light Indoor Wall Lamp·RELATED QUESTIONWhy don't hotel rooms have ceiling lights?My hotel building is over 100 years old, so we have ceiling lights. We also need a ladder to change a bulb 11' from the floor. It can take 20 minutes for 1 bulb! This is one reason that we have changed to the longer lasting (and more economical) low-energy bulbs.I would be delighted to have wall lights instead. Retro-fitting them would however be even less economically sound.Higher than average ceilings mean ladders to change the bulbs in ceiling fittings, and this extends the maintenance time and convenience for staff enormously. Even normal height ceilings mean that a chair is needed to swap a bulb out. Wall fittings are so much more convenient for both staff and customers, reducing the time taken to get light again!As Michael Forrest Jones says - anything other than a simple bulb swap requires the power to be cut to the whole circuit (which may be more than just a few rooms). This makes it very awkward to do emergency repairs after dark! -- Been there done that... Go with wall fittings that can be isolated in-room!In short:I have ceiling lights.I don't like them, as they are awkward for maintenance.Replacing them would be expensive and extremely difficult - basically a total rewire of the hotel lighting system.Design engineers are not stupid. they note the first 2 points!
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